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Feb 24th, 2014
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  1. restart-kick-message:Server is restarting! Come back in 1 minute :)
  2. toolkit-shutdown-kick-message:Server is shutting down! Come back later :)
  3. hold-kick-message:Server is shutting down!
  4. restart-time-warning:**SERVER RESTART IN %t**
  5. restart-warning:**SERVER IS RESTARTING**
  6. toolkit-shutdown-time-warning:**SERVER SHUTDOWN IN %t**
  7. toolkit-shutdown-warning:**SERVER IS SHUTTING DOWN**
  8. hold-warning:**SERVER IS SHUTTING DOWN**
  9. auto-save-start:**SERVER IS SAVING THE MAP**
  10. auto-save-complete:**MAP SAVE IS COMPLETE**
  11. restart-time-left:Time until next restart: %t
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