Pirates IRC January '20 Changelog

mruno Feb 1st, 2020 24 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. January 2020 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Added Captain commands for when the Cap'n is dazed
  6. Added a Too Much Money event: Players were charged taxes when claiming bounties being too much for their level, now results in the player can only carry so much and leaves doubloons behind.     Others can seize the money or the player can come back and get the rest after depositing the money
  7. Added Snakes
  8. Disabled teleportation during major ship events
  9. Poisoned players can now use !P commands, but will have decreased power and stamina
  10. Buffed meditation skill idle payouts
  11. Harpoons can now be used on epic monsters which will hurt and stun the monster
  12. Added ship upgrade, Harpoon. This upgrade will help in Ship vs Ship Battles. In the chase phase, the harpoon will put the other ship within half a league so the battle phase can be started. In Battle phase, will reset the time out to 15 mins. This ship upgrade can only be used ONCE per day
  13. Added Season Mod: Cap'n Levelin' - Every pirate levels up when the Cap'n does
  14. Added a port size 'balancer' to ensure not all ports increase size to a stronghold. This will take a few days for stabilize
  15. Lowered poll player level
  16. Secrets are now more 'hidden'
  17. Added !P Secret - these are in plain sight, but only happen randomly when nothing is going on... Supporters will have a leg up on these come Valentine's Day
  18. Port sizes (town, city, stronghold) change based on wealth
  19. Port raid payouts are based on port wealth:
  20. Added world port events such as gold mines discovered, raided ports, illnesses, etc
  21. Added port wealth to Live Port Info:
  22. Captains who purchase normal items from a Shipwright receive a 10% discount: clean, grease, repair, shot, cannons
  23. Only Captains and pirates level 5+ can purchase items from the Shipwright
  24. Supporters receive game tips every Friday at
  25. Zonbis who conduct a successful attack will receive a reward
  26. Added SuperBombs to bot auctions
  27. Removed vouchers from bot auctions
  28. Doubled the amount of mental state increases
  29. Added news to
  31. Fixes:
  32. Captain favor decreased when sailing to a town -> cell -> town
  33. Port names inconsistent when collecting investments
  34. Monsters not attacking when Quiet event is triggered
  35. Battle Royale weapon loot
  36. Shipwright clean/grease fixes
  37. Double messages in !P BOMB START
  38. Missing stats in AMSSM game
  39. Fish task not being counted in some fishing events
  40. Capn vs Capn duel inconsistencies
  41. Further balancing for port sizes
  42. Ability to load cannons without a cooldown during an epic monster event
  43. Shipwright task below level 5
  44. !P Game News
  45. No investments and no money collected messages
  46. Global investment limit reached message after selling an investment
  47. Bugged item messages after posting to the auction house
  48. Players able to level up right after a !P Captain Demote with !P Info - Players will have to wait until the next day to regain their level
  49. Incorrect ship location after a Bermuda Triangle event
  50. Pirates with over 100% disease and using a fruit still having 100% disease level
  51. Investment information in !P Port Info <port>
  52. Players not receiving +v mode when joining
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