RedCult - #WasBurnedAlive, #OpIsrael

Aug 10th, 2015
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  1. #WasBurnedAlive - #OpIsrael.
  2. Anonymous RedCult.
  3. Because the Palestinian toddler’s voice was not heard
  4. and because the world’s wicked silence was all over heard
  5. and because we decided to be the toddler’s voice and pain
  6. and because Israel, the criminal state, decided to set the Jewish Extremist settler who burnt the toddler alive, free
  7. we decided this OP.
  9. Tango-Down list:
  10. descr: Ministry of Finance
  11. descr: Merkava - Ministry Of Finance
  12. descr: IDF - Israel Defense Forces
  13. descr: Integrated Foreign Trade System
  14. descr: Israel Institute for Biological Research
  15. descr: Israel Institute of Productivity
  16. descr: Israeli Immigration
  17. descr: Office of The Prime Minister
  18. descr: State of Israel-Mail
  19. descr: Economic Mission U.S.
  20. descr: The Israeli Antitrust Authority
  21. descr: Shifra Har
  22. descr: Ministry of Defence
  23. descr: Israel Earthquake Center
  24. descr: Domain Internet Ltd
  25. descr: Galil Development Authority
  26. descr: Israeli embassy in the United States
  27. descr: Ministry of Industry and Trade
  28. descr: Public Works Department
  29. descr: Israel Economic and Tourism
  30. descr: Yemen - lost children
  31. descr: Local Authorities Data Processing Center Ltd.
  32. descr: Israeli Tech Tehila
  33. descr: Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Hebrew
  34. descr: Foreign Affairs Ministry
  35. descr: Israel Ministry Of Finance
  36. rights and services for Holocaust survivors
  37. descr: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  38. descr: Israel Information Technology
  39. descr: Shalom civil service reform-Minister Michael Eitan
  40. descr: Ministry of Industry and Trade
  41. descr: Israel Defense Forces
  42. descr: Office of The Prime Minister
  43. descr: Office of The Prime Minister
  44. descr: rights and services for Holocaust survivors
  45. descr: Israeli ministry of justice
  46. descr: The Israeli Antitrust Authority
  47. descr: Israeli Rabbinical Courts
  48. descr: Israel Police Department
  49. descr: Agricultural Research Organisation Volcani Center
  50. descr: Ministry of Finance
  51. descr: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  52. descr: Kranoth Hishtalmut LeOvdei Horaha
  53. descr: Shaam - Information Systems
  54. descr: Ministry of Communications
  55. descr: IsraelGovernment Printing Office
  56. descr: Israel Airport Authority
  57. descr: Israeli Immigration
  58. descr: Israel Securities Authority
  59. descr: State of Israel-Ministry of Finance
  60. descr: Nativ Project - PMO
  61. descr: National Insurance of Israel
  62. descr: Israel Ministry of Interior
  63. descr: Shaam - Information Systems Poaly Zedek 4
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