Raider Time

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  1. (5:01:16 PM) AC[GM]: == The Real Session ??? ==
  2. (5:01:18 PM) AC[GM]: You are all raiders.  Life has been harder the last couple years; that bastard ghoul has cleared out Whinnyapolis, even the dirtponies are buying better guns and fortifying their farms.  At least the metal mares have vanished.
  3. (5:01:24 PM) AC[GM]: You are all raiders.  Life has been harder the last couple years; that bastard ghoul has cleared out Whinnyapolis, even the dirtponies are buying better guns and fortifying their farms.  At least the metal mares have vanished.
  4. (5:01:38 PM) AC[GM]: You are not just raiders; you are Break Beaks.  Even if there hasn't been a griffon in Whinnysota in a hundred years a name carries a lot of weight in the Wasteland and the name of your gang reinforces the threat of your own.
  5. (5:01:45 PM) AC[GM]: There is a problem; your boss is dying.  Even though she's only a young mare the dangers of the wastes have caught up and your "Doc" Whirlwind Kick says she's dying of radiation poisoning.  After such strong leadership, any sign of weakness could welcome your enemies in to crush your gang.
  6. (5:01:53 PM) AC[GM]: You three have gathered to address the issue.
  7. (5:02:04 PM) AC[GM]: Describe your raider in two sentences.  You can be any kind of mundane sapient being except a griffon.  You can each ask two questions before making your character.
  8. (5:03:55 PM) Shimmer: Bob.His name is short for Battery operated Bong...or was that bomb? He flipflops himself an loves explosives. There is something wrong with that boy.
  9. (5:06:15 PM) Damnfool: Copper Coil is a short, stocky mare with a pistol. She's the taskmaster for the menials and blind in one eye; doesn't cover it up, though, as she likes the effect it has on people when they see it for the first time.
  10. (5:06:40 PM) ***Shimmer is by the way an Earthpony
  11. (5:06:53 PM) Damnfool is now known as Copper_Coil
  12. (5:15:35 PM) Arcadia is now known as Molokai
  13. (5:24:55 PM) ***Molokai is a small zebra mare, commonly mistook as just a filly at first glance, who trains the few fighters in their little gang in the use of hoof-to-hoof and melee combat. She's abysmally unlucky, having been deemed starcursed by her old tribe, and driven half mad by the horrors of wasteland life.
  14. (5:27:03 PM) AC[GM]: All three of you have become decently prominent within the gang, for whatever reasons, putting you in the place of potentially replacing the ailing Boss... For that reason, or perhaps another, you have gathered together in the junky root cellar that serves as one of the gang's hangouts.
  15. (5:32:51 PM) ***Copper_Coil stares across the table at the others.
  16. (5:32:59 PM) AC[GM]: Across the scrap-filled compound is the "hospital" and barracks where most of the run of the mill raiders are milling around.
  17. (5:36:47 PM) AC[GM]: Everypony has evidentally decided to sit and stare silently at each other, perhaps uncommonly emotional in the face of a superior's death for raiders?
  18. (5:37:39 PM) AC[GM]: *emotional for raiders in the face of a superior's death?
  19. (5:39:00 PM) ***Molokai hums and clicks her hooves together, the heavy metal shoes she'd had fashioned out of extra scrap metal clanking noisily. "So why are we three here, at the moment of passing for the leader?"
  20. (5:42:17 PM) AC[GM]: Quite probably because all three of you are threatened by the most apparent successor, Hooficus.  An especially thuggish stallion from the far south the Boss kept him around primarily for his fighting abilities, with little expectation that he had a bent towards leadership.
  21. (5:42:38 PM) AC[GM]: Since her illness, however, he has started to gather a following through the threat of force...
  22. (5:43:00 PM) AC[GM]: His disdain for mares and non-equines is well known; a future under him bodes ill.
  23. (5:46:34 PM) ***Molokai snorts and slams her hoof on the table. "Ponies need to speak! Or are all your species so weak?" She scoffs. "Cannot even gather leadership... Perhaps this meeting you two should skip?"
  24. (5:53:27 PM) Shimmer: "Well...thats the thin innit."
  25. (5:53:30 PM) AC[GM]: Revolution is incipient.  Doc Kick has seen fit to inform each of you that the Boss probably won't last the night; she's feverish and in a great amount of pain.
  26. (5:53:48 PM) AC[GM]: Even if she isn't dead by dawn, the regime probably will have changed.
  27. (5:54:00 PM) Shimmer: "I can handle a buncha knuckle heads...and a buncha powder kegs...buut..remember...I'm the buck that likes shit to go boom."
  28. (5:54:15 PM) Shimmer: "...then again...seein boss beat everypony back inta shape might be fun too.."
  29. (5:56:07 PM) ***Molokai slams her hooves together again. "No pony can beat Molokai here in hoof-fight! Even with my star-touched blight!"
  30. (5:56:21 PM) Shimmer: He flips a coin...and before it hits the ground. "Well shit it's decided then."
  31. (5:56:43 PM) Shimmer: "I'ma go round up somma dat radaway fixins and get boss good as new."
  32. (5:57:01 PM) Shimmer: "Shiiit she mght even be thankfa"
  33. (5:58:33 PM) AC[GM]: It's already been tried; somepony already stole some bags of orange goop from a clinic out in the country.  The only medical professional most of you have ever met is quite convinced that her lack of response to treatment is a sure sign of fatal radiation poisoning.
  34. (5:59:21 PM) ***Molokai rolls her eyes. "You know as well as I, that on death's bed does she lie."
  35. (5:59:22 PM) ***Shimmer is convnced it just means she needs a whole bucka of a lot of it.
  36. (5:59:50 PM) Shimmer: "blah blah...fuckin blah...ain't one of us that ain't beat ol' skull face on the bed at least a dozen times"
  37. (6:00:49 PM) ***Copper_Coil stares impassively as the others, her milky white eye and pale blue one scanning.
  38. (6:03:01 PM) ***Molokai rolls her eyes. "The reaper is coming for her. Just as well, I'm sure."
  39. (6:04:03 PM) AC[GM]: For a cabal of conspirators the trio seem to have little in common, including basic reasoning.  From outside the sounds of roughhousing and enthusiastic Jet-boosted shenangians enters the bunker door
  40. (6:04:26 PM) ***Shimmer turns to look
  41. (6:05:01 PM) Copper_Coil: "This is a disaster," Copper_Coil finally pipes up. "This meeting. The boss lady ailin'. Fuckin' Hooficus, that rat bastard, beatin' up my workmares..."
  42. (6:05:47 PM) Molokai: "Can't teach them to fight. Would put bad thoughts into newfound might."
  43. (6:05:54 PM) Copper_Coil: "You wanna' hear some truth? That buck needs to be put in his place. If not in the ground, then at least on the floor."
  44. (6:06:28 PM) Copper_Coil: "They all only scared 'cause he's knocked out more teeth than he lost," Copper_Coil says. "But what say we all go and teach him a lesson..."
  45. (6:07:32 PM) Shimmer: "Hey...think...that maybe...som'ony mighta poison'd the boss...iff'in it ain't a dose of tha rads?
  46. (6:09:36 PM) ***Molokai grins, showing off her filed incisors. "Ah, shall we bloody him then? I could use fresh meat, with a shot or ten."
  47. (6:10:17 PM) ***Copper_Coil thinks about what she knows of the way Hooficus lives.
  48. (6:10:27 PM) Shimmer: "riiight fer got a moment yet a mare-eat'a...otherwise I'da said soemthin
  49. (6:12:35 PM) ***Molokai chuckles. "Are you surprised? That a zebra would do so, even my pint-sized?"
  50. (6:13:32 PM) Copper_Coil: "I'mma just shoot him," Copper_Coil says.
  51. (6:14:15 PM) AC[GM]: Copper_Coil knows that he's not quite the aesthete their boss is, but he doesn't exactly live wildly.  The stallions enjoys violence immensely and likes to watch as he spreads his 'patronage' about via chems and drink.
  52. (6:15:10 PM) Copper_Coil: "Bastard's probably just outside, too..." Copper_Coil mutters as she walks to the tent flap and looks.
  53. (6:16:35 PM) AC[GM]: The 'street' is full of mostly candidate and junior members of the gang; Hooficus' profile can be seen in flickering lantern light inside the "bar".
  54. (6:18:45 PM) ***Molokai whips her barbed-wire wrapped tail. "I could go for a good fight. Some ponies need to see the light."
  55. (6:19:00 PM) Copper_Coil: "Spent ten years buildin' my den here," Copper_Coil says. "Lost an eye doin' it, too."
  56. (6:20:29 PM) Copper_Coil: "I know you both got a stake in this too, and that fuckbuck in there is gonna' tear it up and pawn it off for blow and... and meat he can tenderize."
  57. (6:22:03 PM) ***Molokai lets out a harsh laugh. "That pony is a brute, more muscle than mind. I can take him, even with a blind."
  58. (6:22:52 PM) Copper_Coil: "How 'bout you, bomberbuck? You got any party favors up your sleeve? 'Cause we're gonna' pay the big one a visit."
  59. (6:28:21 PM) ***Molokai whistles and waves a hoof in front of the bomber's face. "Are you awake, pony?"
  60. (6:31:06 PM) Shimmer: "well.."
  61. (6:31:18 PM) Shimmer: "I maaay have about fifteen pounds of boom...up my nook."
  62. (6:31:30 PM) Shimmer: "...and that's not even checkin the cranny."
  63. (6:31:39 PM) Shimmer: "...or my Sleeves!"
  64. (6:32:06 PM) Copper_Coil: "Good. I never leave my piece where I can't reach it, and you've got your hooves," Copper_Coil motions to Molokai.
  65. (6:33:19 PM) Copper_Coil: "So here's what we do. I go call out that meathead in the street, stare him down. You two look natural nearby. Hide if ya' gotta'."
  66. (6:33:57 PM) Copper_Coil: "And then when the time is right, and I've chewed him out in front of all the prospects, we all three jump his ass."
  67. (6:34:09 PM) Molokai: "And tail, head, several small darts coated in manticore venom..."
  68. (6:34:28 PM) Copper_Coil: "If he's got his boys, bomb 'em. You go ahead and bite whatever you like, starchild, so long as we ain't payin' for it later."
  69. (6:36:00 PM) Copper_Coil: "Capice?" Copper_Coil asks Molokai and BOB.
  70. (6:36:40 PM) Shimmer: "how biga mess we makin here?"
  71. (6:36:54 PM) Shimmer: "I mean...crater...or raining bits fer days??"
  72. (6:36:55 PM) Copper_Coil: "If they ain't with us, they against us."
  73. (6:37:31 PM) Copper_Coil: "We gotta' use these buildings, so try notta' do /that/. But big, beefy and snaggletoothed ain't gonna' fight fair, so neither should we."
  74. (6:37:43 PM) Copper_Coil: "But we gotta' look like we gonna', 'cause the prospects eat that shit up..."
  75. (6:37:53 PM) ***Molokai grins. "Naelewa, pony."
  76. (6:38:13 PM) Copper_Coil: "A'ight."
  77. (6:38:29 PM) ***Copper_Coil draws her piece, checks it over, then holsters it again.
  78. (6:39:03 PM) Copper_Coil: "I'm goin'. Back me up if you a mare... or buck, as the case may be."
  79. (6:40:02 PM) ***Copper_Coil brushes the tent flap open and walks out into the street, milky eye and pale eye both capable of sending cold shivers down the spine of anyone who meets them...
  80. (6:41:05 PM) AC[GM]: It's a cool evening!  The streets are kinda crowded as Copper_Coil takes to them, the smell familiar.
  81. (6:41:21 PM) ***Molokai rubs her hooves together eagerly, tongue dragging over her lips as she slips almost silently from the tent."
  82. (6:41:46 PM) Shimmer: "aww..shucks I never get ta use the holiday specia..."
  83. (6:41:55 PM) ***Shimmer gets his shit and then gets to followin
  84. (6:42:22 PM) ***Copper_Coil does her "authority walk" as she heads across the dirt towards the bar, giving the evil eye to any fool dumb enough to stand in her path.
  85. (6:43:57 PM) AC[GM]: Almost no one is paying much attention; the crowd's too drunk and too fresh to notice Copper_Coil, Molokai, Shimmer, or their authority.
  86. (6:44:36 PM) AC[GM]: Somepony bumps right into Copper though!  Bloodshot eyes stare at her and laugh, washing the smell of vomit and whiskey over her.
  87. (6:45:00 PM) AC[GM]: "What the fuck are /you/ still doing here?" the stallion rasps
  88. (6:45:53 PM) Copper_Coil: "Here to fuck your /shit/ if you don't get on your way, Dirt Nap," Copper_Coil rebukes him, giving him a kick to the ass to send him on his way.
  89. (6:46:26 PM) AC[GM]: "Fuck you cunt!  Your day's comin' bitch!" he shouts, making a rude gesture.
  90. (6:46:51 PM) ***Copper_Coil just pats her piece and then continues on.
  91. (6:47:21 PM) ***Molokai snickers from the shadows, watching the exchange for a bit while taking a mental note to make that stallion eat his own genitals later
  92. (6:48:02 PM) AC[GM]: The crowd bumps up against all three of them as they get closer to the bar; it seems to be the zero point source of the intoxicated revellers.
  93. (6:48:45 PM) Copper_Coil: "Hooficuuuuuuuuuuus!" Copper_Coil hollers with those golden pipes of hers, aiming them right at the window she sees the stallion silhouetted against. "If you ain't a cowardly, low-down alicorn-shit of a equine being, you had best show your face!"
  94. (6:50:50 PM) AC[GM]: The crowd quiets down!  They might not have paid Copper much attention on hoof but her voice is enough to inspire silence among the dregs.  Wood and leather creak, a mountain of a stallion appearing in the door, haloed by the light behind him.
  95. (6:50:58 PM) ***Molokai whistles. "Only thing worse than that is dragon shit. And it's a really close thing, barely a hair split!"
  96. (6:51:23 PM) AC[GM]: "Copper Coil?" his voice rumbles, "What do /you/ want?  Come to beg for your life?"
  97. (6:51:51 PM) AC[GM]: He laughs viciously, "You're worn out, but I can probably find something to use you for.  The new boys don't deserve the good stuff after all."
  98. (6:51:57 PM) AC[GM]: *new colts
  99. (6:52:02 PM) Copper_Coil: "Where's Cheese Quiche, Hooficus?" Copper_Coil asks, calm as you please. Her milky eye glints dangerously in the light.
  100. (6:52:20 PM) Copper_Coil: "Didn't come in for her shift this morning. Gals were wonderin' where she was."
  101. (6:53:26 PM) AC[GM]: "None of your concern any more," he says with a wide, sharp-toothed grin, "I'm runnin' things now.  None of this weak-assed 'deli-gay-shit'.  Hooficus /is/ the power."
  102. (6:55:28 PM) Copper_Coil: "Hooficus is a trumped-up pile of shit who shoves Jet up his ass and huffs it that way!" Copper_Coil hollers at him. "Now I'm going to give you to the count of one -- you know that one, right? -- to give me my girl back, or I swear on Momma Mint Paste's grave, I am going to send you straight to Tartarus."
  103. (6:58:00 PM) ***Shimmer has been watching from a 'safe' distance' his tail idly toying with one of his many home made detonators...he didn't strictly speaking WANT to blow up his budds...but as we waited he found himself wondering when the booms would get ta start
  104. (6:58:21 PM) AC[GM]: "You can try, mare, but you're a washed up old bitch that your wing-wearin' friend ain't around to prop up anymore," he snarls, "And you come alone.  I think I'll enjoy drainin' the blood outta your throat."
  105. (6:58:33 PM) Copper_Coil: "One."
  106. (6:58:55 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer, Molokai, and Copper all note that none of their friends are present in the crowd and only a few of the true, accepted members of the gang are here.
  107. (6:59:07 PM) AC[GM]: Most of them seem to be hangers-on and wannabes.
  108. (6:59:38 PM) ***Copper_Coil draws and fires in one smooth motion. There's three things Copper_Coil is good at-- whipping, talking, and shooting, and Hooficus is going to be on the receiving end of at least two of those tonight.
  109. (7:00:28 PM) ***Shimmer heard a gunshot.. He fucking Smashes that detonator. RAPIDLY AND OFTEN
  110. (7:01:02 PM) Shimmer: BOB's explosives would trigger in various places some close and others's mostly just REALLY fucking loud...but enough booming going off is sure to injure some
  111. (7:01:52 PM) ***Molokai bounces on the tips of her hooves, cackling like a madmare and shouting hexes and curses in her native tongue as she readies for battle by whipping herself into a blood frenzy. As soon as the shot goes off, she's whirling away, dancing more often than not on less than three hooves, sometimes catapulting through the air as her hooves lash out like meteor strikes.
  112. (7:02:25 PM) AC[GM]: Hooficus takes her first shot with an enraged roar!  His first swing does more damage to the flimsy bar shack and his own allies but he's coming towards Copper_Coil now.  Explosions rip through the cloud, sending dirt, dust, and splinters through the air!  
  113. (7:02:25 PM) AC[GM]: There aren't any fatalities but there are a lot of screaming ponies with chunks of wood and rock and metal sticking out of painful parts of the body.
  114. (7:03:16 PM) AC[GM]: Molokai's victims seldom have a chance to look more then horrified or very surprised before a spinning striped ball turns their heads or limbs into pulp.
  115. (7:04:10 PM) ***Copper_Coil stands her ground, shooting for the center mass as she sights down the pistol with one eye. Hooficus is too much faster than her for her to run, but a timely molotov from BOB would be nice...
  116. (7:04:55 PM) AC[GM]: Somepony finally tries to stop her!  A ripper screams loudly as the colt sideslips her first attack and swings it in with a wet squealch against her flank.
  117. (7:05:12 PM) ***Shimmer grins eagerly. Shrapnel is fun...buuut Liquer is quicker...or something like that as he resorts to hurling Moltovs into the crowd all the while giggling like a manaic
  118. (7:06:04 PM) AC[GM]: The doped up murder machine staggers slightly as Copper_Coil strikes him repeatedly!  His armor blocks some of the shots but he's still on his hooves.
  119. (7:06:45 PM) AC[GM]: He tears through the crowd, snorting fire, swinging a ham of a hoof for the older mare's head.
  120. (7:07:00 PM) Copper_Coil: "Horseapples, he just ain't quit..." Copper_Coil mutters as she shakes her empty mag out, reaching to reload.
  121. (7:07:55 PM) ***Copper_Coil just tries to duck it. He's big, but she's fast. Faster than her old bones let on...
  122. (7:08:30 PM) AC[GM]: Flames splatter over the frightened, aimless, directionless crowd!  Quite a few are running for the exits as the fire wreathes several rairders caught in the bursts.
  123. (7:09:10 PM) AC[GM]: He swings high, as intended!  Most of his fighting strategy seems to be wear his opponents out then crush....
  124. (7:09:48 PM) ***Shimmer seems to hae forgotten exactly why they are maximum bodycount and fun is his default. He make sure to aim to block as many doors as possible
  125. (7:10:07 PM) ***Molokai howls like a banshee, rolling from the impact before bouncing back to her hooves and leaping at her attacker! Two rapid punches to the ripper-wielding limb before she tears into his throat with her teeth, ripping arteries and windpipe from the colt's body.
  126. (7:11:46 PM) AC[GM]: The body falls to the ground!  Molokai is temporarily without targets as just about everything between her and Copper and Hooficus is either down on the floor bleeding or fled.  A few ponies seem to be trying to rally in support of their 'boss' by the porch of the bar, frantically loading shotguns.
  127. (7:11:53 PM) ***Copper_Coil doesn't have the stamina she used to anymore, so this is going to have to be quick. There's a semi-loud *CHCK!* as she slots in the next magazine with a practiced hoof, then chambers the round and immediately starts firing into Hooficus' center mass again, this time at point blank. She's stepping around him, trying to use his bulk to her advantage...
  128. (7:12:57 PM) AC[GM]: He can't turn tight enough to get at her, and starts to back away before his guts are ventilated by Copper's pistol.  The stallion looks confused, bloodied, and staggers on his hooves.
  129. (7:14:10 PM) ***Copper_Coil also steps back, dropping another empty mag before loading in her last. She keeps a respectable distance from her considerably larger foe-- a wounded animal is the most dangerous kind.
  130. (7:15:25 PM) ***Molokai screams as the blood coats her face, dying her white stripes crimson as a primal, furious light gleams in her eyes. The wildmare whirls around, looking for her next target... And spots it in those ponies on the porch. With a wild undulating scream of fury, she charges towards them in a bloodlust-fueled frenzy that would make more civilized equines balk.
  131. (7:15:36 PM) AC[GM]: He looks ready to strike but a shotgun blast beats him to it.  Copper can feel the pellets dig into her hide; the shooter is too far away to be much more then a nuisance as of yet but if they can't keep momentum then the mob may reform.
  132. (7:16:12 PM) ***Copper_Coil grunts, staggering as she's struck by pellets. Been a while since she's been in this much pain...
  133. (7:16:15 PM) AC[GM]: Their attention is swiftly seized, however, and the panicked ponies empty the remaining three shots at Molokai, who barely notices the pellets in her unholy fury.
  134. (7:17:01 PM) ***Copper_Coil glances towards the gunpony but, seeing Molokai tearing into them, she sights down her pistol at Hooficus again, and makes every shot count.
  135. (7:17:03 PM) AC[GM]: Hooficus stomps closer, ready to strike hard!
  136. (7:17:36 PM) AC[GM]: "You're mine, bitch.  I was lookin' forward to breaking you over my massive fuckin' cock, but beggars can't be choosers!" he growls.
  137. (7:18:10 PM) ***Copper_Coil focuses on the rhythm set by her pistol's report. One round, two rounds, three rounds... the cases fly through the air in slow motion, muzzle flash briefly illuminating the scorched brass.
  138. (7:18:38 PM) Copper_Coil: ... each one carefully aimed to strike Hooficus where his neck meets his body armor.
  139. (7:19:33 PM) ***Molokai can't register the pain through her fury, though that doesn't mean it's not dangerous, especially with her luck... But until she falls over, she fights on with primordial ferocity, seeming to, though not truly, pull from a normal zebra's affinity to spirits to aid in her rampage.
  140. (7:20:06 PM) AC[GM]: The stallion's body seems to take a few moments to stop moving.
  141. (7:20:34 PM) AC[GM]: Whether it was Copper_Coil's bullets alone, or the fact that his heart practically exploded under the strain, the veteran raider mare has clearly come out on top.
  142. (7:21:38 PM) AC[GM]: Molokai comes to a rest with the shattered shotgun pinning one raider against the wall and the other a crushed mass of broken limbs and gore.
  143. (7:22:02 PM) ***Copper_Coil scampers back from the massive stallion's body, but she regains control when she sees he lies there dead. Two of her bullets plant into his brainpan, then Copper_Coil takes a deep breath and surveys the battlefield.
  144. (7:24:21 PM) AC[GM]: She's surrounded by flames, burning corpses, and bleeding, shattered corpses and the maimed living.  Her zebra compatriot is red, white, and black all over from several painful looking shotgun wounds.  Shimmer is okay, and triumphant looking!
  145. (7:24:42 PM) Shimmer: Bob is QUITE pleased with himself!
  146. (7:25:10 PM) ***Molokai pants heavily, sweat and blood dripping from her stained coat and steam snorting from her nostrils. Her legs tremble a little from the exertion, but she forces herself to stay steady with sheer force of will, simply to keep her pinned quarry just that... Pinned.
  147. (7:25:24 PM) ***Copper_Coil trots around, gun still out, and looks for any fully vetted members of the gang besides Molokai and Bob.
  148. (7:26:17 PM) AC[GM]: There don't seem to be many among the survivors.
  149. (7:27:29 PM) ***Copper_Coil holsters her pistol and starts barking orders, organizing a fire brigade. What a fucking mess...
  150. (7:28:13 PM) AC[GM]: The few others who had remained in camp quickly take to the streets at her command!  A few voice annoyance that Copper didn't let them in on her plans, they'd have been happy to back her...
  151. (7:28:36 PM) ***Copper_Coil coughs on occasion, either from the smoke or the strain, and she doesn't even notice the blood and dirt crushing on the side where the shotgun pellets blew away a corner of her left flank.
  152. (7:28:48 PM) Copper_Coil: crusting the side*
  153. (7:29:28 PM) ***Copper_Coil says -- if she gets a moment -- that she had to move fast, and that the time was right, what with Molokai and Bob finally coming to the table.
  154. (7:29:29 PM) AC[GM]: Molokai and Bob are also left standing proudly among the victors!  And their partially burning homes.
  155. (7:30:14 PM) AC[GM]: "WHAT THE GOOD FUCKING GODDESSES IS GOING ON!?" a voice booms across the once again lively streets!
  156. (7:30:26 PM) ***Copper_Coil looks!
  157. (7:30:32 PM) Shimmer: Bob approaches his firend RIGHT before someone yells back
  158. (7:30:49 PM) Shimmer: ."WHAT?!" He'd shout back. "HARD TO HHEAR YOU...I THINK THAT LAST ONE BLEW OUT MY EAR DRUM"
  159. (7:31:31 PM) Copper_Coil: "Hush," Copper_Coil mildly admonishes Bob (with attendant hoof-motion).
  160. (7:32:33 PM) ***Shimmer zips his lip and stands at attention
  161. (7:33:15 PM) AC[GM]: Their erstwhile leader is ontop of the overturned skywagon in the middle of 'town', one wing full extended above her, giving the peachy pegasus mare half of a fierce pose!  Her coat is plastered with sweat, like she's just run a hundred miles at full speed in the hot summer sun, her ridge of a main plastered to her neck and head.
  162. (7:34:04 PM) Copper_Coil: "S'that you, ma'am?" Copper_Coil calls.
  163. (7:34:05 PM) AC[GM]: In her other wing is wrapped around something fairly small.  She looks pissed.  "I'M OUT OF ACTION FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS AND THIS IS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS!?" she shouts
  164. (7:34:57 PM) Copper_Coil: "That's her..." the veteran raidermare sighs.
  165. (7:35:12 PM) AC[GM]: "YES, COPPER, IT'S FUCKING ME, NO THANKS TO OUR JACKASS OF A DOCTOR," she doesn't seem inclined to stop shouting, though it isn't particularly directed at Copper_Coil, Bob, or Molokai.  She seems to be working out her feelings towards the world, "OH MY GOD I SHOULD HAVE FILLETED THAT MEAT SLAB SIX MONTHS AGO."
  166. (7:37:25 PM) Copper_Coil: "Things did get a little outta' hoof, ma'am," Copper says back. "But Hooficus went and took one of my girls, and well... my blood was up."
  167. (7:38:25 PM) AC[GM]: She hops down among the carnage and cowed ponies!  Cutting her way through the obsequious she wraps her wing around copper in a tight hug.  "I'm not blaming you old lady, I'm just pissed I didn't get around to it 'fore bad shit happened," she says with a grunt.
  168. (7:39:13 PM) ***Copper_Coil mmmms...
  169. (7:39:33 PM) Shimmer: "boss!"
  170. (7:39:37 PM) Shimmer: "wh...what happened?"
  171. (7:39:47 PM) Shimmer: "Like you're better!"
  172. (7:39:47 PM) Copper_Coil: "He ate nineteen of my bullets, ma'am. Two posthumously," Copper_Coil bellyaches.
  173. (7:41:30 PM) AC[GM]: "He probably had so much buck in him you could get high huffin' his blood," she growls, giving Bob a theatrical sigh, "Yeah, you know, turns out more things share symptoms like, vomitting, fluid retention, weakness and nausea, an' intense pain then just fuckin' magirad poisoning."
  174. (7:46:09 PM) Copper_Coil: "I think starchild got the worst of it out of all of us," Copper_Coil says, concerned. "Fires are lookin' better, so we should see how she's holdin' up..."
  175. (7:48:44 PM) ***Molokai mutters a curse in zebrican as she laps dripping blood from her right hoof.  "Jackass ponies put holes in me... Next one will be eating their knee." She grouses.
  176. (7:52:42 PM) AC[GM]: "Kick can at least keep her from bleeding to death," the pegasus accedes.
  177. (7:54:27 PM) Copper_Coil: "Alright then. Not the worst. Drove off most of those shitbag junkies Hooficus had been bringing in, too."
  178. (7:55:02 PM) AC[GM]: "yeah, well, we won't have to worry about that anymore," she says firmly.
  179. (7:55:22 PM) AC[GM]: "Nice fuckin' funeral party though.  Too bad I wasn't dead."
  180. (7:56:07 PM) Copper_Coil: "Pardon my Fancy, but shit was comin' to a head."
  181. (7:56:58 PM) AC[GM]: "Okay, in my defense I wasn't dyin' but I also wasn't, you know, fightin' fit," she says defensively.
  182. (7:58:43 PM) ***Copper_Coil gives pegapon a hug.
  183. (7:58:51 PM) Copper_Coil: "It's just good to have you back, ma'am," she says.
  184. (7:59:08 PM) AC[GM]: She looks faintly embarassed, "Uh, yeah, good to be back."
  185. (8:00:31 PM) Copper_Coil: "Now I need t'go find Quiche..." Copper_Coil mutters, walking off towards the bar.
  186. (8:01:13 PM) AC[GM]: "Good luck.  Lemme know who needs executing."
  187. (8:03:41 PM) AC[GM]: It sounds like a storm on the horizon, thunder and a strange whirring in the distance...
  188. (8:03:45 PM) AC[GM]: == Session End ==
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