Belonging to another

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  2. [01:46] Despair says, "You."
  3. [01:46] Despair says, "Come."
  4. [01:46] Shinisosa asks, "Hmn...?"
  5. [01:46] Shinisosa asks, "Do you mean to speak to me?"
  6. [01:46] Despair says, "Come."
  7. [01:46] Despair whispers: Wha' are ya, wha' is ya purpose here. I saw the starin' at stands 'fore, but now I am curious.
  8. [01:46] Shinisosa seemed... relatively cautious about the man. She stepped forward through the snow, but the vines around her slowly withered away, hiding underneath the ground.
  9. (Shinisosa)
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. [01:47] Crow watches closely.
  13. (Crow)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. [01:47] Shinisosa whispers: Ah... Purpose? I am here because the spirits kept screaming... Because the world here is ever-so-pained. I have no reason to ... help them, at the moment. I'm really quite weak.
  17. [01:48] Despair whispers: s'long as ya don't intend ta help 'em, fine then.
  18. [01:48] Shinisosa whispers: ... Mm. Not right now. I can't say I approve of what you're doing, but at the same time- I've no power to stop you.
  19. [01:49] Despair whispers: If ya had the power, would ya?
  20. [01:49] Shinisosa whispers: I'm unsure. I don't know all of your motive- perhaps you are trying to go for a better world, or perhaps you simply wish to send the entire realm to Helheim.
  21. [01:50] Shinisosa whispers: If I had the power to stop you? ... I likely would see about talking you out of it, first, before taking any steps, I admit.
  22. [01:50] Despair whispers: The world is shit. A painful array o' lives. All I desire is ta feel less pain. People are driven by a want ta gain satisfaction an' avoid pain.
  23. [01:50] Despair whispers: Tha's all there is ta it at the end o' the day.
  24. [01:51] Shinisosa whispers: My job... my -purpose- is to relieve the pain of spirits and living things alike.
  25. [01:51] Yin attempted to feed a piece of pork to Mortiphasm.
  26. (Yin Invidia)
  27. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. [01:51] Mortiphasm says, "... This one eats demons."
  30. [01:51] Yin Invidia says, "Oh."
  31. [01:51] Mortiphasm still gobbles down the pork.
  32. (Mortiphasm)
  33. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. [01:52] Yin Invidia asks, "Why not eat Malphas then?"
  36. [01:52] Mortiphasm says, "Did."
  37. [01:52] Despair whispers: It the spirits stand between a person an' their happiness, where would ya stand.
  38. [01:52] Mortiphasm says, "Ripped flesh and feathers off."
  39. [01:52] Helos Fengari asks, "How'd that go?"
  40. [01:52] Mortiphasm says, "Ran away before could finish."
  41. [01:52] Yin Invidia says, "Still breathing."
  42. [01:52] Shinisosa whispers: I... ...
  43. [01:52] Helos Fengari says, "Darn."
  44. [01:52] Helos Fengari asks, "Have ya' tried Oath?"
  45. [01:52] Mortiphasm says, "Hm."
  46. [01:52] Mortiphasm says, "Hm. Hm. Hm."
  47. [01:52] Shinisosa whispers: I uppose, in the end, it depends on whom gets hurt. If a spirit stood between me and another person's happiness... I would try to make that spirit stop doing so.
  48. [01:52] Yin Invidia says, "Strange rule."
  49. [01:52] Helos Fengari says, "Real strange, but I can respect it."
  50. [01:52] Yin Invidia says, "Maybe my third encounter with Cordelia I'll have her in my hands."
  51. [01:52] Helos Fengari says, "Guess I'll wait for my third encounter before I kill Sima."
  52. [01:52] Despair whispers: An' if the spirits stood between many people's happiness, joy, an' abiility ta rid themselves o' pain?
  53. [01:52] Helos Fengari says, "Freakin'... Dork."
  54. [01:53] Shinisosa whispers: ... I would try to see that the spirit would be happier knowing it would be able to help many. You go by Lord Ultovex, do you not?
  55. [01:53] Despair whispers: I do.
  56. [01:53] Helos Fengari says, "I wonder what happened to Malphas' nest."
  57. [01:54] Yin Invidia says, "Haven't seen him make a new one in some time."
  58. [01:54] Shinisosa whispers: You, Lord Ultovex... Are everything that I stand against, I must admit. You tear the lifestream to sunders, you defile the cycle of birth and renewal with your undead... And your very presence reeks of depravity.
  59. [01:55] Helos Fengari says, "Darn."
  60. [01:55] Shinisosa whispers: ... But I can understand that I can do nothing to stop you. Indeed... What you are matters little when it comes to the fact I am -powerless- against you.
  61. [01:56] Despair whispers: An' I hav' every ability ta rip the world fer an end ta people's sufferin' ta cause the world ta despair in exchange fer the enjoyment o' others. The ability to cross distances in moments ta sav' lives. The ability ta revive the dead so people can return ta their loves. The ability to grant wishes, ta bring people satisfaction ta wha' they seek. Ya stand against all o' tha'?
  62. [01:57] Shinisosa whispers: I stand against the defilement of the natural order, Lord Ultovex. I stand against the unnatural miracles you -create-. I... wish, I wasn't, sometimes. That I could be happy, simply happy, seeing you perform your miracles. I would ask that you stop, but I know you would not. I could ask you let me fix what you have done, but I know you will not allow me... Instead all I can do is try to mitigate what you've done.
  63. [01:57] Helos Fengari says, "Hm..."
  64. [01:57] Shinisosa whispers: By making sure that what land here, what spirits here that are left... are left in peace. That is all I can do, yes?
  65. [01:57] Yin glanced off towards the side at the Wildcard, a light frown overtaking as she turned away towards Helos.
  66. (Yin Invidia)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. [01:58] Despair whispers: If the natrual order causes pain ta people, is it real somethang ta b defended?
  70. [01:58] Yin Invidia asks, "Helos, you ever hear of a amnesia that can surpass that limit of normal ones?"
  71. [01:58] Helos Fengari exclaims, "Nope!"
  72. [01:58] Helos Fengari says, "But, I'm sure they exist."
  73. [01:59] Shinisosa whispers: ... Lord Ultovex, there is no contempt towards you, yourself. I adore what you want, what you seek.T he lack of pain... the freedom of despair. But whta runs through my veins is not something that can be negated. The world was created this way for a reason. To go against that is... wrong, in my eyes.
  74. [02:00] Yin Invidia asks, "Wanna find one with me?"
  75. [02:00] Helos Fengari says, "Of course."
  76. [02:00] Despair whispers: Tha' is where ya are incorrect. Demi-angels hav' tome ta ma. Naguals are able ta return from death through ma. Even wha' flows through ya veins could b changed, negated, so tha' the sufferin' o' the world could b ignored. Is it so wrong ta do thangs fer the benefit o' one's personal satisfaction?
  77. [02:01] Shinisosa tightened her hands into fists, closing her eyes. She breathed out, a sigh- a heave. She seemed to be fighting something in the back of her mind.
  78. (Shinisosa)
  79. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  81. [02:03] Shinisosa whispers: I was told, by a dear friend of mine... To stop asking for things, to stop doubting myself. Such is hard to shirk suddenly, Lord Ultovex. Even if the Demi-Angels neglect their herritage, even if Naguals are miraculously brought back from the spirit realm, even... -IF- you could potentially take away what runs through my body... No, I'm afraid i wouldn't be able to accept such easily. I cannot agree with your ways, Lord Ultovex.
  82. [02:03] Helos Fengari says, "I'll be rooting for ya' durin' tha blob games."
  83. [02:03] Despair whispers: So ya are sayin' it is betta fer people to suffer death o' loved ones, o' wives, husbands, an' children. Tha's its betta ta arrive late, ta return home an' see ya people burned an' slaughtered. Tha' is betta ta never accomplish the things tha' ya dream o'?
  84. [02:03] Mortiphasm says, "Am doubtful will even be touched in games. Have to defeat Crow, Saul... Many others."
  85. [02:04] Helos Fengari says, "Eh, either way, I'll be rootin' for ya'."
  86. [02:04] Mortiphasm says, "Keh."
  87. [02:04] Helos Fengari says, "Tha whole thin' sounds real fun."
  88. [02:05] Yin Invidia says, "Winner of the blob games gets some money."
  89. [02:06] Shinisosa whispers: If the natural order calls for the loss of loved ones, for you to endure tragedy after tragedy... To end up being alone. In the end? It is not our choice, not our... Power, to prevent such things, Lord Ultovex. It is hard for me to explain why- exactly why I think this way. However... If you truly lost that person you love, and yet you brought them back- ... Would that be losing something? Or would that be elongating their suffering? If you never lose something, you will never have to bring them back, thin
  90. [02:06] Mortiphasm says, "Siofra."
  91. [02:06] Mortiphasm says, "This one needs many potions."
  92. [02:06] Sezsor says, "Oh you strong"
  93. [02:06] Sezsor says, "I like you"
  94. [02:07] Sezsor says, "Thank you"
  95. [02:07] Sezsor says, "Sezsor"
  96. [02:07] Shinisosa whispers: Things like that... The phrase- You only live once, so don't screw up, comes to mind.
  97. [02:07] Despair whispers: But it is our power to prevent such things. Tha' is why the power was created. To avoid that loss. To avoid that pain
  98. [02:09] Shinisosa whispers: Mmn. Preventing it would mean you make sur eit doesn't happen in the first place. What you do is... nto prevention, it is negation, I suppose.
  99. [02:09] Siofra exclaims, "OH!"
  100. [02:09] Despair whispers: I don't like ya.
  101. [02:09] Siofra asks, "Do you want to come to Gehenna with me then friend Mortiphasm?"
  102. [02:09] Shinisosa whispers: Hmn, my apologies.
  103. [02:09] Yin Invidia whispers: Don't apologize, that's a good thing.
  104. [02:09] Mortiphasm says, "Hmmm..."
  105. [02:09] Shinisosa whispers: ... I'm sorry?
  106. [02:09] Mortiphasm asks, "Can this one even go there?"
  107. [02:09] Mortiphasm says, "Did beat up children."
  108. [02:09] Helos Fengari says, "HM..."
  109. [02:10] Despair whispers: To b weak an' yet propagate the sufferin' o' others. An' fer wha'? Fer reason in the end? Ta protect something self healin'? Somethang tha' fixes itself it's done?
  110. [02:10] Helos Fengari says, "I'm gonna head home and make some hot chocolate."
  111. [02:10] Despair whispers: A person should do anythang they want fer self satisfaction. They should not deal wit' pain. Tha' is the ideal state o' mind.
  112. [02:10] Yin Invidia says, "I demand a saved cup of chocolate, or prepare for ma' wrath."
  113. [02:10] Helos Fengari says, "Or ya' could just come with."
  114. [02:10] Siofra exclaims, "Children are part of Briar Locke, not Gehenna!"
  115. [02:10] Helos shrugs.
  116. (Helos Fengari)
  117. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  119. [02:10] Yin shook her fist non-threateningly.
  120. (Yin Invidia)
  121. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. [02:11] Despair whispers: But ya choose to acknowlegde pain, to endure it. For no logical reason.
  124. [02:11] Yin Invidia says, "Nah."
  125. [02:11] Helos Fengari says, "Fair enough."
  126. [02:11] Taurus Rinkusu asks, "Are you ok Sifi?"
  127. [02:11] Shinisosa whispers: But of course... It is only human, after all. Besides- ... Hah, I admit, I've grown up with a lot of it.
  128. [02:11] Sifiso says, "Mph."
  129. [02:11] Despair whispers: Ya are a shitty example o' a human bein. Ya should crush others who would stand in ya way, not endure fer no reason.
  130. [02:12] Sezsor says, "Good fight"
  131. [02:12] Taurus Rinkusu says, "Come with me i want to tell you something"
  132. [02:12] Sezsor Extends hand
  133. (Sezsor)
  134. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  136. [02:12] Shinisosa whispers: Maybe I'm a very shitty human, Lord Ultovex.
  137. [02:12] Siofra says, "Come come, friend Mortiphasm."
  138. [02:12] The Ultovexian moves his hand forwards. Without another word, his clawed hand moves to slap Shinisosa across the face.
  139. (Despair)
  140. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  142. [02:12] Sifiso says, "-"
  143. [02:12] Mortiphasm exclaims, "!"
  144. [02:12] Triest to catch the face slap
  145. (Crow)
  146. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  148. [02:13] Shinisosa did not stop the man. She ended up being slapped straight across the face by the claw. Her head turned by the force, and she stayed standing there, dumbly. Then, slowly turning her head back forward.
  149. (Shinisosa)
  150. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  152. [02:13] Taurus takes Sifi's hand gently while he drag her to a place when they can talk.
  153. (Taurus Rinkusu)
  154. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  156. [02:13] Despair says, "A shitty example o' a human bein'."
  157. [02:13] Yin Invidia says, "I'm staring right at one."
  158. [02:13] Crow says, "Shes a toy... My toy.."
  159. [02:13] Sifiso says, "-"
  160. [02:14] Sifiso exclaims, "Mph!"
  161. [02:14] Shinisosa says, "Quite a strange thing to call me... Ahha, that hurt."
  162. [02:14] Despair says, "She is illogical. Fix her, Crow."
  163. [02:14] Crow says, "I like them broken.. Lord ultovex.."
  164. [02:14] Crow says, "But- she is gaining confidence.."
  165. [02:14] Despair says, "Xiao."
  166. [02:14] Sifiso floated up into the air, attempting to get out of reach of the kitsune.
  167. (Sifiso)
  168. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  170. [02:14] Crow says, "Which is good."
  171. [02:15] Taurus Rinkusu says, "Ok, ok we can talk here if you want"
  172. [02:15] Sor's would see Sezsor no longer carrying fire but also dark wings and horns. The man indeed made a lot of changes as time passed him on. Almost a whole transformation. His eyes much more fierce and dark.
  174. "Garrick do you remember the words you told me. I took them and I plan to go much further than even this." He would say looking at himself.
  176. "I embrace all those emotions and allow them to swallow me whole. Like my flame they burst and made me...whole. I will improve even more from this point on."
  177. (Sezsor)
  178. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  180. [02:15] Sifiso asks, "Mm?"
  181. [02:15] Xiaowen asks, "Ke-?"
  182. [02:15] Taurus Rinkusu says, "look i know you have youre morals and all of that i have it too"
  183. [02:15] Despair says, "'Hind ya."
  184. [02:15] Crow grabs shiniosha by her wrist.
  185. (Crow)
  186. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  188. [02:15] Crow says, "Come along..."
  189. [02:15] Sifiso says, ".. Mhm."
  190. [02:15] Xiaowen asks, "... An'?"
  191. [02:15] Taurus Rinkusu says, "but i always know that i cant fight for my ideals if im not strong enough"
  192. [02:15] Sifiso asks, "Nnh?"
  193. [02:15] Xiaowen says, "Oh. Ohohoho."
  194. [02:16] Reaper says, "Ohohohoho."
  195. [02:16] Crow whispers: What did you say to him?
  196. [02:16] Shinisosa ended up being grabbed by her wrist. She didn't resist as she was suddenly dragged away, her expression relatively simple- a blank... smile, perhaps.
  197. (Shinisosa)
  198. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  200. [02:16] Shinisosa whispers: We poke of my views on how he did things. I simply told him I did not, and could not agree.
  201. [02:16] Taurus Rinkusu says, "soo if you want things to change you will need to get stronger, like i am trying"
  202. [02:16] Sifiso says, ".. Nh."
  203. [02:16] Crow whispers: ah I see...
  204. [02:17] Despair says, "Now the las' thang to deal wit'."
  205. [02:17] Crow sighs.
  206. (Crow)
  207. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  209. [02:17] Despair asks, "Wha' did I say o' disrespect?"
  210. [02:17] Taurus Rinkusu whispers something.
  211. [02:18] Yin Invidia asks, "Mm?"
  212. [02:18] Sifiso says, "Mhm."
  213. [02:18] Yin Invidia asks, "What disrespect?"
  214. [02:18] Despair asks, "I'm starin' at one. Wha' do ya refer ta?"
  215. [02:19] Taurus Rinkusu whispers something.
  216. [02:19] Taurus Rinkusu says, "Well"
  217. [02:19] Yin Invidia says, "You aren't exactly human."
  218. [02:19] Taurus Rinkusu says, "see you around"
  219. [02:19] Sifiso says, ".."
  220. [02:19] Sifiso says, "Nh."
  221. [02:19] Yin Invidia says, "So I don't think you qualify as a shitty human being."
  222. [02:20] Despair says, "Clarify."
  223. [02:20] Despair says, "Are ya callin' ma shit."
  224. [02:20] Yin Invidia says, "Naaah."
  225. [02:20] Despair says, "Good."
  226. [02:20] Yin put on a smile as she looked up at Sors.
  227. (Yin Invidia)
  228. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  230. [02:20] While the Kitsune says bye to the child, hopes that the girl learn how to deal with things in the future.
  231. (Taurus Rinkusu)
  232. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  234. [02:21] Despair says, "Because if ya did,"
  235. [02:21] Sezsor says, "Lord Ultovex would you like to test my progress"
  236. [02:21] Despair whispers something.
  237. [02:21] Despair says, "So do watch ya tongue."
  238. [02:21] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  239. [02:21] Spun in the air, she settles eyes upon the person behind her. It doesn't click, at first- they look quite different! But the floating, the height, and Lordovex pointing them out to her click enough pieces in her skull to send her the message loud and clear.
  241. She chuckles! Dryly, she chuckles. Plainly and assumingly, at first. But the blast of dry heat isn't something gentle. Isn't something subtle. Isn't something that the meaning there of is mixed up.
  243. " Hey again, ya mouthy slave. I ain't on the volcano this time. You got anythin' left ta say, or am I just maulin' you unceremoniously here? "
  245. The heat around her trembles. The snow melts in a flash of flame and the ground beneath it begins to soften deep into the earth.
  246. (Xiaowen)
  247. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  249. [02:22] Despair whispers something.
  250. [02:22] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  251. [02:22] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  252. [02:23] Despair says, "Mistletoe."
  253. [02:23] Despair says, "Generia is dead."
  254. [02:23] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  255. [02:23] Mistletoe says, ".. Lord Ultovex--"
  256. [02:23] Mistletoe says, ".. H- "
  257. [02:23] Mistletoe asks, ".. Who?"
  258. [02:23] Despair says, "Generia."
  259. [02:23] Mistletoe says, ".. The aggressor-- My Lord."
  260. [02:24] Despair says, "Malphas."
  261. [02:24] Mistletoe says, ".. I'll have to depart then, for a moment."
  262. [02:24] Despair whispers something.
  263. [02:24] Mistletoe says, ".. Thank you, My Lord."
  264. [02:25] Reaper lazily fluttered his gaze towards the Oni, subsequently exercising his neck ever so slightly, making a couple of audible crackind sounds with his bone-joints in the process.
  266. His dominant arm, as always, visibly rested upon his Katana's hilt, prepared to draw his blade within a moment's notice, shall the necessity arise.
  268. "Now, now. Don't have to be so angry. My sole purpose up that volcano was pissing Elyon off by hurting the lil' fox. You're what I'd call -- collateral damage?" - he spoke in a rather nonchalant manner as a single digit was brought up and pressed against the lower part of his mask.
  270. "I didn't mean to offend you. But if it's a fight, or revenge that you desire, then so be it, Oni." - at this point green miasma began to visibly ooze out of Reaper's body, at some point enshrouding him as a whole.
  272. "Come, then."
  273. (Reaper)
  274. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  276. [02:26] * You have been awarded 79 Roleplay Points! *
  277. [02:26] Ayasha says, "Hello, little... puppet."
  278. [02:26] Sifiso says, "- Nh."
  279. [02:26] Reaper casually types something in his Transceiver.
  280. (Reaper)
  281. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  283. [02:26] Ayasha asks, "It appears... someone got... tired, of your questions... mm?"
  284. [02:26] You learned the spell Mist Form.
  285. [02:26] Sifiso says, "Hmph."
  286. [02:26] Garrick says, "Damn, that sounds like a helluva fight."
  287. [02:26] Garrick says, "I wanna see that."
  288. [02:26] Reaper says, "Damn. Elyon seems to be ignoring me nowadays..."
  289. [02:26] You learned the spell Drain Life.
  290. [02:26] Zo asks, "Nice meeting you Lord Ultovex. Zo go back to Gehenna now, okay?"
  291. [02:26] You learned the spell Occult Flame.
  292. [02:26] Despair says, "Allowed."
  293. [02:26] Ayasha says, "Mm."
  294. [02:27] You learned the spell Occult Flame V2.
  295. [02:27] Ayasha says, "Come with me."
  296. [02:27] You learned the spell Curse.
  297. [02:27] Sifiso asks, "..?"
  298. [02:27] Ayasha says, "I intend... to aid you, child."
  299. [02:27] Ayasha says, "Come."
  300. [02:27] You learned the spell Dour Javelin.
  301. [02:27] You learned the spell Ring of Malice.
  302. [02:28] Ajax sniffles the air, only to look to his side at Sors. Holy fuck he smelled bad.
  304. The Ookami leaps off of the edge onto the training ground. Maybe that will make the scent more bearable?
  305. (Ajax Reynold)
  306. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  308. [02:28] You learned the spell Yggdrasil: Tree of Life.
  309. [02:31] Taurus Rinkusu asks, "Lord Ultovex can i ask you a question?"
  310. [02:31] Despair says, "Ya get one."
  311. [02:31] Yin crossed her arms and turned her head towards Despair as her tail suddenly ignited in black flames, the abnormally long thing wrapping around her waist. Then purple hues with thin slits appeared in her mask to stare at the Wildcard.
  313. Whisper whisper whisper whisper.
  314. (Yin Invidia)
  315. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  317. [02:31] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  318. [02:31] Taurus Rinkusu asks, "There is a place where i can eat or sleep while i dont have a house?"
  319. [02:32] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  320. [02:32] Two hands reached up to grab both cheeks of shinisosa's face at first they were human and soft but then slowly black ichor filled their veins and obscured what they looked like but for a mere moment. They became something monstrous- Claws with nails enlarged gripping and threatening to pierce the skin upon the back of her neck.
  323. The archfiend looked down with his rose-red eyes glowing like candles. Crow grinned as he began to speak to her. "I think it would be best if you refrain from talking ideals to anyone but me here- I can tolerate them because I am learning how the mindset of others are- but here with these war-torn veterans you will only get your self hurt.."
  326. The gripping on her face got tighter and his eyes widen. "And no one should be hurting you..... Only me if you are learning from me and doing what you can for me...So.. To cease that you should refrain from speaking of things like this... Yes, do you agree? It only makes sense right.."
  329. "No one should be hurting you.. but me.." It was a scary thought alone, to even be claimed by someone like this - there was a possessive sickness - a Deadly sickness with these words.
  330. (Crow)
  331. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  333. [02:32] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  334. [02:32] Despair says, "Inside the tower north."
  335. [02:32] Taurus Rinkusu says, "Thanks"
  336. [02:32] Siofra says, "....."
  337. [02:32] She frowned. What had she just seen? Concern filled her features.
  338. (Siofra)
  339. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  341. [02:32] Despair whispers something.
  342. [02:32] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  343. [02:32] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  344. [02:33] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  345. [02:34] Despair whispers something.
  346. [02:34] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  347. [02:34] Despair whispers something.
  348. [02:34] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  349. [02:34] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  350. [02:34] Despair whispers something.
  351. [02:35] Despair whispers something.
  352. [02:35] Despair whispers something.
  353. [02:35] Yin visibly cringed.
  354. (Yin Invidia)
  355. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  357. [02:35] Despair whispers something.
  358. [02:36] The grip on her face seemed soft at first, and she welcomed the closeness. But, then the man began to change right before her eyes. His hands turned into sharp claws, and she let out a light gasp, reaching up instinctually to grasp at his wrists, even if she could do nothing to stop him from increasing his grip.
  360. She cringed a little bit, her normally complacent smile on her face beginning to turn into a grimace. "I..." She began, as if to argue with him, but soon, she squeezed her eyes shut. It hurt. It hurt a lot.
  362. "Y-yes, I'll try to... avoid such philosophy talks with others, but truly, I- Well, Lord Ultovex -did- start it with m-me." She tried to tug the man's hands away from her- with no success. The vines around her began to try and raise up- the sickly purple color obvious as they lashed at the air.
  364. She was stopping them from actually harming Crow. Was it attachment, or fear? She smiled weakly. "Truly... You'rea very strange person." Her eyes mirrored nothing but a hint of endearment- otherwise... Emptiness.
  366. She chuckled underneath her breath.
  367. (Shinisosa)
  368. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  370. [02:36] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  371. [02:37] Despair whispers something.
  372. [02:37] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  373. [02:37] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  374. [02:38] Despair whispers something.
  375. [02:38] To be honest? She entirely believed that. Even back up on the mountain, she had the sinking feeling, with their mentioning that he had seen them once before, that the motive was alterior- that the vampire was far too corrosive to the situation to truly have no reason but to harrass the lot of them.
  377. In fact, she very quickly loses most of her meaning ill will, any real intent that she might've had for going after his life.
  379. Yet.
  381. She was still insulted. She was still slighted. She was still angry, despite knowing that that made far more sense to her than being an irrevocable asshole to total strangers for little to no reason, and having the nerve to show up to this mountaintop a time later.
  383. It really is less a matter of what he said, and more a matter of her pride, and the anger that stems from it. As is her way, there was no righter means to settle this than the battle that she itched for.
  385. Her jaw clenched. She flares heat once more. The belt around her waste is unfastened as she speaks, and all her precious alcohol is cast neatly to the side with it.
  387. " Keh. Unfortunately. That answer placates only a fuckin' fraction'a my slight. "
  389. Well. At this point, she was pretty much obligated to maul him, even if she'd lost a bit of her luster in doing so and the enthusiasm felt... dulled. Such is life.
  390. (Xiaowen)
  391. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  393. [02:40] Garrick would gasp audibly upon seeing the hooch tossed aside so callously, molten eyes widening as they flashed between the oni and vampire with a steady clicking of his jagged rows of teeth. To throw away a source of intoxication....this truly was serious. The fire drakan was in shock.
  394. (Garrick)
  395. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  397. [02:43] ""Good.....Good.."" Crow said biting his lower lip with a fang as if he was holding something back - that crazed look in his eyes just sorta left after she said that..
  399. His hands retracted underneath his cloak not losing their monstrous form- The snow under them was melting and turning black from the poisonous fumes that came from his figure.
  402. "Have you gathered anything for what we need?... as far as the materials needed for it." He was now calm with his shaggy brown hair covering one side of his face- one glowing eye side glancing at her as he moved his body to stand next to her now.
  403. (Crow)
  404. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  406. [02:44] The Ookami observes the red-woman and the vampire clearly having a bout. This looked interesting.. At least more interesting than whatever Crow had been doing over there.
  408. He remains slient, watching the match ensue..
  409. (Ajax Reynold)
  410. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  412. [02:44] She paused for a moment, watching the crazed look in his eyes fade away. She sighed a little bit- relief? Or maybe she was simply happy to see him not go crazy for now. Still, she folded her hands together, feeling the bruising on her skin already beginning to show.
  414. It didn't matter.
  416. "I've gathered some steel, but unfortunately not much else. I will certainly need to go searching once again. Would you like me to go now, by chance?"
  417. (Shinisosa)
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