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  1. Widow Maker Dunmer  The smirk on his own lips, or rather the intent behind it, made Aiyana flush with warmth. A low purr rumbled from between her lips at his praise. Hearing him call her these things - bad child, good girl - she found she liked it more than what seemed logical. After all, she wanted to eat him. Yet the pet names made something else stir within her - beyond breeding and the delightful thought of devouring him. She wasn't experienced with the feeling, didn't have a name for it but it made him feel familiar to her and she sometimes even felt like if she were to eat him, she might feel a certain lack of his presence. It hadn't ever occurred to her that there might be benefits to not cannibalizing a mate. Aiya didn't think long or hard about any of it, though, instead her attention largely afforded to the feeling of his hands groping, squeezing, spreading her plush cheeks. The cool air brushed against her petals, all swollen and glossy with arousal, her rosebud twitching needily.
  2. Dunmer  Widow Maker A small, somewhat lecherous smirk spread across the elf's lips as she turned herself about on command. More than that, she had full on presented herself to him in this position, which set his primal blood on a slow boil. "Good girl.." He saw no issue in indulging her when she followed his order so well, and with flourish. She would also be rewarded with a large set of hands taking hold of her from behind. Dark digits sunk into the pliable flesh of her ass, squeezing and kneading in their pursuit of sensation. He'd dig in with both of his thumbs here, then using that hold to spread both cheeks and allow him a much more visceral look upon her sex from behind.
  3. Widow Maker Dunmer  watching Saryn carefully, that devious little grin remained on her lips. The pet name he'd taken to calling her after she'd divulged her rebel tendencies obviously pleased her, her hips giving a little wiggle and her frame seeming to pull up just a little taller, Aiyana at attention and hanging on his words. Turning away from him, she obeyed his command, setting her hips back to make her back arch and her plump cheeks push further out and up, a teasing little flourish added by wiggling her hips again, shaking her ass for him. "Yes, Zah-e-en?" she mewled, peeking back at him from over her shoulder.
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