FoxBox Rules

Feb 19th, 2020
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  1. <size=50><b><color=#ff00ffff>FOX</color>BOX!</b></size>
  2. Discord: <color=blue></color>
  3. Notify <color=#ff00ffff><b>Sveny!#6969</b></color> on Discord if the Discord link is not available.
  4. Our servers are located in France, however please speak <color=red>English!</color>
  6. <size=12>Also friendly fire is off.</size>
  8. <size=32><b><color=red>RULES:</color></b></size>
  9. 1. No micspamming (Including, but not limited to: music, voice changers, mindless screaming. Do scream in panic tho ;))
  10. 2. Not strictly enforced, but please, if you are an MTF, don't close the door on other MTFs following you, if we see you do this TOO often and intentional, we may have to [DATA EXPUNGED].
  11. 3. You do not recognize the bodies on the water.
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