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  1. Terri James exhaled and her wet, basketball-sized tits flopped onto the kitchen table like two milk-filled bladders. She moaned like an animal and thrust out her bubble-ass in her seat, raising her hips slightly before reaching behind her to spread herself. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her oversized, Botox lips parted to reveal a questing tongue as she groaned low and a began to take a massive dump, straight through the back of her kitchen chair, and onto the floor.
  3. Her 10-year old son scooted onto the table next to her, a ballsack like a hobo's bindle flopping between his scrawny underage legs. "I'm taking a huge fucking dump in front of my underage son!" moaned Terri, her over-tanned, bulbous body glistening with milk and sweat, her dilated asshole uncoiling a python sized ration of wrist thick turd. Moaning with semi-concious lust, she used two hands to reach in front of her distended tit and sink three fingers into each side of her lipstick-sized nipple, dilating it to reveal the ducts and tissues within.
  5. "Dump your load into my tit!" she moaned at her son, still assaulting the floor with an elephantine dump out of her garbage-pail ass. Her son hardly needed to be told twice and plunged his 14-inch fuck-stake into her, using her oversized breast as a cunt. He placed his small, athletic hands on either side of her massive endowment to gain purchase. Terri's daughter walked into the room, a defiant-looking goth of sixteen years.
  7. "Breakfast is served, Lisa!" moaned Terri, as her otherwise-prepubescent-looking son brutalized her milk ducts with his fourteen-inch rape weapon. "Eat my shit, you stupid cunt!"
  9. Lisa quickly got to her knees, her lithe, dancer's body bending with amazing beauty, as she replied to her mother, black underwear stark against pale skin. "You bet I will, mom!" She intoned. "I'll eat every bite and then take a huge fucking shit myself!" She parted her dark-painted lips and began to choke on a rock-hard, eight-inch length of her mother's recently-shit turd- eagerly fucking her own face with it. Even with that considerable piece removed, there was still massive pile just under the chair. Terri James was a woman who believed in feeding her family, and been doing so for years by taking obscene, orgasmic dumps. Lisa and Lucas had been brought up on baby-bottles stuffed with her own liquified shit. Rather than stunting their growth, the entire family had seemed to grow more sickeningly voluptuous as a result of their strange habits. Terri herself was almost a charicature.
  11. "God, mom- I'm going to fill your garbage-pail tit with my load!" groaned Lucas, thrusting his athletic little prepubescent body so as to rail her dilated breast with every inch of his sickening, unnatural prick. His mother screamed back in his face.
  13. "Come on you little faggot! Dump your underage load into my body so I can tell every motherfucker in town that I'm a cum-sack for my own pre-teen, horse-dicked son! Nnnnngh!" She groaned with pleasure and her asshole twitched between cheeks like honey-glazed hams. She blasted her daughter's shit-eating face with a wet, syrupy fart and ejected a wet rocket of liquid shit straight into her face. The girl began to finger-blast herself, enjoying every inch of incestuous feces she could cram into her pain-in-the-ass, emo-slut gullet.
  15. "Fuck, I love eating your shit!" moaned Lisa. Lucas ripped his leather-sacked tool from his mother's raped titflesh and stroked the nasty pisshole just inches from the older woman's Botox-puffed, over-tanned face.
  17. "Get up here, Lise!" he called. "I'll take a fucking shit in your mouth while I fuck up mom's face with my cum!"
  19. Lisa scrambled her shit-smeared, perfect body up onto the table and latched her lips over her little brother's asshole while the young boy's huge cock exploded with every tacky, smelly, yellow, glue-like molecule of jizz in his unnaturally large balls. He held his exploding, smegma-slick pisshole against his mother's nose and blasted rope after rope of underage nut-filth into her sinuses while simultaneously unburdening his bowels of a stomach's worth of festering liquid shit, straight down his sister's load-chugging, teenage throat.
  21. Lisa's flat, pale belly expanded with the volume of pre-teen shit she was ingesting, and still she worked her tongue and vacuumed his tight little pucker to fill her model-quality body with every morsel of corn and nuts she could harvest from the liquid torrent.
  23. "I'm only useful for eating shit!" moaned Lisa, who could have been a beauty queen in another life if she weren't a complete disgrace and mentally ill in the extreme. The boy blasted a brutal fart in her face and she sucked it down like a bong hit. "Fuck, your shit smells and tastes so good, little brother!" she moaned. "You can take a dump straight down my throat anytime!"
  25. Meanwhile, Lucas' mother was groping pathetically at her' son's ejaculating dick, and pressed the spurting pisshole flush against her own eye-socket, resulting in her eyeball being blasted with a yellow load of scalding boy-chowder. After a few seconds, she vomited a gout of cum onto her own oversized chest and then kissed her son's nutsack reverently. Lisa crawled across the table and leaned forward to fasten her mouth over her mother's.
  27. "Here you go, mom!" she moaned, and then vomited extravagently, pumping a gizzard full of shit backwash into her mother's worthless gullet. The older woman swallowed eagerly and they worshipped the young boy's balls while sharing mouthfuls of liquid shit.
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  29. Story 2
  30. Scene 1
  31. (partly mine)
  33. The scene at the restaurant was a spectacle. Everyone had stopped their meals to gape at the table in the far corner, and most had already lost their appetites. Sitting at the table in question were three female MILFs, each with obscene, bowling-ball tits barely satcheled in the skimpiest of blouses, lewd high-cut booty shorts disappearing in between their mountainous asscheeks and digging into their puffy cunt-mounds. Each of the three woman, a blonde, a redhead, and an asian, was talking loudly. Far from being fat, they were simply possessed of bodies that defied the norm- their hourglass waists as unnatural-looking as their massive tits and asses, their puffed-up lips, and their glassy, wide eyes.
  35. Jenna Johnson, the blue-eyed blonde, was currently speaking. All three women had devoured huge platters of spareribs and fried rice along with many glasses of wine, and so her voice carried a slight slur. On one arm a decidedly vulgar and poorly-done tattoo could be seen. Jenna was overtanned, lewd, surgically-enhanced and a stupid whore- and everyone looking on knew it.
  37. "Girls, this has been a real blast!" she intoned, her flopping, massive tits dragging on the tablecloth in front of her, despite the efforts of her skimpy, milk-soaked blouse. "We should get together so you can meet my boy, Jake!"
  39. The redhead, Esmerelda, stuffed a cocoa-colored, tanning-booth singed hand between her legs and moaned in anticipation. Other patrons were leaving in droves and covering the eyes of their children.
  41. "God, I heard a rumor that Jake is a fucking underage stud who can really feed a woman a huge plate of shit!" moaned Esmerelda, and several bystanders vomited on the spot. "I want to squat under his 11-year-old asshole and have him cut me a fat load of turd!"
  43. Jenna was proud of her son, whose copious logs of shit she'd been eating twice daily for many years. "The rumors are true," she replied. This illicited more moans from the other women, and Megumi, the asian, purposely leaned forward on her own tits, gripping one huge areola in each hand and blasting thick streamers of cum-like, yellow-white filth into the inside of her soaked blouse. A fake tan and Ganjuro makeup made her look even more like a cumdump in the act.
  45. "If you let me eat some of Jake's shit," bargained Megumi, I'll introduce you to my son, Keita. He's half-Japanese, half-Scandanavian and he's hung like a fucking horse even though he's only eleven."
  47. Esmerelda nodded at Jenna. "It's true, Jenna- have you ever seen a blonde 11-year-old Asian boy with a perfect body and a fifteen inch cock flopping between his legs? When I visited Megu, I made a bargain with her just to swallow her fuck-stud son's huge load. My belly was swollen- he cums enough to fill a bucket. Afterward, Megu and I took a couple of huge dumps and jacked him off onto our shit and ate every bite. Fuck, it was good!" The redhead looked dreamy. The restaurant had nearly cleared out by now, and the manager looked hesitant to approach the rich, lewd, boorish ladies.
  49. Jenna smiled. "That sounds divine...what bargain did you make?"
  51. Megumi blushed. "I...got to spend some time with Esmerelda's son, Damien."
  53. Esmerelda looked scandalized. "He's such a disobedient boy..." she began, but Megumi cut her off.
  55. "He's a lithe little 12-year-old hellion! He called me a slant-eyed nip and told me that my faggot race was only good for eating Caucasian shit, writing anime about pederastic relationships and being incinerated by atomic bombs."
  57. Esmerelda shrugged and looked worried. "I don't even know where he learned those words!" she protested.
  59. "I loved it!" countered Megumi. "And he filled me with a huge load of his underage, gaijin boyshit! Almost totally liquid! Fuck, I've never cum so hard, having my slant belly blasted full of so much watery turd! I just sealed my lips over his smelly, shitty underage asshole and he grunted and pumped me full of liquid, parasite-loaded pre-teen Caucasian shit until I could feel the tape-worms drawing Kanji characters on my stomach lining!"
  61. All three women were masturbating furiously. The manager was loathe to approach. At least he mustered a low voice:
  63. "Errmm...madames...this establishment...it..."
  65. The women ignored him.
  67. "I want to eat your son's liquid shit!" moaned Jenna to Esmerelda.
  69. "I want your son to rape a bastard slant baby into my toilet-womb and then abort it with his huge, underage dick!" groaned Esmerelda to Megumi.
  71. "I want to gag on one of your son Jake's thick, perfect shitlogs like it was my own son's 11-year-old cock!" wailed Megumi.
  73. All three women mounted the table and squatted like animals. In unison they lowered their booty shorts, revealing lewd, barely-there G-strings covering not even one tenth of the width of their commodious, swollem assholes. Each woman reached behind herself and spread her huge asscheeks with slender arms, giving everyone still in the restaurant a sickening view of their lewd shitpipes.
  75. All three women furthermore began to splatter the table with streams of foul piss while simultaneously taking huge, unimaginably copious dumps. Jenna's huge, blonde-bimbo turd log was as thick as her bicep and piled on the floor like a snake charmer's cobra, with no end in sight. Esmerelda's shit was a torrent of splattery brown filth that seemed to have no end. It painted her shanks with shit and piled in an oatmeal-like hill on the table underneath her, showing no signs of abating. Regularily she showered the room with wet, viscous farts as additional shit bubbled from her big, pink asshole. From Megu's bleached, tanned Asian shithole came a succession of ankle-thick logs that piled underneath her like kindling. Once the first six or seven of those were out of her system, she groaned like a bitch in head and got on all fours, topping the mix off with a soft-serve ice cream blast of coiling, near-liquid shit.
  77. Jenna stared at the spray of filth still noisily blasting out of Esmerelda's asshole like a shit trumpet, her tongue unconsciously sliding across her lips. She practically dove from the table into the puddle of Esmerelda's liquid shit with a grunt like an animal. The reeking brown spray splattered all over her back and matted her blonde hair with filth as she shoved her face into the inch-deep pool of fecal contamination and lapped frantically with her tongue. "Fuuuck," she burbled as she ground her face against the tile floor, trying with sick and pathetic desperation to lap and slurp up as much of Esmerelda's foul chunky goulash as she could. Her body twitched and spasmed with uncontrolled lust as she wallowed face-down in her worthless friend's shit.
  79. Esmerelda practically came as she saw her friend face-down in the puddle of shit and heard the sickening slurps and gulps coming from her mouth, as her ridiculously huge breasts squished into the shit pool and her body squirmed happily erotically. The redhead rubbed her own suddenly empty tummy and leaned down off the table to Jenna's magnificent pile of thick mushy turd. Hanging with her bulbous shit-stained ass in the air and her basketball tits drooping to the floor below her head, Esmerelda took a scoop of Jenna's steaming load and took a huge, eager bite. The redhead smiled, showing shit oozing through her teeth, and decided the whole pile would be hers. Esmerelda giggled with sick amusement and let herself slide a little further off the table. With a *plop* her insanely grinning face landed in Jenna's enormous crap. Nothing could be seen of the woman's head except her frizzy over-permed red hair, but she clearly enjoyed herself as her head moved back and forth in the steaming mountain of shit, and her throat swallowed over and over and let forth vague grunts and groans of contenment.
  81. With one burnt-to-a-crisp tanned arm Jenna pulled more of the liquid shit toward her face; the other was wedged painfully underneath her as she frigged herself frantically with shit-covered fingers. Jenna sucked at the toxic lagoon with demented ferocity. Her cheeks (which could barely be seen under her increasingly filthy and disgusting mop of shitwater-blonde hair) worked like a bellows and she made a horrifying vacuuming sound in her hurry to ingest the disgusting slurry beneath her. Jenna's demented sucking turned into a wracking cough that spasmed her whole body as she missed a swallow and the shit flew into her lungs. She coughed and retched alarmingly for a whole minute as her brown face turned purple, but in her sick exstacy the shit slurry threatening to overwhelm her lungs only made her bury her contaminated fingers deeper in her drooling cunt. When she finally stopped coughing she paused only to take a deep breath, and let out a satisfied sigh before she shoved her face back into the liquid shit swamp in front of her. This time, as if her previous shitscapades hand't been sick enough, she closed her mouth and, with a big smile, began snorting up Esmerelda's liquid shit through her nose, with a look of pure demented bliss on what little of her face remained visible through the reeking crust of filth in her hair.
  83. Megumi eagerly hopped down off the table to the pile of epic turd logs she'd left on the floor. She knelt in front of the shit pile and wasted no time in grabbing the largest, a truly huge crap at least 16 inches long and 4 wide, and jamming it down her throat. Her neck spasmed as she leaned back to take the enormous piece of shit and her throat bulged as she began, against all reason, to force the huge greasy turd down her sick gullet. Not even bothering to chew or pausing to swallow, Megu pushed until the offensive and disgusting log was past her shit-stained teeth. She gave it one final shove and her eyes rolled back in her head as she stuffed her hand into her mouth past the wrist to get the shitlog down. Her other hand had already grabbed a new monster turd, and she lifted herself up on her knees to get the ass-destroyer underneath her. With one shit-covered hand Megu spread her lightly-furred, plump pussy lips and with the other penetrated herself with her rock-hard shit-log. The ridiculously buxom asian moaned as she slowly jammed all 14 inches of the diseased human waste into her well-used cunt, then began rocking up and down as she grunted and fucked herself on the monster turd. Brown sludge began to drip from her crotch as her pussy juices liquified the hard shit into a noxious lubricant. Megu leaned back against Esmerelda's pillowy, shitstained ass as she quickened the rhythm of her deranged self-abuse. The redhead screamed at Megumi, muffled by the pile of shit burying her face, "You slant-eyed whore, I want you to fuck me with one of those huge-ass jap shitlogs! Fuck my worthless cunt with human waste!"
  85. At Esmerelda's urging, Megu reached up and jammed her next-biggest rock-hard turd between the redhead's plump and glistening pink cuntlips. Esmerelda spasmed and arched her back, nearly sliding off the table alltogether as her shit-eating face finally came free of the massive coil of Jenna's waste and her enormous coffee-colored tits slid into the filth instead. Esmerelda was hardly recognizable. Every inch of her face was covered in rich brown feces except for her bright green eyes that looked glazed over in rapture. "Oh fuck yes, violate me with your noxious garbage!" she gasped through a shit-filled mouth as Megu forced the wide log of turd into her filthy dripping pussy. In between whining grunts of pleasure Esmerelda stuck out her shit-yellowed tongue to catch sludgy filth dripping from her nose. Her nostrils and nasal cavity were packed full of Jenna's creamy shit, smooth enough to pack in but too thick to blow out or swallow.
  87. Megu's let her now thoroughly liquified cunt log dribble out of her depraved pussy and between her legs as she jammed another piece of shit down her throat with one hand and fucked Esmerelda's sloppy shit-brown cunt with the other. With a final and deafening snort, Jenna sucked the last of Esmerelda's liquid turd into her nose and suddenly sat up, looking dazed and somehow disappointed. "Uhhh, fuck! Is there any more? Eating your liquid shit makes me so fucking hot, Esmerelda!" The blonde shoved her whole hand into Esmerelda's still dripping asshole without warning, ignoring her friend's scream of pleasure as she dug out a handful of liquid shit and cupped it beneath her nose, snorting it up in one go. Megumi looked at her in surprise and Jenna took the eight inches of hard log sticking out of Megumi's mouth, and straight towards her, as an invitation. The blonde woman grasped the back of the Asian's head and forcefully shoved her own throat over the outsized piece of crap. Megu grabbed the back of Jenna's head, and the two of them forced each other forward in a sick embrace, gagging, choking, and sliding the crap log into their throats inch by inch until the two were engaged in a disgusting kiss. As Jenna gagged her ragged breaths blew chunks and squirts of Esmerelda's shit from her overflowing sinuses into Megu's face. Their arms still strained, mashing their faces together, as they flicked their tongues over the turd and each other's shitstained faces. The pair's unnaturally gigantic tits were squeezed between them in their embrace and began leaking yellowish, thick sour-smelling milk from their huge areolas.
  89. No longer getting her cunt pummelled by Megu, Esmerelda righted herself and, keeping one hand firmly jacking the rod of shit in and out of herself, pathetically lapped at the other two's faces with her tongue. "Oh, fuck yes! Choke on that shit! Choke on it until you turn blue! Let me choke on it!" Esmerelda whined as she fucked herself silly and tasted her friends' faces. Megu finally bit off and swallowed her half of the crap log, and Jenna frantically motioned that she, too, wanted the huge wad of hard shit in her belly. It became clear that she could not speak as she opened her mouth to reveal the massive wad was still clogging her throat. Esmerelda held Jenna's jaw open while Megu shoved her fist down the blonde's throat, pushing the shit-plug until the asian's wrist-bone disappeared into Jenna's spasming shit-slick gullet.
  91. As soon as Megu's artificially browned arm was out of her throat, Jenna gasped and shoved four fingers up her streaming cunt. "Fuck, that's the second time just now I've almost come from the thought that I'm choking to death on shit!" Jenna blurted. "I'm such a fucking worthless shit-whore!" She screamed the last words as she furiously finger-slammed herself nearer to orgasm. "Uuurgh FUCK is all the shit gone? I need to eat some more shit right fucking now!" Megu groaned and rolled her eyes in response to her friend's sick horny energy, and spread her legs to show off the liquidy shit dripping from her violated cunt. "Eat my shit out of my cunt, you filthy fucking slut! Get down here and suck on my shitty pussylips!" Jenna didn't need to be told twice, she dove for the asian's defiled hole and, flipping onto her back in the thin layer of filth on the floor, began sucking the half-liquified shit sludge out of her friend's fuckhole. At the same time Jenna's legs began to rise into the air of their own accord as she mercilessly slammed her cunt with five fingers, only barely unable to cram her fist into her hungry cockhole. Esmerelda yanked Jenna's hand away and, with all her strength, forced her fist -which may as well have been a ball of shit- up the feces-covered blonde's baby chute. At the same time Megu leaned forward and began slapping Jenna's clit as hard as she could, while simultaneously tensing her cunt muscles to force the last bit of shit from her degraded fuck-canal into her blonde friend's mouth, screaming, "Come for me you blonde bitch! Come under my shitfucked cunt. Yeah!" All three were rewarded as the blonde shitwhore began to thrash violently under Megu's cunt, who groaned as she sat her full weight down on her friend's bucking face. Esmerelda got an unexpected blast of nasty yellow piss in her face, which she eagerly slurped as she wrapped her shit-covered lips around her friend's pisshole, just above the cunt she was still jackhammering with her arm.
  93. "Fuck, Jenna, you can clean the shit out of my pussy any time," said Megu as she finally let her friend up out from under her dripping brown cunt.
  95. "Speaking of cleanup," said the shit-covered redhead, in a flat nasal voice from the shit packed in her nose. Neither of her friends had to be told what to do. This time the asian got under her and began sucking the decomposing shit-log out of her cunt, while Jenna took the redhead's head in her hands and hauled it towards her face. The blonde ate her rich, bitter, greasy shit off the redhead's face with gusto. As Megu finished off the log in Esmerelda's cunt and moved on to the crusted splatter on her ass, Jenna began to knee the asian in her shit-crusted cunt. "You like that you slant whore? Huh? Payback's a bitch!" she crowed as she slammed her knee harder and harder into Megu's pink-and-brown slit. The asian screamed and opened her legs wider, as if begging for more punishment. Her blonde friend obliged, and whispered something in Esmerelda's shit-encrusted ear. As Megu opened her mouth to scream, the asshole she had been cleaning blasted a massive, sticky fart loaded with diarrhea straight into her face. Esmerelda strained her empty ass to spew wet shit onto Megumi as Jenna put her weight on her knee and ground it into Megumi's clit. The Asian came with a riotous scream. Jenna smiled, locked her lips over her friend's nostrils and moaned as she began to suck her creamy shit out of Esmerelda's sinuses . As the two engaged in the sick embrace their cartoonishly huge breasts squeezed and oozed diseased milk onto Megu's flailing, cumming body. In only a few minutes of licking, sucking and squeezing the three women had got each other's body cavities reasonably clean of their shit.
  97. The trio finally looked around the restaurant. "Fuck, where did everybody else go? They missed the special of the day!"
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