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RPC Djanghor body arcana

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  1. the goal of the Djanghor arcana is to give him a
  2. new shapeshift form, which benefits from all of
  3. his form-specific runes and glyphs. this gives it
  4. great abilities in general, but it doesn't outperform
  5. each other form's niche role. (for example, it will
  6. not inherit bird form's +700% post-mit scream debuff.)
  8. === DJANGHOR ARCANA ===
  10. "Aspect of the Year Beast" - Body armor
  11. (references the Wraith King set of the same name,
  12. along with the Year Beast creature. this makes
  13. finding appropriate icons pretty easy)
  15. = R: Shapeshift: Year Beast =
  17. "Transform into the Year Beast with its own ability set after a 1.75 second channel. x% of maximum mana is drained every 0.03 seconds to maintain this form."
  19. This spell replaces all three of Dhanghor's other
  20. R spells while the arcana is equipped. Pressing Q
  21. will toggle through the three Mark buffs as normal.
  23. The model used is the Year Beast, from the event
  24. game mode a few years ago. It is a melee unit with
  25. dimensions similar to the wolf form, but with the
  26. bear form's bulk.
  28. The Year Beast qualifies as each of Djanghor's
  29. other shapeshift forms, therefore benefitting from
  30. all form-specific runes. It also benefits from any
  31. Immortal weapon that Djanghor has equipped, so it
  32. will give him conditional Steadfast from the Bear
  33. weapon, additional forks to the Year Beast's own
  34. W spell (described below), or increases the W spell's
  35. slow effect while removing the mana drain ticks
  36. while in Year Beast form, depending on the weapon.
  38. This means the Year Beast's Q spell will activate Q1,
  39. its E spell will generate an E1 pool upon landing
  40. (and will purge debuffs via E3), and its W spell will
  41. gain bonus base damage from W3. Note that the arcana
  42. DOES replace his R runes, so the basic R runes will
  43. not apply to the Year Beast form.
  45. Additionally, all form-specific Glyphs will also apply
  46. to the Year Beast form. This means that it can gain a
  47. 25% Bash chance along with 60% evasion, from a bear-specific
  48. and wolf-specific Glyph, respectively.
  50. Do note from the spell's description that it DOES inherit
  51. the bird form's mana drain ticks.
  53. = R1: Silver Fangs =
  55. "All attributes increase attack damage while in Year Beast form."
  57. Each point of attributes gives 0.1 attack damage
  58. per rune level. Compare this to non-arcana R1,
  59. which gives 0.15 per rune level.
  61. = R2: Golden Mane =
  62. (references the myth of the Ceryneian Hind, one of
  63. the Labors of Hercules)
  65. "Gain increased health in Year Beast form, based on all attributes. When shifting out of Year Beast form, retain the buff for 7 seconds."
  67. Each point of attributes gives 0.1 maximum health
  68. per rune level. Compare this to Slipfinn's E2, which
  69. gives 0.3 maximum health per rune level, but applies
  70. only to his Agility attribute.
  72. = R3: Jade Voice =
  74. "A percent of all attributes is ADDED as Base Ability Damage to all four abilities, even in monkey form."
  76. This rune is a clone of Voltex's Q2, adding a percent
  77. of all attributes as flat Base Ability Damage to all
  78. abilities. Being a T3 rune, it should be OK and balanced
  79. to keep its scaling at 2% per rune level (which is only
  80. 40% of your attribute total at rank 20).
  82. = R4: Diamond Soul =
  84. "Gain a bonus to all attributes in Year Beast form."
  86. This rune adds 400 to all attributes per rune level.
  87. Compare this to the non-Arcana R4, which adds 500 to
  88. only one attribute per rune level.
  90. With each R rune at level 20, with no further investment
  91. and not counting any attribute or rune bonuses from gear,
  92. the total bonuses from each of them are as follows:
  94. * R4: 8,000 to all attributes (thus 24,000 total points)
  95. * R1: 48,000 attack damage
  96. * R2: 160k HP from the +8k STR, then 48,000 bonus health
  97. * R3: +9,600 flat Base Ability Damage to all abilities
  99. === YEAR BEAST Q: Thunderous Roar ===
  102. DAMAGE TYPE: Pure
  103. ELEMENT: Temporal/Nature
  105. "The Year Beast howls, damaging and taunting enemies in a cone."
  107. The cone inherits the AoE of bird form's Q, and the taunt
  108. duration of bear form's Q. The base damage of the ability
  109. is also inherited from bird form's Q.
  111. No mana cost. Cooldown inherited from bird form's Q.
  113. === YEAR BEAST W: Rending Gale ===
  116. DAMAGE TYPE: Magical
  117. ELEMENT: Normal/Wind
  119. "Sweeping its paws through the air, the Year Beast whips up a scouring windstorm, damaging and slowing enemies in a line."
  121. This spell is essentially a clone of wolf form's W, but it
  122. inherits the movespeed slow effect from bird form's W.
  124. Damage and slow magnitude/duration are inherited from wolf
  125. form's W, but note that this damage instance benefits from
  126. both W3 AND the arcana's R3, giving it significantly more power.
  127. It can also be augmented by the special Immortal weapon for
  128. the wolf form (Sabretooth Daibo), giving the projectile two
  129. more forks and adding the Nature element to it.
  131. Mana cost and cast animation inherited from wolf form's W.
  133. === YEAR BEAST E: Majestic Pounce ===
  135. "Leap to the target location, dragging enemy units along. When landing, the Year Beast stomps the ground, damaging and stunning nearby enemies."
  137. This spell inherits the "Skewer" push effect from bear form's
  138. E spell, then generates the bear form's "War Stomp" shockwave
  139. at the landing point.
  141. Damage and stun duration are inherited from War Stomp, but
  142. note that this damage instance benefits from both W3 AND
  143. the arcana's R3, giving it significantly more power.
  145. No mana cost. Inherits the cooldown and cast range of
  146. bear form's E.
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