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  1. [01:13:16] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > hey guys
  2. [01:13:40] JD2K > <url=showinfo:1373//2115341961>Garrick Ollivander Ollivander</url> hows it going
  3. [01:13:41] Anarra ShadowSong > Heya
  4. [01:14:37] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > good aside from one thing one of your guys going suspect and attacking drones in a moon op
  5. [01:15:08] JD2K > OH NO
  6. [01:15:35] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > unless you would like the orcas starting to get smartbombed with their drones it will be an OH NO
  7. [01:15:51] JD2K > Did you put a ticket into the GM's for your lost drones?
  8. [01:16:00] Liquidblaze BaDKaRMa > Enjoy the economic viability of that fine sir.
  9. [01:16:10] JD2K > Surely none of our members would outright steal them
  10. [01:16:33] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > ok so that's the type of group you are
  11. [01:17:05] JD2K > <url=showinfo:1373//2115341961>Garrick Ollivander Ollivander</url> I didnt realize we were playing wow classic
  12. [01:17:10] Hadah Khashour > LOL<br>\
  13. [01:17:39] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > its called a courtesy given  that you're in the ore field we supply with taat
  14. [01:17:59] JD2K > Sounds like we should be applying for a mining permit
  15. [01:18:12] JD2K > do you need that in triplicate carbon copy or are you guys paperless
  16. [01:18:19] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > no just don't be dicks in your catalyst, pretty simple
  17. [01:18:23] Liquidblaze BaDKaRMa > First contact was threat initiation. you fucked up.
  18. [01:19:04] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > i just jumped on and saw a suspect catalyst , sounds like you fucked up first
  19. [01:19:11] Bombbitch Aldard > the catalyst is the ultimate threat
  20. [01:19:35] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > all are welcome in chilled mining, that's the moon owners policy
  21. [01:20:26] JD2K > <url=showinfo:1373//2115341961>Garrick Ollivander Ollivander</url> Ty for that info, it's better than other hosts.  We're really not that big of dicks but well it's eve and salt mining is also fun when in the fields
  22. [01:21:00] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > <url=showinfo:1373//206235991>JD2K</url> well for peaceful minnig don't salt mine take it elsewhere, pretty simple
  23. [01:21:40] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > that's how the bad comms with the rest started
  24. [01:22:45] Alena Sin > <url=showinfo:1373//2115341961>Garrick Ollivander Ollivander</url> Yeah...  We've had a lot of issues with others when we tried to be civil and mine chilled.
  25. [01:22:50] Alena Sin > A LOT of issues.
  26. [01:23:09] Alena Sin > So we tend to assume the worst anymore.
  27. [01:23:16] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > i am offering you an alternative, do we have an accord
  28. [01:23:51] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > we run on mining courtesy ,no killing others drones, no bumping/ganking, mine separate rocks to another friendly group ect ect
  29. [01:24:59] Haley Acheron > Hmmm...sounds like all profit, no fun
  30. [01:25:09] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > as if you want to be apart of a community in time i can outlay that on the table as well when relations are built up, i know you're not bad guys as the other day your guys helped me and the moon owner defend the structure from trigs
  31. [01:26:12] Hadah Khashour > Man seriously quit your complaining and whining over a drone.
  32. [01:26:16] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > <url=showinfo:1373//2113479541>Haley Acheron</url> as a base of chilled mining, that is fun to some, wanna mess with people for fun go pvp
  33. [01:26:44] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > im not whining about a drone, i am securing communications of an accord
  34. [01:27:52] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > then i can turn the rest of our guys on a more friendly base to yours
  35. [01:28:23] JD2K > I'm in no position to make agreements
  36. [01:28:45] Haley Acheron > <url=showinfo:1373//206235991>JD2K</url> What kind of profit can I make if I come help mine?
  37. [01:28:56] JD2K > Depends on skills and time
  38. [01:29:29] JD2K > I usually pull in 200-400M in a weekend
  39. [01:29:34] JD2K > and I'm not hardcore about it
  40. [01:29:39] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > when eric shang jumps on can you get him in touch with me please, my official position is diplomat
  41. [01:30:09] JD2K > He'll be made aware of the conversation, ty for the time
  42. [01:30:31] Garrick Ollivander Ollivander > <url=showinfo:1373//2113479541>Haley Acheron</url> if you skill into a mining barge it will be worth it for you to supply for fits for pve/pvp
  43. [01:30:57] Haley Acheron > I'm already skilled for for all barges and t2 mining frigs.
  44. [01:31:09] Haley Acheron > I just actually haven't dipped my toes in much.
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