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  1. What?
  2. Beating Pokemon Black 2's Champions, Mix Master and Rental Master and Type Master Tourney from a new file as quickly as possible.
  4. Why? Is this even a real thing?
  5. No, but doesn't matter. It sounds fun, I wanted to route it out a bit anyway.
  7. Okay, so what's the basic route idea here?
  8. Tepig/Drillbur route to beat the game, catch Latios. EV train Latios in SPD and SP ATK, wreck the teams. I also level Ducklett to become Swanna for Mix Master, and catch a Druddigon and Axew for Type Master
  10. What'd you change?
  11. Not very much, beyond things that make setup faster. I go out of the any% route to grab a heart scale, any free Carbos or Calciums, the Air Balloon, catch a Foongus for sweet scent, grab the free Zorua for cut, Ice Beam, Psyshock, the Macho Brace... etc. I also need to level Pignite to become a level 50 Emboar, so I throw the EXP share on him just before the final rival fight. Most of the other stuff happens after.
  13. What are you doing after?
  14. Catching an RNG manipulated Latios with perfect IVs or very close and a Modest Nature, Maxing EVs in Speed and SP Atk, and general setup on teams. The current look is something like the following:
  16. Latios, level 70ish: Modest Nature, perfect IVs, holds Twisted Spoon until I can buy a Life Orb
  17. Psyshock
  18. Thunderbolt
  19. Ice Beam
  20. Calm Mind
  22. Emboar, level 50: perfect IVs, Adamant nature. Holds Charcoal until given Choice Scarf
  23. Hammer Arm
  24. Flamethrower
  25. Head Smash
  26. Work Up (replaced with Bulldoze when Scarfed)
  28. Excadrill, level 75-ish, random IVs and nature. Holds Air Balloon until given focus sash)
  29. Iron Head
  30. Earthquake
  31. Rock Slide
  32. Swords Dance
  34. For Mix tournaments, I'll use Swanna instead of Latios. Latios is nearly impossible for Emboar and Excadrill to take down (as well as most of the pokes I can steal) and will almost always be chosen by the opponent, so I need a third poke. The cool thing about Swanna is that it's a Trojan Horse; the opponent reads it as being good because Flying/Water matches up really well with beating Ground/Steel and Fire/Fighting, but its actual moves and stats are really poor and it can be one shot by both Excadrill and Emboar. Featherdance makes it a good pivot if I'm stuck with it on a fight, and Surf does decent damage in a pinch.
  36. Swanna, level 37, random IVs and Nature, (holds Exp Share, but not really important)
  37. Fly
  38. Surf
  39. Featherdance
  40. Aerial Ace
  42. Type Master is funny as well: Axew has surprisingly solid speed, and with Dragon Claw, is relied on as a finisher for more than a few fights. Druddigon has Rough Skin, which is reqiured to break focus sashes and allow Latios to sweep.
  44. Some of those seem questionable!
  45. That's not a question, and that's the current set that I can get without excessive work that may cost more time than it's worth. Flare Blitz would be the preferred move on Emboar, but he doesn't learn it until level 62, which would seem to take just long enough to not be worth it. Fire Blast costs money, meaning I'd add time to EV grinding, and I don't think it's worth the risk of a miss. Latios has no dragon move because Dragon Pulse is learned at level 80 and Draco Meteor requires max happiness. While a luxury ball catch might make max happiness feasible, I'd have to be truly confident that A: I can catch a Latios in a Luxury Ball, and B: the Latios I get is the perfect one I want. I don't believe it is currently possible to manipulate the massages in my testing, so that's not a solution. Excadrill doesn't appear to be manipulable, so what I get there is what I get; thankfully it has a pretty much perfect moveset.
  47. Are there other options?
  48. You could do the Emboar route through the game, which would allow you to use Flare Blitz, a better Emboar thanks to EVs and the same Latios. The downside is that in my current route, Excadrill appears to be far more important, and all three have uses. This likely also requires Dragon Pulse on Latios to hit more enemies neutral. There is the potential to catch a prankster Whimsicott to use Tailwind and/or Sunny Day to help support; stats wouldn't matter at all. A moveset like
  50. Tailwind
  51. Sunny Day
  52. 2 of Encore/Taunt/Endeavor/Memento (Focus Sash)
  54. allows for a really good setup poke for a lead, allowing Latios and/or Emboar to sweep, although a lot of those are Egg Moves. Other potential offensive pokes might be Terrakion and Heatran; they share the qualities of being relatively easy to acquire and being able to inflict massive damage with solid coverage. You might be able to make a case for something like a Huge Power Azumarill, although you wouldn't be able to Aqua Jet.
  56. For the Mix tournament, using Zoroark is a scary but interesting way to add a rock paper scissors element. Latios beats Emboar beats Zoroark beats Latios. The downside is that I do have to guess when Zoroark is out, if my opponent selects him. It takes more time to level than Trojan Horse Swanna, and I'm not sure it's more effective.
  58. Who's scary so far?
  60. In the World Tournament, anybody with a Dragon is very scary; I don't have an answer for, say a scarfed Garchomp until I get a focus sash or scarf and equip Excadrill with it. Overall, I should be able to get through, but I expect to lose maybe 3 tournaments before I start to get on a roll from having a proper set of items (Life Orb for Latios, Focus Sash for Excadrill, Choice Scarf for Emboar)
  62. Champions Tournament - Cynthia is a 25% win. I need a 2 turn outrage and for Garchomp to hurt itself in confusion. She can also waste a ton of time by bringing Spiritomb, who Pain Split stalls out Emboar until they both die from Emboars struggle (not even joking, that's the only way to win). Latios can sweep after. Lance can have Haxorus, where I need a similar strategy.
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