Timber Hoof

Nov 22nd, 2014
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  1. Name: Timber Hoof
  3. Timber Hoof is a unusualy large Earth Pony. He wears stone armor with roots wrapped around his hooves. He spends his times in the woods, away from "civilized" society. His life follows a path of balance. The only thing he considers truly reprehensible is unsustainable behavior. If he sees an individual or situation that is developing in a manner that will eventually lead to the world being unable to sustain itself, he will venture to correct it.
  5. Sadly, most of the world does not see his point of view. They seek progress and happiness more than they seek the ability to stay alive. He has long since given up on trying to reason with pony-kind as a whole. It has only made him into the villain. Instead, he hopes to lead a few individuals down the right path. If successful, then maybe those ponies will be the future leaders and correct the path pony-kind is currently on.
  7. Gender: Male
  8. Race: Earth Pony
  9. Class: Shaman
  10. Alignment: True Neutral
  11. Cutie Mark: Timber Hooves: +1 to unarmed strikes
  12. H/W: 6/6
  14. Skills
  15. Nature Elemental (3 points)
  16. Child of Gaia (1 point)
  17. Earthen Strike (1 point)
  18. Tough (Racial)
  19. Strong (Racial)
  20. Earthly Affinity (Racial)
  22. Inventory
  23. Massive Rock Armor
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