Cost of Victory

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  1. (1:19:21 PM) You are now known as DarkenedHG
  2. (1:20:09 PM) Lian [] entered the room.
  3. (1:37:37 PM) ***TWM|Ai brings out the contracts. "Johnny? If you are done with the dragon, can you look at these? I think they are airtight, but I want to know your opinion."
  4. (1:38:34 PM) PING reply -- Lag: 0 seconds
  5. (1:39:20 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny Awkwardly nods at Ai, making sure to not set the dragongirl off again "No problem, I'll have a look over them in a sec"
  6. (1:40:20 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "But before I get to that, like I was saying, just because your hoard is gone now, doesn't mean that we can't get it back, it's just that before that we'll have to figure out where it went"
  7. (1:40:37 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "And step one for all of that is to find out more about how this place works"
  8. (1:40:49 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "It's a bit hard to fuck with the rules when you don't know them"
  9. (1:41:01 PM) DarkenedHG: She drags her nails across the chain.
  10. (1:41:21 PM) DarkenedHG: "My hoard vanishing has nothing to do with this place and all to do with you."
  11. (1:42:24 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Eh, little of column A, little of column B"
  12. (1:42:46 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "All I did was just give the place a bit of a poke to set it off"
  13. (1:45:41 PM) DarkenedHG: "It is not in the nature of this place to seperate one from their desires."
  14. (1:47:01 PM) Lian is now known as Lian|Fox
  15. (1:48:04 PM) ***TWM|Ai humms. "Anything else, Dragon-chan?"
  16. (1:50:21 PM) DarkenedHG: "one more thing."
  17. (1:50:28 PM) DarkenedHG: Then she bites Johnny again.
  18. (1:50:47 PM) Lian|Fox: (Now he too is tsundere)
  19. (1:51:04 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny looks at the dragongirl hanging off his arm by her teeth, again.
  20. (1:51:07 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Ouch?"
  21. (1:51:20 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny awkwardly pats her on the head
  22. (1:51:29 PM) ***TWM|Ai clarifies. "I mean, anything you can tell about this place other than that?"
  23. (1:53:09 PM) DarkenedHG: BITE BITE BITE
  24. (1:55:38 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "But seriously though, the more time you spend being adorable and biting me is less time to sorting this out for everybody"
  25. (1:55:56 PM) DarkenedHG: "YOUR FAULT"
  26. (1:55:56 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "So in a funny metaphorical way, it's hurting you more than it's hurting me"
  27. (1:56:19 PM) ***TWM|Ai pointed out. "The less time spent so we can recover your hoard too, you know."
  28. (1:56:47 PM) DarkenedHG: "Do you know what happened to it?"
  29. (1:57:51 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Well, I didn't really get a chance to go have a look to confirm"
  30. (1:58:05 PM) ***TWM|Ai shrug.
  31. (1:58:11 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Since y'know, I was slightly distracted by you being adorable again"
  32. (2:00:16 PM) DarkenedHG: GLARE BITE GLARE
  33. (2:01:29 PM) ***TWM|Ai sighs. "This is pretty fun to watch, but... can we move on? What do we want to do next? Recover her hoard, negotiating with the Excrucian, or what?"
  34. (2:08:06 PM) ***TWM|Ai hmms. "Might as well see if I can get the contract for... what's that boy's name?"
  35. (2:10:39 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "You have fun with that, we're going to investigate the ex-hoard, I have a cunning plan"
  36. (2:11:34 PM) TWM|Ai: "Aaaand what is the plan, Johnny?"
  37. (2:11:58 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "A cunning plan based on logic and facts"
  38. (2:12:02 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "And possibly even science"
  39. (2:13:25 PM) ***TWM|Ai pursed her lips.
  40. (2:13:45 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Cunning"
  41. (2:13:48 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Plaaaaaaaaaaaaan"
  42. (2:14:11 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny starts walking over to where the hoard was, with the dragongirl following behind.
  43. (2:14:23 PM) TWM|Ai: ..."I think I'll see what the proprieator says about buying those contract first."
  44. (2:14:30 PM) ***TWM|Ai goes to the front of the store.
  45. (2:15:28 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny looks over at Ai "Good plan, you have fun making a deal with an Excrucian!"
  46. (2:16:01 PM) ***TWM|Ai shrugs. "I want to hear his pitch first, then maybe I'll see what is this plan to you,"
  47. (2:16:16 PM) ***TWM|Ai whispers under her breath. "And I don't want to become bait again."
  48. (2:19:43 PM) Lian|Fox: "Clearly she's trying to make a Jenny"
  49. (2:21:20 PM) ***TWM|Ai glances at the Fox. "That doesn't sound mysterious, just makes no sense."
  50. (2:21:41 PM) ***TWM|Ai stops.
  51. (2:22:18 PM) ***TWM|Ai point at the Fox. "Wait. You say this contract does nothing to influence them, right? Beyond normal human tendency?"
  52. (2:23:49 PM) Lian|Fox: "Right, and maybe Jun. Jun's a better Schoolgirl name"
  53. (2:24:11 PM) ***TWM|Ai nods. "I concur. So, simply buying the contract won't be enough. We'll need to do more."
  54. (2:26:22 PM) Lian|Fox: "Lets buy out the store"
  55. (2:26:54 PM) ***TWM|Ai blinks.
  56. (2:27:17 PM) Lian|Fox: "He will offer whatever is desired. I want ot buy him out and incorporate him into creation'
  57. (2:27:22 PM) TWM|Ai: "... that's surprisingly insightful!"
  58. (2:27:32 PM) ***TWM|Ai continues walking to the proprietor.
  59. (2:29:59 PM) DarkenedHG: He stares at them as they arrive, "Found what you wanted?" Strangely the path back is so much shorter than the path in.
  60. (2:30:48 PM) ***TWM|Ai nods. "Well, I'm thinking of buying those contracts.." she shows the contract of Lindley and her friend, "...but it looks like it will be easier to just buy you out."
  61. (2:31:06 PM) ***TWM|Ai mulls. "No, not easier. Cleaner."
  62. (2:33:11 PM) DarkenedHG: "Buy me out?"
  63. (2:33:45 PM) Lian|Fox: "You offer what people desire, what is the price for buying you and your establishment?"
  64. (2:36:06 PM) DarkenedHG: "What's the price for all desires?"
  65. (2:39:55 PM) Lian|Fox: "So you'll take that?"
  66. (2:40:47 PM) DarkenedHG: "Take what?"
  67. (2:41:18 PM) Lian|Fox: "the price of all desires"
  68. (2:43:10 PM) TWM|Ai: "What's your offer?"
  69. (2:43:24 PM) Lian|Fox: "clearly he wants to suffer"
  70. (2:43:41 PM) DarkenedHG: "That's not quite how it works"
  71. (2:44:01 PM) Lian|Fox: "Do your lily thing that worked out well before"
  72. (2:53:22 PM) ***TWM|Ai shrug. "What Lily thing?"
  73. (2:54:02 PM) Lian|Fox: "he requested suffering clearly a unrequited schoolgirl crush is a fair deal for all of this"
  74. (2:54:26 PM) ***TWM|Ai contemplates.
  75. (2:54:50 PM) DarkenedHG: "Not my suffering."
  76. (2:56:01 PM) Lian|Fox: "You can only own yourown suffering"
  77. (2:56:14 PM) TWM|Ai: "That is a fair point."
  78. (2:58:25 PM) DarkenedHG: "It's not that hard to own someone else's."
  79. (2:58:41 PM) DarkenedHG: "To date someone because your friend wants him, to put something on display because it makes others jealous."
  80. (2:58:54 PM) DarkenedHG: "Do you think you can afford the consequences of all desire?"
  81. (2:59:59 PM) Lian|Fox: "Lets see a contract and find out"
  82. (3:02:39 PM) DarkenedHG: "It's not something you can just ask for."
  83. (3:02:50 PM) TWM|Ai: "Why not?"
  84. (3:03:19 PM) DarkenedHG: "You have to take it."
  85. (3:03:54 PM) DarkenedHG: 'There's no point to desire unless it runs wild. It's selfish, it can't be requested neatly, you need to grab it no matter what and then rule it without getting eaten up inside or consumed."
  86. (3:04:47 PM) ***TWM|Ai blinks. "Soooo... you want us to force you to sell your store?"
  87. (3:16:28 PM) DarkenedHG: "If you want it, take it and face the consequences of having everything."
  88. (3:17:38 PM) ***TWM|Ai taps her lips. "Can't we just... contract your service?"
  89. (3:21:20 PM) DarkenedHG: "Contract my services?"
  90. (3:22:24 PM) TWM|Ai: "Hmm. No. Need better idea."
  91. (3:23:14 PM) Lian|Fox: "I think you should go for taking all desire"
  92. (3:23:39 PM) TWM|Ai: "Why?"
  93. (3:23:55 PM) DarkenedHG: "In other words you want a scapegoat to do it for you?"
  94. (3:23:59 PM) Lian|Fox: "Vague curiousity"
  95. (3:25:56 PM) TWM|Ai: "Why would you need all those suffering, anyway?"
  96. (3:26:34 PM) DarkenedHG: "It's to conquer it."
  97. (3:26:43 PM) DarkenedHG: "Prove you can take it all and remain yourself."
  98. (3:26:46 PM) DarkenedHG: "Then we'll talk."
  99. (3:27:48 PM) Lian|Fox: "Keep talking with him I have a really poorly thought out idea to impliment"
  100. (3:29:00 PM) TWM|Ai: "Providing obstacle to see whether it is conquered or not, then?"
  101. (3:31:26 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hmm?"
  102. (3:31:29 PM) DarkenedHG: He watches Fox!
  103. (3:43:51 PM) ***Lian|Fox heads out of the shop and goes to find a seamstress
  104. (3:45:28 PM) DarkenedHG: Fox finds a seamstress in short order!
  105. (3:45:49 PM) DarkenedHG: She's a bit back toward the normal parts of the city where things don't go strange, but there's still the odd shimmer in her works.
  106. (3:46:06 PM) ***Lian|Fox aspects up negotiating the sewing of a flag with his estate symbol on it
  107. (3:51:05 PM) DarkenedHG: Fox aspects up getting her to sew one or the use of her machines?
  108. (3:51:56 PM) Lian|Fox: getting her to sew one
  109. (3:54:04 PM) DarkenedHG: This proves to take a fair bit of time.
  110. (3:54:13 PM) DarkenedHG: As she has no aspect to help her finish almost instantly.
  111. (3:55:05 PM) Lian|Fox: that's ok.
  112. (3:55:23 PM) Lian|Fox: I'm sure Ai can spend a couple of weeks negotiating
  113. (3:56:41 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai?
  114. (3:56:46 PM) DarkenedHG: Negotiate!
  115. (3:57:57 PM) TWM|Ai: "So, what does 'having all desire' entails?"
  116. (3:58:11 PM) Lian|Fox: or I'll get bored. Or someone will tell me to hurry up.
  117. (3:58:44 PM) DarkenedHG: "Whatever you want, and everything you don't."
  118. (4:01:41 PM) TWM|Ai: "Hmm. And will it cause suffering?"
  119. (4:01:41 PM) ***Lian|Fox switches to doing it himself after five minutes
  120. (4:02:53 PM) DarkenedHG: "That's up to you."
  121. (4:02:58 PM) DarkenedHG: It's done almost instantly!
  122. (4:06:11 PM) ***Lian|Fox goes ot a metal shop to get a pole
  123. (4:06:26 PM) DarkenedHG: This is somewhat easier.
  124. (4:06:38 PM) DarkenedHG: "It'll cause as much suffering as you can't hold back."
  125. (4:06:59 PM) DarkenedHG: "You're demanding everything. I'll sell you the world, but if you drop it that's on you."
  126. (4:07:01 PM) ***Lian|Fox makes sure it has one of those proper pointy ends for claiming places
  127. (4:07:22 PM) TWM|Ai: "Any other clause I have to abide?"
  128. (4:07:36 PM) DarkenedHG: It does.
  129. (4:08:06 PM) ***Lian|Fox heads back to the shop
  130. (4:10:31 PM) DarkenedHG: Lian returns to the shop, flag in toe.
  131. (4:12:32 PM) DarkenedHG: Much staring.
  132. (4:21:59 PM) DarkenedHG: "What are you doing?"
  133. (4:24:13 PM) Lian|Fox: "You said it cannot be bought only taken"
  134. (4:24:44 PM) DarkenedHG: "All desire, yes."
  135. (4:24:56 PM) DarkenedHG: "I doubt you'll find all desire in this shop, just anything desired."
  136. (4:26:37 PM) DarkenedHG: "Well, are you going to?"
  137. (4:27:22 PM) Lian|Fox: "I have a flag don't i?"
  138. (4:30:03 PM) DarkenedHG: "Make your play then."
  139. (4:30:55 PM) ***TWM|Ai expectantly watches Lian|Fox
  140. (4:31:20 PM) ***Lian|Fox stabs the flag into the floor "I claim this shop in the name of me"
  141. (4:31:41 PM) TWM|Ai: "Well, that's novel."
  142. (4:52:11 PM) DarkenedHG: There's a change in the air as Fox takes ownership of the store, a flash as the man seems to wither down to nothingness and then rush into the fox-masked power.
  143. (4:55:43 PM) TWM|Ai: "So, how does it feels?"
  144. (5:43:37 PM) Lian|Fox: something like that but much more confused sits on the floor.
  145. (5:43:57 PM) ***TWM|Ai blinks.
  146. (5:44:00 PM) TWM|Ai: "Lian?"
  147. (5:44:08 PM) TWM|Ai: "Fox-chan?"
  148. (5:46:30 PM) Lian|Fox: (what time is it in game?)
  149. (5:47:12 PM) DarkenedHG: (Late evening, though it's not really dark even back here with all the neon signs)
  150. (5:48:24 PM) Lian|Fox: she rubs her head standing up slowly
  151. (5:49:54 PM) ***TWM|Ai helps Lian|Fox.
  152. (5:50:07 PM) TWM|Ai: "You... are fine, right?"
  153. (5:51:33 PM) Lian|Fox: "I think so Ai-sempai"
  154. (5:53:04 PM) TWM|Ai: "...why'd you call me sempai?"
  155. (5:53:23 PM) Lian|Fox: She blushes and backs up
  156. (5:56:30 PM) Lian|Fox is now known as Lian|Kitsune-cha
  157. (5:56:40 PM) ***TWM|Ai is silently starting at the foxgirl.
  158. (5:56:42 PM) TWM|Ai: *staring
  159. (5:56:47 PM) ***TWM|Ai suddenly hugs Lian|Fox !
  160. (5:56:49 PM) TWM|Ai: "Soooo cuuuuute!!!"
  161. (5:56:56 PM) ***Lian|Kitsune-cha blush!!!!!!
  162. (5:58:36 PM) TWM|Ai: "Oh! Do you have clothes? We can shop! For clothes! And stuff! And I'll have to introduce to students at the school, too!"
  163. (5:59:11 PM) Lian|Kitsune-cha: "i um..."
  164. (6:00:45 PM) ***TWM|Ai worriedly look at the new foxgirl. "Umm? You don't want that, Fox-chan? That's... fine, I think. I mean, umm, I'm sorry if I push you?"
  165. [16:10:31] * Lian|Kitsune-cha is now known as Lian|Kitsunechan
  166. [16:32:20] <TWM|Ai> "Well, alright. You are now Kitsune-chan!"
  167. [16:37:28] <Lian|Kitsunechan> "right"
  168. [16:37:53] * TWM|Ai continue rubbing her cheek at Kitsune-chan
  169. [16:38:57] * Lian|Kitsunechan continues blushing so her skin is redder than her hair
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