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Acherus Log - Important!

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  1. 0:44    Magdalena   No, not exciting. In fact, I'm sorry that I need to do this.
  2. 0:45    Magdalena   I need to say something to everyone in this channel. I’m temporarily shutting down other people’s ability to talk so I can get this out of the way in one go. People that are newer to this channel might be a little confused, and I apologise in advance if what I’m saying makes little sense to you. Please know that what I’m about to say isn’t routine or representative of how stuff usually happens in here.
  3. 0:45    Magdalena   It has come to my attention that there is a serious degradation in the atmosphere of this community. I realise all communities go through changes and transitory periods at different times of their existence, but the recent trend in #Acherus has been one that I absolutely do not wish to see for this community- my community. I’ve had enough complaints and concerns brought to me about this that I know it isn’t just me bein
  4. 0:45    Magdalena   g paranoid or nostalgic about something that used to exist. That trends ends, right here and now.
  5. 0:46    Magdalena   Now, I want to be clear: What I’m about to say isn’t intended to call any one person out. If anything, the person that I blame the most for letting things progress this far is myself. I should have stepped in and said most of this a long time ago, but I guess I subconsciously kept hoping that it would blow over or that people would eventually grow out of it. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. The same behaviours kee
  6. 0:46    Magdalena   p repeating themselves, and it seems that I need to make some things about conduct in this place crystal clear.
  7. 0:47    Magdalena   To be blunt, conversation in this IRC has increasingly started to resemble Twitch chat. Maturity levels in this chat have dropped, epeen wagging has become the new norm. I realise that a great deal of this stems from trying to be humorous, but it’s had the collective effect of making even idle conversation sound trollish and also discourage others from speaking up. This is intolerable to me.
  8. 0:48    Magdalena   So, for the sake of establishing this once and for all, let me list out some issues that I've noticed in here.
  9. 0:48    Magdalena   Problem one: Rudeness to one another. It’s somehow seemed to become fashionable or even hip to try and cut into people here. Even worse, it’s become too routine for observers to try and inflame existing situations because apparently that’s where they get their jollies from.
  10. 0:48    Magdalena   I can understand trying to resolve issues with one another, but I absolutely will not tolerate turning it into a spectator sport or being rude because you think it somehow makes you more cool. If a situation is developing in here, please contact a mod QUICKLY. And if you’re helping to further inflame a situation, please know that you’re actively contributing to making a worse atmosphere. Don’t try and play innocent ei
  11. 0:48    Magdalena   ther- you know exactly what you’re doing.
  12. 0:49    Magdalena   Problem two: Raging about lack of Alpha/Beta invites. It was cute/understandable for about the first five minutes that Alpha went Live. At this stage, it’s childish and immature. So, at the risk of sounding like a complete asshole: Grow the hell up.
  13. 0:49    Magdalena   I don’t want to hear any more snarky comments about how you don’t like who isn’t in Alpha and/or the fact that you don’t have a key. I’m sorry, but the entitlement is frankly astounding to me.
  14. 0:49    Magdalena   Compounding this is the fact that you’re actually part of a community that is making an effort to get as many of you in as possible, yet to think it’s still okay to be derisive and frankly contemptuous about that effort? Believe me, I can just email Zarhym and have him take your names off the list if you’d prefer just not using #Acherus to get in. But the attitude I’ve seen from several of you for the past week has
  15. 0:49    Magdalena   pissed me off and it ends here.
  16. 0:50    Magdalena   Problem three: Abstract rage at the devs/testers. I blame myself most of all here- I’m incredibly salty about many of the changes to DKs, and I don’t blame any of you for being either. Unfortunately, it seems that that rage has somehow mutated and turned into stuff that blames devs for theoretical decisions and, something I literally cannot comprehend, fellow testers. I get being mad at existing dev decisions, absolutel
  17. 0:50    Magdalena   y.
  18. 0:51    Magdalena   I do NOT and WILL NOT ever condone getting mad at people like Skullflower for stuff they cannot control. Worse still, the fact that several of you seem to think you’re justified in being angry at people in Alpha because they aren’t “giving feedback”. Let me make something very clear: Nobody who gets into a Blizzard Alpha/Beta is under any obligation to provide feedback.
  19. 0:51    Magdalena   Yeah, you have people like me and Troxism who undertake a massive feedback effort- but to imply that everyone should try and mimic us isn’t just naive, it’s misunderstanding how these test phases work. The fact that people would also deride the fact that people use other forms of feedback beyond the Alpha forums is frankly something I’m astounded at. Rage like this serves literally zero purpose beyond getting people a
  20. 0:51    Magdalena   ngry for no good reason
  21. 0:51    Magdalena   There are probably also more I could go into- like sexist/homophobic language that I’m seeing consistently- but I think I’ve made my point pretty well about the general assholery that’s pervading this place. Like I’ve said through all this: I’m not trying to pick on any one individual. If parts of what I’ve said seem to jump out at you, then I suggest thinking about why that is rather than assuming it’s meant
  22. 0:51    Magdalena   to solely pick on you.
  23. 0:52    Magdalena   This atmosphere is primarily the result of moderation in this channel slacking, and I’m rectifying that here and now. This channel is intended to be a community that many different kinds of people can feel comfortable in- and at the moment it’s devolving into the kind of atmosphere that I absolutely did not intend for it to ever become. If you’d like to leave this thinking that I’m behaving like a tyrant/“SJW”,
  24. 0:52    Magdalena   then I’m OK with that- it’s just sad it’s coming to a head like this.
  25. 0:53    Magdalena   And finally, I am going to say this just once: Several of you are walking a very tight line right now. I’ve tried to give you multiple chances to correct the way in which you behave, but the same names keep popping up in my PMs as people that either cause trouble or help inflame existing situations because they find it amusing. If you think I enjoy issuing out warnings like this and waving the banhammer, then you don’t
  26. 0:53    Magdalena   know me very well. It’s frankly very sad that I need to say any of this, because I’d have hoped people in here were mature enough that they wouldn’t let things get like this.
  27. 0:53    Magdalena   Now, consider this your final warning: If you can’t keep it together, you will be removed. You are proving more trouble than it seems worth to keep you around, and if I have to look like an asshole to keep the rest of the community free from you then I will do so. I’ve also given you enough collective chances that at this stage I’m just going to do /bans without needing to explain myself.
  28. 0:54    Magdalena   I think that’s a long enough rant for today, and if you’d like to discuss this further then you’re welcome to do so in PMs with me later- right now it’s exhausting enough typing all this out. I’ve probably missed out on some stuff I’d want to say, but I think I’ve made the gist of what I’m saying quite clear.
  29. 0:54    Magdalena   I think that’s a long enough rant for today, and if you’d like to discuss this further then you’re welcome to do so in PMs with me later- right now it’s exhausting enough typing all this out. I’ve probably missed out on some stuff I’d want to say, but I think I’ve made the gist of what I’m saying quite clear.
  30. 0:54    Magdalena   Last point: This is a community. It was founded 5 years ago with the intention of being such, and that means it appeals to a very wide variety of players. If you can’t relate to that concept, then I understand- ruining it for others because you treat it like Twitch stream chat, however, is something I’m no longer going to permit. It’s honestly shameful that I’ve had to say this- it’s the first time I’ve ever had
  31. 0:54    Magdalena   to literally put the channel on pause because of how much there was to say, and how much gravity it carried
  32. 0:54    Magdalena   I’m taking a break now, because I need to try and focus on the episode we’re recording tonight for TTD. I’ll be back later, and am open to talking to people one on one then. Until then, mods are on alert and can be contacted for anything outstanding. I’m going to bid you all a good evening till then. If you have me on Btag, please don’t bother me about this right now.
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