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  1. 10. Wildcards
  3.     Each national team is given 1 wildcard, which it can use to cancel and reschedule a planned group match, for whatever reason. National teams are strongly advised to cherish their wildcard until they really need it because of bad luck (e.g. connection problems). Using the wildcard lightly and then losing a later match because of real problems would be a painful way to be eliminated from the cup.
  4.     The wildcard can be used up until 10 minutes after the match start time as shown on the Roster Page. If a nation attempts to use a wildcard after the allowed time, they will have to forfeit the match. Once the first map of a match has started, it is too late to use a wildcard.
  5.     A wildcard used against a national team that later quits the cup is not restored.
  6.     National teams that try to use their wildcard a second time lose by forfeit. It is not the cup admins responsibility to check whether a national team already used its wildcard.
  7.     When a wildcard is used, the national teams have to reschedule the match immediately to one of the days into the same or the following matchweek of the original match date, and inform the supervisor. If no agreement is communicated to the Supervisor within 48hrs of the original match time, he may force the match to be played as he sees fit.
  8.     Wildcards can not be used for playoff matches. A playoff match can only be postponed by decision of the supervisor.
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