Feb 15th, 2016
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  1. If you are upset by Nintendo's localization decisions regarding not just Fire Emblem, but also to Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fatal Frame 5, and over two decades of games, then we would like your help! You deserve to be heard, and right now, the loudest message we can send directly to Nintendo is that we won't stand for a localization team that cuts content and poorly translates games to the US audience. By sharing this message and using the hashtag #ChallengeourFates, you will be spreading awareness to others who may not be aware of Nintendo's localization practices, and you will also be sending a direct message that you will not stand for shoddy localized content any longer.
  3. Out of all the Nintendo games to be localized, Fates has to be the most butchered, censored, and poorly written of them all. Let's go down the list of what's changing.
  5. Edited support dialogues - In the Western release for Fates, the support conversations between Corrin and Soleil have been completely removed or altered entirely.
  7. Removed mechanics - In the Western release for Fates, the infamous head patting minigame has been removed. There is no good reason for this removal; the minigame is entirely optional. Removing it is incredibly illogical, if you don't want to play the minigame, you don't have to.
  9. Removed audio - In the Western release for Fates, the Japanese audio for characters has been cut. Nintendo did not give any reason as to why, but one can assume it was due to the great alterations in text that were made.
  11. Terrible writing and translations - In the Western release for Fates, we can clearly see that the localization team are terrible translators, and even worse writers. I really think the images speak for themselves. The rewriting itself is also an issue; I want to read the same text the Japanese read when they played this game. Text should only be edited during a localization to make it coherent. Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3 -
  13. Removed outfits - In the Western release for Fates, they even removed simple outfits meant to customize your characters. This is about as petty as it can get.
  15. Upon further research, other differences have been found between the JP and NA versions of Fates.
  16. The head patting minigame was replaced with a minigame where you blow air into the microphone to wake up your spouse, which renders the support bonuses gotten from the minigame effectively useless.
  17. Compared to the JP version's 3196 audio files, the NA version only has 1208 due to the minigame being cut out.
  19. Skills and classes have changed in name only, including traditional names that had been around for many games. For example. the Pegasus Knight is now the Sky Knight.
  21. The English voice acting is apparently terrible because the actors were only given lines and were not told of the personality, age, or other things about the character that they were voice acting for.
  23. This is simply unacceptable. Cut content warrants cut prices, yet one still has to pay $80 to get both versions of the game, plus an extra $20 to get Revelations. Nintendo's western audience is being ripped off, and this is in no way acceptable. We need to convince Nintendo that western gamers will not stand for such drastic edits made during localization. Nintendo's transparency during the game's localization has been equally terrible; It took a large amount of badgering to get a confirmation from Nintendo in order to determine if the Soleil support conversations were truly edited. This ambiguity makes it very hard to interact with Nintendo.
  25. I'm a gamer, and I just want to enjoy my games. I'm having a hard time enjoying Nintendo's games due to their localization team's disregard for the source material by cutting content, shoehorning memes, and infantilizes it's audience.
  27. #ChallengeourFates is tied to #TorrentialDownpour. To those of you that want to do something more direct than just talking, follow this guide ( and you'll be a big help. Not only that, but you will be able to pay for the full game and play it legally. If you decide to buy the JP version of the game, go search around on the internet for a good fan translation and how to use it. As a disclaimer, I'd not do this if you cannot put something like Homebrew on your 3DS, which most fan translations will probably require (or something similar to it, at least). Purchase at your own risk.
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