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(AI*少女) - AI

[AI] Release Date: 10/25/2019

[AI_DLC_#01] Release Date: 12/13/2019

[AI_DLC_#02] Release Date: 01/17/2020

[AI_FREE_DLC_#03] Release Date: 02/14/2020


DiscordActive Community & Help Support




[Game Update]

Downloadaisyoujyo_02_plus_0529ashsy45_all (Latest Update:05/29/2020)


Download100% SaveData

[Female & Male Uncensor]

AI_UncensorSelector_v3.9Adds an Uncensor to Each Individual Character

AI_UncensorSelector_Package_v0.31Female Uncensor Package

AI_Male_UncensorSelector_v2.0Male Uncensor

AI_Male_Uncensor_v0.12Male SAC_Uncensor

[English Translation]

XUnity.AutoTranslator-BepIn-5x-v4.11.2BepInEx Auto_Translator

AI_English_Launcher_v1.5.0Translated English Launcher

[Recommended Plugins]

BepInEx_v5.0.1.0Latest BepInEx Plugin

AI_Illusion_Fixes_v13.0Plugin Fixes

AI_API_v1.12Plugin Support

AI_BepisPlugins_r15.0Translation Loader, Plugin Support, Mod Loader, WideSlider & More

AI_AIPE_v2.11.1IK Advanced Mode

AI_ABMX_v4.3.0.0Additional Bones Modifier Plugin

BepInEx.IPALoader_v1.2.2IPA Plugin Mod Loader

BepInEx.BepInEx4Upgrader_v1.0.0.0BepInEx4 Mod Loader

BepInEx.Configuration_Manager_v15.1BepInEx Support

BepInEx.Message_Center_v1.1BepInEx Support

[Utility Plugins]

AI_More_Accessories_v1.1.1More Accessories Slots

AI_Nodes_Constraints_v1.1.0Link Objects Together

AI_Overlay_Mods_v5.2Add Texture Overlays to Character

AI_Material_Editor_v1.10.1Change Properties of Objects that Aren't Usually Accessible in-Game

AI_POVX_v1.0.2aIn-Game POV Add-On

AI_Breasts & Floor_ColliderCollider Physics

AI_DHH_AI4_v1.1.5 (Fixed)Plugin Support Tool

AI_Better_AA_v1.5Improves Image Quality by Increasing the Amount of AA

AI_Test_Project_v0.5HDR Rendering, ACES Tonemapping & Disables Color Grading. Bloom is Tweaked & AA Changed from SMAA to TAA

AI_Heelz_Mod_v1.12.0High-Heels Mod Support

AI_Specter_v0.3Various in-Game Options

AI_FPS_Counter_v3.0Displays FPS

AI_PushUp_v1.1.3Improved Bra Breast Physics

AI_Light_Settings_v2.1.0Lighting Settings

AI_Invisible_Body_v1.3.2Toggle Option to Switch Between Invisible & Visible

AI_Pose_Folder_v1.0Organize your Saved Studio Poses

AI_FK_IK_v1.1Enables FK & IK Simultaneously

AI_Animation_Controller_v2.2Allows Attaching IK Nodes to Objects to Create Custom Animations

AI_No_Body_MaskRemoves Body Mask

AI_Character_Replacer_v1.6.2Allows you to Replace the Merchant

AI_Pose_Editor_v2.10.1Alternative Menu for Posing a Character with IK

AI_Unlock_Player_Height_v1.3.0Male Character Height Limit Unlocked

AI_Unlock_Player_H-Clothes_v1.3.1Unlocks the Players Clothes Forced State During H-Scenes

AI_Extra_Girls_v1.0.3Adds More Girls

AI_Better_H-Scenes_v2.2.2Better FPS for H-Scenes & More

AI_Move_Controller_v1.5More FK Support Options

AI_Quick_Access_Box_v2.2Quick Access Searching

AI_Renderer_Editor_v1.5.1Rendering Option

AI_Video_Export_v1.1.0Recording & Video Export

AI_Bones_Framework_v1.3.0Dynamic Bones Framework

AIUS_v1.8.1Increase The Quality of the Game & Studio NEO

AI_VMDPlay_v0.7.0VMD Support Player


[Recommended Mods]


AI_HD_Body_SkinFemale HD Skins

AI_Higeo_Face_MOD_v0.5aMore Added Female Faces

AI_3D Pubic_HairFemale Public Hair

AI_PH_NipplesPlayHome Nipples

AI_Custom_SkinFemale Custom Skins


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