Noir No More (Greentext, not mine)

TURCOTTEisBORAT Nov 22nd, 2019 122 Never
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  1. >“Filth. A single word that defined this entire town - the whole God damned state! Not a surface or soul untarnished.”
  2. >“Well up yours too.” Lemy grumbled as he picked up a sniffling Lizy.
  3. >“From the twisted hallways of the suburban homes to the shining penthouses gleaming in the black heart of the city, a foul, putrid stench fills the air.”
  4. >Liena just stared at her younger half sister for a moment, then looked down at her latest batch of dark chocolate fudge brownies, threw them into the trash and ran off to cry.
  5. > “And what name could such a horror that infects person, place, and thing? What parasite infests us and multiplies with each rush of dopamine from giving into our baser urges? Some unnameable god of the dark, dreamt of by Lovecraft? Hah! Were it only so simple: such unique evil is one borne only of the twisted soul of mortal men to make even the devil, corruption and degeneration do it no justice, it implies an origin of something purer! Something!”
  6. >“Liby! That’s it! I’m taking away your raincoat and there will be no more gritty noir monologues in this house, am I clear?” Lincoln stepped in before a crowd of offended siblings while stripping off the coat of a pleading Liby. “And no ‘buts’! We made a strict rule against monologues the last time your aunt Lucy was here and made Leia wet herself!”
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