badbooker's adult books catalog part 2 C-G

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  1. badbooker's adult books catalog part 2 C-G.
  2. The catalog included books published generally till 1995.
  3. Catalog format: book's serie-book number=Title=Author
  4. undef=unknown=There is no information.
  5. The catalog will be periodically updated.
  6. Corrections, specifications and additions direct on the
  7. C.abd G. Samplers-425X=The Erotic Reader [1]=[asst'd] Anonymous  
  8. C.abd G. Samplers-4489=Best of Erotic Reader II [2?]=[asst'd] Anonymous  
  9. C.abd G. Samplers-5590=The Erotic Reader III [3]=[asst'd] Anonymous  
  10. C.abd G. Samplers-893X=The Erotic Reader V [5]=[asst'd] Anonymous  
  11. -C105=She fucks 'em young=unknown
  12. -C114=Cunt lapper's delight=unknown
  13. Cadillac classics-CC104=Teen Fever=Kenneth Lowe
  14. CAJ-0= Stud Ranch= Felix Poindexter
  15. CAJ-0= The Go-Down Man= H. P. Jaye
  16. Calga-CP803=The adult version of Robin Hood=unknown
  17. Calga-CP804=The adult version of The 3 musketeers=John Farrel
  18. Calga-CP805=The escapades of caesar=unknown
  19. Calga-CP810=The sex life of Hercules=no autor
  20. Camden library-CMN102=The Politician's Daughter=Robert Conway
  21. Camden library-CMN110=Forced Into Damnation=Dan Webster
  22. Camden library-CMN112=Demoralized Virgin=Lee Bradshaw
  23. Camden library-CMN113=The Classroom Party=Ted Bradford
  24. Camden library-CMN121=Attack From Behind=Joseph Cirelli
  25. Camden library-CMN132=Family Vacation=Todd Warden
  26. Camden library-CMN134=Daddy's date with daughter=Chuck Wilson
  27. Cameo & Cameo Oval-8008=Mouth Girl, The  [Vol.1]=Peggy Swenson *  
  28. Cameo & Cameo Oval-8035=Pet=Jan Cheux  
  29. Cameo & Cameo Oval-8049=Mouth Girl, The  [Vol.2]=Peggy Swenson *  
  30. Cameo & Cameo Oval-8054=Share the Warm Flesh=Gracie Amber  
  31. Cameo & Cameo Oval-8058=Protest Ball=Ann Griffin *  
  32. Cameo & Cameo Oval-8059=Bounce Girl=Dean & Gerda Koontz  
  33. Cameo & Cameo Oval-8061=Naked In The Sun=Jan Cheux  
  34. Cameo & Cameo Oval-8066=Flesh Wager=Ann Griffin *  
  35. Cameo & Cameo Oval-OvalOB523=Rich Widow=Thelma Compton
  36. Cameo Books: New Publisher-9CA8069=Bounce Girl=Dean Koontz &  Gerda.
  37. Cameo Books-300=No Man Of Her Own=Stone Stonebraker
  38. Cameo Books-301=The Loves Of Alice Brandt=Gene   (Harvey).
  39. Cameo Books-302=Night Of Ecstasy=William Arnold
  40. Cameo Books-303=Conquest Of Margie=Norman Bligh
  41. Cameo Books-304=Naughty Blonde=Florence Stonebraker
  42. Cameo Books-305=Pick-Up At Midnight=Gene   (Harvey).
  43. Cameo Books-306=Passion C.O.D.=Albert L. Quandt
  44. Cameo Books-307=Sin Preferred=Kermit Welles
  45. Cameo Books-308=Secret Affair=Amos Hatter
  46. Cameo Books-309=A Girl Called Joy=Gene Harvey
  47. Cameo Books-310=Pleasure Bound=Kermit Welles
  48. Cameo Books-311=The Affairs Of A Country Girl=Gail Jordan
  49. Cameo Books-312=Crossroads Of Desire=Amos Hatter
  50. Cameo Books-313=Three-Time Sinner=Norman Bligh
  51. Cameo Books-314=The Big Tease=William Arnold
  52. Cameo Books-315=Passion's Harvest=Florence Stonebraker
  53. Cameo Books-316=Soft Shoulders=Norman Bligh
  54. Cameo Books-317=Woman Of Fire=Peggy Gaddis
  55. Cameo Books-318=Island Ecstasy=Amos Hatter
  56. Cameo Books-319=Beach Party=Ralph Douglas
  57. Cameo Books-320=Girl Of The Midway=Amos Hatter
  58. Cameo Books-321=Tight Skirt=Frederic Spencer
  59. Cameo Books-322=Loose Women=Robert E. Reynolds
  60. Cameo Books-323=Wild Girl=Lewis Dixon
  61. Cameo Books-324=Young Nurse=Sylvia Erskine
  62. Cameo Books-325=Mountain Bride=Peggy Gaddis
  63. Cameo Books-326=At Ruby's Place=Joan Tucker
  64. Cameo Books-327=Cleo=Frederic Spencer
  65. Cameo Books-328=The Affairs Of A Country Girl=Gail Jordan
  66. Cameo Books-329=Backwoods Bride=Robert E. Reynolds
  67. Cameo Books-330=Reefer Girl=Jane Manning
  68. Cameo Books-331=House Of Lost Women=Frank Haskell
  69. Cameo Books-332=Nurse's Quarters=Sylvia Erskine
  70. Cameo Books-333=Young Sinner=Elisabeth Gill
  71. Cameo Books-334=Office Sinner=Gene   (Harvey).
  72. Cameo Books-335=Wild Girl=Lewis Dixon
  73. Cameo Books-336=Doctor's Nurse=Gene   (Harvey).
  74. Cameo Books-337=Country doctor=Terry Baer
  75. Cameo Books-337=Mountain Bride=Peggy Gaddis
  76. Cameo Books-338=Shanty Boat Girl=Kermit Welles
  77. Cameo Books-339=French Maid=Morton Cooper
  78. Cameo Books-340=Young Nurse=Sylvia Erskine
  79. Cameo Books-340=Your turn, darling=Larry Heller
  80. Cameo Books-341=Country Girl=Gail Jordan
  81. Cameo Books-342=Shanty Girl=Joan Tucker
  82. Cameo Books-343=Slum Doctor=Matthew Clay
  83. Cameo Books-345=Lost Women=Robert E. Reynolds
  84. Cameo Books-347=Nurses' Quarters=Sylvia Erskine
  85. Cameo Books-348=Boarding House=Frank Haskell
  86. Cameo Books-351=French Maid=Morton Cooper
  87. Cameo Books-352=Slum Doctor=Matthew Clay
  88. Cameo Books-353=Doctor's Nurse=Gene   (Harvey).
  89. Cameo Books-354=Shanty Girl=Joan Tucker
  90. Cameo Books-355=Runaway Girl=William Arnold
  91. Cameo Books-356=Nurses' Quarters=Sylvia Erskine
  92. Cameo Books-357=Woman Of Passion=Norman Bligh
  93. Cameo Books-359=Boy-Chaser=Ralph Nickerson
  94. Cameo Books-360=Hotel Waitress=Tom Manning
  95. Cameo Books-361=Shanty Boat Girl=Kirk Westley
  96. Cameo Books-362=Mountain Bride=Peggy Gaddis
  97. Cameo Books-365=Boarding House=Frank Haskell
  98. Cameo Books-367=Lost Women=Robert E. Reynolds
  99. Cameo Books-368=Blonde Hellcat=Arthur Marin
  100. Cameo Books-369=Wild Girl=Lewis Dickson
  101. cameo crown-CC117=The virgin tease=Jack Pearson
  102. cameo crown-CC145=The teacher's girls=William Altman
  103. cameo crown-CC215=Nympho mistress=Patricia Wren
  104. cameo crown-CC227=The oral family=Ollie Farrell
  105. Cameo editions-undef=Flesh and leather=Simeon Morris
  106. Cameo Library, Inc.-undef=The Landlady's Daughters Vol. 2=Lottie Henry and William Horton
  107. Cameo Library-8004= Homo Hunt= Gene Evans
  108. Cameo Library-8005= The Wild Young Fags= Jack Smith
  109. Cameo Library-8014= Sex Arena= Carl Driver
  110. Cameo Library-928039= His Black Adonis= Dick Garfield
  111. Cameo Library-928042= The Gay Love Letters= Jock Stein
  112. Cameo Library-CC166= Mostly Male= Jess Ballard
  113. Cameo Library-CC171= Gay In San Francisco= Biff Thomas
  114. Cameo novel-CN8009=The 18 hole course=Harry Paul
  115. Cameo novel-CN988029=Stud prof=Ira Henning
  116. Cameo sex behavior-CS105=The divorcee's loving girlfriends=Linda Carter
  117. Cameo sex behavior-CS112=Sex and violent crime=Harry Dawkins
  118. Cameo sex behavior-CS118=The deviate=Theodore Grope
  119. Cameo sex behavior-CS26=Rape seekers=Carl Isley
  120. Cameo Sex Reality-4009=Young Sex Subjects and/ Their Middle-Aged Partners=William Danch [Ed.]  
  121. Cameo Sex Reality-4026=Multiple-Orgasm Female=Sheila Winters  
  122. Cameo Sex Reality-4027=Oral Sex Techniques=William G. Penn  
  123. Cameo Sex Reality-4035=Adultery In America Today=Linda Norton  
  124. Cameo Sex Reality-4050=the Woman and Boy S.E.=Darryl Wynn Kingsley  
  125. Cameo Sex Reality-CS4005=The new oral sex expressions=Jan Cheux
  126. Cameo Sex Reality-CS4006=Teen and sub-teen sex patterns=William Danch
  127. Cameo Sex Reality-CS4020=Incest and other abnormal sex practices=Patty Benson
  128. Cameo Sex Reality-CS4040=The many ways of sex between women and boys=Olivia Chalmers
  129. Cameo Sex Reality-CS4045=The incest experience=Jason Smith
  130. Cameo Sex Reality-CS4054=Oral sex among incest lovers=Patricia Bendix
  131. Cameo Sex Reality-CS4055=The sibling syndrome=Lee James
  132. Cameo Sex Reality-CS4056=The young sexualists=Tom Brisbane
  133. Cameo Sex Reality-CS4058=Sexual excessiveness=Mariot Yost
  134. Cameo Sex Reality-Lib102=Variant Sexual Practices=supposedly 4 M.D.s  
  135. Cameo-265=Veracruz, Veracruz=Jack Kahler
  136. Cameo-285=Room for three=Howard Scott
  137. Canadian Secret-NN001=Biker's Woman=Anonymous  
  138. Canadian Secret-NN001=Ladies Of Pain=Anonymous  
  139. Canadian Secret-NN001=Tourist Slut=Anonymous  
  140. Canadian Secret-NN001=Unsatisfied Bride=Anonymous  
  141. Canadian Secret-NN001=Virgin Lesbian=Anonymous  
  142. Canadian Secret-NN001=Virgins' First Time=Anonymous  
  143. Canadian Secret-NN001=Young Intern's Surprise=Anonymous  
  144. Canadian Secret-NN002=Bitch Witch=Anonymous  
  145. Canadian Secret-NN003g=Chateau Venus [glossy ac]=[anon.] Jim Dobbs  
  146. Canadian Secret-NN003y=Chateau Venus [text fc]=[anon.] Jim Dobbs  
  147. Canadian Secret-NN004g=KKK Captive [glossy ac]=[anon.] Gary Jameson  
  148. Canadian Secret-NN004y=KKK Captive [text fc]=[anon.] Gary Jameson  
  149. Candid Books-109=The spanking experience=unknown
  150. Candid Books-20=Love For Sale=Gladys Sloan
  151. Candid Books-21=Wild Weekend=Gene   (Harvey).
  152. Candid Books-22=Notorious Woman=James Harlow
  153. Candid Books-23=Lessons In Love=Florence Stonebraker
  154. Candid Books-24=Hired Husband=Wright Williams
  155. Candid Books-25=Disorderly Conduct=Charles S. Strong
  156. Candid Books-26=For Men Only=Beth Brown
  157. Candid books-CB104=The hard father=Harvey Black
  158. Candid books-CB105=The passion princess=Morris Davenport
  159. Candid books-CB118=Swap, swing and switch=Nora Pendler
  160. Candid books-CB126=Coming With Daddy=Warren Bisig
  161. Candid Reader-CA1000=Libertines of Lake Mirage=Bradford Dickens
  162. Candid Reader-CA1001=Storm Swap=Marty Machlia
  163. candid reader-CA1002c=For Couples Only=H.C. Hawkes
  164. Candid Reader-CA1003=Swap Sexpose=Steve Rand
  165. Candid Reader-CA1004=Obsession With Lust=S.V. Baxter  
  166. Candid Reader-CA1005=Swap Family=Tom French
  167. Candid Reader-CA1006=Double-Up Swap=Don Bellmore
  168. Candid Reader-CA1007=Switching Hour=Gage Carlin
  169. Candid Reader-CA1008=Menage a Swap=John Dexter
  170. Candid Reader-CA1009=The Marriage Merger=.
  171. Candid Reader-CA1010=A Hard Man, Nowadays, Is Good To Find=Curt Aldrich
  172. Candid Reader-CA1011=Mrs. Brown's Body=John Dexter
  173. Candid Reader-CA1012=House of Lust=Lisa  Fanchon(Lee Florin)
  174. Candid Reader-CA1013=Three Couples Coupling=Harry Best
  175. Candid Reader-CA1014=Swappers in Paradise=Wysteria Lee
  176. Candid Reader-CA1015=Sub-Leased Strumpet=Don Bellmore
  177. Candid Reader-CA1016=Viet-Nookie=L.J. Brown
  178. candid reader-CA1017=Love Thy Neighbor's =unknown
  179. Candid Reader-CA1017=Love Thy Neighbor's=Don Bellmore
  180. Candid Reader-CA1018=Swap Safari=John Dexter
  181. Candid Reader-CA1019=Acapulco Swap=R.B. Weller
  182. Candid Reader-CA1020=Darktown Strutters Swap=Gavin Hayward
  183. Candid Reader-CA1021=Wild Iris=Don Russell
  184. Candid Reader-CA1022=Swap Poker=J.X. Williams
  185. Candid Reader-CA1023=Spunk=Lorenzo Scanderberg
  186. Candid Reader-CA1024=Suzie Swaps=Curt Aldrich
  187. Candid Reader-CA1025=Lust's Castaways=t Harry Bes  .
  188. Candid Reader-CA1026=Jailbait=Grant Fuller
  189. Candid Reader-CA1027=Pammy's Had it=Susan Post
  190. candid reader-CA1028=The gray flannel swap=Lambert Wilhelm
  191. Candid Reader-CA1029=For Heaven's Swap=Greg Orr
  192. Candid Reader-CA1030=Zero Gravity Swap=Cal. I. Pygaster
  193. Candid Reader-CA1031=Swap Research=don Bellmore
  194. Candid Reader-CA1032=Come In From the Cold=Wysteria Lee
  195. Candid Reader-CA1033=Clyde Among the Swappers=R. John Smythe
  196. Candid Reader-CA1034=Mobswap=John Dexter
  197. Candid Reader-CA1035=Tri-Sex=Mark Loring
  198. Candid Reader-CA1036=Tropic Swapfest=Marty Machlia
  199. Candid Reader-CA1037=Swap Stops, Route 66=pagan Lee Post
  200. Candid Reader-CA1038=The Jaded Traders=Felix Grubb
  201. Candid Reader-CA1039=Even Dozen Swap=Gregg Stevens
  202. Candid Reader-CA1040=Making Marga Merry=don Russell
  203. Candid Reader-CA1041=Swap, Italian Style=Betty Peterson
  204. Candid Reader-CA1042=Mate-Trade Masquerade=Don Russell
  205. Candid Reader-CA1043=Family-Night Swap=Alex Ayers
  206. Candid Reader-CA1044=Swappin' Show-Offs=Alex Ayers
  207. Candid Reader-CA1045=Swapper's Potluck=J.X. Williams
  208. Candid Reader-CA1046=Swap Smorgasbord=Don Bellmore
  209. Candid Reader-CA1047=See How They Swap=.
  210. Candid Reader-CA1048=Swap Colony=Don Russell
  211. Candid Reader-CA901=The Sin Funnell=Clyde  Allison(William Knoles)
  212. Candid Reader-CA902=Wander Lust=Don Holliday
  213. Candid Reader-CA903=Dyke Diary=John Dexter
  214. Candid Reader-CA904=Ocean of Lust=J.X. Williams(Robert Bonfils)
  215. Candid Reader-CA905=Swap-Happy=Saxon Craig
  216. Candid Reader-CA906=No Room for Shame=Andrew Shaw
  217. Candid Reader-CA907=Lust For A Lady=J.X. Williams
  218. Candid Reader-CA908=Wanton Tripper=Tony Calvano
  219. Candid Reader-CA909=the N.U.D.E. Caper=Dean Hudson  
  220. Candid Reader-CA910=Seaport Stud=Alan Marshall  
  221. Candid Reader-CA911=Rape=Ric Arana  
  222. Candid Reader-CA912=Lethal Lover=Andrew Shaw
  223. Candid Reader-CA913=Lust Temple=John Dexter  (19678).
  224. Candid Reader-CA914=Passion's Princess=J.X. Williams
  225. Candid Reader-CA915=Sinful Summer=Don Bellmore
  226. Candid Reader-CA916=Mini-Sinners=Curt Aldrich  
  227. Candid Reader-CA917=Passion Mansion=J.X. Williams
  228. Candid Reader-CA918=the Ravisher=Don Bellmore  
  229. Candid Reader-CA919=The Flesh Hunter=Alan Marshall
  230. Candid Reader-CA920=A Case of Lust=Rick  Arana(Connie Sellers)
  231. Candid Reader-CA921=Bondage Babes=Alan Marshall
  232. Candid Reader-CA922=Upper-Crust Lust=Don Bellmore  
  233. Candid Reader-CA923=The Desperate Dyke=Susan Post
  234. Candid Reader-CA924=Passion Rampage=R. Arana
  235. Candid Reader-CA925=Governor of Lust=J.X. Williams
  236. Candid Reader-CA926=Passion For Profit=John Dexter
  237. Candid Reader-CA927=Bed of Vengeance=Alan Marshall
  238. Candid Reader-CA928=Julie's Jollies=don Bellmore
  239. Candid Reader-CA929=The Swap Teasers=Alan Marshall
  240. Candid Reader-CA930=The Desert Damsels=Clyde  Allison(William Knoles)
  241. Candid Reader-CA931=Two-Way Temptress=Tracy Lane
  242. Candid Reader-CA932=Crime of Passion=J.X. Williams
  243. Candid Reader-CA933=Swap Circuit=Tony Calvano
  244. Candid Reader-CA934=The Demon Dyke=Tracy Lane
  245. Candid Reader-CA935=Garden Of Eros=M. Garr
  246. Candid Reader-CA936=Virtuoso Virgin=Alan Marshall
  247. Candid Reader-CA937=Lust for Kicks=John Dexter
  248. Candid Reader-CA938=The Leather Trade=Marcus Miller
  249. candid reader-CA939=Lesbian a-go-go=L. J. Brown
  250. Candid Reader-CA939=Lesbians A Go-Go=L.J. Brown
  251. Candid Reader-CA940=Sin Seance=Don Bellmore
  252. Candid Reader-CA941=Along the Ledge to Lust=Hoke Jackson
  253. Candid Reader-CA942=Beloved Bitch=Greg Graves
  254. Candid Reader-CA943=Campus Sin Cult=Don Bellmore
  255. Candid Reader-CA944=The Taboo Virgin=Alan Marshall
  256. Candid Reader-CA945=H is for Harlot=J.X. Williams
  257. Candid Reader-CA946=Sisters in Lust=John Dexter
  258. Candid Reader-CA947=Orgy Beach=Don Bellmore
  259. Candid Reader-CA948=the Sex Syndicate=Hoke Jackson  
  260. Candid Reader-CA949=The Passion Cache=Don Bellmore
  261. Candid Reader-CA950=A Patch of Lust=Alan Marshall
  262. Candid Reader-CA951=Bully Babe=John Dexter
  263. Candid Reader-CA952=Try My Couch=J.X. Williams
  264. Candid Reader-CA953=Ravisher's Row=J.X. Williams [ext.]*  
  265. Candid Reader-CA954=Sex-Happy Hippie=R.N. Ellson
  266. Candid Reader-CA955=Bang-Bang Broad=John Dexter
  267. Candid Reader-CA956=Cherry Tart=L.J. Brown
  268. Candid Reader-CA957=Passion's Price Tag=Alan Marshall
  269. Candid Reader-CA958=Borrowed Bedmates=John Dexter
  270. Candid Reader-CA959=The Ladder of Lust=Don Bellmore
  271. Candid Reader-CA960=It's Only Incest=J.X. Williams
  272. Candid Reader-CA961=Savage Lust=David Lynn
  273. Candid Reader-CA962=Sex Queen of Texas=Felix Grubb
  274. Candid Reader-CA963=From Bed To Worse=M. Good
  275. Candid Reader-CA964=Sahara Sin Den=John Dexter
  276. Candid Reader-CA965=Governed by Lust=Ray  Majors(Jerome Murray)
  277. Candid Reader-CA966=Home is the Humper=Bert Lind
  278. Candid Reader-CA967=Wantons on Wheels=John  Dexter(Jack Moskowitz)
  279. Candid Reader-CA968=Hornier Than Thou=L.J. Brown
  280. candid reader-CA969=The sin-tellectuals=L. J. Brown
  281. Candid Reader-CA970=Flesh of My Flesh=Smith Field
  282. Candid Reader-CA972=Virgin Isle=Drew Fowler
  283. Candid Reader-CA973=The Village Nymph=L.J. Brown
  284. Candid Reader-CA974=Pussy Widow=Don Bellmore
  285. Candid Reader-CA975=In Lust And War=Jim  Dobbs(Sam Dodson)
  286. Candid Reader-CA976=The Yes Girl=Grant Fuller
  287. Candid Reader-CA977=Launch Pad Orgy=Don Russell
  288. Candid Reader-CA978=Pussies and Pot=Eric Jay
  289. Candid Reader-CA979=Boss Wanton=Ray  Majors(Jerome Murray)
  290. Candid Reader-CA980=Lust's Butterfly=John Dexter
  291. Candid Reader-CA981=God's Little Orgy=M. Stanley
  292. Candid Reader-CA982=Ecstasy, Inc.=J.X. Williams
  293. Candid Reader-CA983=Love's Muscle=Saul Standish
  294. Candid Reader-CA984=Ace of Harlots=Kirk Vincent
  295. Candid Reader-CA985=The Judge Comes=J.X. Williams
  296. Candid Reader-CA986=Seminole Stud=Mitch Stanley
  297. Candid Reader-CA987=Sex Snoopers, Inc=Tom French
  298. Candid Reader-CA988=The Pink Box=John Dexter
  299. Candid Reader-CA989=Mandy's Men=Alan Marshall
  300. Candid Reader-CA990=Erotic Novel=Rex Conrad
  301. Candid Reader-CA991=Swap Freaks=Eddie Dumbrowski
  302. Candid Reader-CA992=Tropic of Swap=Curt Aldrich
  303. Candid Reader-CA993=Nude Awakening=Hoke Jackson
  304. Candid Reader-CA994=Erotic Novel=Rex Conrad
  305. Candid Reader-CA995=Swap For Singles=Grant Fuller
  306. Candid Reader-CA996=Little Girl Swapped=P. Ward
  307. Candid Reader-CA997=Murder in Her Thighs=Melissa Franklin
  308. Candid Reader-CA998=Swap Feast=John Dexter
  309. Candid Reader-CA999=Swap Mother, Swap Daughter=J.X. Williams
  310. Candlelight Book-107=Naked Prize=Alfred Kurts
  311. Candlelight Book-112=Midway Mistress=Hart Burman
  312. Candlelight book-CB102=Passion splurge=Terry Handers
  313. Cane classic-CC116=Leather torture=Jack Foreman
  314. Cane classic-CC124=The Tormented Runaway=Jackson Waters
  315. canine reader-CR2001=The Dog Lovers=Unknown
  316. canine reader-CR2003c=The Watch Dog=Joel Benedict
  317. canine reader-CR2004c=Sally's Secret Lover=Cecil Caldwell
  318. canine reader-CR2005=The Widow's Companion=Unknown
  319. Canyon books-PLX201=The lustful turk=Fanny Hill
  320. captive reader-CR101=Swapping Wives=Janet McCoy
  321. captive reader-CR102=Turned On Secretary=Brad Harris
  322. captive reader-CR103=The Swappers Next Door=Jane Fox
  323. captive reader-CR104=Teacher's Naughty Lessons=Max Sharkey
  324. captive reader-CR105=Spread Wide Secretaries=Jeff Collins
  325. captive reader-CR106=Willing Wife Swappers=John Friday
  326. captive reader-CR107c=Hot Pants Sales Girl=Steve Golden
  327. captive reader-CR108c=The Model's Naked Urge=JT Watson
  328. captive reader-CR109=The Curious Wife=Marylou Hopkins
  329. captive reader-CR110c=Naughty Lady=Norma Egan
  330. captive reader-CR111=The Unfaithful Fiancй=Janet McCoy
  331. captive reader-CR112=The Bride Next Door=Kevin Sellers
  332. Captive Women series.-undef=The Sadistic Stepfather=Edward Mitchell
  333. Captive Women series.-undef=Virgin Deflowered=Tom Freeze
  334. Captive Women series.-undef=Widow Torture=James Kiley
  335. Captive Women series-undef=Captive of The S.S.=Judd Michaels
  336. Captive Women series-undef=Forced Into Spanking=Lori Roston
  337. Captive Women series-undef=Mike's Dominating Ways=Roger Starling
  338. Captive Women series-undef=Mother Domination=George Larson
  339. Captive Women series-undef=Slave to Molesters=Evelyn Shear
  340. Captive Women series-undef=The Abduction of Cindy Volume 2 =Edward Mitchell
  341. Captive Women series-undef=The Ravished Coed=Roger Starling
  342. Captive Women series-undef=Tormented Twosome=H.K. Madden
  343. Captive Women series-undef=Torture Terror=Bill Conrad
  344. carlite special-CS7012=Satan's love child=Brain McNaughton
  345. carlton library-CL1002=The trapped seductress=David Nash
  346. carlton library-CL1004=The boss' teenage sex toy=Stanley Morro
  347. carlton library-CL1007=Mommy, Daddy, Butchie And Me!=unknown
  348. carlton library-CL1009=daddy made them do it=George Sussman
  349. carlton library-CL1014=The Runaway Housewife=Jenny Edwards  
  350. carlton library-CL1016=The children's governess=Barry Irving
  351. carlton library-CL1017=Miss. Stevenson and her pupils=Steve Chapin
  352. carlton library-CL1018=Little Girl Lover=Warren Sharp
  353. carlton library-CL101c=Kingdom Of Love=Charles Richards
  354. carlton library-CL1020=Teenage lesbians=Doria Lyons
  355. carlton library-CL1021=Sharing mommy's men=unknown
  356. carlton library-CL1024=Teenagers in heat=Jenny Brent
  357. carlton library-CL1031=The Headmaster's Lesson=John Leroy
  358. carlton library-CL1033=The abuse of Maryjane=Angela Cooper
  359. carlton library-CL1035=School for young ladies=Terry Bryant
  360. carlton library-CL1037=The sadist in the schoolyard=unknown
  361. carlton library-CL1040=Ellen's baby sex slaves=Walter Stuart
  362. Carlyle Communications-BEE0878= Isle Of Passion= Sol Selegna
  363. Carnal library-CAR107=Three sisters=unknown
  364. Carnal library-CAR112=The wet-nurse=unknown
  365. Carnal library-CAR115=The Family Secret=unknown
  366. Carnal library-CAR130=The minister and his daughter=unknown
  367. Carnal library-CAR138=Raped young hostages=unknown
  368. Carnal library-CAR139=His Neighbor's Wife=unknown
  369. Carnal library-CAR140=The boss's mistress=unknown
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  1455. companion book-CB4114=Teacher Gets It On=Evers
  1456. companion book-CB4115=Naughty Young Widow=unknown
  1457. companion book-CB4116=Coming With Daddy=J. Adams
  1458. companion book-CB4117=Sucking Secretary=unknown
  1459. companion book-CB4118=Either Way Wife=Burns
  1460. companion book-CB4119=Naughty Daughter=unknown
  1461. companion book-CB4120c=The Hot Wives=Jason Cannon
  1462. companion book-CB4121=Hot Wet Wife=unknown
  1463. companion book-CB4122=Naughty Naked Niece=John Kellerman
  1464. companion book-CB4123=Daddy's Hot Daughter=Ray Todd
  1465. companion book-CB4124=Hot Pants Schoolgirl=Brad Harris
  1466. companion book-CB4125=Turned On Daughter=M. Smith
  1467. companion book-CB4126=Cousin Hot Pants=unknown
  1468. companion book-CB4127=Mom Comes On=Heather Brown
  1469. companion book-CB4128=Warming Up For Dad=R. W. Finch
  1470. companion book-CB4129=The Hottest Housewife=unknown
  1471. companion book-CB4130=Auntie In Heat=unknown
  1472. companion book-CB4131=The Willing Wives=Jane Fox
  1473. companion book-CB4132=Turned On Spouse=Ray Todd
  1474. companion book-CB4133=Ready For Brother=Richard Reed
  1475. companion book-CB4134c=Hot Housewife=Heather Brown
  1476. companion book-CB4135=Hot And Hungry Wife=Mark Smith
  1477. companion book-CB4136=Hot Pants Office Girl=unknown
  1478. companion book-CB4137=Daughter's Naughty Urge=unknown
  1479. companion book-CB4138=Mom's Hot Bed=unknown
  1480. companion book-CB4139=Hot Pants Widow=unknown
  1481. companion book-CB4140=Sweet Piece Niece=Ray Todd
  1482. companion book-CB4141=Auntie's Boy Hunger=unknown
  1483. companion book-CB4142=Turned On Schoolgirl=unknown
  1484. companion book-CB4143c=Horny Aunt Karen=Sue Smith
  1485. companion book-CB4144=Mom's Hot Pants=unknown
  1486. companion book-CB4145c=Spread Wide Wife=Norma Egan
  1487. companion book-CB4146c=Juicy Hot Daughter=Tom James
  1488. companion book-CB4147=The Neighbor's Hot Wife=Ray Todd
  1489. companion book-CB4148=Up And Coming Wife=unknown
  1490. companion book-CB4149c=Naughty Stepdaughter=R.W. Finch
  1491. companion book-CB4150=Incest Aunt=unknown
  1492. companion book-CB4151=Hot Piece Niece=J.T. Watson
  1493. companion book-CB4152=Two-Way Housewife=unknown
  1494. companion book-CB4153=Hot Aunt=unknown
  1495. companion book-CB4154c=Easy Piece Niece=R.W. Finch
  1496. companion book-CB4155=Raped Aunt=Norma Egan
  1497. companion book-CB4156=The Hots For Dad=Robert Vickers
  1498. companion book-CB4157=Easy Piece Wife=unknown
  1499. companion book-CB4158c=Wife In The Middle=Ron Taylor
  1500. companion book-CB4159c=Mom's Boy Hunger=Heather Brown
  1501. companion book-CB4160=Hot To Trot Niece=John Kellerman
  1502. companion book-CB4161=Sister's Hot Lips=Ray Mills
  1503. companion book-CB4162c=Hot Little Niece=Ted Sawyer
  1504. companion book-CB4163=The Wife's Secret Craving=unknown
  1505. companion book-CB4164=Hot Babysitter=unknown
  1506. companion book-CB4165=Mom Turns On=Ray Todd
  1507. companion book-CB4166=Hot Wayward Wife=unknown
  1508. companion book-CB4167=Hot Pants Bride=David Ingram
  1509. companion book-CB4168=Mom In Heat=unknown
  1510. companion book-CB4169=Nice And Naughty Wife=unknown
  1511. companion book-CB4170=The Neighbor's New Daughter=unknown
  1512. companion book-CB4171=The Housewife Next Door=Janet McCoy
  1513. companion book-CB4172=Wide-Open Wives=unknown
  1514. companion book-CB4173=Turned On Aunt=Norma Egan
  1515. companion book-CB4174=The Naughtiest Wife=Collins
  1516. companion book-CB4175=Mother's Secret Urge=David Ingram
  1517. companion book-CB4176=The Hottest Daughter=Ray Todd
  1518. companion book-CB4177=Hot Young Housewife=Norma Egan
  1519. companion book-CB4178=Mom's Willing Mouth=Howard
  1520. companion book-CB4179=Naughty Aunt Norma=Milner
  1521. companion book-CB4180=Widespread And Willing=William Taylor
  1522. companion book-CB4181=Naughty Neighbor Girl=John Kellerman
  1523. companion book-CB4182=Swinging Young Wife=unknown
  1524. companion book-CB4183=Daughter In Heat=Jeff Collins
  1525. companion book-CB4184=A Mother To Love=Brian Laver
  1526. companion book-CB4185=Stewardess In Heat=Robert Vickers
  1527. companion book-CB4186=Wet Wife=Norma Egan
  1528. companion book-CB4187c=The Naughty Virgin=John Kellerman
  1529. companion book-CB4188=Hot Mother=Brian Laver
  1530. companion book-CB4189=The Hottest Sister=Jeff Collins
  1531. companion book-CB4190=Eager Niece=unknown
  1532. companion book-CB4191=Wild Nurse=unknown
  1533. companion book-CB4192c=Mother's New Lover=Brian Laver
  1534. companion book-CB4193c=The New Neighbor=Norma Egan
  1535. companion book-CB4194=Naughty Schoolgirl=C. K. Ralston
  1536. companion book-CB4195=Hot and Nasty Wife=Ray Mills
  1537. companion book-CB4196c=Incest Girl=Ben Valentine
  1538. companion book-CB4197c=Turned On Virgin=Ted Leonard
  1539. companion book-CB4198=Hot Lady Coach=Marvin Cox
  1540. companion book-CB4199=Willing Sister=Ron Simson
  1541. companion book-CB4200c=Hot Young Stuff=Jeff Collins
  1542. companion book-CB4201=Hot Pants Farmgirl=Norma Egan
  1543. companion book-CB4202c=Always Willing Wife=Jeff Collins
  1544. companion book-CB4203=A Sister To Love=Marvin Cox
  1545. companion book-CB4204c=Hot Secretary=Ken Preston
  1546. companion book-CB4205=Boy-Loving Widow=Norma Egan
  1547. companion book-CB4206=A Daughter To Love=J. Adams
  1548. companion book-CB4207=Every Way Mother=Brian Laver
  1549. companion book-CB4208=Fun-Loving Wife=Marshall
  1550. companion book-CB4209=Hot Teacher=Norma Egan
  1551. companion book-CB4210=Swinging With Mom=Steve Masters
  1552. companion book-CB4211=Loving Sister=Ray Mills
  1553. companion book-CB4212=Horny Wife=J. Adams
  1554. companion book-CB4213=Widespread Babysitter=Ray Todd
  1555. companion book-CB4214=Turned On Teacher=Norma Egan
  1556. companion book-CB4215=Willing Mother=Tom Allison
  1557. companion book-CB4216=The Virgin's Hot Lessons=John Kellerman
  1558. companion book-CB4217=Wicked Wife=Carl Ross
  1559. companion book-CB4218=Daughter In The Middle=David Crane
  1560. companion book-CB4219=Boy-Hungry Maid=Norma Egan
  1561. companion book-CB4220=Mother's Hot Itch=J. Adams
  1562. companion book-CB4221=Hot Wife=George Riley
  1563. companion book-CB4222=Loving Daughter=John Adams
  1564. companion book-CB4223=The Secretary's Hot Urge=Carl Ross
  1565. companion book-CB4224=The Naughty Stewardess=Marvin Cox
  1566. companion book-CB4225=Widespread Sister=Carl Ross
  1567. companion book-CB4226=Raped Hitchhiker=Ken Preston
  1568. companion book-CB4227=Teacher With The Hots=Donna Allen
  1569. companion book-CB4228=Hot Daughter=Bob Wallace
  1570. companion book-CB4229=Teasing Teacher=David Crane
  1571. companion book-CB4230c=Orgy Wife=Ray Mills
  1572. companion book-CB4231c=Three-Way Sister=Marvin Cox
  1573. companion book-CB4232=The Secretary's Hot Job=Ken Preston
  1574. companion book-CB4233c=Loving Mother=Ken Preston
  1575. companion book-CB4234c=Swinging Secretary=Marvin Cox
  1576. companion book-CB4235=Incest Housewife=Ted Leonard
  1577. companion book-CB4236=Boy Loving Aunt=Jeff Collins
  1578. companion book-CB4237=Teaser Housewife=John Adams
  1579. companion book-CB4238c=Three-Way Nurse=Donna Allen
  1580. companion book-CB4239c=Mom in the Middle=Tom Allison
  1581. companion book-CB4240c=Boy-Craving Wife=Norma Egan
  1582. companion book-CB4241c=The Wife's Young Lover=David Crane
  1583. companion book-CB4242c=Naughty Mother=William Taylor
  1584. companion book-CB4243=Three-Way Secretary=Carl Ross
  1585. companion book-CB4244c=Hot To Trot Daughter=Harry Stevens
  1586. companion book-CB4245c=Swinging Sister=Jeff Collins
  1587. companion book-CB4246=Horny Housewife=Marvin Cox
  1588. companion book-CB4247=Wide-Open Daughter=Ted Leonard
  1589. companion book-CB4248=Librarian In Heat=Carl Ross
  1590. companion book-CB4249c=Hard Up Wife=Tom Allison
  1591. companion book-CB4250=Boy-Hungry Teacher=Nick Eastwood
  1592. companion book-CB4251=Horny Neighbor Girl=Ted Leonard
  1593. companion book-CB4252c=Eager Beaver Daughter=Harry Stevens
  1594. companion book-CB4253=Horny Mom=Donna Allen
  1595. companion book-CB4254=Waylaid Wife=Marvin Cox
  1596. companion book-CB4255=Hot, Sweet Sister=Carl Ross
  1597. companion book-CB4256=Willing Daughter=Tom Allison
  1598. companion book-CB4257=Naughty Virgin Niece=John Kellerman
  1599. companion book-CB4258=Nurse In Heat=Ray Todd
  1600. companion book-CB4259=The Horniest Wife=David Crane
  1601. companion book-CB4260=Hot Little Daughter=Tom Allison
  1602. companion book-CB4261=Hot Young Niece=Marvin Cox
  1603. companion book-CB4262=Wayward Wife=David Ingram
  1604. companion book-CB4263=Horny Daughter=Tom Allison
  1605. companion book-CB4264=Auntie's Hot Itch=Kevin Sellers
  1606. companion book-CB4265=Secretary In Heat=John Kellerman
  1607. companion book-CB4266=The Neighbor's Horny Daughter=Kevin Sellers
  1608. companion book-CB4267=Willing Farm Wife=J. T. Watson
  1609. companion book-CB4268c=Pamela's Boy-Hunger=Ted Leonard
  1610. companion book-CB4269=Neighbor Girl In Heat=John Kellerman
  1611. companion book-CB4270=Horny Young Wife=Donna Allen
  1612. companion book-CB4271=Wild Mother=Sellers
  1613. companion book-CB4272=Willing Young Nurse=Robert Vickers
  1614. companion book-CB4273=All The Way Wife=Harry Stevens
  1615. companion book-CB4274c=Eager Little Sister=Kathy Andrews
  1616. companion book-CB4275=Aunt In Heat=Nick Eastwood
  1617. companion book-CB4276=Mom's Secret Urge=Frank Brown
  1618. companion book-CB4277=Widespread Secretary=Ron Evans
  1619. companion book-CB4278c=The Minister's Hot Wife=J. T. Watson
  1620. companion book-CB4279=Horny Little Candystriper=Bob Wallace
  1621. companion book-CB4280=Hot Pants Mother=William Taylor
  1622. companion book-CB4281=Hot Sister=Robert Vickers
  1623. companion book-CB4282=Fun With Auntie=Donna Allen
  1624. companion book-CB4283c=The Horniest Mother=Marvin Cox
  1625. companion book-CB4284=Naughty Naked Wife=Nick Eastwood
  1626. companion book-CB4285=Mother Makes It=Michael Corbett
  1627. companion book-CB4286=Wild And Willing Wife=Harry Stevens
  1628. companion book-CB4287=Sister's Hot Urge=Kevin Sellers
  1629. companion book-CB4288=New Neighbor Girl=John Kellerman
  1630. companion book-CB4289=Naughty, Naughty Daughter=unknown
  1631. companion book-CB4290=Teacher's Flesh Feast=Donna Allen
  1632. companion book-CB4291=Horny Sister=Nick Eastwood
  1633. companion book-CB4292c=Daughters In Heat=Ted Leonard
  1634. companion book-CB4293=Too Wild Wife=Donna Allen
  1635. companion book-CB4294=Hot Bed Babysitter=Mark Carver
  1636. companion book-CB4295c=More, Mom, More!=Kathy Andrews
  1637. companion book-CB4296=The Wife's Hot Welcome=Earl Adams
  1638. companion book-CB4297=Hot Suck Sister=Don Scott
  1639. companion book-CB4298=Naughty Hot Housewife=Laura Quincy
  1640. companion book-CB4299=Sharing His Wife=George King
  1641. companion book-CB4300=Cousin In Heat=Steve Golden
  1642. companion book-CB4301=The Doctor's Hot Wife=Bob Wallace
  1643. companion book-CB4302=Hot Pants Mom=Ben Valentine
  1644. companion book-CB4303=Bedtime With Auntie=Nick Eastwood
  1645. companion book-CB4304=I Made The Neighbors=Ron Evans
  1646. companion book-CB4305=Naughty Girl Next Door=John Kellerman
  1647. companion book-CB4306=Auntie Spreads Wide=Barbara Valentine
  1648. companion book-CB4307=Wild, Willing Wife=M. J. Jacobs
  1649. companion book-CB4308=Wife With The Hots=J. T. Watson
  1650. companion book-CB4309=Spread For Us, Auntie!=Michael Corbett
  1651. companion book-CB4310=Hot And Easy Wife=John Damon
  1652. companion book-CB4311c=Daughter Comes First=Kathy Andrews
  1653. companion book-CB4312=The Neighbor's Naughty Girl=Ray Todd
  1654. companion book-CB4313=Horny Hot Daughter=J. T. Watson
  1655. companion book-CB4314=Wife With The Urge=Bob Wallace
  1656. companion book-CB4315=Neighborhood Babysitter=Steve Golden
  1657. companion book-CB4316=Three-Way With Sis=Nick Eastwood
  1658. companion book-CB4317c=Two Horny Cousins=Frank Brown
  1659. companion book-CB4318=Loving Big Sister=Brad Logan
  1660. companion book-CB4319=Daughter's Wild Urge=Ted Leonard
  1661. companion book-CB4320=Wife Eager For More=Donna Allen
  1662. companion book-CB4321=Hot Piece Wife=J. T. Watson
  1663. companion book-CB4322c=Teacher's Horny Lessons=Frank Brown
  1664. companion book-CB4323=Mom's In Heat!=Don Scott
  1665. companion book-CB4324c=Naked Hot Wife=Donna Allen
  1666. companion book-CB4325c=A Mother's Love=Kathy Andrews
  1667. companion book-CB4326=Eager Wife Next Door=Ted Leonard
  1668. companion book-CB4327=Hot Teasing Wife=J. T. Watson
  1669. companion book-CB4328=Naughty Willing Wife=Bob Wallace
  1670. companion book-CB4329=Niece's Naughty Visit=Nick Eastwood
  1671. companion book-CB4330=Naughty Nymph Daughter=Tom Allison
  1672. companion book-CB4331=The Widow's Hot Urge=Ray Todd
  1673. companion book-CB4332=Naughty With Teacher=Brad Logan
  1674. companion book-CB4333=Wanton Willing Wife=unknown
  1675. companion book-CB4334c=Wild Babysitter=Kathy Andrews
  1676. companion book-CB4335=Naughty Wild Wife=Bob Wallace
  1677. companion book-CB4336=In Heat Sister=Ray Todd
  1678. companion book-CB4337=Horny Hot Housewife=Bob Wallace
  1679. companion book-CB4338c=What A Hot Mother=Kathy Andrews
  1680. companion book-CB4339=Daughter's Incest Urge=Ray Todd
  1681. companion book-CB4340=Young Hot Salesgirl=Frank Brown
  1682. companion book-CB4341=Hot Bed Secretary=Nick Eastwood
  1683. companion book-CB4342=Wild Balling Wife=Donna Allen
  1684. companion book-CB4343=Hot Wild Housewife=Bob Wallace
  1685. companion book-CB4344=Raped Hot Wife=J. T. Watson
  1686. companion book-CB4345=Horny Hot Librarian=Don Scott
  1687. companion book-CB4346c=Hot Neighborly Wife=David Crane
  1688. companion book-CB4347c=Here Comes Mom=Kathy Andrews
  1689. companion book-CB4348=Wild Restless Widow=John Friday
  1690. companion book-CB4349c=In Heat Wild Wife=Tom Allison
  1691. companion book-CB4350c=Cousin Comes First=Nick Eastwood
  1692. companion book-CB4351=Hot Willing Wife=Don Scott
  1693. companion book-CB4352=Hot Willing Neighbor=Ray Todd
  1694. companion book-CB4353=Hot Incest Daughter=Harry Stevens
  1695. companion book-CB4354=Wild Hot Sister=Kathy Andrews
  1696. companion book-CB4355=Eager Beaver Wife=Richard Shaw
  1697. companion book-CB4356=Horny Naughty Daughter=Ron Evans
  1698. companion book-CB4357=Hot Eager Daughter=unknown
  1699. companion book-CB4358=Hot Horny Wife=David Crane
  1700. companion book-CB4359=Wild Willing Niece=Laura Quincy
  1701. companion book-CB4360c=Naughty Horny Wife=Bob Wallace
  1702. companion book-CB4361=Willing Hot Sister=David Crane
  1703. companion book-CB4362=Come, Daughter, Come=Ray Todd
  1704. companion book-CB4363=Naughty Horny Niece=Nick Eastwood
  1705. companion book-CB4364c=Hot Fun Sister=Tom Allison
  1706. companion book-CB4365=In Heat Horny Wife=J. T. Watson
  1707. companion book-CB4366c=Hot Bed Niece=Nick Eastwood
  1708. companion book-CB4367=The Wife Goes Wild=Donna Allen
  1709. companion book-CB4368c=Hot Horny Mother=Kathy Andrews
  1710. companion book-CB4369c=Daughter's Hot Pants=William Carson
  1711. companion book-CB4370c=Wild Hot Mother=William Taylor
  1712. companion book-CB4371c=Hot Horny Daughter=Ray Todd
  1713. companion book-CB4372=Naughty Horny Mommy=Kathy Andrews
  1714. companion book-CB4373c=Always Hot Wife=Steve Golden
  1715. companion book-CB4374c=Hot Wild Babysitter=Ted Leonard
  1716. companion book-CB4375=Willing Wild Wife=R. T. Masters
  1717. companion book-CB4376=Turned On Daughter=Tom Allison
  1718. companion book-CB4377c=Mom Gives Her All=Don Scott
  1719. companion book-CB4378=Daughter's Hot, Wet Panties=Ray Todd
  1720. companion book-CB4379=The Wife's Hot Lips=Bob Wallace
  1721. companion book-CB4380=Wild Horny Babysitter=R. T. Masters
  1722. companion book-CB4381=Daughter Sucks Hard=Tom Allison
  1723. companion book-CB4382c=Horny Eager Babysitter=Kevin Sellers
  1724. companion book-CB4383c=A Mom And More=Kathy Andrews
  1725. companion book-CB4384=Naughty Overeager Wife=Nick Eastwood
  1726. companion book-CB4385c=Naughty Hot Mom=Michael Corbett
  1727. companion book-CB4386=Daughter's Hot Urges=Kathy Harris
  1728. companion book-CB4387=Horny Hot Cousin=Nick Eastwood
  1729. companion book-CB4388=Mommy In Heat=Tom Allison
  1730. companion book-CB4389=Wife Without Panties=Donna Allen
  1731. companion book-CB4390c=Horny Easy Daughter=Ray Todd
  1732. companion book-CB4391c=Hot Fun Wife=Bob Wallace
  1733. companion book-CB4392=Naughty Hot Widow=Nick Eastwood
  1734. companion book-CB4393=Into Niece's Panties=Ray Todd
  1735. companion book-CB4394c=Hot Horny Housewife=Bob Wallace
  1736. companion book-CB4395=No Virgin Sister=Kathy Harris
  1737. companion book-CB4396=The Wife's Wild Urges=Donna Allen
  1738. companion book-CB4397c=Naked Horny Wife=Brad Logan
  1739. companion book-CB4398c=Daughter Goes Down=Ray Todd
  1740. companion book-CB4399=More Than A Mom=Kathy Andrews
  1741. companion book-CB4400=Hot Coming Daughter=Tom Allison
  1742. companion book-CB4401=Hot Eager Housewife=Donna Allen
  1743. companion book-CB4402=Hot Widespread Daughter=Ray Todd
  1744. companion book-CB4403=Horny Naked Aunt=Harry Stevens
  1745. companion book-CB4404=Hot Sucking Babysitter=Ray Todd
  1746. companion book-CB4405=Hot Incest Sis=Donna Allen
  1747. companion book-CB4406=Eager Horny Cousin=Kevin Sellers
  1748. companion book-CB4407=Coming With The Babysitter=Steve Golden
  1749. companion book-CB4408=What A Hot Sucking Sis!=Kathy Harris
  1750. companion book-CB4409c=Mother Going Down =Nick Eastwood
  1751. companion book-CB4410=Balling Wife=Donna Allen
  1752. companion book-CB4411c=Mom's Wet Panties=Kathy Andrews
  1753. companion book-CB4412=Daughter's Hot Urges=Harry Stevens
  1754. companion book-CB4413=Horny Sucking Babysitter=Steve Golden
  1755. companion book-CB4414c=Their Horny New Mom=Donna Allen
  1756. companion book-CB4415=Sucking Hot Wife=Michael Corbett
  1757. companion book-CB4416c=Daughter Gets Horny=Nick Eastwood
  1758. companion book-CB4417=Three Horny Granddaughters=Don Scott
  1759. companion book-CB4418c=The Sitter Loves To Suck=Steve Golden
  1760. companion book-CB4419c=Turned On Niece=Kathy Harris
  1761. companion book-CB4420=Suck Hard, Sis!=Nick Eastwood
  1762. companion book-CB4421=Horny Virgin Niece=Kathy Harris
  1763. companion book-CB4422c=Wife Hot To Trot=Bob Wallace
  1764. companion book-CB4423=Naughty Loving Daughter=Ray Todd
  1765. companion book-CB4424=Sister's Horny Urges=Tom Allison
  1766. companion book-CB4425c=Back Door Daughter=Ted Leonard
  1767. companion book-CB4426=Eager Balling Wife=J. T. Watson
  1768. companion book-CB4427=Wild Horny Mom=Tom Allison
  1769. companion book-CB4428=Sister Sucks Hardest=Kathy Harris
  1770. companion book-CB4429=Teacher Without Panties=Ron Evans
  1771. companion book-CB4430c=Naked Loving Sister=Ray Mills
  1772. companion book-CB4431=Eager Horny Daughter=Tom Allison
  1773. companion book-CB4432c=Sister's Wet Panties=Kathy Harris
  1774. companion book-CB4433=Teasing Pleasing Daughter=Ray Todd
  1775. companion book-CB4434c=Hot Eager Mom=Kathy Harris
  1776. companion book-CB4435c=The naughty nurse=Duncan Fox
  1777. companion book-CB4436c=Sister Sucks Best=Bob Wallace
  1778. companion book-CB4437=Hot Cousin=Kathy Harris
  1779. companion book-CB4438=Oral Babysitter=Steve Golden
  1780. companion book-CB4439=Wild Wet Wife=Nick Eastwood
  1781. companion book-CB4440=Easy Piece Daughter=Ron Evans
  1782. companion book-CB4441=Hot Naughty Sister=Kathy Harris
  1783. companion book-CB4442=Wet, Ready Babysitter=C. K. Ralston
  1784. companion book-CB4443=Horny Willing Daughter=Nick Eastwood
  1785. companion book-CB4444=Wet Hot Wife=Donna Allen
  1786. companion book-CB4445=Sucking Daughter=Bob Wallace
  1787. companion book-CB4446=Hot Naughty Mom=Gary Shaw
  1788. companion book-CB4447=Cousin Blows Hard=Kathy Harris
  1789. companion book-CB4448c=Hot Loving Widow=C. K. Ralston
  1790. companion book-CB4449c=Naked Wet Daughter=Kathy Harris
  1791. companion book-CB4450=Horny Eager Housewife=Donna Allen
  1792. companion book-CB4451=Auntie's Hot Bed=Nick Eastwood
  1793. companion book-CB4452=Sister With No Panties=Bob Wallace
  1794. companion book-CB4453=Daddy's Eager Daughter=Sally Simpson
  1795. companion book-CB4454=Sister With The Hots=David Crane
  1796. companion book-CB4455=Sweet Sucking Wife=unknown
  1797. companion book-CB4456=Sister's Hot Panties=Bob Wallace
  1798. companion book-CB4457=Sister Hot Sucker=Kathy Andrews
  1799. companion book-CB4458=Bedtime With Mom=Harry Stevens
  1800. companion book-CB4459=What A Hot Sitter!=Jeff Collins
  1801. companion book-CB4460=The Hot Wife's 69=Kathy Harris
  1802. companion book-CB4461=Horny Eager Mother=Kathy Harris
  1803. companion book-CB4462=Hot Loving Housewife=Jeff Collins
  1804. companion book-CB4463=Hot Balling Neighbor=J. D. Blackwood
  1805. companion book-CB4464=The Hotter Daughter Gets=Kathy Harris
  1806. companion book-CB4465=Bend Over, Mommy!=Kathy Andrews
  1807. companion book-CB4466=Hot-to-Suck Wife=Jeff Collins
  1808. companion book-CB4467=Cousin Balls Best=Nick Eastwood
  1809. companion book-CB4468=Learn To Suck, Sister!=Gary F. Wood
  1810. companion book-CB4469=Eager Horny Housewife=Donna Allen
  1811. companion book-CB4470=Hot Sister-in-Law=J. T. Watson
  1812. companion book-CB4471=Willing Horny Daughter=Kathy Harris
  1813. companion book-CB4472=Cousin In Heat=Nick Eastwood
  1814. companion book-CB4473=Loving Hot Mom=Kathy Andrews
  1815. companion book-CB4474=Oral Daughter=Kathy Harris
  1816. companion book-CB4475=Hot Licking Wives=Bill Randolph
  1817. companion book-CB4476=Horny Naughty Mother=Nick Eastwood
  1818. companion book-CB4477=Willing Hot Mom=Sally Simpson
  1819. companion book-CB4478=Best Balling Wife=Bill Randolph
  1820. companion book-CB4479c=Wild Naughty Daughter=Frank Brown
  1821. companion book-CB4480c=Ever Horny Wife=Donna Allen
  1822. companion book-CB4481=Let's Eat Mom!=Kathy Andrews
  1823. companion book-CB4482=Eager Beaver Housewife=J. T. Watson
  1824. companion book-CB4483c='Tween Sister's Hot Thighs=Ray Mills
  1825. companion book-CB4484c=Horny Wife In Bed=Bill Randolph
  1826. companion book-CB4485c=Aunt With Hot Urges=Mark Roman
  1827. companion book-CB4486c=The Hottest Teacher=J. D. Blackwood
  1828. companion book-CB4487c=Fun With Daughter=Kathy Harris
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  3252. double novel-BEE6100=Broad-To-Broad Peddler/A/C-D/C Salesgirls =unknown
  3253. double novel-BEE6101=Wives On The Prowl/Husbands On The Make =unknown
  3254. double novel-BEE6102=All The Bad Girls/Foxy Line-Up =unknown
  3255. double novel-BEE6103=Sweet 'N Supple Suzi/Jazzin' Jeanni =unknown
  3256. double novel-BEE6104=9 To 5 Playmate/Everything For The Boss =unknown
  3257. double novel-BEE6105=Swap For Pop/Only With Uncle =unknown
  3258. Double novel-BEE6106=Ripe and randy/ Young and dandy=unknown
  3259. double novel-BEE6106=Ripe And Randy/Young And Dandy =unknown
  3260. double novel-BEE6107=Campus Pleasures/Dormitory Darlings =unknown
  3261. double novel-BEE6108=Men Are Not Enough/Playing Both Ends =unknown
  3262. double novel-BEE6109=Nina's Naughty Needs/Playmate For Pleasure =unknown
  3263. double novel-BEE6110=Roommate Romp/Party Girl =unknown
  3264. double novel-BEE6111=The Family Plan/Uncle's Favorite Toy =unknown
  3265. double novel-BEE6112=Naive But Naughty/Youthful But Yummy =unknown
  3266. double novel-BEE6114=Virgin Girl/Young Lust =unknown
  3267. double novel-BEE6117=Orgy Scene/Free For All =unknown
  3268. double novel-BEE6125=Loving Both Ways/Two-Way Women =unknown
  3269. double novel-BEE6128=Toying With Joy/Sex Kitten =unknown
  3270. Double novel-BEE6134=Hospital hanky panky/ Her bedside manner=Frances Finlay/ Candy Kuntzer
  3271. Double novel-BEE6136=Familes at play/ His sinsational sis=Lorraine Kinsey/ Darla Dickinson
  3272. double novel-BEE6137=Around The World With Teach/Her Student's Lust =unknown
  3273. double novel-BEE6138=Brother's Pleasure/Uncle's Treasure =Amanda Clitton
  3274. double novel-BEE6139=Date My Mate/A Swapping Good Time =unknown
  3275. double novel-BEE6140=Performing For Pleasure/Sexual Superstar =unknown
  3276. double novel-BEE6141=Sex Slave For Hire/Anything He Desires =unknown
  3277. double novel-BEE6142=Insatiable Ann/Man After Man =unknown
  3278. double novel-BEE6143=Taming Her Passion/Forceful Action =unknown
  3279. double novel-BEE6162=Sizzlin' Sextet/Best Lovers Yet =unknown
  3280. double novel-BEE6163=Innocent Day=/Naughty Night
  3281. double novel-BEE6166=The Nurses Are Hot/Anything For Doc =unknown
  3282. double novel-BEE6167=Partners' Love Swap/Bed To Bed Hop =unknown
  3283. double novel-BEE6168=Naughty Nymphet/Love's Easy To Get =unknown
  3284. double novel-BEE6169=Lovers In Every Port/Wild Holiday Resort =unknown
  3285. double novel-BEE6170=Romping Relatives/Family Fantasies =unknown
  3286. double novel-BEE6171=Passionate Older Miss/Young Boy's Bliss =unknown
  3287. double novel-BEE6172=Chained To Desire/At His Command =Andrea Herty/ Sheri Frick
  3288. double novel-BEE6173=Peepin' And Sneakin'/Overt Flirt =unknown
  3289. double novel-BEE6174=All-Day Desire/All-Night Lust =unknown
  3290. double novel-BEE6175=Sweet Family Treat/Happy Home Lovin' =unknown
  3291. double novel-BEE6177=Swinging Married Life/Lawfully Bedded Wife =unknown
  3292. double novel-BEE6178=Lust In The Movies/Sex-Starved Groupies =unknown
  3293. double novel-BEE6179=Lovin' At School/Teach's Sexy Rules =unknown
  3294. double novel-BEE6180=Sex-Crazed Action/Days Of Passion =Fred Boner
  3295. double novel-BEE6181=Foreign Affairs/Sweet Family Treat =unknown
  3296. double novel-BEE6182=Passionate Sis/Her Brother's Bliss =Mia Beddington
  3297. double novel-BEE6183=Laurie's Female Lovers/Lesbian Lust =unknown
  3298. double novel-BEE6184=Swinging Newlyweds/Swapping Beds =unknown
  3299. double novel-BEE6185=Gamy Amy/Lusty Lorna =unknown
  3300. double novel-BEE6186=Candy's Sweet Embrace/Chaste Makes Waste =unknown
  3301. double novel-BEE6187=Lust For The Lonely/Good Spouse-Keeping =unknown
  3302. double novel-BEE6188=Sex Show/Flesh Festival =unknown
  3303. double novel-BEE6189=Swinging Suburbia/Randy Ranch Romance =unknown
  3304. double novel-BEE6190=Loving Aunt Belle/Niece's Lust Spell =unknown
  3305. double novel-BEE6191=Every Female's Desire/Male For Hire =unknown
  3306. double novel-BEE6192=Sex For The Elite/carnal Retreat =unknown
  3307. double novel-BEE6193=Student's At Play/Lesbo Lessons =Ursula Updike/Twyla Twacht
  3308. double novel-BEE6194=Posing For Pleasure/Model On The Make=unknown
  3309. double novel-BEE6195=Older Woman's Fantasy/Young Man's Ecstasy=unknown
  3310. double novel-BEE6196=House-To-House Spouse/Marriage Made In Lust=unknown
  3311. double novel-BEE6197=Lust Against Her Will/Dominating Thrills=unknown
  3312. double novel-BEE6198=Heights Of Ecstasy/Depths Of Desire=unknown
  3313. double novel-BEE6199=House Of Pleasure/Palace Of Lust =Hugh Topia/ Marc Mixer
  3314. double novel-BEE6200=Every Mother's Fun/Her Loving Stepson=unknown
  3315. double novel-BEE6201=Regina's Sex Arena/Laurie's Lusty Glory=unknown
  3316. double novel-BEE6202=Her Boss' Delight/Naughty Late Nights=unknown
  3317. double novel-BEE6203=Wicked Innocence/Nubile Nymph=Marge Gurlay/ Tammy Bogger
  3318. double novel-BEE6204=Four Play/Triple Delight=unknown
  3319. double novel-BEE6205=Succulent Cindy/Juicy Lenny=unknown
  3320. double novel-BEE6206=Sexy Relations/Family Excitations=unknown
  3321. double novel-BEE6207=High School Flirt/Campus Sexpert=unknown
  3322. double novel-BEE6208=Her Peak Of Passion/His Pinnacle Of Pleasure=Nell Morrow/ Zora Whippit
  3323. double novel-BEE6209=Sex Enough For Two/His Dream Come True=Ella Desurte/ Mary Munchie
  3324. double novel-BEE6210=Passion And Fun/Sex For Everyone=Ariel Cushion/ Marc Mixer
  3325. double novel-BEE6211=Wham, Bam, Thank You Pam/Every Man For Nan=Mia Eaton/ Irma Frentz
  3326. double novel-BEE6212=Two-Way Lust/Pleasure's A Must=unknown
  3327. double novel-BEE6213=The Sexier The Better/It's Easy To Get Her=unknown
  3328. double novel-BEE6214=Dazzlin' Daughter/Sassy Cassy=unknown
  3329. double novel-BEE6215=Sex Haven/Angie's No Angel =unknown
  3330. double novel-BEE6216=Nymph For A Night/Evenings Of Ecstasy=Lorna Lovett
  3331. double novel-BEE6217=Sibling Embrace/Sister's Playmate =unknown
  3332. double novel-BEE6218=Dial-A-Desire/Horny Hotline=Darla Dinger/Dolly Dalley
  3333. double novel-BEE6219=Degrading Suzi/Elating Janet=unknown
  3334. double novel-BEE6220=Sexy Student Body/Her Class Action=unknown
  3335. double novel-BEE6221=Judy's Lust For Boys/Dolly's Love Toys=Helen Totsey
  3336. double novel-BEE6222=Passion's Her Ticket/The Woman Is Wicked=unknown
  3337. double novel-BEE6223=Lust Or Bust/Sex Is A Must=unknown
  3338. double novel-BEE6224=Sharing Lovers/Twice As Nice=Polly Prudence/ Juliet Gladstone
  3339. double novel-BEE6225=Wives That Roam/Loving At Home=unknown
  3340. double novel-BEE6226=Mama's Boy/Daddy's Joy=unknown
  3341. double novel-BEE6228=Sister's Love Is Best/Her Brother's Caress=Sandi Sweetass
  3342. double novel-BEE6229=Sex-Starved Students/Turned-On Tutor=unknown
  3343. double novel-BEE6230=The Lovin' Is Free/Satisfaction Guaranteed =unknown
  3344. double novel-BEE6231=Nickie's Naughty Surrender/Wendy's Wanton Splendor =unknown
  3345. double novel-BEE6232=Tough To Please/Tease 'Em With Ease=unknown
  3346. double novel-BEE6233=Hot Family Games/Mother's Many Flames=unknown
  3347. double novel-BEE6234=Sensuous Sue/Pleasure On Cue=unknown
  3348. double novel-BEE6235=Orgy Therapist/Thrills For All=unknown
  3349. double novel-BEE6236=Captured=Passion/Caught In Lust's Web
  3350. double novel-BEE6237=Passion For All/Havin' A Ball=unknown
  3351. double novel-BEE6238=Dating Sis/Sibling Bliss=unknown
  3352. double novel-BEE6239=Passion 'Round The Clock/Lust On The Rocks=unknown
  3353. double novel-BEE6240=Sex In The Tropics/Wild Hawaiian Nights=unknown
  3354. double novel-BEE6241=Swinging Both Ways/Nymphs At Play=unknown
  3355. double novel-BEE6242=Sandra's A Tease/Wendy Wants To Please=unknown
  3356. double novel-BEE6243=Sexy Perversions/Carnal Conversions=unknown
  3357. double novel-BEE6244= Lusty Leading Lady/Holly Would =unknown
  3358. double novel-BEE6245=Husband Swapping/Wife Hopping=unknown
  3359. double novel-BEE6246=Her Dominating Plans/Degrading Ann=unknown
  3360. double novel-BEE6247=Mom Makes Out/Seducing Her Son=unknown
  3361. double novel-BEE6248=Innocent Submission/Kinky Candy=unknown
  3362. double novel-BEE6252=Playing Hard To Get/Passionate Paulette =Cain Helpit
  3363. double novel-BEE6253=She's Really Cookin'/Recipe For Three =unknown
  3364. double novel-BEE6254=Youthful Delights/Passion-Filled Nights =unknown
  3365. double novel-BEE6256=Her Passion Is Right/The Loving's Out Of Sight =unknown
  3366. double novel-BEE6257=Nymphet Niece/Pleasure's Never Cease =Faye Familia/ Randi Raunch
  3367. double novel-BEE6258=Join In With Joyce/Lust=Choice
  3368. double novel-BEE6259=Sweet Taste Of Mandy/The Flavor Of Brandy =unknown
  3369. double novel-BEE6260=Her Bodily Charms/In Susan's Arms =unknown
  3370. double novel-BEE6261=Her Lusty Encore/Always Wanting More =unknown
  3371. double novel-BEE6262=Sensuous Charlene/Mischievous Maureen =unknown
  3372. double novel-BEE6263=Every Way Woman/Kim's Sexy Whims =unknown
  3373. double novel-BEE6264=Young And Sweet/Nubile Treat =unknown
  3374. double novel-BEE6265=Playful Patty/Linda's Lusty Daddy =unknown
  3375. double novel-BEE6266=Hot And Horny Females/Passion Prevails =unknown
  3376. double novel-BEE6267=Lovers In Paradise/Twice As Nice Vice =unknown
  3377. double novel-BEE6268=Tough To Tame/Passion's Her Game =unknown
  3378. double novel-BEE6269=Insatiable Sally/Never-Ending Ecstasy =unknown
  3379. double novel-BEE6270=Spouse Swap/Wife-To-Wife Hop =Bud Weisser
  3380. double novel-BEE6271=Submissive Sheila/Tough-Loving Tiffany =unknown
  3381. double novel-BEE6272=Come Join The Fun/Pleasure For Everyone =unknown
  3382. double novel-BEE6273=Rich In Passion/Playgirl's Pleasure =unknown
  3383. double novel-BEE6274=Home-Style Desire/Lighting Mom's Fire=unknown
  3384. double novel-BEE6275=Passions Of The Night/Mature Delights =unknown
  3385. double novel-BEE6276=Family Orgy/In Lust We Trust=unknown
  3386. double novel-BEE6277=Nurse's Affairs/Her Tender Lovin' Care =unknown
  3387. double novel-BEE6278=Sweet Young Thing/Beginner's Lust =unknown
  3388. Double novel-BEE6283=Kitty's kinky kin/ Family festivities=Cassie Massage/ Robert Bedford
  3389. double novel-BEE6307=Desiring daddy/ Father does it best=Luvy Beaton
  3390. double novel-BEE6310=Sex supreme/ Innocent dreams=Frenchy Moiste/ Babe Babcock
  3391. double novel-BEE6311=Wild sex therapy/ Kinky clinic=unknown
  3392. double novel-BEE6329=No-tell motel/ Randy room service=unknown
  3393. double novel-BEE6335=Mom runs wild/ Desires by the mile=Sandi Sweetass/ Marc Mixer
  3394. double novel-BEE6337=Modeling her passion/ Her exposed pose=Stein and Hotz
  3395. double novel-BEE6338=The family treasure/ Plenty of pleasure=Dick Pearson/ Bella Bustine
  3396. double novel-BEE6342=Usin' Susan/Bedding Belinda =unknown
  3397. double novel-BEE6343=Putting out for pop/ Daughters that swap=Nan Bangcroft/ Agnes Amour
  3398. double novel-BEE6345=She Needs No Urgin'/No Longer A Virgin=unknown
  3399. double novel-BEE6354=Maidenhood Lost/Passion Found =unknown
  3400. double novel-BEE6358=Selling sexual delight/ Her price is right=Constance Contact/ Carrie T. Torch
  3401. double novel-BEE6366=All men please her/ Leave it to beaver=Elizabeth Strays
  3402. double novel-BEE6367=Modeling her passion/ Her exposed pose=Stein and Hotz/ Anne Atomy
  3403. double novel-BEE6371=Can You Top Bliss/Not So Innocent Miss =unknown
  3404. double novel-BEE6387=Making time with mom/ Mother becomes ecstatic=Carla Coxley
  3405. double novel-BEE6387=The family treasure/ Plenty of pleasure=unknown
  3406. double novel-BEE6391=The ultimate intimates/ Passion's playmates=unknown
  3407. double novel-BEE6394=Edna likes 'em young/ Anna's out for fun=unknown
  3408. double novel-BEE6397=Plucking Daisy's Innocence/Lust In Bloom =Hal A. Luya
  3409. double novel-BEE6400=Teach's sex instruction/ students of seduction=unknown
  3410. double novel-BEE6400=Teach's sex instruction/ students of seduction=unknown
  3411. double novel-BEE6405=Master of ecstasy/ Her kinky fantasies=unknown
  3412. double novel-BEE6405=Take A Toss With Tess/Sweet Virgin's Caress =unknown
  3413. double novel-BEE6406=Young Sex Kitty/Passion Sitting Pretty =Bella Belly/ Ash Es
  3414. double novel-BEE6407=Home to stray/ Incest play=unknown
  3415. double novel-BEE6408=Halloween Sex Scene/Peek And Boo For Passion =unknown
  3416. double novel-BEE6409=Money makes the lust go 'round/ Enriching her desires=Dee Syde/ Jess Taminit
  3417. double novel-BEE6411=Lawfully Wedded Nymph/With This Ring I Thee Lust =unknown
  3418. double novel-BEE6415A=Wanting Everyone=Horace Harding
  3419. double novel-BEE6415B=Everyone Wanton=Horace Harding
  3420. double novel-BEE6427=A Side Order Of Sex/After Dinner Nymph =unknown
  3421. double novel-BEE6428=Captured for rapture/ Taken to bed by force=unknown
  3422. double novel-BEE6432=Mixing Up Some Pleasure/With A Little Lust =Arch Rivil/ Keith Thafaith
  3423. double novel-BEE6433=Some Enchanted Orgy/Swing 'N' Swap Neighbors =unknown
  3424. double novel-BEE6435=Paramours In Paradise/Holiday On Vice =unknown
  3425. double novel-BEE6437=Too Rough To Handle/Tender Loving Cher =unknown
  3426. double novel-BEE6438=Dinah's A Live Wire/The Dawn Of Desire =unknown
  3427. double novel-BEE6440=A Lusting We Will Go/Tantalizing Trio =unknown
  3428. double novel-BEE6441=Aunt Sheri's Love Pit/Naughty Niece Nadette =unknown
  3429. double novel-BEE6443=Barbara's Hot and Juicy/I Lust Lucy =unknown
  3430. double novel-BEE6444=Jody's Darling Daddy/Pop's Cream Of The Crop =unknown
  3431. double novel-BEE6445=Hot Stuff Sis/Debbie's Sibling Bliss =Francine Fouque/ Candy Peele
  3432. double novel-BEE6446=Sally's Kissin' Cousins/Kinky Cousin's Club =Connie Clammer/ Louise Lecheu
  3433. double novel-BEE6447=Circus Nymph/The Magic Of Wendi's Passion =unknown
  3434. double novel-BEE6448=On The Road Of Pleasure/Sex Spree In A Taxi =unknown
  3435. double novel-BEE6449=To Lust, Or Not To Lust/A Bed Full Of Jill =unknown
  3436. double novel-BEE6450=Alice In Wanton Land/All The Way Divorcee =unknown
  3437. double novel-BEE6451=Lights, Camera, Passion/High Fashion Action =unknown
  3438. double novel-BEE6452=Swap In The Family/Debbie's Relative Romp =unknown
  3439. double novel-BEE6453=How Lusty Can Mom Be/Daddy's Delicious Dee =Paul Buster
  3440. double novel-BEE6454=Tip-top Swap/Pass-Around Charlotte =unknown
  3441. double novel-BEE6455=A Piece Of Teach For Each/Pupils Of Seduction =unknown
  3442. double novel-BEE6456=Dotty Dates 'em Young/Crystal's Out For Fun =unknown
  3443. double novel-BEE6457=Lynn's Rich In Desire/Worth Her Weight In Passion =unknown
  3444. double novel-BEE6458=Rona's Romp With Ladies/Della's Desire For Girls =unknown
  3445. double novel-BEE6459=Turning On Mom/At Home With Sex =unknown
  3446. double novel-BEE6460=Bedtime Teaser/The Man Pleaser =unknown
  3447. double novel-BEE6461=When The Loving Gets Rough/The Get Coming =unknown
  3448. double novel-BEE6462=Nymph Resort/Vixen On Vacation =unknown
  3449. double novel-BEE6463=The Wives Of Passion/Spouse's Outside Action =unknown
  3450. double novel-BEE6464=Easy To Get Janey/Playing With Patti =unknown
  3451. double novel-BEE6465=Sis's Sex Trap/Embracing Sister Stacy =unknown
  3452. double novel-BEE6466A=Eager To Bed Bunny=Eileen Over
  3453. double novel-BEE6466B=A Little Night Nookie=Hugh Kissasse
  3454. double novel-BEE6471=Darlene's Swap Clinic/Sex Therapy For Kicks =unknown
  3455. double novel-BEE6472=Tender Young Tease/Cindy Learns To Please=Faye Vere
  3456. Double novel-BEE6482C=Tiffany's tough lovin' game/ Easy to tame Elaine=unknown
  3457. Double novel-BEE6483=The wild side of sis/ Brother's favorite flirt=Puppin Hotte
  3458. double novel-BEE6487=Lady Of Desire/Her Sexual Empire =unknown
  3459. Double novel-BEE6489=Orgy at mom's/ In stepmother's arms=Dinah Omite
  3460. double novel-BEE6492=Traveling lovers/ Nymphs abroad=Mona Mouth
  3461. double novel-BEE6500=How do i lust thee/ Let me count the passions=unknown
  3462. double novel-BEE6503=Thrust into pleasure/ Her hidden treasures=Don Keye/ Al Theway
  3463. double novel-BEE6504=Easy To Get Duet/Sex Two Abreast =unknown
  3464. double novel-BEE6506=Bed-to-bed Analysis/Tryst With A Sex Therapist =Loretta Lovett/ Eva Beaver
  3465. double novel-BEE6509=Judy's Stud Collection/Getting Young Affection =unknown
  3466. double novel-BEE6510=The More The Sexier/Can't Stop The Sex =unknown
  3467. double novel-BEE6514=Carol keeps 'em coming/ Brace yourself=Hans Allover/ Myron Walpole
  3468. double novel-BEE6515=Show And Tell Tanya/Lust And Found Lisa =unknown
  3469. double novel-BEE6516=Take A Taste Of Teach/Not So Prudent Students =unknown
  3470. double novel-BEE6517=There's Rapture In Capture/Trapping Beaver =unknown
  3471. double novel-BEE6522=Simone Likes To Roam/Lovers On Loan =unknown
  3472. double novel-BEE6523=Wife On Many Passions/Extramarital Action =unknown
  3473. double novel-BEE6524=Bed-to-bed family/Relatives in lust=Fanny Heine/ Rod Delong
  3474. double novel-BEE6525=Win, Place Or Seduce/Brandy's Nice And Loose =unknown
  3475. double novel-BEE6528=Office Temptress/A Pleasure Doing Business =unknown
  3476. double novel-BEE6529=Orgies Unlimited/Bed-to-bed Swap =unknown
  3477. double novel-BEE6535=Hot and Horny Holiday/Vacation Sex Play =Roman Hans/ Irma La Loose  
  3478. double novel-BEE6537=Nickie's kinky reputation/ Wendy's yen for domination=unknown
  3479. double novel-BEE6540=Flirting with passion/ After class action=unknown
  3480. double novel-BEE6543=Passion Holiday/Roamin' Sex Games =unknown
  3481. double novel-BEE6545=X-rated Passion/Lust, Camera, Action! =Offen and Furstenbed
  3482. double novel-BEE6546=Teaching Sex Education/Student's Bedroom Demonstration=Seymour Skinne
  3483. double novel-BEE6551=Modeling Her Pleasures/Exposing His Desires=Bo Zodeclown/Joe D. Dawg
  3484. double novel-BEE6553=Pleasin' The Boss/Giving At The Office =unknown
  3485. double novel-BEE6558=Sex on display/ Betty's lust-filled days=unknown
  3486. double novel-BEE6559=Desires That Simmer/Sexual Beginner =unknown
  3487. double novel-BEE6560=Her Voluptuous Measures/Younger Man's Pleasure =unknown
  3488. double novel-BEE6565=Wanda's wanton needs/ Hard-to-tame Jane=unknown
  3489. double novel-BEE6568=Suzi Likes It Rough/So Does Janet =unknown
  3490. double novel-BEE6570=Auntie's eager for sex/ Uncle does it best=Tom Katt/ Pete Erbread
  3491. double novel-BEE6573=Sexual Sensation/X-Rated Temptations =unknown
  3492. double novel-BEE6574=Lovers On The Side/An Adulterer's Guide =unknown
  3493. double novel-BEE6575=Giving Joy To The Boys/Faith In Sex =unknown
  3494. double novel-BEE6576=Selling Carnal Thrills/Her Sexual Skills =unknown
  3495. double novel-BEE6579=Non-stop Sex Swap/Neighborly Lust =unknown
  3496. double novel-BEE6581=Kari's Lusty Daddy/Pop Likes It Hot =unknown
  3497. double novel-BEE6582=Sex-hungry Sally/Encore For Ecstasy! =unknown
  3498. double novel-BEE6584=Call Girl Dreams/Hot Line To Passion =unknown
  3499. double novel-BEE6585=Eager-To-Bed Coeds/Sexy Student Bodies =unknown
  3500. double novel-BEE6586=Incest Is Their Game/Sex Without Shame =unknown
  3501. double novel-BEE6587=No Lust Lost/Sex For The Young =Eilleen Back/ Merrill Leigh
  3502. double novel-BEE6588=Lessons In Lust/Teacher's Sex Pet =Laloose and Furstenbed
  3503. double novel-BEE6589=Doing It The Gay Way/Lusty Lady Lovers =A. Bissell/Candy Mann
  3504. double novel-BEE6589=Doing It The Gay Way/Lusty Lady Lovers=unknown
  3505. double novel-BEE6590=Sexual Relations/Sibling Sex Swing =unknown
  3506. double novel-BEE6591=Daddy's Lust Girl/Father's Little Flirt =unknown
  3507. double novel-BEE6592=Every-Way Women/Swapping Lovers =unknown
  3508. double novel-BEE6594=Father know incest/ Mom's homemade lust=unknown
  3509. double novel-BEE6595=Sex with her brother-in-law/Uncle wants more!=Paul Mall
  3510. double novel-BEE6600=Hot 'n juicy Lucy/ Three-way sex=Bob Katt/ Titus Canby
  3511. double novel-BEE6603=Hot-to-swap wife/ Her wild sex life=Billy Goet
  3512. double novel-BEE6603=Hot-to-swap wife/ Her wild sex life=Billy Goet
  3513. double novel-BEE6608=Sexually free Billie/ Selling her services=Hugh Gotit/ Eileen Back
  3514. double novel-BEE6613=Sexually free Billie/ Selling her services=unknown
  3515. double novel-BEE6613=Young Sex Kitty/Passion Sitting Pretty =unknown
  3516. double novel-BEE6614=Wife On The Loose/Husbands That Seduce =unknown
  3517. double novel-BEE6615=She Spreads It Around/Nymph About Town =unknown
  3518. double novel-BEE6616=Mom's Rarin' to Go/Family Sex Show =Alice Q. Cumber
  3519. double novel-BEE6618=Sexually Satisfied/Desires Undenied =Seymour Skinne/ Marc Pearson
  3520. double novel-BEE6619=Lust Takes A Holiday/Lovers At Play =unknown
  3521. double novel-BEE6620=Tough-to-tame/Passion's Her Game =unknown
  3522. double novel-BEE6621=Daddy's Little Treasures/Family Pleasures =unknown
  3523. double novel-BEE6622=Can You Top Bliss/No So Innocent Miss =unknown
  3524. Double novel-BEE6630=Selling sexual delight/ Her price is right=unknown
  3525. double novel-BEE6632=All The Men Please Her/Leave It To Beaver =Connie Lingiss
  3526. double novel-BEE6644=Her Flair For Affairs/Bedfellows Everywhere =Barbie Doll
  3527. double novel-BEE6653=Tough to pleasure/ Tease 'Em with easy=unknown
  3528. double novel-BEE6658=Mixing Up Some Pleasure/With A Little Lust =Vince Incoherent/ Jill Redyforit
  3529. double novel-BEE6659=Live And Let Lust/Fool-Around Flirt=unknown
  3530. double novel-BEE6661=Come join the fun/ pleasure for everyone=unknown
  3531. double novel-BEE6664=Sex in the name/ Passion's her game=P. Nuttbutter
  3532. double novel-BEE6667=Held For Seduction/Lust Unleashed =unknown
  3533. double novel-BEE6669=Sweet Young Thing/Beginner's Lust =unknown
  3534. double novel-BEE6671=A Side Order Of Sex/After Dinner Nymph =Bea N. Sprout
  3535. double novel-BEE6672=Shacking Up/Bedding Down =Ken Chrysler
  3536. double novel-BEE6674A=Her Sensuous Search=Dawn Cummings
  3537. double novel-BEE6674B=Finding True Lust=Dawn Cummings
  3538. double novel-BEE6675Ac=Lawfully Wedded Nymph/ With This Ring, I Thee Lust=Eve Ning/ Bob Berr  
  3539. double novel-BEE6676=Easy come easy flow/ letting herserf go=Merri Ment/ Louis Ville
  3540. double novel-BEE6679=Some Enchanted Orgy/Swing 'N' Swap Neighbors =unknown
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  3542. double novel-BEE6681=Voueur satisfaction/ Watching sexy action=Tip Omecock
  3543. double novel-BEE6682=Three-way Loving/Oceans Of Orgies =Tom Dickenharry
  3544. double novel-BEE6684=Her Bodily Charms/In Susan's Arms =unknown
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  3547. double novel-BEE6693=Sex supreme/ Innocent dreams=Babe Babcock
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  6313. greenleaf elite-GE1047c=Three Horny Teachers=J.H. Long
  6314. greenleaf elite-GE1048c=Get It Up For Julie=M.J. Jacobs
  6315. greenleaf elite-GE1049c=The Boy Teaser=Mark Jacobs
  6316. greenleaf elite-GE1050c=Over Eager Wife=Rex Taylor
  6317. greenleaf elite-GE1051c=Hot For Brother=Ron Taylor
  6318. greenleaf elite-GE1052c=Daddy's Bad Girl=Norma Egan
  6319. greenleaf elite-GE1053c=The Senator's Playmate=Ray Todd
  6320. greenleaf elite-GE1054c=Her Pervert Parents=Jane Fox
  6321. greenleaf elite-GE1056c=Boy Hungry Wife=Norma Egan
  6322. greenleaf elite-GE2001c=Spanking Mommy=Duncan Fox
  6323. greenleaf elite-GE2002=His Cheatin' Wife=Marvin Cox
  6324. greenleaf elite-GE2003=Four-Way Family=Mary Moore
  6325. greenleaf elite-GE2004=Sally's Boy Hunger=Brian Laver
  6326. greenleaf elite-GE2005c=Hot Pants Teachers=Wesley Damon
  6327. greenleaf elite-GE2006=The Whore Master=Ron Taylor
  6328. greenleaf elite-GE2007=Raped Teacher=J.T. Watson
  6329. greenleaf elite-GE2008=Hot Pants Typist=unknown
  6330. greenleaf elite-GE2009c=Raped Runaway=Jim Dawson
  6331. greenleaf elite-GE2010=Hot Pants Nurse=M.J. Jacobs
  6332. greenleaf elite-GE2011=His Nasty Wife=unknown
  6333. greenleaf elite-GE2012c=Hot Piece Cousin=J.T. Watson
  6334. greenleaf elite-GE2013c=Mom's Hot Lesson=Jeff Davis
  6335. greenleaf elite-GE2014c=Raped Brother=J.S. Bradley
  6336. greenleaf elite-GE2015=Sandy's Sucking Lips=unknown
  6337. greenleaf elite-GE2016=Sally's Rape Cure=J.T. Watson
  6338. greenleaf elite-GE2017=Swap Neighbors=unknown
  6339. greenleaf elite-GE2018c=Teacher On Top=M.J. Jacobs
  6340. greenleaf elite-GE2019=Daddy's Little Darling=Roy Manning
  6341. greenleaf elite-GE2020=Hot Time With Mom=Jeff Collins
  6342. greenleaf elite-GE2021=Defiled Daughter=Bob Ellis
  6343. greenleaf elite-GE2022c=Easy Office Girl=Robert Vickers
  6344. greenleaf elite-GE2023c=Two-Way Sisters=Mel Marshall
  6345. greenleaf elite-GE2024=Hot Pants Neighbor=unknown
  6346. greenleaf elite-GE2026=Sister's Hot Pants=Pamela James
  6347. greenleaf elite-GE2027=Naughty Family=unknown
  6348. greenleaf elite-GE2028=Cheating Wife=Jane Fox
  6349. greenleaf elite-GE2029=The Senator's Playmate=Ray Todd
  6350. greenleaf elite-GE2030=Her Pervert Parents=Jane Fox
  6351. greenleaf elite-GE2031=The Voyeur Landlord=Janet McCoy
  6352. greenleaf elite-GE2032c=Boy Hungry Wife=Norma Egan
  6353. greenleaf elite-GE2033c=Spouse In Torment=Jason Cannon
  6354. greenleaf elite-GE2034c=Hungry Wives=James Evers
  6355. greenleaf elite-GE2035=Turned On Sales Girl=unknown
  6356. greenleaf elite-GE2036c=Hot Family=Jeff Davis
  6357. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB101=Swinging teachers=David Ingram
  6358. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB102=Door To Door Teaser=David Crane
  6359. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB103=Cheating Spouses=Norma Egan  
  6360. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB104=Hot Wives=Robert Vickers
  6361. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB106=Tempting Truckstop Waitress=Jane Fox
  6362. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB107=Swapping Secretary=Jane Fox
  6363. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB109=Unwilling Stewardess*=Robert Vickers  
  6364. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB110c=The Desire in Debbie=Mark Carver
  6365. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB111=The Illegal Secretary=Jeff Collins
  6366. Greenleaf FAB Series-FAB112=The Willing Bride=Norma Egan
  6367. Greenleaf GK Series-GK1450=Dog-woman=Jean Valais
  6368. Greenleaf GK Series-GK1650=Hungry flesh=Alexandria Ayers
  6369. Greenleaf GK Series-GK1850=Rape Of A Puritan=Patricia Peters  
  6370. Greenleaf GK Series-GK350=Blacks' Beauty=Kathy Shawn  
  6371. Greenleaf GK Series-GK3650=Heroneous In 69=William Arthur  
  6372. Greenleaf GK Series-GK850=Age of consent=Sharon Baxter
  6373. Greenleaf GR Series-GR1032=Manor's New Mistress*=H.C. Hawkes  
  6374. greenleaf heritage-GH103=The adopted sister=Ross Thompson
  6375. greenleaf heritage-GH110=Play with my wife=Cyril Hand
  6376. greenleaf heritage-GH111c=Penny's Pet=Duncan Fox
  6377. greenleaf heritage-GH112=Rachel's rape=Russell Madden
  6378. greenleaf heritage-GH113=Sugar baby=Martin Rawlins
  6379. greenleaf heritage-GH116=Daddy's little princess=Russell Madden
  6380. greenleaf heritage-GH122=Hitchhike whore=John Dexter
  6381. greenleaf heritage-GH123=Orgy town=Jay Trevor
  6382. greenleaf heritage-GH124=Dirty Little Girl=J. X. Williams
  6383. Greenleaf Key-GK150=Spanish fly=Gary Bastion
  6384. Greenleaf Key-GK2050=My sin summer=Susan Biltmore
  6385. Greenleaf Key-GK2250=The territory within=Chaucer Cartwright
  6386. Greenleaf Key-GK2850=Wife to loan=Anita Williams
  6387. Greenleaf Key-GK3750=The degenerates=Sharon Baxter
  6388. Greenleaf Key-GK4350=Priscilla, My Pet=Lorna Freed
  6389. Greenleaf Key-GK450=Belle of The Barracks=Doris Murphy
  6390. Greenleaf Key-GK5050=Hollywood Virgin=H.C. Hawkes
  6391. Greenleaf Key-GK550=The Soldier's Wife=Alex Ayers
  6392. Greenleaf Key-GK750=The protegee=Tammy Calhoun
  6393. Greenleaf NS Series-NS426=Faculty Wife*=Lambert Wilhelm  
  6394. Greenleaf NS Series-NS467=His Models For Success=Jeff Powell  
  6395. Greenleaf NS Series-NS500=A Stepfather's Love=Jack Grant
  6396. Greenleaf Patch Pokets-PP7489=The Ways A Wife Plays*=Hank Henderson  
  6397. Greenleaf Patch Pokets-PP7513=What to do w/ twin sisters=Jimmy Knight  
  6398. Greenleaf Patch Pokets-PP7567=Serviced By t. Salesgirls=Benjamin Royce  
  6399. Greenleaf Patch Pokets-PP8009=Spreading For Coach=Vince Marcos  
  6400. Greenleaf Reader series-undef=Billy's Horny Aunt=Kathy Andrews
  6401. greenleaf reader-GR1004=The anthropologist's daughter book 2=Harold Bestwood
  6402. greenleaf reader-GR1006=Miss Blackwood's Strange Wacation=Dana Courtney
  6403. greenleaf reader-GR1011=Cannery girl=Eleanor Gray
  6404. greenleaf reader-GR1016=A Bride And Her Brother=Curt Aldrich
  6405. greenleaf reader-GR1017=Aunt Carol's Craving=Harold Bestwood
  6406. greenleaf reader-GR1018=Ava's Family Rites=Eleanor Gray
  6407. greenleaf reader-GR1019=Mother's Good Girl=H. C. Hawkes
  6408. greenleaf reader-GR1020=A Mother To Love=Harold Bestwood
  6409. greenleaf reader-GR1021=Aunt Anna's Undoing=Curt Aldrich
  6410. greenleaf reader-GR1022=Julia's Carnal Confinement=Winston Regret
  6411. greenleaf reader-GR1023=Beach-Boy Girl=Michael Penn
  6412. greenleaf reader-GR1024=Laurie's Hardest Sale=H. C. Hawkes
  6413. greenleaf reader-GR1025=Teacher's Eager Pets=Curt Aldrich
  6414. greenleaf reader-GR1026=Factory Girl=Shane Baxter
  6415. greenleaf reader-GR1027=The Fisherman's Plaything=unknown
  6416. greenleaf reader-GR1028=Hot Pants Orphan=Curt Aldrich
  6417. greenleaf reader-GR1029=Camille On Her Own=Mark Whiting
  6418. greenleaf reader-GR1030=The Girl At Scarboro Farms=H. C. Hawkes
  6419. greenleaf reader-GR1031=Carney Girl=Dana Courtney
  6420. greenleaf reader-GR1034=Truck-Stop Girl=Ray Majors
  6421. greenleaf reader-GR1035=A Winner For Annie Doyle=Leo Trent
  6422. greenleaf reader-GR1036=Brenda's Bestial Hands=Dana Courtney
  6423. greenleaf reader-GR1037=Revival Girl=Curt Aldrich
  6424. greenleaf reader-GR1038=The Innocent Heiress=Winston Regret
  6425. greenleaf reader-GR1039=Sister's Sinful Love=Jay Trevor
  6426. greenleaf reader-GR1040=Pam's Carnal Duties=Curt Aldrich
  6427. greenleaf reader-GR1041=Debauched Daughters=Harry Bestwood
  6428. greenleaf reader-GR1042=Riding Hard With Carol=Leo Trent
  6429. greenleaf reader-GR1043=Secretary For Rent=Jay Trevor
  6430. greenleaf reader-GR1044=Two Fathers To Love=H. C. Hawkes
  6431. greenleaf reader-GR1045=Abused Bride=Curt Aldrich
  6432. greenleaf reader-GR1046=Drama School Virgin=Jake Slaughter
  6433. greenleaf reader-GR1047=Kim's Night of Violence=Leo Trent
  6434. greenleaf reader-GR1049=Bourbon Street Girl=Jeremy August
  6435. greenleaf reader-GR1051=Lust For Life=Winston Regret
  6436. greenleaf reader-GR1052=Red-Light Census Taker=Dana Courtney
  6437. greenleaf reader-GR1053=A Girl In The Stretch=Hank Norris
  6438. greenleaf reader-GR1054c=Four-Way Bride=Curt Aldrich
  6439. greenleaf reader-GR1055=Developing Cindy=H. C. Hawkes
  6440. greenleaf reader-GR1056=Devlin's Willing Wife=Leo Trent
  6441. greenleaf reader-GR1057=Second Hand Woman=Harry Bestwood
  6442. greenleaf reader-GR1058=The Tormented Tourist=Don King
  6443. greenleaf reader-GR1059=Rodeo Girl=Don Bellmore
  6444. greenleaf reader-GR1060=Girl in the ghetto=Curt Aldrich
  6445. greenleaf reader-GR1063=The Mother Lovers=Leo Trent
  6446. greenleaf reader-GR1066=Plun??? Orphan=J.J. Savage
  6447. greenleaf reader-GR1068=Nurse in training=Eric Gannon
  6448. greenleaf reader-GR1075=The Town Holdout=unknown
  6449. greenleaf reader-GR1076=Daddy's Temptation=Alex Ayres
  6450. greenleaf reader-GR1077=The Preacher's Wife=Curt Aldrich
  6451. greenleaf reader-GR1078=His Daughter's Sin=Harry Bestwood
  6452. greenleaf reader-GR1079=Christina's Conversion=Mark Whitney
  6453. greenleaf reader-GR1080=The Depraved Housewife=Winston Regret
  6454. greenleaf reader-GR1081=The Newlywed Swap Party=Robert Holiday
  6455. greenleaf reader-GR1082=Violated Virgin=Dora Carl
  6456. greenleaf reader-GR1083=Darla's Dog Habit=Jack Grant
  6457. greenleaf reader-GR1084=Sister In Shame=Alan Marshall
  6458. greenleaf reader-GR1086c=Mama's Boy=Curt Aldrich
  6459. greenleaf reader-GR1087=Porno girl=Martin Rawlins
  6460. greenleaf reader-GR1088=Teacher's Pets=Richard Alexis
  6461. greenleaf reader-GR1089=The Unholy Teacher=Henry Smith
  6462. greenleaf reader-GR1090=Daughter's Downfall=Harry Bestwood
  6463. greenleaf reader-GR1091=A Family Affair=Duncan Fox
  6464. greenleaf reader-GR1092=Aunt Emma's Undoing Book 1=(Curt Aldrich
  6465. greenleaf reader-GR1093=Aunt Emma's Undoing Book 2=(Curt Aldrich
  6466. greenleaf reader-GR1094=Minister's Miss=Steve Taylor
  6467. greenleaf reader-GR1095=Daddy's Little Girls=Harry Bestwood
  6468. greenleaf reader-GR1096=Mother In The Evening=Curt Aldrich
  6469. greenleaf reader-GR1097=Sodomy Sis=Nancy Evers
  6470. greenleaf reader-GR1098=Line Up For Lori=Harry Bestwood
  6471. greenleaf reader-GR1099=Faculty Stud=John Dexter
  6472. greenleaf reader-GR1100=The Incest School=unknown
  6473. greenleaf reader-GR1101=No longer a virgin=Curt Aldrich
  6474. greenleaf reader-GR1102=Pervert preacher=Russell White
  6475. greenleaf reader-GR1103=Their Lust For Lydia=Harry Best
  6476. greenleaf reader-GR2001=Part-Time Wife=Brad Harris
  6477. greenleaf reader-GR2002=Loving Mother=Paul Gable
  6478. greenleaf reader-GR2003=Auntie's Secret Desire=Robert Vickers
  6479. greenleaf reader-GR2004=Warming Up For Brother=Harris
  6480. greenleaf reader-GR2005=The Widow's Wild Daughter=Ray Todd
  6481. greenleaf reader-GR2006=The Secretary's Itch=Janet McCoy
  6482. greenleaf reader-GR2007=His New Mom=Brian Laver
  6483. greenleaf reader-GR2008=Horny Stripper=Heather Brown
  6484. greenleaf reader-GR2009=The Teaser Upstairs=Jason Cannon
  6485. greenleaf reader-GR2010=Bored Wife=Rob Taylor
  6486. greenleaf reader-GR2011=Daddy's Massage Girl=Robert Mills
  6487. greenleaf reader-GR2012=His Wife's Hot Itch=Janet McCoy
  6488. greenleaf reader-GR2013=Daddy's Hot Twins=Jason Cannon
  6489. greenleaf reader-GR2014=Raped Daughter=Harris
  6490. greenleaf reader-GR2015=Honeymoon With Sis=Ron Taylor
  6491. greenleaf reader-GR2016=First Daughter, Then Mom=Jane Fox
  6492. greenleaf reader-GR2017=Melissa's Suck Job=James Evers
  6493. greenleaf reader-GR2018=Hot For Brother=Ron Taylor
  6494. greenleaf reader-GR2019=His Incestuous Wife=David Ingram
  6495. greenleaf reader-GR2020=Three-Way Secretary=Ray Mills
  6496. greenleaf reader-GR2021=The Overdue Librarian=J. Adams
  6497. greenleaf reader-GR2022=Turned On Stewardess=R. W. Finch
  6498. greenleaf reader-GR2023=Daddy's Naughty Girl=Norma Egan
  6499. greenleaf reader-GR2024=Widespread Secretary=Peters
  6500. greenleaf reader-GR2025=Mother In Heat=Ray Todd
  6501. greenleaf reader-GR2026=Naughty Aunt=Norma Egan
  6502. greenleaf reader-GR2027=The Wife Raper=J. T. Watson
  6503. greenleaf reader-GR2028=Shameful Mom=Jacobs
  6504. greenleaf reader-GR2029=Hot Pants Secretary=Vince Marcos
  6505. greenleaf reader-GR2030=Playing With Sis=Ron Taylor
  6506. greenleaf reader-GR2031=The Daddy Lovers=Jeff Davis
  6507. greenleaf reader-GR2032=Hot and Willing Wife=James Evers
  6508. greenleaf reader-GR2033=Wife On The Prowl=Ron Taylor
  6509. greenleaf reader-GR2034=Daughter With The Hots=Ray Todd
  6510. greenleaf reader-GR2035=Teenage Teaser=J. T. Watson
  6511. greenleaf reader-GR2036=Here Comes Mom=J. T. Watson
  6512. greenleaf reader-GR2037=Swapping Secretaries=Jane Fox
  6513. greenleaf reader-GR2038=The Librarian's Naughty Urge=Laurie Chandler
  6514. greenleaf reader-GR2039=Hot Pants Niece=John Kellerman
  6515. greenleaf reader-GR2040=Wife On The Make=unknown
  6516. greenleaf reader-GR2041=The Widow's Hot Itch=Jason Cannon
  6517. greenleaf reader-GR2042=Eager Beaver Wife=Heather Brown
  6518. greenleaf reader-GR2043=Wild And Willing Wife=Brad Harris
  6519. greenleaf reader-GR2044=Hot Pants Wife=Ray Todd
  6520. greenleaf reader-GR2045=Virgin No More=Mark Smith
  6521. greenleaf reader-GR2046=Housewife In Heat=unknown
  6522. greenleaf reader-GR2047=Wife On Call=Ron Taylor
  6523. greenleaf reader-GR2048=Hot And Naughty Daughter=unknown
  6524. greenleaf reader-GR2049=Incest Wife=Ray Todd
  6525. greenleaf reader-GR2050=Hot And Wild Mom=Steve Masters
  6526. greenleaf reader-GR2051=Working Wife=unknown
  6527. greenleaf reader-GR2052=Wild Young Wife=unknown
  6528. greenleaf reader-GR2053=His Cheatin' Wife=Marvin Cox
  6529. greenleaf reader-GR2054=Hot Piece Cousin=J. T. Watson
  6530. greenleaf reader-GR2055=Teacher With The Hots=M. J. Jacobs
  6531. greenleaf reader-GR2056=Wild Daughter=Ray Todd
  6532. greenleaf reader-GR2057=Hot Piece Wives=Jane Fox
  6533. greenleaf reader-GR2058=My Spouse For Yours=unknown
  6534. greenleaf reader-GR2059=Teacher's Hot Bed=unknown
  6535. greenleaf reader-GR2060=Eager Beaver Niece=unknown
  6536. greenleaf reader-GR2061=The Secretary's Hot Itch=unknown
  6537. greenleaf reader-GR2062=Swinging Wives=Jane Fox
  6538. greenleaf reader-GR2063=Secretary For Swapping=Jason Cannon
  6539. greenleaf reader-GR2064=Hot To Trot Wife=unknown
  6540. greenleaf reader-GR2065=Auntie On The Make=Jacobs
  6541. greenleaf reader-GR2066=Wife With The Hots=Mark Smith
  6542. greenleaf reader-GR2067=Putting Out For Dad=Jason Cannon
  6543. greenleaf reader-GR2068=Hot Pants Babysitter=Ray Todd
  6544. greenleaf reader-GR2069=Hot Night With Mom=Jeff Davis
  6545. greenleaf reader-GR2070=Sister Was Best=Marvin Cox
  6546. greenleaf reader-GR2071=Hot And Eager Wife=Ray Mills
  6547. greenleaf reader-GR2072=On The Make Wife=Jason Cannon
  6548. greenleaf reader-GR2073=Hottest Wife In Town=R. W. Finch
  6549. greenleaf reader-GR2074=Two Hot Cousins=Fairly
  6550. greenleaf reader-GR2075=Auntie In The Middle=Mark Carver
  6551. greenleaf reader-GR2076=Hot To Swap Wife=Jane Fox
  6552. greenleaf reader-GR2077=Turned On Housewife=unknown
  6553. greenleaf reader-GR2078=Boy Hungry Wife=Norma Egan
  6554. greenleaf reader-GR2079=Daddy's Little Darling=unknown
  6555. greenleaf reader-GR2080=Hot Time With Mom=unknown
  6556. greenleaf reader-GR2081=Teacher Makes It=Marvin Cox
  6557. greenleaf reader-GR2082=Mom At Midnight=Ray Todd
  6558. greenleaf reader-GR2083=The Neighbor's Turned On Wife=unknown
  6559. greenleaf reader-GR2084=Teacher On Top=M. J. Jacobs
  6560. greenleaf reader-GR2085=Annie's Boy Hunger=Pamela James
  6561. greenleaf reader-GR2086=Overeager Sister=R. W. Finch
  6562. greenleaf reader-GR2087=Hot Bed Schoolgirl=unknown
  6563. greenleaf reader-GR2088=Hot And Willing Widow=unknown
  6564. greenleaf reader-GR2089=Niece In Heat=John Kellerman
  6565. greenleaf reader-GR2090=The Wife's Hot Pants=Nick Eastwood
  6566. greenleaf reader-GR2091=The Virgin's Naughty Family=Janet McCoy
  6567. greenleaf reader-GR2092=Hot Pants Stepdaughter=John Kellerman
  6568. greenleaf reader-GR2093=Naughty Little Niece=John Kellerman
  6569. greenleaf reader-GR2094=Mom's Hot Urge=C. K. Ralston
  6570. greenleaf reader-GR2095=The Preacher's Sinful Wife=J. T. Watson
  6571. greenleaf reader-GR2096=Incest Mother=Brian Laver
  6572. greenleaf reader-GR2097=Hot Wife Next Door=J. T. Watson
  6573. greenleaf reader-GR2098=Turned On Mother=Jerry Milner
  6574. greenleaf reader-GR2099=Boy Loving Teacher=Janet McCoy
  6575. greenleaf reader-GR2100=Eager Young Wife=Marvin Cox
  6576. greenleaf reader-GR2101=Running Wild=Norma Egan
  6577. greenleaf reader-GR2102=Party Girl=Ray Mills
  6578. greenleaf reader-GR2103=The Wife's New Lovers=Janet McCoy
  6579. greenleaf reader-GR2104=A Lesson From Aunt Barbara=Jerry Milner
  6580. greenleaf reader-GR2105=No Longer An Angel=Norma Egan
  6581. greenleaf reader-GR2106=The School Nurse=Janet McCoy
  6582. greenleaf reader-GR2107=The Curious Wife=unknown
  6583. greenleaf reader-GR2108=The Bed Exchange=Jeff Collins
  6584. greenleaf reader-GR2109=The Flesh Caper=Mark Carver
  6585. greenleaf reader-GR2110=The Hunger In June=Janet McCoy
  6586. greenleaf reader-GR2111=The Widow's Bed=unknown
  6587. greenleaf reader-GR2112=Wife On The Run=David Ingram
  6588. greenleaf reader-GR2113=The Naked Deal=Mark Carver
  6589. greenleaf reader-GR2114=Wayward Wives=Norma Egan
  6590. greenleaf reader-GR2115=The Night Nurse=Jeff Collins
  6591. greenleaf reader-GR2116=Naughty Lady=Norma Egan
  6592. greenleaf reader-GR2117=Terra Torture=Jack Michael
  6593. greenleaf reader-GR2118=The Wildest Wife=J. Adams
  6594. greenleaf reader-GR2119=Pawns of Passion=Norma Egan
  6595. greenleaf reader-GR2120=The Flesh Triangle=Mark Carver
  6596. greenleaf reader-GR2121=The Overnighters=Mark Carver
  6597. greenleaf reader-GR2122=The Illegal Secretary=Jeff Collins
  6598. greenleaf reader-GR2123=Wife In Shame=Norma Egan
  6599. greenleaf reader-GR2124=Forbidden Her Flesh=unknown
  6600. greenleaf reader-GR2125=Games=unknown
  6601. greenleaf reader-GR2126=The Scandalous Spouse=Jeff Collins
  6602. greenleaf reader-GR2127=The Virgin Cure=Norma Egan
  6603. greenleaf reader-GR2128=The Neighbor's Wife=J. T. Watson
  6604. greenleaf reader-GR2129=The Revelers=Mark Carver
  6605. greenleaf reader-GR2130=The Seduction of Nancy=Norma Egan
  6606. greenleaf reader-GR2131=Wife On Fire=Janet McCoy
  6607. greenleaf reader-GR2132=The Flesh Connection=David Crane
  6608. greenleaf reader-GR2133=Mattress Money=David Crane
  6609. greenleaf reader-GR2134=The Wife's Young Lovers=Norma Egan
  6610. greenleaf reader-GR2135c=The Unfaithful Fiancee=Janet McCoy = AB
  6611. greenleaf reader-GR2136=Virgin Flesh=Mark Carver
  6612. greenleaf reader-GR2137=The Passion Thieves=Mark Carver
  6613. greenleaf reader-GR2138=Lessons From Linda=Ron Evans
  6614. greenleaf reader-GR2139=Wild Young Widow=Norma Egan
  6615. greenleaf reader-GR2140=The Hottest Virgin=David Crane
  6616. greenleaf reader-GR2141=Diamond Girl=Mark Carver
  6617. greenleaf reader-GR2142=Three-Way Spouse=David Ingram
  6618. greenleaf reader-GR2143=Sister's Bed=Carl Ross
  6619. greenleaf reader-GR2144=The Wife's Willing Ways=Allen
  6620. greenleaf reader-GR2145=A Taste Of Sherry=Mark Carver
  6621. greenleaf reader-GR2146=Naughty Housewife=Ken Preston
  6622. greenleaf reader-GR2147=The Bride Next Door=Kevin Sellers
  6623. greenleaf reader-GR2148=The Model's Naked Urge=J. T. Watson
  6624. greenleaf reader-GR2149=The Body Innocent=William Ellis
  6625. greenleaf reader-GR2150=The Disco Teacher=Marvin Cox
  6626. greenleaf reader-GR2151=Coed In Heat=Mark Carver
  6627. greenleaf reader-GR2152=Naughty Wife=Donna Allen
  6628. greenleaf reader-GR2153=Corruption Crossroads=Mark Carver
  6629. greenleaf reader-GR2154=The Lustful In-Laws=Norma Egan
  6630. greenleaf reader-GR2155=Seduced Into Swapping=Harry Stevens
  6631. greenleaf reader-GR2156=Restless Wife=Donna Allen
  6632. greenleaf reader-GR2157=The Violators=Mark Carver
  6633. greenleaf reader-GR2158=A Daughter's Love=Jeff Collins
  6634. greenleaf reader-GR2159=The Bride's Strange Urge=Robert Vickers
  6635. greenleaf reader-GR2160=Naughty Young Neighbor=Ken Preston
  6636. greenleaf reader-GR2161=The Girls Upstairs=Mark Carver
  6637. greenleaf reader-GR2162=Wife On The Loose=Robert Vickers
  6638. greenleaf reader-GR2163=The Neighbor Girl=David Crane
  6639. greenleaf reader-GR2164=The Willing Bride=Norma Egan
  6640. greenleaf reader-GR2165=The Swingers=David Crane
  6641. greenleaf reader-GR2166=Hot Stuff Wife=J. T. Watson
  6642. greenleaf reader-GR2167=Raped Stewardess=Robert Vickers
  6643. greenleaf reader-GR2168=Family On Fire=Nick Eastwood
  6644. greenleaf reader-GR2169=A Daughter's Dream=unknown
  6645. greenleaf reader-GR2170=Loving Niece=Donna Allen
  6646. greenleaf reader-GR2171=The Wildest Sister=Mark Carver
  6647. greenleaf reader-GR2172=Country Cousin=J. T. Watson
  6648. greenleaf reader-GR2173=Wife, Wanton, Thief=Mark Carver
  6649. greenleaf reader-GR2174=Party Wife=David Crane
  6650. greenleaf reader-GR2175=Connie's New Family=Nick Eastwood
  6651. greenleaf reader-GR2176=Naughty Nurse=unknown
  6652. greenleaf reader-GR2177=Hot Lips=Ron Evans
  6653. greenleaf reader-GR2178=Mother In The Morning=Jacobs
  6654. greenleaf reader-GR2179=Boy-Loving Lady=John Kellerman
  6655. greenleaf reader-GR2180=The Willing Aunt=Brian Laver
  6656. greenleaf reader-GR2181=Swinging Wife=unknown
  6657. greenleaf reader-GR2182=The Loving Teacher=John Kellerman
  6658. greenleaf reader-GR2183=Babysitter In Heat=Nick Eastwood
  6659. greenleaf reader-GR2184=Kathy's Boy Hunger=P. James
  6660. greenleaf reader-GR2185c=The Widow's Boys=Nick Eastwood
  6661. greenleaf reader-GR2186=The Naughty Babysitter=Marvin Cox
  6662. greenleaf reader-GR2187=Daughter With The Hots=Ted Leonard
  6663. greenleaf reader-GR2188=Stepmother's Hot Itch=Marvin Cox
  6664. greenleaf reader-GR2189=The Hottest Secretary=Donna Allen
  6665. greenleaf reader-GR2190=Horny Young Niece=Nick Eastwood
  6666. greenleaf reader-GR2191=Spread Wide Daughter=Ted Leonard
  6667. greenleaf reader-GR2192=Naughty Mom=Tom Allison
  6668. greenleaf reader-GR2193=Widespread Mother=William Taylor
  6669. greenleaf reader-GR2194c=Housewife In Heat=Nick Eastwood
  6670. greenleaf reader-GR2195=Naughty Little Neighbor Girl=John Kellerman
  6671. greenleaf reader-GR2196=The Wildest Aunt=Marvin Cox
  6672. greenleaf reader-GR2197=Naughty Farm Wife=Marvin Cox
  6673. greenleaf reader-GR2198=Wild And Willing Daughter=David Crane
  6674. greenleaf reader-GR2199=Sister's Incest Urge=Marvin Cox
  6675. greenleaf reader-GR2200=The Hottest Babysitter=Nick Eastwood
  6676. greenleaf reader-GR2201=Loving Wife=Marvin Cox
  6677. greenleaf reader-GR2202=The Neighbor's Daughter=J. T. Watson
  6678. greenleaf reader-GR2203=Mom's New Lovers=Nick Eastwood
  6679. greenleaf reader-GR2204=The Eager Babysitter=Bob Wallace
  6680. greenleaf reader-GR2205=Spread Wide Sister=John Kellerman
  6681. greenleaf reader-GR2206c=Wicked, Willing Wife=Donna Allen
  6682. greenleaf reader-GR2207=Mother's Young Lovers=M. J. Jacobs
  6683. greenleaf reader-GR2208=The Horny Aunt=Marvin Cox
  6684. greenleaf reader-GR2209=The Bride's New Family=Nick Eastwood
  6685. greenleaf reader-GR2210=Daughter's Hot Itch=Kathy Harris
  6686. greenleaf reader-GR2211=Raped Wife=Bob Wallace
  6687. greenleaf reader-GR2212=The Willing Housewife=Robert Vickers
  6688. greenleaf reader-GR2213=Playing With Sister=unknown
  6689. greenleaf reader-GR2214=The Wife's Willing Lips=Bob Wallace
  6690. greenleaf reader-GR2215=Eager Young Daughter=David Crane
  6691. greenleaf reader-GR2216=Man-Hungry Wife=J. T. Watson
  6692. greenleaf reader-GR2217=Auntie Turned Them On=Donna Allen
  6693. greenleaf reader-GR2218=Wild Hot Wife=Bob Wallace
  6694. greenleaf reader-GR2219=Mom's Hot Hunger=John Friday
  6695. greenleaf reader-GR2220=The Reverend's Hot Wife=unknown
  6696. greenleaf reader-GR2221=Hot Mother=unknown
  6697. greenleaf reader-GR2222=Two Wives, Two Sisters, Too Hot=Jeff Collins
  6698. greenleaf reader-GR2223=Mom Was Best=Tom Allison
  6699. greenleaf reader-GR2224=A Peek At The Wife Next Door=Bob Wallace
  6700. greenleaf reader-GR2225=An Orgy With Mom=Kathy Andrews
  6701. greenleaf reader-GR2226=Stepsister In Shame=J. T. Watson
  6702. greenleaf reader-GR2227=Peeking At Auntie=M. J. Jacobs
  6703. greenleaf reader-GR2228=As Hot As Mom=C. K. Ralston
  6704. greenleaf reader-GR2229=Doing It With Auntie=unknown
  6705. greenleaf reader-GR2230=Mom Loves Sucking=Marvin Cox
  6706. greenleaf reader-GR2231=Hot Wife For All=Donna Allen
  6707. greenleaf reader-GR2232=In Bed With Mom=Tom Allison
  6708. greenleaf reader-GR2233=Naughty Preacher's Wife=unknown
  6709. greenleaf reader-GR2234=The Wife's Hot Bed=Bob Wallace
  6710. greenleaf reader-GR2235=Oversexed Secretary=Nick Eastwood
  6711. greenleaf reader-GR2236=She Was The Family Favorite=Kathy Harris
  6712. greenleaf reader-GR2237=Horny Willing Wife=Michael Corbett
  6713. greenleaf reader-GR2238=She Loved The Neighbors=John Damon
  6714. greenleaf reader-GR2239=Always Eager Wife=J. T. Watson
  6715. greenleaf reader-GR2240=Sister's Hotbed=J. T. Watson
  6716. greenleaf reader-GR2241=No Longer A Shy Wife=unknown
  6717. greenleaf reader-GR2242=Horny From Nine To Five=J. T. Watson
  6718. greenleaf reader-GR2243=Neighborhood Nymph=John Kellerman
  6719. greenleaf reader-GR2244=Horny Eager Wife=Jeff Collins
  6720. greenleaf reader-GR2245=The Widow Wants It=J. T. Watson
  6721. greenleaf reader-GR2246=Horny To Bed Wife=Nick Eastwood
  6722. greenleaf reader-GR2247=Naughty Hot Teacher=John Damon
  6723. greenleaf reader-GR2248=Twice Raped Wife=unknown
  6724. greenleaf reader-GR2249=Hot Balling Wife=Donna Allen
  6725. greenleaf reader-GR2250=After Hours Secretary=Donna Allen
  6726. greenleaf reader-GR2251=Sister On The Make=Kathy Andrews
  6727. greenleaf reader-GR2252=The Wife's Naughty Job=Nick Eastwood
  6728. greenleaf reader-GR2253=The Wife Wants It Wild=Bob Wallace
  6729. greenleaf reader-GR2254=Wild Willing Daughter=Tom Allison
  6730. greenleaf reader-GR2255=Wife Eager To Spread=Ray Mills
  6731. greenleaf reader-GR2256=Daughter Spreads Wide=Michael Corbett
  6732. greenleaf reader-GR2257=Hot Balling Babysitter=Don Scott
  6733. greenleaf reader-GR2258=The Office Girl's Orgy=Donna Allen
  6734. greenleaf reader-GR2259=Auntie Turns On=Nick Eastwood
  6735. greenleaf reader-GR2260=Hot Balling Daughter=Tom Allison
  6736. greenleaf reader-GR2261=Teacher's Sex Lessons=Donna Allen
  6737. greenleaf reader-GR2262=Hot Bed Sister=Kathy Harris
  6738. greenleaf reader-GR2263=The Willing Widow=Hank Borden
  6739. greenleaf reader-GR2264=Eager To Spread Wife=Bob Wallace
  6740. greenleaf reader-GR2265=Hot Wild Wife=Laura Quincy
  6741. greenleaf reader-GR2266=Mommy Spreads Wide=Kathy Andrews
  6742. greenleaf reader-GR2267=Wild Hot Babysitter=unknown
  6743. greenleaf reader-GR2268=In Heat Secretary=Donna Allen
  6744. greenleaf reader-GR2269=Teacher Bends Over=Donna Allen
  6745. greenleaf reader-GR2270=Naughty Niece In Heat=C. K. Ralston
  6746. greenleaf reader-GR2271=The Wild Wife Spreads Wide=Bob Wallace
  6747. greenleaf reader-GR2272=Naughty Wild Babysitter=Hank Borden
  6748. greenleaf reader-GR2273=Hot Horny Babysitter=Don Scott
  6749. greenleaf reader-GR2274=Niece With The Hots=William Taylor
  6750. greenleaf reader-GR2275=Hot Sucking Wife=Bob Wallace
  6751. greenleaf reader-GR2276=Daughter's Horny Urge=Ray Todd
  6752. greenleaf reader-GR2277=Horny Young Daughter=Ray Todd
  6753. greenleaf reader-GR2278=Hot Wild Widow=Kathy Andrews
  6754. greenleaf reader-GR2279=Daddy's Hot Daughter=Tom Allison
  6755. greenleaf reader-GR2280=Horny Eager Niece=Ray Todd
  6756. greenleaf reader-GR2281=Young Hot Wife=Kathy Andrews
  6757. greenleaf reader-GR2282=Horny Willing Babysitter=Nick Eastwood
  6758. greenleaf reader-GR2283=Wild Hot Wife=unknown
  6759. greenleaf reader-GR2284=Seduced Sister=Brad Logan
  6760. greenleaf reader-GR2285=Horny Little Neighbor Girl=Ray Todd
  6761. greenleaf reader-GR2286=Wild Horny Daughter=Harry Stevens
  6762. greenleaf reader-GR2287=Hot Young Cousin=C. K. Ralston
  6763. greenleaf reader-GR2288=Hot Widespread Aunt=Don Scott
  6764. greenleaf reader-GR2289=Eager Wild Wife=Richard Shaw
  6765. greenleaf reader-GR2290=Ooooh, Mrs. Robinson!=Kathy Andrews
  6766. greenleaf reader-GR2291=Hot Wild Daughter=unknown
  6767. greenleaf reader-GR2292=Horny Hot Sister=Ron Evans
  6768. greenleaf reader-GR2293=Horny Hot Babysitter=Donna Allen
  6769. greenleaf reader-GR2294=The Hot And Horny Neighbor's Wife=Bob Wallace
  6770. greenleaf reader-GR2295=The Hottest Mother=Tom Allison
  6771. greenleaf reader-GR2296=Widespread Housewife=unknown
  6772. greenleaf reader-GR2297=Horny Neighborly Wife=Ray Todd
  6773. greenleaf reader-GR2298=Good 'n Hot Granddaughter=Kathy Harris
  6774. greenleaf reader-GR2299=Warmed Up Wife=Donna Allen
  6775. greenleaf reader-GR2300=Hot-to-Ball Wife=J. T. Watson
  6776. greenleaf reader-GR2301=The Wife's Hot Panties=Bob Wallace
  6777. greenleaf reader-GR2302=Hot Sucking Niece=Ray Todd
  6778. greenleaf reader-GR2303=Horny Mother Next Door=Kathy Andrews
  6779. greenleaf reader-GR2304=Auntie's Oral Urge=Kathy Harris
  6780. greenleaf reader-GR2305=Their Loving Mother=Kathy Andrews
  6781. greenleaf reader-GR2306=Horny Eager Granddaughter=Donna Allen
  6782. greenleaf reader-GR2307=Sister Willing To Suck=Ray Todd
  6783. greenleaf reader-GR2308=Auntie's Horny Urges=unknown
  6784. greenleaf reader-GR2309=The Wife Sucks It Hard=Richard Shaw
  6785. greenleaf reader-GR2310=Horny Hot Niece=Kathy Harris
  6786. greenleaf reader-GR2311=Hot Sucking Sister=Ron Evans
  6787. greenleaf reader-GR2312=Horny Widow Next Door=Hank Borden
  6788. greenleaf reader-GR2313=Mom's A Hot Sucker=Ray Todd
  6789. greenleaf reader-GR2314=Daughter Without Panties=Tom Allison
  6790. greenleaf reader-GR2315=Mom Loves Incest=Kathy Andrews
  6791. greenleaf reader-GR2316=Young Horny Wife=Ted Leonard
  6792. greenleaf reader-GR2317=The Wife Loves Rape=Bob Wallace
  6793. greenleaf reader-GR2318=Sister Blows Big Ones=Ray Todd
  6794. greenleaf reader-GR2319=Mom's Golden Shower Urges=Kathy Andrews
  6795. greenleaf reader-GR2320=Family-Loving Daughter=Donna Allen
  6796. greenleaf reader-GR2321=Daughter Learns To Suck=Ray Todd
  6797. greenleaf reader-GR2322=Mom's Incest Urges=Kathy Andrews
  6798. greenleaf reader-GR2323=Hot And Wild Niece=Kathy Harris
  6799. greenleaf reader-GR2324=Two Sucking Moms=Tom Allison
  6800. greenleaf reader-GR2325=Four-Way Wife=Nick Eastwood
  6801. greenleaf reader-GR2326=Eager To Spread Daughter=Ray Todd
  6802. greenleaf reader-GR2327c=Loving Moms Lips=Kathy Andrews
  6803. greenleaf reader-GR2328=Daddy's Horny Little Girl=Nick Eastwood
  6804. greenleaf reader-GR2329=The Wife Learns To Love It=Bob Wallace
  6805. greenleaf reader-GR2330c=Horny Balling Mother=Kathy Andrews
  6806. greenleaf reader-GR2331=The Aunt Turns On=Donna Allen
  6807. greenleaf reader-GR2332=The Wife's Horny Fun=Nick Eastwood
  6808. greenleaf reader-GR2333c=Incest Mom=Kathy Andrews
  6809. greenleaf reader-GR2334=Horny Wife Next Door=unknown
  6810. greenleaf reader-GR2335=The Aunt Goes Wild=Bob Wallace
  6811. greenleaf reader-GR2336=Naked Hot Housewife=Donna Allen
  6812. greenleaf reader-GR2337=Sister Sucks Big Ones=Donna Allen
  6813. greenleaf reader-GR2338=Mom Takes It All=Kevin Sellers
  6814. greenleaf reader-GR2339=Daughter Seduced Them All=Harry Stevens
  6815. greenleaf reader-GR2340=The Widow Goes Down=Laura Winters
  6816. greenleaf reader-GR2341=Bend Over Babysitter=John Friday
  6817. greenleaf reader-GR2342=The Naked Niece's Hot Urges=Kathy Harris
  6818. greenleaf reader-GR2343=The Housewife Goes Wild=Bob Wallace
  6819. greenleaf reader-GR2344=Mom's Horny Daughter=Ray Todd
  6820. greenleaf reader-GR2345=Hot Flesh Wife=Bob Wallace
  6821. greenleaf reader-GR2346=Making Mommy Horny=Nick Eastwood
  6822. greenleaf reader-GR2347=Daughter Wants It Wild=Ray Todd
  6823. greenleaf reader-GR2348=Babysitter Without Panties=John Kellerman
  6824. greenleaf reader-GR2349=Housewife With A Hot Mouth=Nick Eastwood
  6825. greenleaf reader-GR2350=Cousins Also Sucks=Kathy Harris
  6826. greenleaf reader-GR2351=Hot To Trot Teacher=Steve Golden
  6827. greenleaf reader-GR2352=The Wife's Oral Fun=David Crane
  6828. greenleaf reader-GR2353=Stevie's Horny Mommy=Kathy Andrews
  6829. greenleaf reader-GR2354=Naked Horny Babysitter=C. K. Ralston
  6830. greenleaf reader-GR2355=Auntie Without Panties=Donna Allen
  6831. greenleaf reader-GR2356c=Three Horny Cheerleaders=Don Scott
  6832. greenleaf reader-GR2357=Wild Daughter With Wet Panties=Kathy Harris
  6833. greenleaf reader-GR2358=Sister's Wide Open Lips=Tom Allison
  6834. greenleaf reader-GR2359=Their Horny Loving Mom=Ray Todd
  6835. greenleaf reader-GR2360=The Wife's Teasing Tongue=Donna Allen
  6836. greenleaf reader-GR2361=The Wife Wants It Hard=Donna Allen
  6837. greenleaf reader-GR2362=Horny Sucking Widow=Bill Randolph
  6838. greenleaf reader-GR2363=Hot Pants Teacher=Gary Shaw
  6839. greenleaf reader-GR2364=The Babysitter's Horny Urges=Nick Eastwood
  6840. greenleaf reader-GR2365=Hot Mouth Librarian=Don Scott
  6841. greenleaf reader-GR2366=Hot Wife With Wet Panties=Bill Randolph
  6842. greenleaf reader-GR2367=Mother's Naughty Fun=Kathy Andrews
  6843. greenleaf reader-GR2368=Cousin With The Hots=Kathy Harris
  6844. greenleaf reader-GR2369=The Wife's Hot Fun=Donna Allen
  6845. greenleaf reader-GR2370=Daddy's Darling Little Daughter=George Tipton
  6846. greenleaf reader-GR2371=Johnny's Hot Mom=Kathy Andrews
  6847. greenleaf reader-GR2372=Wife Willing To Suck=Richard Shaw
  6848. greenleaf reader-GR2373=Cousin's Hot Bed=Kathy Harris
  6849. greenleaf reader-GR2374=Wife With Wet Panties=Jeff Collins
  6850. greenleaf reader-GR2375=Daughter's Hot Mouth=Don Scott
  6851. greenleaf reader-GR2376=Granddaughter With The Hots=George Tipton
  6852. greenleaf reader-GR2377=Horny Wild Daughter=Randy Guy
  6853. greenleaf reader-GR2378=Naughty Balling Wife=Donna Allen
  6854. greenleaf reader-GR2379=Their Loving Aunt=Nick Eastwood
  6855. greenleaf reader-GR2380=See Sis Suck=Kathy Harris
  6856. greenleaf reader-GR2381=Hot Nights With A Naughty Niece=Bill Randolph
  6857. greenleaf reader-GR2382=The Librarian's Hot Urges=Nick Eastwood
  6858. greenleaf reader-GR2383=Eager Housewife In Heat=Michael Corbett
  6859. greenleaf reader-GR2384=Eager, Balling Schoolgirl=Victoria Parker
  6860. greenleaf reader-GR2385=Sister's Hot Mouth=Harry Stevens
  6861. greenleaf reader-GR2386=Daughter's Hot Bun Fun=Bob Wallace
  6862. greenleaf reader-GR2387=Hot Loving Librarian=Laura Winters
  6863. greenleaf reader-GR2388=Teasing, Pleasing Sister=George Tipton
  6864. greenleaf reader-GR2389=Daughter's Hot And Horny Urges=Bob Wallace
  6865. greenleaf reader-GR2390=Wild Wife Without Panties=Donna Allen
  6866. greenleaf reader-GR2391=His Very Naughty Niece=George Tipton
  6867. greenleaf reader-GR2392=Eager Little Granddaughter=unknown
  6868. greenleaf reader-GR2393=Mommy's Horny Fun=Kathy Andrews
  6869. greenleaf reader-GR2394=Horny Babysitter For Hire=Frank Masters
  6870. greenleaf reader-GR2395=Naughty Eager Daughter=George Tipton
  6871. greenleaf reader-GR2396=Mom Seduced Them All=Michael Corbett
  6872. greenleaf reader-GR2397=Hot Fun With Mom=Kathy Andrews
  6873. greenleaf reader-GR2398=Wet And Wild Wife=Donna Allen
  6874. greenleaf reader-GR2399=Hot Loving Niece=Don Scott
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  6876. greenleaf reader-GR2401=Their Naked Mother=Bob Wallace
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  6885. greenleaf reader-GR2410=Naughty Suck Wife=Richard Shaw
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  6887. greenleaf reader-GR2412=Naked Balling Wife=Jeff Collins
  6888. greenleaf reader-GR2413=Mother's Hot Desires=Kathy Andrews
  6889. greenleaf reader-GR2414=Spread Bitch Wife=Kathy Harris
  6890. greenleaf reader-GR2415=Teasing Little Sister=unknown
  6891. greenleaf reader-GR2416=Daughter's Hot Mouth=Donna Allen
  6892. greenleaf reader-GR2417=A Mother For Loving=Brad Morgan
  6893. greenleaf reader-GR2418=No Virgin Babysitter=Mark Roman
  6894. greenleaf reader-GR2419=Teacher's Hot Fun=Victoria Parker
  6895. greenleaf reader-GR2420=Hot-To-Ball Mom=Harry Stevens
  6896. greenleaf reader-GR2421=Mom Balls Better=Donna Allen
  6897. greenleaf reader-GR2422=Horny Sister In Heat=Ray Mills
  6898. greenleaf reader-GR2423=See The Babysitter Come=Victoria Parker
  6899. greenleaf reader-GR2424=Wild Sister=Don Scott
  6900. greenleaf reader-GR2425=Totally Hot Wife=Donna Allen
  6901. greenleaf reader-GR2426=Turned-On Mothers=Tom Allison
  6902. greenleaf reader-GR2427=Bedtime With Cousin=Kathy Andrews
  6903. greenleaf reader-GR2428=Horny Awesome Mother=Don Scott
  6904. greenleaf reader-GR2429=Too Hot Schoolgirls=Victoria Parker
  6905. greenleaf reader-GR2430=Mother Blew It=Thomas Trent
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  6919. greenleaf reader-GR2444=Naughty Naked Daughter=unknown
  6920. greenleaf reader-GR2445=Horny Aunt Carol=Kathy Andrews
  6921. greenleaf reader-GR2446=Suck-Loving Schoolgirl=unknown
  6922. greenleaf reader-GR2447=Sister's Hot Secret=Kathy Harris
  6923. greenleaf reader-GR2448=Loving Sucking Wife=unknown
  6924. greenleaf reader-GR2449=Naughty Daughter In Heat=Kathy Harris
  6925. greenleaf reader-GR2450=Mom Loves Hot Fun=Tom Allison
  6926. greenleaf reader-GR2451=Young And Horny Widow=unknown
  6927. greenleaf reader-GR2452=Hot Bed Aunt=Tom Allison
  6928. greenleaf reader-GR2453=Hot New Daughter=George Tipton
  6929. greenleaf reader-GR2454=Mother Ready For All=Kathy Andrews
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  6933. greenleaf reader-GR2458=Horny Widowed Sister=Don Scott
  6934. greenleaf reader-GR2459=Cheerleader With Hot Pants=Frank Masters
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  6936. greenleaf reader-GR2461=Loving Hot Schoolgirl=Don Scott
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  6945. greenleaf reader-GR2470=That Wife Next Door=Ron Taylor
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  6947. greenleaf reader-GR2472=The Hot Wife Spreads=Gary F. Woods
  6948. greenleaf reader-GR2473=Teacher's Oral Lessons=unknown
  6949. greenleaf reader-GR2474=This Wife's In Heat=Ross Wilson
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