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  1. Ic Name: Jeran
  3. Key: LILJEFF
  5. App: Elite Saiyan
  7. Reason For Applying: I want to impact the roleplay taking the more ruthless approach. My goal will be too look over the Saiyans and look down on weaker foes, including Low class Saiyans. Althouguh this is very common in Elite Saiyan RP, I want to help make the game move forward with a form of small antagonist. Presenting myself as royalty and looking down on anyone not up to par.
  9. -RP-
  11. From the very beginning Jeran was born into royalty, born beside the most promising Saiyans all mostly considered royalty. Jeran's father whose name was Jeran as well, was excited to find out his newborn son was placed alongside the other great future warriors. He would check constantly just to see how strong his son was getting as just a newborn. It was incredible his power levels with each scan was reaching closer and closer to his own.
  13. At the age of 3 Jeran was taught by his father what it was to be an Elite Saiyan Warrior, one day they walked on the planet and one lady simply said hello to Jeran Senior. A vein erupted from his head as he blasted a whole into the ladies chest "You are Royalty just like your father son! Anyone below us should always bow, we are royalty never forget!" Jeran did not respond simply watched as his father killed someone. This was normal for Royalty they are the top of Saiyan species people must be respectful or face the consequences. However, his father had no idea how much this would stick with Jeran.
  15. On Jeran's six birthday he walked into the castle coming back from training his father choose this moment to surprise him, preparing a big feast for the both of them. The young boy would sit down and enjoy the meal, when the desert came he would spit it out in disgust "Who made this disgusting shit!"
  16. Jeran's father responded by slapping boy across the face "Boy watch your tone! It was me! I made you the cake!"
  17. Jeran simply looked at the floor for a long time before looking up at his dad "Father....Bow to me."
  18. Jeran Senior could not believe what he had just said "How dare you disrespect me boy! I am your father you are Jeran Jr!"
  20. The boy's eyes lit up as he smiled "Father your the one who said anyone below us should always bow."
  22. Jeran'ss father would cock back his hand once more to smack Jeran in the face, but at that moment the boy would blast a gaping hole into his fathers chest "From now on I'll be the only Jeran of royalty, goodnight." Jeran would walk away leaving his father to die.
  24. Years have passed and Jeran only has become stronger and more ruthless.
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