What, You Thought I Wouldn't?

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  1. Late at night.
  3. "... And so I managed to obtain special permission from Ms. Steyr to use this room." Wearing a girlish smile, like a teenager about to try on her prom dress for the first time, Aryll led Gustav by the hand down to a cellar underneath the inn- part of the Underground's secret base and, in fast, next to the Forbidden Archive about one story up.  "Please don't be gentle."
  5. "Ha," Gustav laughed.  "Ya'd think we were headin' down into a torture chamber or- wait, DON'T?"
  7. Before he could finish exclaiming his surprise, he was pushed with brutal force into the darkened room, door closing behind the Pegasus Knight's silhouette in front of him.  A sound of disrobing and a snap of her fingers later, a dim, pinkish light from a glass bulb on the ceiling illuminated the room, showing her clad in extremely revealing, black leather undergarments.  Her smile turning into a grin the stuff of nightmares, she brandished a whip; poor Gustav had thought the item to be an Elysian Whip, used for promoting Pegasus Knights into higher ranks, but he would soon learn that this whip belonged to a different branch of the Netherworld entirely.
  9. Her tongue entering his mouth like a burrowing mole, she put the entirety of what little body weight she had into knocking the larger man over onto a bed conveniently located behind him, forcefully ripping off pieces of his armor during their moment of passion.  Still overwhelmed by shock, he managed to free himself long enough to get a word in edgewise.
  11. "Now wait a second, I ain't sayin' I wasn't ready for this, but-"
  13. "Shh.  No talky."  Aryll placed her finger on the man's lips, silencing his doubts.  And then went on to immediately give him more doubts as soon as he could hear the sound of chains.  When he was unfortunate enough to look to the side, he'd see it was too late- his wrist was strapped to the bedpost, with the only key in the possession of somebody that was clearly not him.  He hadn't enough time to react, and thus, the other hand met the same fate.  He opened his mouth to voice his concern again, but a ball gag stopped his tongue where it stood.
  15. "I love you," Aryll whispered into his as-of-yet-uncovered ear, before changing her target downward, to his nether regions.
  17. His muffled scream made an attempt to seek out a rescuer, but didn't quite reach its mark.
  19. "What was that?" A couple stories above them, Eileen's unclothed body popped up from under the bedsheets, using said sheets to cover her shame.  Moments after, Lucas' visage exposed itself in the same bed.
  21. "I don't know.  Should I go check?"  The Tactician blinked with worry and disbelief, but the country girl across from him gave only a wry grin in response.
  23. "Nah, ah bet it's nothin'.  'Sides, we ain't NEAR done here."
  25. Lucas would learn that night that Eileen had the stamina not only of a woman, nor of ten women, but of ten men.  Maybe twenty men.  He'd remember a bright-eyed face of a girl from his past and worry briefly if he would regret his decision- but then he immediately climaxed and stopped worrying about it.
  27. In the next room over, the sound of Eily's screaming was completely drowned out.  Edwin and Kiuru were going at it with unforeseen, inhuman speeds, like Super Saiyans clashing and using instant transmission on each other under their bedsheets.  Edwin's thrusts were quick and precise, but with all the force one would expect of an ex-thief who doesn't have enough STR to deal damage to a standard boss enemy despite wielding what's basically the Buster Sword, leaving Kiuru just a little bit dissatisfied.  But from the inexperience of the young couple, they know not just how much better than each other they could have gotten, and enjoy themselves all the same, shouting and moaning for anybody nearby to hear.
  29. One room even further over, Nanashi, the Nameless One, sits ponderlingly on her bed, wondering about swords and killing and such.  With no warning, Nihi emerges from the bathroom, stark naked in her human form; even her crotch reason is completely hairless and her skin glistens with an odd, inhuman - though lean - muscle toning, as though her body were modeled after a plastic doll moreso than an actual mortal.
  31. "I have observed... that our companions in our journey... have engaged in mating rituals that involve the removal of their external wear."
  33. The swordswoman stammered, face flushed red, as she attempted to mouth words.
  35. "Although our relationship... is that of an Ark and her Dragoon, as opposed to a romantic or sexual one for the purposes of procreation (as that is impossible)..." Nihi continued, purple unblinking gaze now reminiscent of the demons of folklore, "I would like... to better understand it."
  37. "awawawa..." Nanashi didn't know what to say.  She was dumbfounded, and matching gazes with her new draconic master, she knew that even for a skilled myrmidon such as herself there was no escape.
  39. "I will now utilize the methods I have observed the others using, and have since judged to be effective," Nihi spoke robotically, and using one hand, pushed Nanashi onto the bed.
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