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  3. ACTIVE RATE:  8 - 9
  4. SLOT: mounlin rougue or hunchback of notre dame
  5. PASSWORD: namjoon
  7. ✤ MIRROR
  8. FACECLAIM: Amanda Arcuri (shes in degrassi)
  9. BACKUP FACECLAIM: @cathydaisies
  11. ✤ THE NOTES
  12. BIRTH NAME: Xiaomi Milano
  13. ⇢ NICKNAMES: they get called Xia because it's shorter than Xioami and it doesn't bring up questions about why they don't look Chinese.
  16. BIRTH DATE: December 15th 1997
  17. AGE: 20
  18. ETHNICITY: Italian - Chinese
  19. BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California
  20. HEIGHT: 166 cm
  21. WEIGHT: 52 kg
  24. RELIGION: They're a Buddhist
  26. MORAL STANDPOINT:  if they truly want something, they'll do almost anything to get it. Obviously they wont murder or touture over anything like that, but they'll hurt a few people over something they want.  
  28. MOTIVATION: Nothing really. Different things at different times motivate them. Their motivation dies out rather quickly and they can never stick with one thing. Some days they'll do anything to get something. They never have any real passion or motivation because it dies out too fast.
  30. BREAKING POINT: Xia almost doesn't have one. They keep everything in and manage to act cool, calm, collected and sometimes like a crackhead. When they're alone, they cry sometimes, or simply sit in silence. They stay strong for their friends and barely focus on their own problems.
  33. AMBITIONS: they want to be a lawyer, prosecutor, or something in the criminal justice Field. They love to be nosy and think they should put that to use.
  35. ADDITIONAL: most parents want their children to follow in their footsteps, have a high paying job, or be the family disappointment. Xia chose the first choice, which made her parents very delighted. She was becoming her father. Or maybe better.
  37. ACHIEVEMENTS: Xia used to dance and would win competitions. They would travel and have tons of fun. they had been a champion 5 years in a row. But dancing had been one of their burned out passions. They also scored the highest test scores in their region during the SAT test for highschool/college.
  39. COURSE: they are currently studying criminal justice and they sub major in international studies so they can travel and get to know the world better. They have to study for four years and earn a bachelor's degree before they can move onto law school. They learn laws and what makes a crime a crime. How to catch a criminal, how a criminal thinks, what type of evidence is used, and what to expect in a court room. You may receive assignments that require you to "catch a criminal". The classes are rather competitive and stressful. Most drop out of the courses. International studies is like social studies. You learn about other cultures, and travel.
  41. ⇢ ADDITIONAL: They enjoy it. Both majors satisfy their curiosity and they teach good lessons that will be needed in the long run. Xia doesn't do things for no reason. They always make sure their actions have a gain in the end.
  43. THEATER BACKGROUND: Xia is the lights director even though they're very skilled and could be in one of the many plays. Xia is afraid to show people their dancing and singing skills. They've only ever showed their best friend's Rent and Gypsy.
  45. ⇢ EXPERIENCE: 1 year 3 months
  48. PERSONALITY: although Xia does what they're told, they are anything but a punk. They listen well but can't be walked over. They're honestly a troll and love to fuck with people. They can be nice but most of the time they're busy being edgy with jeongguk. They keep everything bottled up but they're always there for their friends and give the best advice. They seem dumb and high all the time but they're actually pretty smart. They have dark humor and seem unsympathetic to people who don't know them well. They're shy and pretty insecure even though they hide it behind a confident and sometimes narcissistic facade. They are one of those people that go crazy around friends and are naturally funny, but they're also very chill and mature when it's needed.
  50. ⇢LIKES:
  51.  • straightforwardness
  52.  • memes
  53.  • comfort food
  54.  • factuality
  55.  • sleep
  56.  • alone time
  57.  • hanging out with their two friends, Gypsy and Rent
  58.  • movie nights
  60. ⇢DISLIKES:
  61.  • waiting
  62.  • being in big crowds
  63.  • dancing or singing in front of people
  64.  • liars
  65. • passiveness
  66. • homophobes etc etc
  67. • unknown probability (whether or not they'll succeed in completing a task)
  68. • 'beating around the bush'
  69. • purposely hurtful people
  71. ⇢HOBBIES:
  72. • Scrolling through social media feed
  73. • Anything remotely Aesthetic
  74. • Sleeping/Napping
  75. • Movie night's and day trips with Gypsy and Rent
  77. ⇢HABITS:
  78. • touching their face when their hands aren't occupied. (Ex. Squishing their cheeks)
  79. • biting their lip when they're thinking or making decisions
  80. • zoning out and staring at things
  82. ⇢TRIVIA:
  83. • they have pretty small hands.
  84. • they love cats and have one named Xanadu
  85. • they are best friends with Gypsy (lys' character) and Rent
  86. • they hate going outside but love shopping for each season
  87. • Xia speaks 3 languages. Italian, (normally spoken in their home) English, (spoken outside of their home) and Chinese (spoken occasionally in their home)
  88. • Xia is 50% Italian, 25% Chinese and 25% American (as in American White lmao idk)
  89. • Xia is non-binary. They use the pronouns They/Them and She/Her
  91. ⇢ TALENTS:
  92. • Xia can dance incredibly well. They have won many competitions for dancing.
  93. • they can sing amazingly too. Xia has a deeper voice, but they can sing in all ranges. Their voice is beautiful and they used to write music.
  94. • they are like a human lie detector and can find a way to get any kind of information.
  97.  Xia comes from an extremely wealthy family line, filled with lawyers, company CEOs, doctor's and more. Everyone is set up for success in their family. Xia's father is a head lawyer for a very successful law firm. Xia, from a very young age had felt different. At first they wanted to be a dancer, they didn't care much about school. Obviously they already had a path set for them since birth, but unlike the people before them, they didn't want to follow it. Xia didn't want to become a housewife, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children. But what Xia didn't understand at the time was that, they would never feel like a wife, or a girl as much as their female cousins would. It took a string of heartbreaks, lying, and cheating, for Xia's partners to understand why they would make them fall in love and leave. Xia never wanted to trust or love any one, so they left before she could get attached. Depression was diagnosed the first time they told someone they didn't feel like a girl. Pain pills were prescribed the next.
  99. ⇢ SPECIAL: Xia had always been fond of shutting their emotions off like a light switch and running from their problems. There was this boy. A boy with ocean eyes. They were so deep and Everytime they looked into them, they felt their lungs convulse and a lump formed in their throat. They thought it was love, but it screamed danger more than Anything. Xia had disregarded and ignored the fact they've never felt any sexual attraction in their life. They've only ever craved the warmth and touch of another body next to them at night. But still, they allowed those ocean eyes to manipulate and control them. That night is a night Xia wishes they could forget. It was a night of many things. All of them tearing them apart. Those ocean eyes seemed deeper and distant after that night because they were. They had found someone new to captivate taking the former souls of their past lovers with them.
  102. FAMILY:
  103. Mei Milano | Mother | 49 years | 7
  104. Alec Milano| Father |57 years | 4
  106. ⇢ BACKGROUND:
  107. Mei has always been close to her daughter, well child. She respects pronouns and is rather sweet. She works as a scientist in a forensic lab for the FBI. Alec is a whole nother story. Being the head of the family, and hoping for a boy, he thinks of his daughter as a disappointment and doesn't care about pronouns. Despite Xia always working to prove herself worthy of her father's love, she had a good child hood, because she spent her time with her mother. Her mom used to take time off to have mother-child time, but as Xia got older, the time decreased.
  110. ⇢ OF BANGTAN: Jeongguk
  111. ⇢ OF SLOTS: Gypsy and Rent
  114. ⇢ OF BANGTAN: Kim Namjoon
  115. ⇢ OF SLOTS: The sound of music
  117. ✤ ALL I ASK OF YOU
  118. MEMBER: Kim Taehyung
  119. BACKUP MEMBER: Jeon jeongguk
  121. SEXUALITY: Asexual
  123. They're Flirt buddies and partners' in crime.
  124. PET NAMES: XiXi, Nom Nom, Nomi bear, Ai (love)
  126. DECRIPTION: Taehyung and Xia go way back, to a time when Xia spent time with their family. Taehyung and Xia's mother's are rather close friends which made them spend time together. They don't particularly admit to liking each other but the others think they do. Xia actually seems to like jeongguk. But she flirts with, and has kissed Taehyung. Taehyung and Xia have been the second most iconic duo to grace the earth. (first one being Xia and Gypsy be oFc) they've done just about everything together and even applied to college together. Xia's platonic love for Taehyung is starting to blossom into something more, along with their crush on Jeongguk. They make it seem like everyone is just their friend though, as after the virginity situation, they haven't tried dating. They're afraid for it to happen again.
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