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  1. I guess one of the issues I have with it is Message is ok, if it actually had some business for both interviewing them and same interviewer.
  3. Business service srl, Studio Team sas
  4. And I would clearly expect that, two employees with same resume applying for different jobs it's kinda obvious that, since it isn't same job you can't expect same outcome.
  6. Because then that would be communism. and we fighting that for no apparent reason right?
  8. Mere fact she can actually have an interview shows that she lives in world where has equality of opportunity. She, could of applied for Business service srl apparently whatever guy has, on his resume for that they just eat up.
  10. I don't mind the message but only saying that women face discrimination would be wrong. You don't know that.
  12. "
  14. The questions are the same, the answers are the same, but the interviewees are not the same: one is Martin, a man, the other one is Irene, a woman. Should it make any difference?
  15. "
  18. Actually it's more like,
  19. The questions are the same, the answers are the same, but the business are not.
  20. One is Bill other is bob. Should it make a difference?
  21. Well of course it should two different business have different needs.
  22. So same resume for both really should have both apply for both business.
  24. me applying for a job that doesn't require a cs degree and one that does of course one that's looking for cs would get the job. one that doesn't wouldn't.
  26. Other than simplistic premise, it should of been same job just small criticism as if this was prevent as evidence for example in scientific paper it be like dropping two balls on surface and one was water and trying justify that something was wrong theory of gravity with your test. Of course their was, it wasn't even a fair test. You didn't take into account that different mediums of substances can slow down momentum. Best test would be as you guess removing as many external variables to the test and doing it in an vacuum.
  30. Now, we live in world where discrimination is actually looked down on. It's actually illegal, Given that, I just speak for western world and I Don't see any justification for making changes in western world if, their's something going on in rest of the world.
  31. Travel, and make change their where it's needed.
  34. just my small criticism, message is great but you not representing the point equally?
  36. If discrimination for different jobs who require different skills is discrimination then you need illustrate the philosophical point of treating everyone equal. So you would need illustrate this point fairly.
  38. I only seen others play the game. starting it up now.
  40. Problem I have with the GPI message is that only shown where. Problem I have it they call it a wage gap when it has nothing to do with hourly rate.
  43. If someone was able show me that, their was an hourly rate that is removing these factors
  45. Single
  46. Has no children
  47. Never married
  48. Same age
  49. Same career*
  50. Same hours*
  51. Same Job*
  52. Same Time off
  53. Same education
  54. Same qualifications
  55. Same experience
  56. Accounting for most important job, the GPI in it's simplest 77c explanation is average earnings(sadly it isn't hour rate better luck next time) of all women as percentage of men's earnings.
  60. here is, one study that accounts for these factors and gets about 3c's difference this much better and more accurate than 10x but, it's still wrong, these 3c's could be accounted using a different study.
  61. But, study showed, they found that in jobs where pay negotiation was available now u shouldn't punish women who able negotiate a better pay simply because other's cant. It was basically a study on bartering and differences between men and women.
  63. men on average where able struck a better deal about 7% more monetary value than women.
  66. Also if the interview was about stem, the woman would gotten the job 2:1
  68. Here's about education gap between men and women. sources provided in the link
  78. Sources for 2:1 ratio So you should make an update called STEM to spread awareness of unfairness men face in stem field.
  81. an education gap depicting men having unfair disadvantage in education would also be appreciated. I am hoping you are spreading a message because you believe in something and not to get a narrative across.
  83. It could be very easy. have same setup just for interviewing for scholarship. And female always gets it while male only some of the time.
  85. #educationequality
  87. #communismforall
  89. #equaloutcome
  92. See in current system how things you have "good" enough equality of opportunity.
  93. Real problem is actually people who already have money and or born with it.
  94. it has nothing to do with gender, unless you want to ignore peoples agency and treat them less than human by all means. Simple fact is money gives you opportunities over others who don't.
  96. I won't let decisions of Others affect my own pay. I wouldn't stand for laws being in place dictate how I should work Or get paid as that would be "pay discrimination"
  98. So really only work I can see you have ahead of you is to spread awareness as all legal equality foundation is their just people need get with the times so to speak. Well actually it's legal inequality just for men but lets just ignore that inconvenient fact.
  102. Also Social issues for men & women but they are not the same. they affect men and women different so need be dealt with differently. So this is where egalitarianism & humanism comes in and Men's issues activism. You can't support equality and be against the other doesn't work that way. So that's why :) I am supporter of feminism but, the message some feminists spread are wrong and need to be challenged with critical think and scepticism.
  106. Now 3c is better than 30c but it's still wrong, and once a unbias studying showing the hourly wage as an actual hourly rate then. We can see if their is discrimination going on that's beyond control of individuals.
  109. See laws don't stop criminals so if a business wants to pay someone less and break the law u can't stop them but could try sue them or whatever.
  113. Have enough people, they end up getting bankrupt. Together we can bring down oppressive oligarchy! First we need get rid of banks and start using bitcoins. A free economy!
  115. Now I wonder if you dismiss milo supported peer reviewed studies simply because he's known to be a troll. Just because a person is X doesn't dismiss their argument. Unless want forget what happened in the past. Oh women unruly and want equality? NAH, it can't be a decent argument because they are women. You should give everyone position a fair representation and chance to be heard. Regardless of the person themselves* to a point I might say. Like I could use that argument with Hilary she says she's toots anti establishment yet she accepts hand outs. It isn't because she a woman that she accepts these established bonuses but instead because she's a shitty person & not because she a woman. her actions justify this label.
  117. Donald wouldn't of having any traction if PC culture wasn't to rampant He wouldn't of even made past first rounds and even be up on stage making debates.
  119. But since PC culture is trying infect science & education which point is to challenge your world view to expand your mind and learn. You are their to challenge your preconceived opinion and views to better yourself as a person so naturally a thing as "safe space" where you can escape from these opinions you disagree with naturally why are you then trying to challenge your opinions and views to get an education? It's a place for learning and preparing you for the real world. You will face people who have different opinons grow up.
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