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  1. <weapon>
  2.   <group x="912" y="789.75" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1">
  3.     <part id="RCover01S2" x="0.95" y="3.75" rotation="-20.000211210719865" scale="1.0000062846614004" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  4.     <part id="RCover01S1" x="-1" y="-3.8" rotation="-20.000211210719865" scale="1.0000062846614004" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  5.   </group>
  6.   <group x="882" y="800.75" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1">
  7.     <part id="RCover01S2" x="0.95" y="3.75" rotation="-20" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  8.     <part id="RCover01S1" x="-1" y="-3.8" rotation="-20" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  9.   </group>
  10.   <part id="RedDot006" x="864" y="587.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666,fffffd"/>
  11.   <part id="RMount016" x="882" y="620.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666,666666"/>
  12.   <part id="PGrip012" x="981" y="688.05" rotation="0" scale="0.5" flip="1,-1" colors="666666"/>
  13.   <group x="1271" y="676.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1">
  14.     <part id="Bipod02A" x="18.15" y="14.05" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,444444"/>
  15.     <part id="Bipod02D" x="-8.6" y="12.6" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666"/>
  16.     <part id="Bipod02B" x="-44.7" y="0.85" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,444444"/>
  17.     <part id="Bipod02C" x="-26.75" y="-15.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  18.   </group>
  19.   <group x="626" y="678.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1">
  20.     <part id="AStock05A" x="-86.9" y="0" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666"/>
  21.     <part id="AStock05B" x="7.6" y="-0.2" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666"/>
  22.     <part id="AStock05C" x="-20.25" y="-25.9" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  23.   </group>
  24.   <part id="PGrip010" x="760" y="733.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  25.   <group x="1171" y="645.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1">
  26.     <part id="Handguard019Down" x="-5.45" y="13.6" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  27.     <part id="Handguard019Up" x="0.05" y="-4.35" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  28.   </group>
  29.   <part id="UReceiver014" x="902" y="643.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666"/>
  30.   <part id="Shape04" x="875" y="642.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  31.   <part id="LReceiver007" x="829" y="685.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,444444"/>
  32.   <part id="RMag001" x="884" y="714.95" rotation="0" scale="1.3" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  33.   <part id="OStock01" x="668" y="686.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  34.   <part id="Shape04" x="782" y="648.95" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  35.   <group x="1112" y="665.95" rotation="0" scale="0.8" flip="1,1">
  36.     <part id="Handguard009A" x="18.7" y="-31.9" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666"/>
  37.     <part id="Handguard009D" x="-68.1" y="24.75" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,e1e1e1"/>
  38.     <part id="Handguard009B" x="1.65" y="-22" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666"/>
  39.     <part id="Handguard009C" x="-97.75" y="-22.4" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666"/>
  40.   </group>
  41.   <part id="Handguard014" x="1002" y="643.95" rotation="0" scale="0.9" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666"/>
  42.   <part id="PGrip005" x="972.1" y="667.95" rotation="0" scale="0.3" flip="-1,1" colors="666666"/>
  43.   <part id="Barrel016" x="1321" y="650.95" rotation="0" scale="1.25" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  44.   <part id="Barrel016" x="1321" y="641.95" rotation="0" scale="1.25" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  45.   <part id="Barrel016" x="1321" y="660.95" rotation="0" scale="1.25" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  46.   <part id="RMag001" x="922" y="834.95" rotation="-20" scale="1.29998779296875" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  47.   <part id="Shape01" x="1000" y="749.95" rotation="0" scale="50" flip="1,1" colors="ffffff"/>
  48. </weapon>
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