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Mythological Hayll

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  1. [center][div style="font-family: 'Cinzel Decorative', cursive; font-size: 20px;"]The Peccatori[/div][/center]
  3. [div style="text-align: justify;background-color: #4A4948; color: #ffffff;padding: 10px 30px 10px 30px;"]
  4. In the ancient days of Hayll, many millennia before the Purge, a trio of Black Widow sisters were known as the Fates. Extraordinarily gifted in the art of vision webs, the three earned some fame as reliable, if cryptic, soothsayers. Lachesis, the youngest, was known for visions pertaining to birth, new beginnings, change, growth, and advancement. The middle sister, Atropos, was known for her visions of vitality, luck, present circumstances, and relationships. Clotho, the eldest, was known for her visions of deaths, endings, and all things entropic. They took turns wandering the Twisted Kingdom for their revelations, with one sister always remaining behind in case some unforeseen turn required her to help her sisters find their way home.
  6. Atropos and Clotho shared a vision once, and upon returning to Lachesis, they shared it with her. They had seen an order of the noblest of young Hayllians, come together to affect great change on the nation's landscape. Bound together by fate, this small group of prophesied youths would serve a Great Purpose, though neither sister could say what that purpose would be. When Lachesis consulted her own webs on the matter, she saw the herself and her sisters gathering the order of young nobles under auspicious signs, and she foresaw the order continuing onward for many generations under their divine calling. The sisters commenced searching for those that the webs seemed to suggest were favored, and the Spero Peccatorum order was established.
  8. The youths who were originally chosen were less than a hundred years old, but rich of heart and each bore might ambition. Dubbing them the Voices, the Fates encouraged them to exist as a coterie, spending time with each other in reflection and meditation in hopes that their Great Purpose would be revealed. Each Voice was concerned with a different aspect of Hayllian life, and focused their meditation on this personal aspect. In the beginning, the order was something of an ascetic cult, the purest hearts of Hayll devoting themselves to searching for a better future for their nation. They were revered for their patriotism, their dedication, and their purity of heart. They even garnered a small retinue of keepers and benefactors who helped provide for them, so that those of the order could focus the entirety of their existence on seeking the Great Purpose.
  10. Years passed, and no Great Purpose was revealed. The Fates did not worry, as they were accustomed to watching stories play out over millennia instead of seasons. When members of the order reached their five hundredth year, they were released from their service and another youth was initiated in their stead. Eventually, however, the Fates themselves returned to the Darkness. Though the order - whose name was gradually shorted to The Peccatori - was self-sustaining by then, there had been no sign of the prophesied purpose.
  12. Years and lifetimes passed, and the purpose and character of the Peccatori slowly changed. Without the guiding hands of the Fates to keep them focused, the order descended into decadence and self-interest. It became a tremendous social boon to be inducted as one of the Voices, and once inducted, a Voice could expect to live out centuries being all but worshiped by their supplicants, sycophants, and would-be successors. While each Voice still nominally claims patronage over a certain portfolio of Hayllian concerns, they have long since ceased searching for the Great Purpose that was foretold.
  13. [/div]
  16. [center][div style="font-family: 'Cinzel Decorative', cursive; font-size: 20px;"]The Voices[/div][/center]
  20. [center]
  21. [size=16pt][font=la belle aurore]Aphrodite[/font][/size][/center]
  22. [i]Love is the most powerful motivator in the world. It spurs mortals to greatness. Their noblest and bravest acts are done for love.
  23. —  Rick Riordan, ‘The Lost Hero’[/i]
  24. Patron of Love
  25. [b]Difficulty:[/b] Semi-Advanced
  26. [b]Age: [/b]No preference.
  27. [b]Caste:[/b] Queen or Priestess (Preferred but negotiable.)
  28. [b]Jewels:[/b] No preference.
  29. [b]Notes:[/b]
  30. - one of the newest Voices.
  31. - holds a love for the finer things in life.
  32. - has a great belief that love will perhaps one day conquer all.
  33. - has alot of self-love.
  34. - vain but not completely shallow.
  35. - was chosen as a Voice for her beauty and ambition.
  36. - incredibly pampered.
  37. - daughter from one of the Hundred families.
  39. [div style="clear:both;"][/div]
  42. [center]
  43. [size=16pt][font=la belle aurore]Apollo [/font][/size][/center]
  44. [i]The sun and the moon. Dearest brother and sister, opposites and incomplete. their love for each other is brutal, yet hidden under a veil of stars. They rarely agree on anything, really. One shining bright in the sky, the other guiding lost souls in the dark. but you know what they say about twins; they are two sides of the same coin. A golden coin.[/i]
  45. Patron of the Sun
  46. [b]Difficulty:[/b] Semi-Advanced
  47. [b]Age: [/b]No preference.
  48. [b]Caste:[/b] Prince (Preferred but negotiable.)
  49. [b]Jewels:[/b] No preference.
  50. [b]Relation:[/b] Artemis (Sister)
  51. [b]Notes: [/b]
  52. - one of the newer/younger voices.
  53. - has many different qualities.
  54. - is very creative/imaginative.
  55. - believes in mediation, that the Territory cannot be lead in just one way.
  56. - has alot of opinions, and interests.
  57. - is very close to his sister, though she agitates him.
  58. - bit of a wild child.
  59. - lover of a music, medicine and more.
  61. [div style="clear:both;"][/div]
  64. [center][size=16pt][font=la belle aurore]Persephone[/font][/size][/center]
  65. [i]She who walks the floors of hell, finds the key to the gates of her own Heaven, buried there like a seed.
  66. - Segovia Amil[/i]
  67. Patron of Life
  68. [b]Difficulty:[/b] Semi-Advanced
  69. [b]Age:[/b] No preference.
  70. [b]Caste:[/b] Black Widow, Healer or Queen (Negotiable.)
  71. [b]Jewels: [/b]No preference.
  72. [b]Notes: [/b]
  73. - doesn't allow others to think for her.
  74. - guarded, but also incredibly kind.
  75. - somewhat naive?
  76. - has been through trials in her life.
  77. - wants to live her life the way she wants.
  78. - holds alot of love in her heart.
  79. - sheltered as a child.
  80. - shines bright as the sun but secretly holds darkness.
  83. [center][size=16pt][font=la belle aurore]Ares[/font][/size][/center]
  84. [i]They made him into a weapon, and then told him to find peace. [/i]
  85. Patron of War
  86. [b]Difficulty: [/b]Semi-Advanced
  87. [b]Age:[/b] No preference.
  88. [b]Caste: [/b]Warlord Prince (Not negotiable.)
  89. [b]Jewels:[/b] No preference.
  90. [b]Notes:[/b]
  91. - guarded.
  92. - fiercely intense.
  93. - has something violent about him.
  94. - slightly vain, partially quiet.
  95. - has seen alot of shit.
  96. - war once made sense to him, until the nightmares came of blood and death.
  97. - secret fear of death.
  98. - one of the more mature Voices.
  99. - has an ambitious father/is a son of the Hundred families.
  100. - potential clash with his father.
  102. [center][size=16pt][font=la belle aurore]Hephaestus [/font][/size][/center]
  103. [i]Never let them calm the fires of your heart, for they burn so brightly. Those who try to steal your light will find themselves blinded by it. [/i]
  104. Patron of Fire
  105. [b]Difficulty:[/b] Semi-Advanced.
  106. [b]Age: [/b]No preference.
  107. [b]Caste:[/b] Prince or WP (Negotiable)
  108. [b]Jewels:[/b] No preference.
  109. [b]Notes:[/b]
  110. - loyal above all.
  111. - not as vain as the others.
  112. - has some kind of deformity or scarring. (Your choice.)
  113. - has pride in his work.
  114. - has a hobby of sculpting/blacksmithing.
  115. - strong, mentally and physically.
  116. - is capable of a fierce love.
  117. - but is also scorned.
  118. - has been hurt before by love.
  119. - could be shy? (your choice.)
  121. [center][size=16pt][font=la belle aurore]Artemis[/font][/size][/center]
  122. [i]The sun and the moon. Dearest brother and sister, opposites and incomplete. their love for each other is brutal, yet hidden under a veil of stars. They rarely agree on anything, really. One shining bright in the sky, the other guiding lost souls in the dark. but you know what they say about twins; they are two sides of the same coin. A golden coin. [/i]
  123. Patron of the Moon
  124. [b]Difficulty:[/b] Semi-Advanced
  125. [b]Age:[/b] No preference
  126. [b]Caste:[/b] Priestess or Hearth (Negotiable)
  127. [b]Jewels:[/b] No preference.
  128. [b]Notes:[/b]
  129. - fiercely protective of her brother.
  130. - believes she is just as strong as everyone else.
  131. - favorite time of day is midnight, has a love of the stars.
  132. - entitled to her opinion.
  133. - love of archery.
  134. - believes in protecting herself.
  135. - sort of stuck up.
  136. - very protective of her loved ones.
  137. - fond of animals.
  139. [center][size=16pt][font=la belle aurore]Hades [/font][/size][/center]
  140. [i]His name tasted of marrow and fire, of wisping smoke, of immortality and power and the raspy whisper of darkness.[/i]
  141. Patron of Death
  142. [b]Difficulty:[/b] Semi-Advanced
  143. [b]Age: [/b]No preference.
  144. [b]Caste:[/b] Warlord Prince. (Non-negotiable.)
  145. [b]Jewels:[/b] No preference.
  146. [b]Notes: [/b]
  147. - tends to brood.
  148. - tendency to be quiet.
  149. - secretly protective.
  150. - dark.
  151. - secretly loves the sun, and the daytime.
  152. - very strong willed.
  153. - eldest child.
  154. - is a bit different from his family.
  156. [center][size=16pt][font=la belle aurore]Athena [/font][/size][/center]
  157. [i]Beauty may be dangerous but intelligence is lethal.[/i]
  158. Patron of Wisdom
  159. [b]Difficulty:[/b] Semi-Advanced
  160. [b]Age:[/b] No preference.
  161. [b]Caste: [/b]Black Widow, Healer or Priestess. (Negotiable.)
  162. [b]Jewels:[/b] No preference.
  163. Notes:
  164. - kind, but fierce.
  165. - has a wisdom beyond her years.
  166. - has an affinity for politics.
  167. - bit of a bookworm.
  168. - fiercely quiet.
  169. - good at strategy.
  170. - not afraid to fight for her beliefs.
  171. - believes her to be right most of the time.
  172. - passionate.
  174. [center][div style="font-family: 'Cinzel Decorative', cursive; font-size: 20px;"]The Protectors and Worshippers[/div][/center]
  176. [center]I have not created specific roles for these, but instead they are up to the writer. These are alternate options/ideas to support the Voices. [/center]
  178. - Requirements are:
  179. - Protectors must be of the opposite sex to their chosen Voice.
  180. - Protectors can be any caste, and any jewel.
  181. - Must be related to Greek Myth/Inspired by a Deity or Demi-God.
  182. - Protectors are companions and guards to the Voices. Their main goal is to keep the Voice safe.
  184. - Worshippers can be any caste, and any jewel.
  185. - Must be related to Greek Myth/Inspired by a Deity or Demi-God.
  186. - Can worship any number of the Voices.
  187. - Can sponsor a Voice/back them politically.
  192. [center][div style="font-family: 'Cinzel Decorative', cursive; font-size: 20px;"]End Notes[/div][/center]
  194. Hello everyone!
  196. Unless stated otherwise, most of these roles have negotiable aspects. If there is something you absolutely don't like, then speak with me about it. Most castes are negotiable, and jewels/age/faceclaims are completely up to the writer. I have general ideas and thoughts for each character, which I've listed under their notes. The notes are mainly inspiration for the characters, and not every aspect has to be included in the character sheet. My thought was that I would just like the characters to represent aspects of their myth stereotype.
  198. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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