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  1. **PMA RP | New Server | Serious RP | Active staff & Devs | Community Focused |**
  3. **Connect with us:**
  5. Main server:
  7. Discord:
  9. We are transitioning ownership in a previous server so consider this a fresh start with new owners. We are doing our best to make this server amazing for everyone. The name says it all as we are all here to have fun and keep a Positive Mental Attitude.
  11. PMA RP is a player driven community focused on making our city enjoyable for everyone. Our primary goal as a new & growing community is to provide quality content for anyone to enjoy. We also love taking feedback from our members so we can tailor whats right for our community and make adjustments as necessary.
  13. Lastly, we are down to create anyone's rp dream as we have a sweet dev who can make your gang vision come perfectly to life! If you play here consistently we will happily create a unique experience for you so long as you provide quality RP!
  17. **Content**
  19. * In game nitrous (custom made)
  20. * Custom hand made Police CAD system
  21. * Tuner chips
  22. * Custom made player ran gangs with safe houses (in game job for more capabilities)
  23. * Fully functional FIB Department
  24. * Multi character selection
  25. * Custom vehicles available*
  26. * Legal/Illegal Jobs
  27. * Convenience store, Jewelry, & bank heists
  28. * Cellphone Messaging, Calling, & Dark web
  29. * Custom made Discord bot to help Police & EMS Force
  30. * Semi-Realistic Economy ( We aren't in the millions)
  31. * Custom made car dealer job for more fun RP
  32. * Developers who listen to feedback and are constantly improving the quality of the game
  35. **Requirements**
  37. * Must have a working mic on push to talk
  38. * Must adhere to the server rules which are on discord
  39. * Must be able to speak English
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