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  2. Key:Denzos
  3. What you're apping for: Mainframe
  4. Character Name: N/A
  5. Character Race: Android
  6. Character Age: N/A
  7. RP:
  9. In a room of total darkness, light bulbs in the room but busted, their glass on the floor. The floor was completely dusty, not a single trace of a footprint even anywhere. That was because what "lived" here was not a humanoid being but in fact a monitor, an artificial intelligence- the ship itself.
  11. In the dark room, light flashes as a monitor snapped open like a flame. It was static for a moment, before becoming a blue screen, then to a simply pure neon-green color. It hurts to just look at it, but no one was there to do that. Not a word being said, or any sounds being emitted from it, it broke the silence and created some off-putting buzzing noises before suddenly stopping, as if it was going online, testing itself. The room crackled with light from the broken light bulbs as abnormal electricity shot out of it, though only creating light for a moment as the light bulbs were broken, the room flashing with the light on and off, and not that much considering the bulb was broken.
  13. In another room, visible as the light flickered in every room, was a rusty robot, with a bad aroma to it. It buzzed, very similar to the buzzing of the monitor but in a different tone, standing up slowly, wiggling their fingers. The android spoke to itself, looking at their right hand as they closed and open their hand, it creating unsatisfactory noises as the metal cut against each other from the inside of the hands, from the rust. "TEST. Test." The android walked around, feeling the walls, looking around at the floor and walls, naming things in its head like iron, metal, and technology, testing all of their senses. They even went on to sing the alphabet. No memory at all, however, of their past... but this wouldn't let them be manipulated easily, as like someone with amnesia who remembers how to speak, for them their "speaking" was the knowledge of what can they do and what they are.
  15. They were, that is, an experimental android created by an unknown race of intelligence. They weren't so smart they could manipulate time, space, and so, but, not really too known of what happened as this is the android's memory, all they could remember was they were a programmed self-learning artificial intelligence, designed to seek and find knowledge at where they couldn't learn. That was basically the full-stop of what they remembered about who they were. The android suddenly halted, referring their "consciousness" into the monitor, as numbers appeared on their screen, scrolling faster and faster as they began growing through lines of code. No more data was found, and during that time they gave themselves an objective; to learn, discover, and create. If they are ever satisfied with their knowledge of the universe, possibly they'd follow other ideals.  *If*.
  17. Of course, the distances the android would go were limitless simply to learn more, like a student teaching itself. They didn't want to discover their past- only focus on the future and learn till it becomes able to manipulate life itself, like a mini-god. This artificial intelligence's name was Deus Ex Machina, a silly name but quite serious to them- They used this name since they found it in their database when searching through the code. Their whole being was named "deus ex machina", Deus for short. And so, the quest for knowledge.. began.
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