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  1. I’ve always been interested in business field; I guess is because of the influence of my dad. My dad always had me read these different type of business articles when I was growing up. He would always ask me questions and what I’ve learn from it. In the business class in Shoreline Community College, we had this competition about our own flight company, my teammate he got a V grade, he barely helps with the project, but I still manage to become the richest company in my class. Some might argue that I’m a one-man team so is easy to make decision because I don’t have to ask anybody. However, there are a lot of information that I need to acquire myself without the help of my partner. So I believe I have the mind set and strategy of a business man, at least I’m at a better start compare to the rest of my class. I needed to prove my wealth to the government to get my citizenship, my wife and her family couldn’t help so my dad decided to buy me an apartment so I could stop paying rent and also get my citizenship. He gave me some money and asked me to find a most suitable place. I start study the location because in the back of my head this is a great investment opportunity! I start looking for apartments, talking to real estate agents, go online to understand the price of the area, study the location and everything. I learned that they’re building light rail station in Shoreline so I know the price of this area will definitely grow in the future. I happened to find this 1 apartment for sale 5 min walk from Shoreline Community College. I bought the apartment had my dad to come and sign the paper. The last time I checked, the price rose up $43,000 already. I want to have a diploma from a great university so I can have enough education and knowledge to be hired and also make great decision myself financially.
  2. I have ADHD, because of it teachers in Taiwan asked students not to talk to me, I couldn’t have gone special ed program because my academic grades were always the top 5 in my class. I used to distract teachers a lot and I didn’t know it, like I would ask teachers questions that they think is unrelated. Because of the environment, my dad sent me to New York to study, because I wasn’t good with English so this ADHD thing was hidden and people didn’t know. It was still hard for me to pay attention in class. That’s why I always put extra effort home and study myself. I’m the type of student that is hard for me to focus in class, listen to teacher, I have to follow my own path of studying. I love to read. I love getting knowledge, when I’m studying, reading by myself, I feel like I absorb all the information in the books or articles and I can use my way to understand it. Even though I’m not really listening in class but I’m willing to sacrifice my personal time to get the work done. This strategy might not sound the brightest, but this is how I’ve study and overcome my ADHD since elementary school. When the teachers are teaching I’m reading the book by myself, when I get home I’ll do my homework and if I still have questions I’ll Google it until I understand it thoroughly. Because of the constant reading, I developed the skill of speed reading. It helped me a lot because that’s basically the only way of studying that is suitable for me. ADHD have affected me in a lot of different level in my life, however I don’t hate it, this is the same reason I’m me. Without it I might not be in America, without it I might not put extra effort and study myself, without it I wouldn’t even have the experience I have. It sure changed my personality and made a lot of people hate me, but that’s the same reason I’m loved.
  3. I’m a part of the home owner association at my apartment complex. We have a meeting once a month to address new issues and things we need to improve or let everyone know. I’m a board member at our home owner association, I need to attend the meetings once a month and discuss the issues within the community. We have this one neighbor he lives directly above the main entrance, he likes to smoke cigarettes and he always toss the cigarettes down stair in front of the main entrance. That is really annoying and make the environment dirty especially he lives right above the main entrance where everybody will enter from. We had to collect evidence and vote and give out warning. The resident did not want to change his behavior at first but after we captured the picture of his cigarettes box and collected the cigarettes butts at the main entrance and prove the cigarettes is his and also sent out the warning, that neighbor have never throw cigarettes down anymore! We just want our community look nice and clean, the reason behind me joining the home owner association other than wanting to live in a tidy environment is I believe if we all keep our community clean by the time I need to sell this apartment out, I will not have to pay as much to clean out my apartment or fix it and when the buyer sees a nice and clean environment, they might feel more satisfied about the price or at least have more willingness to purchase the apartment. We get to live in a clean environment and also keep the apartment price up, that’s a win win situation and everybody lives in this community will all benefit from it. I have a daughter and I want her to be raised in a great environment. The more I do (keep the apartment clean, study, earn money, etc.), the brighter my daughter’s future will be, that’s why I want to be a better person and do the right thing, so my daughter can live in no worries.
  4. What makes me me is my unique life experience, I have studied in Taiwan, New York, London and Seattle. I had life experience of a special needs kid but also I had life experience of a good grade student. My wife is African American from Mississippi, I used to work at a gyro restaurant where all my co-workers are Arabs and myself is Asian. I understand a lot of different culture and diversity of people. It is uncommon to find people with similar life experience like me. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve been through a lot, ups and downs, but I have faith in God and I believe eventually he’ll make everything work for me! That’s why I’ve been staying strong. I have a 1-year-old daughter and another unborn child on the way, and that’s what motivates me and makes me want to pursue a better education. Having a kid at the age of 22 is not easy, especially I’m having 2! I will have to spend a lot of time taking care of them. There will be a lot of extra expenses on them, going out for dinner is double price now. There will be a lot of obstacles because of them. However, at the same time they are the reason I get to stay in America, marry my wife and start a family. My daughter made all these happened, I believe she’s a gift from God, taking a good care of her is to take care of God’s property and that’s the best way to repay him! Without my daughter I might have gone back to Taiwan already, I might have dropped out of school because I had no motivation. But because of her, I have to keep myself on track, I have to be more responsible and take care of my responsibilities. I have to be serious about my life, because is not just my life right now is 4 lives and they all depending on my shoulder. I need this diploma so I can take care of my family the right way. Educated and classy.
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