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  1. In spite of the routine that Mako and Bolin's lives were becoming; work, train, bathe, sleep; there was one curious set of eyes on them throughout the day. Jinora was never far from the pair, though she'd never want them to know as much. Something about the two was awakening something deep inside her young body, inside her young mind, something that made her keep pushing her luck, made her keep watching them, staring with a curiosity that was almost painful.
  2. The two man drew their bath, the aches and pains from practice fading even as the large tub began to fill. As the layers of clothing began to come off, Jinora became aware of an underlying wrongness to the act, an obligation to stop, to leave and give them some privacy. As their pants came down, she stopped caring about morals of any kind. The two men fell into the water, practically moaning as the heat submerged them, loosening the stiff muscles, and strengthening their resolve.
  3. Jinora didn't notice herself as her hand unconsciously drifted below her belt. She didn't even notice when her mind started to fill with ideas, with scenarios of the two men finding her. What they would do, what they would say... what did she want them to say? What did she want them to do? Her gaze drifted at the men's cocks. Was that what was supposed to stay hidden? Did it have something to do with them? The rubbing in her pants started to get faster, a small fog forming around her mouth, covered by the steam from the baths around her. She knew the longer she stayed the more likely she was to get caught, and spirits knew what would happen if she was, but her curiosity being sated was worth the risk. She looked at the vistigal organs again.
  4. What was she supposed to do with them? Would it feel good if she touched them? Would it feel good if she kissed them? Did she want to? Jinora couldn't say, but the thoughts were making her rub faster, pushing her closer to... what? Jinora couldn't say. It was as though a massive raging flood was coming and she was simply waiting for it to strike, rubbing herself to speed it along.
  5. And all at once, it came. Or rather, she came. Her legs shook, her pants were wet, and she had to put her other hand over her mouth just to keep from crying out. A pleasure overwhelmed her, leaving her breathless and exhausted, and ecstatic all at once. It wasn't
  6. really something she could put into words. Madness would be one. Weightless would be another. The rest were scattered to time and space itself, impossible to decipher.
  7. She heard a shimmer, a small splash in the water. One of the men were adjusting themselves. Had they heard her? Jinora ducked away, keeping out of their sight. She knew this was going to become a regular practice.
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