Lonely Heart (AiE; Nurse Redheart)

Feb 8th, 2015
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  1. "I like biological clock Redheart. The idea of her being stuck flirting with baby crazy needs every day does things to me that just doesn't happen with other gals."
  3. >"Hi Anon!"
  4. >"Sure I love the park! What mare doesn't love the park!"
  5. >"I hope you don't mind it's a quick lunch, I only get a half hour!"
  6. >"You're such a gentleman, thank you!"
  7. >"So I was reading, it turns out with the right spell we can have children together!"
  8. >"Oh..oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up on our first date!"
  9. >"Just letting you know, we can have a future together if things go well!"
  10. >"Not trying to rush things, nope nope, don't worry!"
  11. >"But wouldn't want to waste your time either!"
  12. >"I know how precious time is these days, hahaha!"
  13. >"One minute its morning, next thing you know you're 30!"
  14. >"....minutes! 30 minute break is almost up!"
  15. >"Mhm. Just meant my break! Not talking about age, no sir."
  16. >"....can we start over please?"
  18. >Be Nurse Rejectedheart
  19. >Your walk home from the hospital was long and numbing, every mistake you made with Anon at lunch repeating over and over in your mind
  20. >Bringing up kids, your age
  21. >Your desperation was so obvious!
  22. >Why did you always do that!?
  23. >Stupid, stupid, stupid!
  24. >If you didn't have a quick turn in the morning you would be rounding up Berry and Cheerilee for another night of lonely chicken
  25. >For those unfamiliar, its a game where multiple pathetic mares get together and pretend to be OK with their lives and talk to each other like everything is ok
  26. >They drink and drink and the first one to break down crying loses.
  27. >It was for the better, after this afternoon's disaster you would have likely been the loser tonight.
  28. >Grumbling at another trainwreck of a date, you reach your house
  29. >Odd, there is a note on the door
  30. >You swear, if this was another parent complaining about--
  31. >Oh
  32. >My
  33. >Celestia!
  34. >It was from Anon!
  35. >Like a little filly, you ran inside, tearing the seal open as soon as you could find a good light source to read under
  36. >You felt your heart racing and your hooves tapping on the floor with excitement as you read
  38. "Dear Nurse Redheart,
  39. Sorry about not talking to you in person but I have no idea what your hours are! Anyhow, I wanna let you know I had a good time with you this afternoon and would like to do something again, if you're up for it. Because you're the one with the crazy schedule, how bout you pick when, and I'll take care of the rest? I work odd jobs during the day, but I'm always free after 5.
  40. Hope to hear from you!
  41. ~Anon
  43. >It took every drop of willpower not to squee like a five year old
  44. >He actually wants a second date?
  45. >Even after...those little
  46. >Oh nevermind that, don't think about it!
  47. >You need to make time for dinner now!
  48. >You gallop over to your calendar and start fumbling through your schedule to find something somewhere that could work
  49. >After careful review, you find you have a free night on Thursday
  50. >..four weeks from now
  51. >This stupid town and its stupid understaffed hospital!!
  52. >Just like that, your excitement and glee is twisted right back to frustration
  53. >This isn't fair, you have to take care of everyone else's babies, but you can't even have one--
  54. >Wait wait, slow down
  55. >You're not having Anon's babies just yet
  56. >Don't get ahead of yourself
  57. >Anon is not going to show up in a tuxedo and whisk you off to a chapel in Las Pegasus the next time you go out, no, that is sillytalk
  58. >You are not a silly mare, Nurse Redheart!
  59. >...but you are one with a thankless job with terrible hours
  60. >There had to be something you could do!
  61. >Anon was the first one to...ever go out of his way're going to go to him and say "wait a month"!?
  62. >No mare on earth is worth a month long waiting list, he'll think you're blowing him off!
  63. >Come on, think, maybe you could swap with Nurse...
  64. >Ugh, nevermind
  65. >She's out on maternity
  66. >....needy bitch, who really needs six whole weeks off for a....
  67. >Cute...sweet little baby...with tiny horseshoes and-
  68. >OK, stop that
  69. >Right now
  70. >Sighing, you remember you have to work early in the morning and you go right to bed
  71. >You can think about this tomorrow after a good nights sleep
  72. >That'll help
  73. >It has to
  74. >You deserve a break, right?
  75. >Needless to say, sleep was impossible
  76. >Your thoughts were a mess, fantasies being constructed and destroyed in minutes
  77. >One moment you and Anon had grandfoals, the next he was saying he couldn't wait for you
  78. >Best not even to think about the ones where you quit your job and you and Anon sailed off together, his shirt town and his now-long hair blowing in the midst of a hurricane
  79. >Sheesh, Red, you had to stop reading those trashy novels
  80. >When sleep finally came, it felt like a snapshot of time was simply gone
  81. >You blinked and the clock went from 3AM to 6:59
  82. >It was a cruel joke your body played, waking you up exactly one minute before the alarm blared, but not waking up enough to be properly ready for it
  83. >Flailing, you fell from the bed, the lack of sleep and stress immediately making itself known
  84. >Your body felt like it was filled with sand, and your head throbbed with the beginnings of a tension headache
  85. >Anytime you didn't sleep enough you became the unofficial salespony for coffee and aspirin
  86. >Today would be no different
  87. >Struggling, you pulled yourself from the crumpled heap of blankets and pillows and found the shower
  88. >The water helped bring some sense of awake to your body, but hardly enough to face the wailing cries of a dozen newborn foals
  89. >The thought alone was enough for you to pop three aspirin
  90. >Enough time left in the morning to grab a bran muffin of some sort, you began the slow trot from your home to the hospital
  91. >Some ponies said hello to you and you tried your best to be cheerful back, but all they would get was a mumbled grunt of some kind
  92. >So much in a trance from the weariness, you almost gave Anon the same half-grunted hello
  93. >In fact, had he not continued to follow you to chat, you would have
  94. >That's right, Anon was not only saying hello to you on your way to work, he was talking
  95. >You had no idea what he said
  96. >Wait...
  97. >Anon is trying to talk and you have no idea what he said
  99. >A rush of adrenaline flooded your veins
  100. >You were a nurse
  101. >You should have known all the signs of an extremely misplaced flight or fight response
  102. >They teach you about this!
  103. >You should have seen it coming and taken steps to control it
  104. >Certainly not stop dead in your tracks and launch yourself a foot off the ground
  105. >Scream "ANON!!!"
  106. >And land on all four hooves, bloodshot eyes wide and an extremely forced, creepy smile on your face
  107. >No, Redheart, this was another exhausted dream
  108. >Wake up now
  109. >Come on
  110. >One two three....wake up!
  111. >"Yea....Nurse Redheart. It's me alright"
  112. >Fuck
  113. "Y-y-yes of course it is! Hahaha I just wasn't expecting you so early today! I never saw you on my walk to work before!"
  114. >"Yea...haha, you got me."
  115. >He shrugged and rubbed the back of his head
  116. >"I woke up early to try and 'accidentally' run into you. I won't hide it, it's lame."
  118. >Holy Celestia's teats, STOP SPEAKING BEFORE THINKING!
  119. >"Oh! Well...glad you think so."
  120. >He looks slightly unnerved
  121. >Your eye twitched and your legs were trembling
  122. >"....wanna have a do over after I said 'hello'?"
  123. >My legs were wobbling and my eyes were wider than wagon wheels
  124. >But despite all that, I still managed a very meek "yes please"
  125. >Anon chuckled and cleared his throat
  126. >"Morning, Nurse Redheart. Fancy running into you completely by accident."
  127. >Ok, take a deep breath
  128. >Slow down, heart, any faster and you'll be talking someone through CPR on yourself
  129. "Good...Morning, Anon! I...didn't know you came this way to work."
  130. >Smile
  131. >Now blink
  132. >See? The stinging in your eyes is gone!
  133. >Blinking is healthy for you
  134. >"I thought I'd try a different way today, see if it got me to the market quicker."
  135. >He smiled and winked
  136. >So much for your heartrate slowing down
  137. >But you can do this, it's just flirting
  138. >You can flirt!
  139. " the market, they have good ...peaches."
  140. >*($Q#&^$*(^Q*&^$&*Q^$&*^%&*^$*()
  141. >"Oh, you like peaches? I prefer oranges myself, but they're out of season."
  142. >Then he whispered to you
  143. >The two most beautiful words you ever could have hoped to hear
  144. >"Calm down."
  145. >It was like he put you under a spell
  146. >Because just like that, you felt that wave of cold chilly feeling spread through your body and you could think normally again
  147. >Normally enough
  148. >"Did you get my note?"
  149. >You nodded, a much nicer smile on your lips and your eyes stayed closed for the duration of it
  150. >"What do you think? Dinner someday?"
  151. >Dust slowly rose as your hoof kicked at the ground
  152. "I'd really like that, it's just work has me working a swing shift all month. I wouldn't be out of the hospital till close to 11 tonight. We're understaffed and--"
  153. >"It's ok, how bout we put dinner on hold and try another lunch?"
  154. >....he's ok with this?
  155. >He didn't think you rejected him and want to have some other stallion's babies????
  156. "I'd....ok. Lunch then."
  157. >"Great! What time today?"
  158. "Around...2 usually."
  159. >"I'll be in front of the hospital right on the dot! You won't waste a second of your free time, I promise!"
  160. >He winked again before saying goodbye for now
  161. >You nearly fainted right then and there.
  162. >If you were a pegasus, you would have hovered the rest of the way to work
  163. >Not only has Anon quelled your fears but he showed he was willing to do whatever he could to get another date
  164. >Another date
  165. >A SECOND date!!
  166. >You haven't had a second date since...
  167. >...shit did that pre-med colt even count?
  168. >That was more of a study and--
  169. >Ahem
  170. >Never you mind that
  171. >Off to the maternity ward!
  172. >The shift was a blur of crying babies and quiet fantasies
  173. >What would lunch be like?
  174. >What would he say to you?
  175. >What would he talk about?
  176. >So much to think about!!
  177. >Meanwhile, you and the wallclock were becoming enemies
  178. >Everytime you looked up, you swore the minute hand hadn't moved at all
  179. >Two o'clock had to come soon or you would lose it!
  180. >Change a baby, check
  181. >Feed a baby, check
  182. >Bring a baby to her mother, check
  183. >Check
  184. >Check
  185. >COME ON!!!
  186. >After what felt like NCLEX all over again, the minute hand was on the 11 and the hour hand just about to hit the 2
  187. >Your heart was fluttering with anticipation and you felt yourself daydreaming about how Anon would--
  188. >"NURSE! Come quickly, Banana Split is going into labor!"
  189. >No
  190. >Nonononononononononononono!!!
  191. >NOT NOW!
  192. >It was a colt
  193. >You remember mumbling that as you passed the bundle of joy to his mother
  194. >If there was anything more cliche in the world it was a delivery room
  195. >Mother cried, baby cried, husband cried
  196. >Doctor was thanked and trotted around like the egotistical god he was
  197. >And the nurse?
  198. >Who cares, you just did all the actual work save pushing the baby out yourself.
  199. >You forced a smile as the scene played out before you.
  200. >Quietly withdrawing from the room
  201. >Maybe it wasn't so bad, maybe Anon could stretch his own lunch and you two could still have a good time, right?
  202. >Afterall it was only
  203. >Four
  204. >Fifteen
  205. >You couldn't decide if you wanted to cry, scream, or both
  206. >There was no way he would have waited this long for you, even the most patient and understanding man has limits.
  207. >Sure enough, as you left the hospital, there was no sign of him.
  208. >You only had a half an hour so you made your way across the street
  209. >There was a diner here that most of the staff used when they had to eat and run
  210. >You sat at the counter, alone, and ordered the greasiest grilled cheese and thick cut hay fries
  211. >Terrible as always, but as hungry and frustrated as you were, they were a nice little comfort
  212. >Very little
  213. >It was bad enough you missed your date
  214. >But there was some evil force at work that you missed it because another happy couple was having a baby
  215. >Maybe you could quit?
  216. >Just march in, throw your nurses hat on the floor and scream it to the world
  217. >Be free
  218. > do what?
  219. >Be a house mare?
  220. >Get fat on chocolates and become one of those mothers Cheerilee complains about?
  221. >That wasn't you...
  222. >Staring at the empty plate, you wondered if this version of you is so much better
  223. >Sighing, you threw a few bits on the counter and went back to work.
  224. >Using what little higher thought you had left, you ordered a decaf.
  225. >You couldn't risk adding caffeine to this, your heart was already pounding
  226. >Anon made a point to 'run into you' after work
  227. >You knew it was on purpose
  228. >But that made it all the sweeter!
  229. >He was actively seeking you out!
  230. "...why?"
  231. >OMG you said that out loud!
  232. >No! You didn't mean to--
  233. >"Because I get it."
  234. >Huh?
  235. >"Back in my world I worked shifts. I wasn't anything important, but I understand. Moreso because you have a really crazy special job. I mean you were delivering a baby! I was helping Applejack fix a wheelbarrow."
  236. >You pushed the coffee cup around with your hooves
  237. "Wheelbarrows are important too..."
  238. >You replied meekly
  239. >Truth was you didn't think about your job that way, not till he said so
  240. >Maybe because you've been doing it for so long it seemed so routine you hadn't really thought about it anymore
  241. >Anon laughed and drank some coffee
  242. >"Maybe to Applejack but you're bringing new life into the world! That must be such a rush!"
  243. >Yea
  244. >Sure
  245. >It's magical
  246. >A mare doing all kinds of gross things before a baby falls out
  247. >Then watching her--
  248. >No, you will not bring cynical Redheart to this table
  249. >Anon likes you!
  250. >Don't scare him off
  251. >Be a girl for five minutes of your life!
  252. >You push a little hair from your face and smile, looking away, pretending to be embarrassed
  253. "All in a day's work, no biggie...."
  254. >You look up and smile
  255. >Before either of you realized it, the barista had begun to close shop
  256. >You looked at the wallclock and two hours had passed since you arrived
  257. >Wow, how did that happen?
  258. >It felt like only five minutes!
  259. >A quick look at the half finished stickybun and empty coffee mug said otherwise
  260. >You didn't want this night to be over already...
  261. >"Looks like its closing time, mind if I walk you home?"
  262. >Mind???
  263. >You want him to carry you home, up to your bed, and bring new life into the world!
  264. >All night and maybe once in the morning before work
  265. >Every night
  266. >Forever
  267. >Till the house was filled with his little ones and you'd have to suggest moving to a bigger place and he'd walk into a field and build a house with his strong hands and---
  268. >"Nurse?"
  269. >Oh
  270. >You were staring and smiling all wide eyed again
  271. "Yes...if it is not too much trouble for you."
  272. >"Anytime."
  273. >He extended his hand to help you get off the seat, you took it with your forehoof and felt the heat rise in your cheeks
  274. >"It got late pretty quick, didn't it?"
  275. "You can sleep with me if you'd like!"
  276. >"....come again?"
  277. "I-I-Imeaninmyhouse! Because you're far away?"
  278. >Come to think of it you have no idea where he lives
  279. >"Oh, I'll be ok. Let's get you home, you look exhausted."
  280. >You certainly didn't feel like it
  281. >But if you said anymore about how you felt...
  282. >Best not to
  283. >Anon turned out to be right
  284. >After a few blocks, you couldn't hold back a yawn anymore
  285. >You excused yourself as it caught you mid-sentence, and he jokingly asked if he was boring you
  286. >OK, be honest, you didn't think he was joking at all
  287. >If you did, you would have laughed it off
  288. >Certainly not yelped and blurted out he was interesting and handsome
  289. >You caught yourself before you said much more
  290. >But he laughed like he always does and thanked you
  291. >What the heck did you do or not do to deserve someone so easy and understanding??
  292. >"Think we're here."
  293. >No, not yet
  294. " sure you don't want to sleep over...?"
  295. >That came out far too much like a whimper than you'd have liked it to
  296. >Anon rubbed the back of his head and laughed
  297. >Even in your state, you could hear he was slightly nervous
  298. >"Can I be honest with you?"
  299. >Please don't be
  300. >Don't tell me you can't handle working around my schedule
  301. >Or the dozens of other excuses that all added up to another lonely night
  302. >"I like you. I think you have a kind soul and want to get to know you better before..."
  303. >He nodded toward your house
  304. >You didn't really catch the awkwardness, you were too mesmerized by what he said before that
  305. >HE LIKED YOU!!
  307. >So big smile, wide-eyed nodding was all he got back
  308. >"Also, I know you have a busy worklife so, I don't want you thinking if you don't rush things I'm going to get discouraged."
  309. >He knelt down so he was your height
  310. >His eyes were so gentle and his smile so warm and
  311. >You couldn't take this anymore!
  312. >"So, promise this won't be our last daumphh!!"
  313. >Whatever rational side of you couldn't stop you from lunging forward and kissing him
  314. >Your eyes closed and you pressed your forehooves on his shoulders when your lips found his
  315. >Consequences be damned, you wanted this!
  316. >His lips tasted like sweet coffee~
  317. >The worst case didn't happen
  318. >Anon didn't shove you off or anything like that
  319. >In fact, he even kissed back!
  320. >It probably lasted only a few second but for you that marked the end of nine long kissless years!
  321. >So what if you took the initiative??
  322. >You couldn't even tell if the kiss was good or not
  323. >But who cares, it was unexpected and Anon even rubbed your back a little during it~
  324. >It was painful to pull away and lift your hooves off him and down to the groind
  325. >You were panting slightly and even without the tingling in your face you knew you were blushing
  326. >Your face wasn't the only part of you tingling, and your more cynical side was surprised those parts even worked anymore
  327. >"That was nice"
  328. >Anon smiled softly and rubbed your cheek
  329. >You closed your eyes and nuzzled his hand
  330. "Please stay..."
  331. >You whispered, even more quietly than the first time
  332. >"Redheart, please don't--"
  333. "Nothing has to happen..I just...I...don't want to be alone tonight"
  334. >You opened your eyes and blinked away the beginnings of tears
  335. "Please...just for tonight. Stay with me."
  336. >You placed your hoof in his hand as he moved it from your face
  337. >He placed his other hand on your hoof, cupping it and rubbing the end of your foreleg
  338. >His face betrayed his reluctance, and you could tell he was trying to think of the perfect way to say no without outright rejecting you
  339. "I don't want to sleep alone tonight....please?"
  340. >The fur under your eyes became moist
  341. >What a pathetic excuse of a mare you had be--
  342. >"...alright. I will."
  343. > way...
  344. >You wanted to make him repeat that, but you felt his fingers run under your eyes
  345. >Wiping your tears away
  346. >Like in the novels!!
  347. >"I'll keep you company tonight."
  348. >You nodded slowly and sniffed
  349. >Don't start crying again, please....
  350. >"Wanna go inside then?"
  351. >Another nod and you trotted to the door.
  352. >After fumbling with your keys, the door creaked open
  353. >Oh no
  354. >No no no no
  355. >You forgot you hadn't cleaned in...
  356. >OK you weren't a slob there was just
  357. >Clutter
  358. >Clutter everywhere
  359. >Piles of clothing, dishes piled in the sink, trash overflowing
  360. >Bed unmade
  361. >Thank Celestia you had cleaned the bathroom yesterday or you may have panicked and shoved Anon out the door
  362. >"Cleaner than my place."
  363. >Anon tried to lighten things up, he must have noticed you froze in the doorway with a look of horror on your face
  364. >"You should see what Twilight's house is like when she's on a research binge."
  365. "I'm sorry....I wasn't expecting--"
  366. >He patted your head and 'shhhh'-ed you
  367. >That slowed your heart by one or two beats a minute
  368. >Just enough for you to gallop ahead and try to speed-make your bed
  369. >Pull the sheets, get the comforter smooth, fluff the pillows!
  370. >Quick, quick, quick!!
  371. >Anon was polite enough to wait on the other side of the bedroom door while you made a ruckus
  372. >And when you opened the door, the bed was made!
  373. >White comforter, pink pillows, red sheets
  374. >All nice and--
  375. >"Looks comfy"
  376. >He said with a smirk as you pushed the ball made of the previous sheets into the closet with your back leg
  377. >"Exactly like when I walked in and not any way different"
  378. >...Don't tell him you loved him
  379. >You were going thank Anon for the compliment and cleverly ignoring the mess
  380. >But all he got was a long yawn and a meek apology
  381. >"Think it might be bedtime."
  382. >Yeah, when he's right he's right
  383. >You removed your nurse's cap and he took off his shirt
  384. >Time to stare
  385. >Time to stare too long and get caught
  386. >He smirked and shook his head
  387. >You bit your lip as he undid his belt and slipped out of his pants
  388. >He wasn't a pony but somewhere inside you you felt some sort of odd attraction to his human form
  389. >Trying to get back to yourself, you pulled the pins out of your bun and let your mane out
  390. >Your pink mane flowed down your back and you tossed it to the side
  391. >"Whoa..."
  392. >You turned your head back and Anon was staring at you
  393. >Wait...
  394. >Did your mane when it was down?
  395. >"I didn't realize how nice your hair looked when it was...ya know..out."
  396. >He cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his head
  397. >For the first time that night, it was your turn to smirk
  398. >You gave your mane another toss, pushing a few locks out of your face
  399. "I forget its always in a bun."
  400. >He nodded sheepishly
  401. >"So...umm....bed?"
  402. "Y-yea...bed."
  403. >You pulled the comforter and the top sheet down
  404. >Anon was stripped down to his boxers
  405. >You were completely naked
  406. >"...After you. It's your bed."
  407. >Silently, you crawled in.
  408. >Anon followed, pulling the covers over the both of you once he got in
  409. >He laid on his back
  410. >So did you
  411. >Plenty of room in your queensized for you, Anon, and a medium security wall between you
  412. >Come on, Redheart
  413. >Make a move
  414. >Say something
  415. >Cough even
  416. >You went with coughing
  417. >"So do you want to..."
  418. >You coughed again, glad the room was dark, Anon saw you blushing enough as it is
  419. >He moved closer, still on his back
  420. " that..thing where...I lay on my side and..."
  421. >"Oh you mean...."
  422. "...yea, and I..."
  423. >"Like this?"
  424. "Yes, that's good."
  425. >So after a few maneuvers, Anon was spooning you
  426. >It felt so nice, even if the circumstances were awkward and slightly forced
  427. >His warm chest against your back
  428. >His arm draped over your body with his hand spread over your chest
  429. >Your rump nestled against his crotch
  430. > could be a little closer
  431. >You shimmied and shifted your hips a--
  432. >"Nurse...."
  433. "Sorry!"
  434. >--little too much, and the result began to poke you in your thigh
  435. >Don't think about it, don't think about it!
  436. >Talk about something not sexy!
  437. "You have strong arms..."
  438. >Dammit!!
  439. >"Thanks. Your body is really soft and umm....cuddly."
  440. >YAY!!
  441. >You closed your eyes and your forelegs squeezed his arm
  442. >He likes your body!
  443. >Smiling, you found the courage
  444. "Thank you...Anon for...well...for a lot of things..."
  445. >"It's not a big---"
  446. "Don't say that....this means a lot to me..."
  447. >You sigh and tighten your grip a little more
  448. "It'll be nice to wake up next to someone....even if only for one night."
  449. >He shifted his weight a little and his fingers ran through the fur on your chest.
  450. >"It doesn't have to be just this one time."
  451. " doesn't??"
  452. >How can he say that?
  453. >He must think you're a freak or a nutcase as it is!
  454. >"I don't like being alone much either...and no pressure but if you wanna meet after your work and have a coffee then cudd-"
  455. "I DO!"
  456. >Wow, your voice really carries at night.....
  457. >He chuckled and he tightened his hold on your entire body, squeezing you just enough to make you squee out loud
  458. >It had been far too long since you made that noise...
  459. >"*ahem* so..cause your job doesn't really let you date much we can keep doing...this till we figure out where we're going together?"
  460. >Somewhere with warm beaches, cool oceans, and drinks in pineapples with little umbrellas...
  461. >Where we'll conceive our first of many little foals~
  462. >Then you'll take me back to your castle you built by hand and--
  463. >"Think that'll be ok?"
  464. >Oh right, you need to speak to answer someone!
  465. "Y-yes....yes it'll be ok!"
  466. >It's dark, he can't see you grinning
  467. >But he certainly can feel your hooves wrapping around his arm and your rump wiggling
  468. >Easy, Redheart, easy!
  469. >"...I'm glad I agreed to do this then. Not how I'm used to dating but..."
  470. >His free hand slipped into your flowing mane, and his fingers dragged ever so lightly across your head
  471. >It felt wonderful
  472. >"...this is much better than sleeping alone."
  473. >You sniffled and nodded your head as he continued to pet your hair
  474. "...thank you for not being scared away..."
  475. >He chuckled again
  476. >"Don't worry. I know how tough it can be out there."
  477. >You had no idea, Anon
  478. >...or maybe he did and that's why he was being so sweet?
  479. >He knew you were just...eager
  480. >Not crazy!
  481. >Just stressed out and....tired!
  482. >You arrived at tired when another yawn made itself known to the world
  483. >Fighting sleep never worked, but damn it, you wanted this to last till-
  484. >Anon yawned too, and nuzzled your cheek
  485. >"We'll talk more tomorrow....Goodnight Redheart."
  486. >You sighed and wiggled your body into his one last time
  487. "Goodnight Anon.."
  488. >Despite how tired you were, and how quickly Anon's breathing slowed to a steady rhythm, sleep didn't come right away
  489. >You laid there, clinging to his arm, silently begging whoever was out there that he'd be there tomorrow
  490. >That you'd wake up and not be in the hospital bunk, dreaming some little fantasy about another lover who got away
  491. >That this was real, that he was real
  492. >He had to be, he was here right now!
  493. >He wanted to be here tomorrow....and maybe even the day after that!
  494. >Tears began to fall from your eyes, but not the sad ones from earlier
  495. >For years, you'd go on dates and tell yourself this stallion would be different, and for years you still came home alone and miserable
  496. >Yet it took a human who you accidentally stood up, then proceeded to fall apart in front of, to make it this far
  497. >And you'd be lying if you said his arms and hands didn't feel better than any stallion you'd ever been lucky enough to cuddle with
  498. >Plus he didn't try anything...ungentlemanly when you likely would have let him
  499. >Maybe....maybe things were finally...?
  500. >No, don't go down that road yet either
  501. >Close your eyes, take a deep whiff of his scent, and let his body heat keep you comfortable
  502. >Yes...yes that's nice~
  503. >You felt so safe, so secure
  504. >So.....loved...
  505. >You didn't want this to end, you didn't want the sun to rise and the world to start moving again
  506. >Just...five more minutes?
  507. >Before
  508. >Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  510. Part 2 -
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