[Guide] Niche Ideas and Selection

Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. [Guide] Niche Ideas and Selection
  2. Niche selection! How well do you think you do that?
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  14. Yeah, everyone talks about amassing profits from sites but what is really the most important step is selecting a niche. Everyone finds it difficult because your whole plan is based on that.
  15. If you select a difficult niche to proceed compared to the budget you have, its very difficult to earn later.
  16. There haven't been many dedicated niche selection idea guides on BHW. Let's see some easy hacks:
  17. The best way is to rehash stuff where others are being successful unless its saturated.
  18. 1. Flippa:
  19. I recently wrote a simple method to earn from Flippa(https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/m...ent-income-from-flippa.1018448/#post-10921698) and its a part of spying too.
  20. How to see profitable sites:
  21. 1. Go to https://flippa.com/search?filter[property_type]=website
  22. 2. Increase min monthly profit filter to $100 or $1000, status "Sold".
  23. 3. Choose monetization as Adsense, Affiliate, Dropship or whatever you prefer.
  24. Voila, you see websites which actually made profits. No BS.
  25. Now, you could either filter by keyword (which I dont prefer as it checks the domain name) or by broad niche if you have anything on your mind.
  26. If you further want to get keywords, plug one of those into Ahrefs and you get a load of them.
  28. 2. Amazon:
  29. Ecommerce sites are the best to search for niches. They list so many products that leave you wondering that they could exist.
  30. On the site directory (http://www.amazon.in/gp/site-directory/ ), you could find the categories of products sold on Amazon. If you want to start an Amazon affiliate site, you could drill down to the category you are interested in. Later, check their best sellers (https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers/zgbs) to see where you are interested in.
  32. When you are checking out Ecommerce sites for Niche ideas, make sure to pick a category and include "Best" or "Reviews" alongside the category name to find some golden nuggets.
  33. Example: best <product_name> or <product_name> reviews.
  35. 3. AliExpress:
  36. If you are into Dropshipping, see a load of niches at Alibaba (https://www.aliexpress.com/all-wholesale-products.html) to make the best choice before starting out a dropshipping store.
  38. Wow, you must see an overwhelming number of categories to choose from. Now, do your keyword research digging these categories and pick an easy and low competition one.
  39. 4. Pinterest:
  40. One of the best websites to drive traffic is pinterest and it can be one of the best to research different niches.
  42. Headover to pinterest.com and check out their categories. If you click on a particular category, you can also find suggestions of different sub-categories. On clicking on a subcategory, you see pins related to it. It’s a great method to get popular products judging by the number of pins or shares they got.
  43. Now, when doing keyword research, you can just input “<product> reviews” and get some easy and worth-pursuing niches. Popular pinterest boards are examples of great broad niches.
  44. 5. Ebay:
  45. Whether you are starting a new dropshipping or Ebay arbitrage business, you need to see Ebay Trending Products (https://explore.ebay.com/). That gives an idea of what sells.
  46. Apart from that, the Ebay Sitemap(https://pages.ebay.com/sitemap.html) contains tons of niches or categories to go with. If you click on a particular category, you can again drill down to a specific sub-category can pick a micro-niche if it suits.
  47. 6. StumbleUpon:
  48. Another site which can help you drive hell lot of traffic like pinterest. Stumbleupon has a list of all its interests (https://www.stumbleupon.com/discover/interests/all) and that serves as a great place to start drilling down to a particular popular niche.
  50. Basically, see what people are interested in and also what interests you.
  51. 7. Google Trends:
  52. If you are not checking out Google trends (trends.google.com), you are missing out a lot. You can get a lot of trending long tails from here.
  53. Here is an example:
  54. Suppose you plan to launch an affiliate site. Head over to Google trends and enter your seed keyword. Select your target country and see the data of past 12 months. You could see how the product is popular in terms of search volume. Look for related searches provided by Google and their trends. You could get some popular and trending products related to your niche.
  55. You could get some products with growing popularity and less competition. Those are the ones which can rank easily.
  56. 8. “Best” or “Top X” product review sites:
  57. This is one of my best strategies of keyword and niche research.
  58. If you want to launch an affiliate site and you have ever done some keyword research, you will come across these sites. I just termed them as “best”<whatever>.com and TopX<whatever>.com. So, they are basically authority websites which review and publish best X no of products to buy in a niche. They have tons of pages across several or probably all categories of Amazon or products from other affiliate networks.
  59. If you find those sites, head over to their sitemap and there you are! Your quest is over :D
  60. Example:
  61. https://www.bestproducts.com/sitemap/
  62. https://thewirecutter.com/post_review.xml
  63. http://www.toptenreviews.com/sitemap.xml
  64. If you want to grab some low competition keywords, I would also insist you to go and check some lesser popular sites.
  65. Example:
  66. https://top10reviewof.com/post-sitemap.xml
  67. So, are you wondering: How can I rank if these authority sites are ranking already? Yes, you can. It could be a bit difficult though.
  68. These sites are basically ranking because of their domain authority. What you need to do is build niche relevance around a micro niche and strengthen your home page. Your site is solely based on gas stoves or kitchen accessories or sports goods. So, it has more relevance to a search query.
  69. These sites are an awesome source to get quick niche/keyword ideas.
  70. 9. Footprints:
  71. Footprints are another great source of niche and keyword selection. Whether its affiliate or dropshipping, you can search for relevant footprints and spy on the sites.
  72. Example:
  73. If you want to build a shopify store on sunglasses: “powered by Shopify” + sunglasses is your footprint.
  74. Similarly, for spying on amazon affiliate sites, you could use: “amazon affiliate disclosure” + keyword.
  75. It purely depends on what you want to build and come up with relevant footprints. These not only give you keyword ideas but also website designing and product selection ideas.
  76. 10. Trend Hunter (https://www.trendhunter.com):
  77. I love this site because it has tons and tons of list posts. Whether you want to start an affiliate site or adsense blog, this is a great source of keywords.
  78. Whatever niche you want to be in, it lists almost everything. Well, it also lists all the trending products and you could have an idea of what people want.
  79. 11. Twitter:
  80. Don’t just lurk around twitter. If you see what’s trending on twitter daily, you could come up with some great product ideas someday.
  81. Otherwise I agree, its just some random BS, politics and celebrities. ;)
  82. 12. Eyes and Ears:
  83. Probably the most important tools to give you great ideas. Keep your eyes and ears open around you and try to see everything from a marketing angle.
  84. I’m sure you will land across some great ideas.
  85. Keyword Research:
  86. Once you have an interesting and profitable niche, start researching keywords. There are lots of detailed guides on keyword research:
  87. https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/hekkes-keyword-research-guide-examples-included.839717/
  88. https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/this-is-how-i-do-a-keyword-research.919675/
  89. Tip: Always check searches on Google Keyword Planner though there are tons of tools. You will get the actual data. If you are not allowed to use it, run an adwords campaign for one of your sites and change to manual bidding with low per click value. That should allow you to use it. :)
  90. For you to take action:
  91. Its high time always to take action. Too many things just clutter up our little brain and make things complicated.
  92. Just choose something that interests you. Use the resources to do proper research and proceed.
  93. Million $ Idea which everyone knows and no one implements:
  94. 1. Pick an already profitable site.
  95. 2. Copy the same structure, same target keywords or add your own twist.
  96. 3. Plug into Ahrefs, find its RD and its whole history.
  97. 4. Recreate same stuff with same backlinks.
  98. 5. Rank and Earn.
  99. **********There are no secrets to success. PERIOD!************
  100. If you fail, try again :) I have failed at many sites because I cant resist trying new stuff but hey, I learn new things and that comes handy on long term projects.
  101. P.S: That's my effort to add some 2 cents towards your success. If you find it interesting, implement. Else, Go with whatever works for you!
  106. Nice list buddy, some untapped ones there. Keep sharing.
  113. Nice list buddy, some untapped ones there. Keep sharing.
  114. Thank you, doing my best. Hope that helps.
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  119. Trend Hunter I'd never paid attention to before, but I guess run that and Google Trends together to really narrow down some ideas.
  120. Really useful thread here my friend.
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  123. Yes, this is my go-to Keyword Tool, you should be using this! Rank easier with this.
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  127. Trend Hunter I'd never paid attention to before, but I guess run that and Google Trends together to really narrow down some ideas.
  128. Really useful thread here my friend.
  129. Definitely. I personally like this a lot. Can be a very gud source of new niche ideas.
  130. Thank you buddy :)
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  133. Great thread, man! So much value.
  134. Flippa is my best to find great niches!
  135. Thanks for you share
  137. i hate that on flippa some url-s are hidden .....
  140. Great thread, man! So much value.
  141. Thanks buddy :)
  143. Flippa is my best to find great niches!
  144. Thanks for you share
  145. Yeah, indeed.
  147. i hate that on flippa some url-s are hidden .....
  148. Yes, sometimes when they opt to and pay for it but only the higher payout ones opt for it. You can still see 95% of the links.
  150. Diversity package at just $12.99 - Best links for your rankings?
  151. Great method, and I hope a lot of newcomers can learn from this. The possibilites for niche research are endless - just be creative.
  154. Great method, and I hope a lot of newcomers can learn from this. The possibilites for niche research are endless - just be creative.
  155. Yeah, you are right. Just make the best use of the damn brain :)
  157. Diversity package at just $12.99 - Best links for your rankings?
  159. Great share man ... sometimes i got the idea from empire flippers + youtube as well
  160. Thanks for the lists! Also it's important to remember: every niche works. It depends on YOU!!!!
  162. Yeah, empire flippers dont reveal the URL unless you deposit. So, its a bit tricky. You can just trace the niche.
  164. Nice info, thanks.
  165. Good share!
  166. Thank you for the share, very useful
  167. This is really great stuff, thanks.
  168. Thanks for the lists! Also it's important to remember: every niche works. It depends on YOU!!!!
  169. Thanks for the support. Will keep sharing whenever possible :)
  171. Diversity package at just $12.99 - Best links for your rankings?
  173. Never thought of utilizing trendhunter for research :)
  176. Thank you for the sharing, very useful For got The Niche Idea
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