shoutbox transcripts, volume 6

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  1. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. [blizzard made a thread right about here; unknown image/title, presumably shocking]
  3. Nepeta Leijon: Oh my god
  4. Snerp: ....
  5. Nyam: I'm guessing it has at least one image
  6. Nepeta Leijon: My eyes
  7. Sohso: fuck im late
  8. Meroboter: what the
  9. Sohso: ffs
  10. SpringVibes: DEAR FUCKING GOD
  11. memethyl: i can't even
  12. qoat: oo imma get the girls poi
  13. SpringVibes: MY
  14. SmileyAlec: "smileyalec told me to do this"
  15. SpringVibes: MY GOD
  16. Sohso: im lateeee
  17. Nyam: I'm not clicking that either, qoat
  18. SmileyAlec: im screwed aint I
  19. SpringVibes: @springvibes has cancer
  20. Meroboter: pls tell me this is just a dream
  22. qoat: its chat nyam
  23. Nepeta Leijon: I need to delete my history
  24. Nyam: I don't trust you anymore
  25. SmileyAlec: same
  26. qoat: i dont upload pron on imgur cuz i have an azz
  27. qoat: acc*
  28. Meroboter: nyam its chat what qoat posted
  29. ReReverse: I've been watching the shoutbox for about 20 minutes now and i still have no idea whats going on
  30. qoat: any1 can just go type to check my pics fg
  31. Sohso: wtf
  32. Sohso: qoat help
  33. Sohso: every1 in hiv r food
  34. [blizzard made a new thread right about here titled "he will not divide us"; contained a shock image involving pepe and wojak]
  35. memethyl: oh christ
  36. qoat: what
  37. ApolluCeres posted a new thread in Wynncraft: The True Release Dater.
  38. SmileyAlec: OMFG LOL
  39. Nepeta Leijon: I feel like I need to take a very long break from the forums now
  40. Nyam: What is Blizzard's most recent thread
  42. SpringVibes: GUYS
  43. Nepeta Leijon: Just to restore my sanity
  44. SpringVibes: WHY
  45. Nyam: I kinda want to know what the content is but it might have pictures like before
  46. SmileyAlec: SPRING LOL
  47. Meroboter: is this a shitstorm
  48. memethyl: it had a picture
  49. SpringVibes: he will not divide us
  50. SpringVibes: i know meme i saved it
  51. Nepeta Leijon: I don't even
  52. SmileyAlec: I think the mods are enjoying this
  53. Nepeta Leijon: Am I...
  54. SmileyAlec: they arent banning him lmfao
  55. Nepeta Leijon: How deep am I down this rabbit hole?
  56. Nepeta Leijon: Like
  57. RealAndy posted a new thread in Trade Market: Auction On Godly Capricorn.
  58. Nepeta Leijon: I'm going insane
  59. Snerp: burn the rabbit hole
  60. Meroboter: we are entering hell
  61. Nepeta Leijon: You know
  62. SpringVibes: guys
  63. Nepeta Leijon: I kind of feel like we are
  64. SpringVibes: i have the pic
  65. Nyam: "entering"
  66. Sohso: is he banned yet
  67. SpringVibes: if y'all want it
  68. Nyam: Implying we haven't been here all this time
  69. memethyl: not yet
  70. Nepeta Leijon: No
  71. Nepeta Leijon: Please
  72. Nepeta Leijon: Don't
  73. SpringVibes: lmfaoo
  74. DodoBird: y'all entered hell when you signed up for a forums account
  75. SmileyAlec: uhm
  76. Sohso: hes a true god
  77. SmileyAlec: nepeta
  78. Blizzard: y (pfp at this moment was an edited, slightly shocking version of nep's pfp)
  79. Meroboter: holy
  80. SmileyAlec: you might wanna check blizzards prof pic
  81. ReReverse: there are five mods on what the hell are they doing
  82. SpringVibes: dodo
  83. Snerp: dodo papa
  84. Meroboter: dodo save us
  85. SpringVibes: do something u crupted modermato
  86. Landere posted a new thread in Trade Market: My Little Buying Thread.
  87. Nyam: Blizzard should get admin
  88. Snerp: Do something ;-;
  89. Nepeta Leijon: Oh fucking hell
  90. Nyam: He just wants to be red
  91. Blizzard: dodo take me away
  92. qoat: poi fuk you
  93. SmileyAlec: LOL
  94. Nepeta Leijon: Why
  95. ReReverse: help us we need bleach
  96. Jamieverse+: whats in the shoutbox
  97. qoat: dont warp i have like 90kms
  98. Meroboter: blizard should become a builder just for the lulz
  99. SmileyAlec: do it dodo
  100. CalAnders: hi
  101. SpringVibes: DONT COME OVER HERE
  102. Blizzard: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  103. SpringVibes: JUST LEAVE
  104. Sohso: lol rekt
  105. CalAnders: :)
  106. memethyl: oh god mero
  107. Jamieverse+: waz in the sb
  108. Sohso: LOL
  109. Snerp: Slime save yourself
  110. memethyl: you missed everything jamie+
  111. memethyl: but you don't want to know
  112. SpringVibes: Welcome back, TheBlizzard27
  113. Sohso: BLIZZRD = GOD
  114. SmileyAlec: yea xd
  115. memethyl: run as far away as possible
  116. Nyam: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  117. Nepeta Leijon: Does anyone have bleach
  118. Nepeta Leijon: I need it for my eyes
  119. Qitro: me
  120. Jamieverse+: waz going on in the sb
  121. Nyam: ⊂༼ ◕_◕ ⊂ ༽
  122. SmileyAlec: I just ran out of bleach
  123. SmileyAlec: cri
  124. Sohso: LOL
  125. Jamieverse+: TELL ME
  126. Meroboter: shitstorm
  127. Meroboter: jamie
  128. Meroboter: shitstorm
  129. Nyam: ヽ༼◕_◕༽ノ
  130. Nepeta Leijon: I really hope Blizzard doesn't find out where Nepeta comes from and starts posting pr0n of it
  131. Nepeta Leijon: Because then I'm just gonna
  132. Jamieverse+: wew
  133. Nepeta Leijon: I'm gonna be done
  134. SmileyAlec: o shit
  135. Jamieverse+: porn?
  136. Nyam: Nepeta
  137. memethyl: DON'T GIVE HIM IDEAS
  138. memethyl: FOR FUCK'S SAKE NO
  139. Nyam:
  140. memethyl: LET MY INNOCENCE REMAIN
  141. Jamieverse+: tf happend
  142. Jamieverse+: tell me
  143. SpringVibes: NEP
  144. Sohso: NO
  145. SmileyAlec: lololol
  146. Sohso: HE DIED
  147. Meroboter: nep dont its porn (it's not)
  148. SpringVibes: MY EYES
  149. Nepeta Leijon: Thank you Nyam
  150. Nyam: We got qoat'd
  151. Sohso: NO
  152. SpringVibes: MY INNOCENT
  153. Snerp: JAMIEVERSE
  154. Dafoxey: ]nsfw
  155. SpringVibes: EYSE
  156. Nepeta Leijon: That eases the pain a bit
  158. Jamieverse+: WAT
  159. Sohso: NOOOOO
  160. Jamieverse+: NO
  161. Dafoxey: i cant
  162. Jamieverse+: I wanna knooooooow
  163. Snerp: YES
  164. memethyl: blizzard's banned lmao
  165. LarzLapiz: rly
  166. Jamieverse+: wat
  167. SmileyAlec: finally lol
  168. Snerp: oh phew
  169. Nepeta Leijon: It's over
  170. Jamieverse+: what did he do lol
  171. LarzLapiz: we need a blizzard 2.0
  172. Nepeta Leijon: Posted a bunch of pr0n [and shock images]
  173. LarzLapiz: i mean
  174. SmileyAlec: he posted weird af shit everywhere
  175. LarzLapiz: we dont need
  176. SpringVibes: today we have lost a valiant warrior
  177. Jamieverse+: in the sb?
  178. Nyam: Summarise Blizzard in one word (qoat)
  179. Snerp: Now back to your daily scheduled shitposting
  180. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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