I Dream of Bonnie

Oct 10th, 2012
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  1. You wake before the alarm. Again. You sit up with a sigh, heart still racing. The dream is fresh in your mind, and you rest your head in your hands.
  2. "The fuck is wrong with me..."
  3. You continue to rise from the bed, going back to sleep being a wasted effort. As you brush your teeth and get dressed for the day, your mind can't help but wander back to where it came from.
  4. "That dream..."
  5. The same dream every night for about a month. And it's definitely getting to you psychologically. You look up at the mirror to fix your hair, and find their large pink and blue curls already well-prepared.
  6. Your eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as you re-inspect the mirror, finding your bland, short, brown hair unkempt. Shit like that had been happening for the last couple of days. You look, and see something that isn't real, but turn around and it's gone.
  7. No matter what, there was one constant. The one thing that made all these occurrences stay linked. It was always Bon Bon. No, not the candy, the pony from Friendship is Magic. A background character without any real character traits or personality, and whose job and meaning in life was superfluous at best. She, like you, went and lived life, but never really did anything interesting. just another face in the crowd.
  8. Someone could easily recognize you, sure, just like you could recognize Bon Bon in an image or during the show.
  9. You could name off every time she spoke which ponies she was seen with, and who she's been most frequently shipped with. Of course, it's Lyra, but you don't really think of either as lesbian ponies. Or at least, not anymore.
  10. Your dreams started out cool enough. Typical wish fulfillment, living in Equestria like it was an everyday thing. Then it started taking some unexpected turns. You were a pony in Equestria. Of course, this meant only more wish fulfillment at first, but that wasn't the end of it. A human came to Equestria! It was bizarre. He was tall and muscular, and didn't have much interest in talking with the ponies other than being neighborly. The poor guy was transported in via some bad magic, and hadn't heard of the show at all, before. You, as well as many other ponies, tried to make him feel comfortable and at home in Equestria every day.
  11. This was what your dreams consisted of, mainly. A day-to-day basis of talking to the mysterious handsome human.
  12. Last was just the two of you.
  14. "So how are you enjoying your time in P0nyville?"
  15. >"It's alright..."
  16. He shifts uncomfortably, and you can tell something is bothering him. You place a creme colored hoof on his leg and look him in the eyes.
  17. "Hey, if something's not right, you can always tell me. I'm your friend, aren't I?"
  18. >" are...and not like, a normal friend, but you're my best friend, or..."
  19. His face screws up. He's fumbling over his sentences and he facepalms.
  20. >"Aha...okay. The thing is, I think I'm going to be leaving soon. I don't know where I got this feeling, but that's what it feels like. Like just before I came here, it's the same, you know what I'm talking about?"
  21. You think you do, and you nod, your mane's curls bouncing with you.
  22. >"I've only just gotten used to it, and I don't want it to end..."
  23. He places a hand on your hoof, and your heart skips a beat. Your eyes don't leave his however, though you can feel your cheeks redden.
  24. "S-so what are you going to do about it?"
  25. He sighs and lies back.
  26. >"I don't know..."
  27. Nothing is said for a few minutes. What should you do? What are you supposed to do? This man came into your life and made you feel special. Worthwhile, even. Like you stood out, or were more important than any other pony.
  28. "Anonymous..."
  29. He doesn't move, but just lies there, a hand still on your hoof, breathing in and out. You slide up to him, and lie your head down on his chest, your vision rising and falling in time with his breath. A smile crawls its way up your lips and you place an ear to his heart.
  30. Your relaxation is broken when you realize his hand is in your mane, stroking it down the length of your neck. You briefly consider speaking, but instead choose to just let the moment last as long as you can. Within minutes, you feel drowsy enough to nap. You hear him speak just before losing consciousness.
  31. >"Thank you, Bon Bon..."
  32. "You're welcome..."
  34. And that's the most recent thing. But what bothers you the most isn't that you're a mare in your dreams, but that it seems to go further than that. You've picked up an unearthly amount of knowledge on candy and sweets from your sleep. And when your mind wanders, it isn't busty human women you find yourself thinking of...
  35. You slap yourself with both hands.
  36. "I'm not gay...fuck."
  37. You kept telling yourself that, but it was painfully obvious that you were head over hooves for the man of your dreams. At least you were able to control yourself in daily activities. You didn't stare at men and you still did your work, and that was going to have to be as close to a clear conscience as you were going to get.
  38. Getting into your car, you slam the door closed with your hoof and turn it on. Hands on the driving wheel and stick shift, you speed off to work. After a couple minutes on the freeway, you realize you forgot to pack a lunch.
  39. "Of all the stupid shit...of course."
  40. You drive off the freeway and stop by a candy place. Ordering takes you mere seconds, and when you receive the order, you're off to work again. This time, it is as you reach your job that you realize you bought candy instead of food.
  41. "Ffffffff....forget it. I don't have time for this shit."
  42. At least with candy, you don't have to try very hard to snack on it while doing your job. Now if only you could stop fantasizing about being picked up and held in Anon's strong hands and get to work...
  44. By the end of the workday, you've caught up to all current jobs and you're more than eager to head back to bed and slip back into dreamland. One might say it was for the rest after a long hard day of constant bullshit, but you knew the real reason. This way actually made you a little thankful to be working such a tiring, boring job, since it enabled you to hit the haysack as soon as possible.
  46. Asleep again, your form readily takes up the female equine shell it has grown accustomed to. You wake back in your house, early in the morning. You start the morning off having breakfast with your roommate Lyra, and go on to work for the day. It's a laborious effort, but you work almost the whole day through on producing more candy before the bell rings and someone enters.
  47. >"Hey Bon there?"
  48. "Yeah, I'm in the back."
  49. Anonymous comes into the back room, worry etched into his face.
  50. "Oh no, what's wrong?"
  51. >"It's today..."
  52. You stop what you're doing and pull up a seat for him to take while you talk.
  53. "What's today? Talk to me, Anon..."
  54. >"Today's the day I go back home, to Earth."
  55. You give him a wry smile.
  56. "Anon, the planet we're on is called Earth. And it's home, isn't it?"
  57. He shakes his head, frustrated.
  58. >"Bon Bon, listen to me...I'm going back to the human world, I won't be here anymore..."
  59. "But...why?"
  60. You try to swallow a lump in your throat, but it doesn't go down.
  61. >"I don't know why, Bon...I just know that that's what's going to happen..."
  62. "What could make you stay, Anon? Is there anything that could help?"
  63. >"I just don't's so unfair! I love this place, I love hanging out, I love..."
  64. He stops midsentence. He looks at you and then averts eye contact.
  65. "Anon..." You take a step towards him and he flinches. "Do you think I could try something?"
  66. >"What could you do? You're an earth pony."
  67. You make a face at his blatantly racist remark. He seems to notice, and appears guilty.
  68. "Anonymous. What if you had a reason to stay?"
  69. He looks back up to you just in time for your kiss. You realize, at this time, that you are actually a human male under all of that mare. But at this point, you're too involved, too excited by the prospect of actually kissing him, and you disregard the errant thought in order to kiss him more passionately. He mumbles something, but it's clear he can't muster the will to stop the kiss and say it.
  70. As you break the kiss, you flutter your eyes, partially hiding behind your forelock curls and smile.
  71. "Is that enough of a reason, Anonymous?"
  72. At first, he says nothing. He brings a hand up to your cheek and brings you closer, placing his forehead against yours. Tears are going down his face, and he begins to speak in a weak voice.
  73. >"Bon Bon...if I could stay with you here, I would, but..."
  74. He begins to fade before your eyes.
  75. >"I...can't..."
  76. And just like that...he's gone.
  77. You couldn't believe it. He was gone. You had been so stupid, so naive to believe he was leaving because he wanted to. Why would he leave?
  78. Your breathing quickens and your mind races, searching for an answer. He said he was gong back. Back home? Back to...Earth! The one with humans, that is.
  79. Of course! You have to go back to the human world to find him.
  81. You open your eyes with a start, and bound out of the bed, taking to all four hooves and galloping out the door. Your tail gets caught in the door, and you are yanked backwards, halting your advance. You try to remember what you're rushing for, and find that you can't remember, exactly.
  82. Blinking, you take your coat out of the door and walk back inside, embarrassed. You leaped into action from logic out of a dream. You shake your head, facepalming.
  83. It was still the middle of the night, so you lie back down, but no sleep finds you by sunrise.
  84. As the time rolls by to do your job once more, you shamble into presentable-ness and into the car. You yawn and sigh as you realize you forgot your lunch again.
  85. "So much bullshit...first the dreams and now this."
  86. This time you make sure you stop by someplace with real food, and order. Through your stupidity, you don't go somewhere with a drive-through, but the thought of their specialty meal has your appetite whet.
  87. >"Thank you for purchasing the salad deluxe special, have a nice day."
  88. "Yeah, you too--"
  89. Anonymous. He's right there; a bored look on his face, mixed in with a little despair and weariness. He hands you your food, and you take it, silently. Without a word you head back out to your car, and sit down, placing the food in the passenger side.
  90. You're nauseous, you have a headache, your vision blurs and your heart tries out for the fucking Olympics. The attack stops as suddenly as it began.
  91. Anonymous left, and here he is. You found him! You grip the wheel, nervous as you will probably ever be. What do you do? What do you say? Will this end anywhere except spaghetti-ville? As if saying "Oh hi, I'm Bon Bon and you're the man of my dreams." is going to work anywhere near as well as just walking away and pretending nothing is wrong.
  92. Yes, this is the plan of action. Drive away, do your job.
  93. You're at work when you get another attack. Your nervous system goes haywire, you almost throw up and suddenly have to use the restroom all at once. Your limbs lock up, seizing as through there was electricity running through it. You grit your teeth and ride it out for a full minute and a half.
  94. When it is over, it leaves you exhausted.
  95. "Hey man, you don't look so good." A co-worker says sympathetically. "You sure you should be in work today?"
  96. You answer him by containing your vomit and rushing to the bathroom. Once it is expelled, you clean up as best as you can and go back to your work, but are stopped on the way by your boss. In a bizarre moment of kindness, he doesn't fire your ass on the spot.
  97. "I don't want to hear it, get the fuck out and come back when you're not sick. Alright?"
  98. "Thank you sir..."
  99. You can hear him chuckle as you head on out.
  100. You lurch to your car, your feelings of sickness coming and going in waves. You feel a flash of heat as the car roars to life, and you put a hoof to the pedal and drive back towards home again.
  101. As you calm slightly, you move a pink bang out of your field of vision.
  102. "Alright, you can do this."
  103. You take the turn to go back to the store where you picked up lunch. There is something important you had to do before going home. As you pull near, you can see a car leaving the building. You squint, peering in to the car to find that it is indeed, Anonymous.
  104. "Wait!"
  105. He doesn't hear you because your window is rolled up. Waving doesn't get his attention either, and he drives away. For a moment, you don't know what to do, but then you have a moment of clarity. Just follow him home.
  106. Your hands grip the wheel and stick-shift, and bring you around to being directly behind him.
  107. You don't want to seem like a stalker. So you won't follow too closely, but it doesn't change the fact that you are totally stalking him right now and following him home. Actually he might not even go home. Does he have a home? He's been in Equestria for a while, and only just came back here. Maybe you'll put him up at your place. That'd be pretty cool!
  108. With a squee, you follow him at a safe distance all the way to an apartment complex. He steps out of the car with a sigh, and walks up the stairs and knocks on a door. Someone opens it and he goes inside.
  109. "Excellent."
  110. You nervously keep your coat clutched between your fingers as you head up the same set of stairs after parking your car. What will you say this time? Will he recognize you, maybe? Standing outside the door, you hear voices coming from inside. Obviously, you do as anyone would, and place your ear to the door.
  111. >"Thanks again for putting me up, Ryan."
  112. "It's no problem. Just for tonight, right?"
  113. >"Yeah...hopefully."
  114. So this isn't his house, and your guess was right on the money. As you knock on the door though, you remember you don't know how to introduce yourself to him. And what if he saw you follow him?
  115. Too late for second guesses, the door opens, and he's right there.
  116. >"Hello?"
  117. "Uh...hi. Anonymous?"
  118. He looks concerned.
  119. >"What?"
  120. "Are you not Anon? Ahh...sorry, wrong house."
  121. And here comes the imaginary spewing of spaghetti.
  122. He speaks in a hushed tone after making sure his friend wasn't overhearing him.
  123. >"Who are you?"
  124. Your heart leaps. Perhaps he'll believe you.if you tell him you saw him in your dreams!
  125. "I..." You fall to all fours, your cloak falling from your withers. His eyes widen, and he rubs them wildly.
  126. >"What the..."
  127. "Hi, Anon...I found you~"
  128. He steps out and closes the door, then kneels down to your height.
  129. >"Impossible..."
  130. "Anon, I know I might not have been able to make you stay, but I'll stay with you no matter where you go."
  131. He smiles, and you return it, canting your cream coated head to the side.
  132. >"So..."
  133. "Hmm?"
  134. >"...I don't think my friend will let you stay here too."
  135. You snort a little, and try to stifle the laugh. His abrupt humor usually brings a smile to your face.
  136. "I have a car and a house. I'll just need you to pack up and live with me."
  137. >"Oh, what, again? You're too kind, Bon."
  138. A kiss on his cheek brings a blush to his face. He touches the kissed skin with a hand, shaking his head slightly. He grabs your coat and keys, and you wait for him at your car as he gathers his things from inside his friend's house. He holds only a single duffelbag.
  139. >"Sorry it took so long, now where are we going?"
  140. "Is that...all your things?"
  141. >"Yeah...don't have much after getting back from Equestria, you know?"
  142. "...I'm sorry, Anon..."
  143. >"Don't sweat it, Bon. Now, where is your place?"
  145. After some directions and driving to your home, Anon parks the car in the lot. A few awkward moments had already gone by. After any amount of time, after such a big change, it was hard to even know where to begin. He fidgeted uncomfortable, but never did he take his eyes off of you. It was really you, he saw it with his own eyes. Now, they just had to figure out where to take this next.
  146. >“Bon Bon...” he breaks the ice. “How? What.... just how? How are you here?”
  147. You roll the jacket in your hooves. "I'm not sure. It's kind of been this way for a while...on and off."
  148. Anonymous cocks his head, opening his lips as if to mouth his question before he spoke it.
  149. >" What do you mean?"
  150. You take a look down at yourself. Studying the hooves and cream-colored coat. "Well, just...being me. I've always been me, but my body's been...weird."
  151. He cracks a smile, and scoffs.
  152. >"Yeah," he joked "I notice you're a were-dude, now. What's up with that?" But immediately afterward, as if he had never even said it, he leans closer and reaches a hand over to your hoof, giving it a reassuring squeeze. "But the important thing is that it's you. That you're here."
  153. This brings a smile to your face. "Thanks. Yeah, it's like...I've always been here, and since you left I just...came back, too. In any case, we're both here now."
  154. He peers into your big round eyes for a prolonged moment before he breaks the love-struck stare, looking out the windshield and scanning the surrounding locale. "We should get inside. You know, before someone sees you."
  155. You unravel the jacket. "Right, the keys are somewhere in here, my house is the third one over."
  156. Anonymous lifts a brow.
  157. > "You don't keep your house keys on the same chain as your car keys?" he asked. Afterward, he gently takes your jacket and starts fiddling with the pockets, trying to find the tell tale jingle of the keys. But he was taking slightly longer than he needed to, and he wasn't exactly subtle about his frequent looking over to Bon Bon. Or the gradual smile that grew accross his lips.
  158. "What's so funny?"
  159. Anonymous doesn't hold it back any further, and finally manages to produce the keys.
  160. >"You. This whole situation. How did you even manage?" He takes one last look around before opening the car door, poking his head out to check the blind spots before he escaped his seat and moved over to the driver's side. There, he opens your door and scoops you up in such a way as to hide you from direct view with the jacket. That would be his excuse, anyway. The strength of his embrace would tell another story.
  161. You blush. Whispering, you answer "I manage because I haven't been a pony this whole time? I only drove with hooves for a little, once."
  162. Anonymous moves with a measure of haste, hunched over you as he makes his way to the indicated house. With almost seamless precision, he gets to the door and works the key, opening it and rushing the two of you in before closing the door behind him. Once inside, he did not even take a moment to view his surroundings. You two were alone - truly alone. He peels the jacket from around you, and throws his arms around your neck before falling to his knees.
  163. After looking at you and feeling your fur for a minute, his expression softens into one of joy.
  164. >"It's true, then? Is it really? Oh, Bon Bon... I missed you." His hug tightened, resting his head on your withers. "I missed everyone, but you most of all."
  165. You hug back. "Me too, Anon...but hey, why else would I be here, right?" Anonymous eases away from the hug, allowing you some space as he sits back on his shins.
  166. >"Yeah, yeah..."
  167. Finally, he began to take stock of his surroundings. His new home. His home with Bon Bon. That made it so much better.
  168. >"What do you do, anyway? Your own car, a nice place..."
  169. You tap a hoof to your chin. "Well I work in accounting. It sucks, but it's a living. Or uh...maybe I should say I WORKED in accounting. The house was from my do I say this? Human parents?"
  170. Anonymous gives a confused look, canting his head to one side. You roll your eyes.
  171. "I was human, and then I was pony. So I got stuff in Equestria from my parents, and stuff in America from my human parents. Make sense?"
  172. Anonymous was slow to acknowledge, but he nodded
  173. >"Sure thing."
  174. He stood, then, and showed a greater level of curiosity in the house itself.
  175. >"This is so surreal. But I guess Equestria was, too... I'm sorry, Bon Bon. I didn't want to leave you. I really didn't."
  176. You nuzzle his leg. "I know."
  177. Anonymous looked down to your cute pony form as you caressed his body, and he couldn't help but let out a stored giggle.
  178. >"Well, Bon Bon, now comes the hard-hitting questions." He spoke in a teasing tone. "Like, where you expect me to sleep."
  179. Raising an eyebrow and grinning slyly, you respond. "Oh, my. I did not think about that at allllll. Why, I guess it's only good manners for me to offer my own bed, hmm?"
  180. He teases a little further, nudging you with his knee.
  181. >"And where will you sleep? The couch?"
  182. Your face becomes one of mock horror.
  183. "Oh heavens no, I would sleep in my bed, of course."
  184. Anonymous looked to the left, and then to the right - as if someone could possibly be watching - before he looked down to her.
  185. >"Looking forward to it, Bon Bon" he said with a smile
  186. He reaches a hand down to your well kept curls and caressing your scalp with his palm, running his fingers through that pink and blue mane.
  187. >"So... I guess this means I'll be the one source of income, now?"
  188. Without one ounce of guilt, you lean into his hand gleefully.
  189. "I guess. But I've got some money stored up so we won't have to be too worried. And now you've got your own car, too. Mine, but whatever."
  190. Anonymous wasn't quite as optimistic.
  191. >"Bon Bon, with my current job, I don't know if I can support this. It's just a resteraunt... part time. I can't just pick up a new career in a snap. I've been trying to!" he exclaimed. "It's been tough. Real tough. Been having to... well, you saw."
  192. You pat Anon's leg.
  193. "Hey, hey...take it easy...I know. I know..."
  194. He reaches a single hand up to his forehead. The stress of 'real life' clearly was taking its toll.
  195. >"You're right, of course. You were always right, in Equestria. And you're right here." He returns his gaze to you, lowering his hand. "You're here, now, and that's enough to make everything okay. So...want to try out the bed? See if we both…erm…fit?"
  196. You sway back and forth, debating an answer.
  197. "Maybe we should grab a bite first? I could really go for that salad now. And it'll give you a chance to check out the kitchen."
  198. His stomach agrees with a growl. He didn’t eat after he reached his friend’s house after work. "Oh... right."
  199. You show Anon the kitchen, and bring out a meal for yourself.
  200. "Help yourself, too. And hey, now you've got pre-packaged meat at the ready again. I’m not going to go after it anymore but I remember you sure missed it."
  201. Anonymous even now carefully rations the amount of food he takes, keeping it down to the bare minimum of what could be called a 'meal,' making a minimalist sandwich.
  202. >"Yeah... I didn't get that much in Equestria. That has not changed, sadly."
  203. You wave a hoof back at the fridge, frowning.
  204. "Dude, if you're hungry, eat it. Like I said, we aren't hurting for cash."
  205. Anonymous looks down at his sandwich for a long moment before he, with a heavy sigh, goes back to the fridge to doctor it up with twice the stuffing. As the sound of glass and plastic bottles escapes the ice box, he speaks a question.
  206. >"So, are you a pony forever, now, or something? If not, am I like, gay now?"
  207. You spit-take, blowing a mouthful of food back onto the plate.
  208. "What!?"
  209. He stands up from the fridge, taking a bite out of his sandwich.
  210. >"Don't 'pffgblfff What?!' me, you. I asked you a question! Because when I first saw you, you were a total dude."
  211. Your face heats visibly as you return to eating.
  212. "I didn't think I was THAT manly..."
  213. You set on your face a look of determination.
  214. "B-besides! I'm a mare, through and through! It doesn't matter what my body was before!"
  215. Anonymous raises a hand to shoulder level.
  216. >"Hey, hey! I was just asking, that's all! Wondering, you know, what to expect. Dude by day, pony by night, or what."
  217. You look about, as if searching for the answer.
  218. "I really don't know, Anon. I've been shifting every couple of hours before changing back. This is the first time I fully transformed aside from the day you disappeared. I ran out the front door before I realized I didn't know where you were, and had to turn back."
  219. Anon takes another bite from his sandwich and makes his way over to sit across from you, looking into your eyes.
  220. >"I still don't know how it's possible, Bon Bon. But I'm glad. I won't ever leave you again."
  221. He reaches a hand over to cup your cheek, caressing it in his palm. You nuzzle it affectionately, raising a hoof to hold it more firmly against your face.
  222. "Good."
  223. The rest of the meal is over quite quickly, and the two finish by washing the plates. "I can load em in the washer, you just give em a quick rinse, alright?"
  224. He nods.
  225. >"Can do."
  226. And with that, he is off doing as he was told; task that he has grown highly proficient at, thanks to his “Equestrian job experience”. Before long, he is done - including the small pile from previous days.
  227. >"Almost feels like we've been living together for a while, doesn't it?"
  228. You stick your tongue out in concentration, thinking.
  229. "Well, really, we were together just a little before you left, before that you lived with me for a while...we just still get along and have great teamwork."
  230. Anonymous leans back against the counter.
  231. >"Hey, Bon Bon? About what happened right before I left...”
  232. He fidgets, hesitating. As if the nature of their relationship wasn't completely obvious by now. He could not bring himself to complete his sentence. Instead, he lowered himself to one knee and greedily took hold of your pony head, holding her in place for his human lips to lock against hers. He canted his head to one side, closing his eyes as he drove home a passionate kiss.
  233. Your eyes lid halfway, and you press into the kiss.
  234. "Mmmm..."
  235. Your lover hungrily grips you, throwing his arms around the base of your neck and holding you close. He did not intend to leave any escape route, and as he takes a quick breath he redoubles his efforts - so much time worth of repressed love coming out all at once all directed to your face.
  236. You, of course, are startled; quickly intaking air through your snout, overwhelmed by Anon's sudden display of affection. After a time, Anonymous finally grants a reprieve, backing away a few inches before leaning his forehead against yours. You pant for a few seconds before regaining composure. "Wow...where did THAT come from? And where can I find more?"
  237. Anonymous smiles suggestively.
  238. >"Me. And in the bed."
  239. You raise an eyebrow.
  240. "What a great offer...raceyou."
  241. After a quick lick across his lips, you begins to speed off towards the bedroom, Bon buns a-shakin.
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