FOBS Forest of Blue Skin incomplete guide V1.16a

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  3. Controls:
  4. A - Attack
  5. X - Jump
  6. Space - Inventory
  7. W - Health to Pleasure swap (faulty functionality?)
  9. Skills
  10. Masturbate - Hold Down and A to build up. Release A to ejaculate. Holding down and tapping A very fast allows you to build up pleasure very quickly. I call this power pumping.
  12. Abilities
  13. Forst Zone:
  14. Sprint - Forest Dweller (Passive). "Run Faster"
  15. Slime Wall - Blue Slime (Up + A). "A barrier that blocks enemy projectiles."
  16. Dash! - Kappa girl (down + A). "Dash under gaps or low barriers"
  18. Desert Zone:
  19. Voice Bazooka/Shout - Yamabiko Girl (Up + A). "Knock back enemies and block projectiles"
  20. Double Jump - Brown Bunny (passive). "An extra jump to reach new locations"
  21. Wild Slash! - Red Catgirl (passive). "Increased attack range and damage"
  23. Temple Zone:
  24. Hammer - Kobold Girl (up + A). "Use it to smash blocks or enemies"
  25. Transform - Kitsune (up + A). "Hide from enemies or evade most attacks"
  28. Beginning the Game:
  30. Your Room
  31. --------------------
  32. Exit the room on the left. You will come back here later.
  34. Your House
  35. --------------------
  36. Immediately to your left is a save point. Pressing up on these restores your health and saves the game. Use them frequently.
  37. Further left of the save point is the Love Gallery. THis is where all of your collected girls go.
  38. To the right of the savepoint and your door is the Warp Zone. This is where all the shortcuts in the world link up to.
  39. Further right of the Warp Zone, marked by to East pointed arrows is the World Access Portal and how you will explore initially.
  40. At the very far right is where the Bench Girl will give you footjobs once you find her
  42. World Access Portal
  43. --------------------
  44. To the left and up the sand bricks is the portal to the Desert Zone, and to the right is the Forest Zone.
  45. Proceed to the Forest Zone.
  47. Forest Zone
  48. --------------------
  49. Zone A: [Blue Slime, Forest Dweller]
  50. Quickly make your way to the right and Hit the Blue Slime. Hit her again when she is immobile. Press down when she has an exclamation mark (!)
  51. Run right and jump up to the Forest Dweller. Stand next to them and hit them until they fall over. Walk into them and finish the sex animation to collect.
  53. Once you have both abilities, Equip the sprint ability you just acquired and exit the left portal. Head back to the World Access Portal and go left to the Desert Zone
  55. Deset Zone
  56. [Zone A: Red Catgirl]
  57. Jump up the first set of platforms and use the save point near the 2 portals. Press 'W' To turn health into pleasure and save again.
  58. Climb up to the top of the level and you will see cat girls. Smack her and let them pounce on you. Allow the animation to finish and then collect them.
  59. Go back down to the save point and then go into the left portal.
  61. [Zone C: Yamabiko Girl]
  62. Equip Wild Slash and run right and get ready to jump over projectiles. Hit her 3 times and she should begin shooting out hearts.
  63. Strategy 1 - Get a few blocks away from her and get hit by the heart. Escape her charm and smack her on the ass to collect.
  64. Strategy 2 - Get charmed with very low pleasure. Begin her animation and then escape. Immediatly smack her on the ass to collect.
  66. [Zone A}
  67. Save and then enter the portal on the left.
  69. [Zone B: Brown Bunny Girl]
  70. Equip Sprint and then wait for the bunny girl to show up. When she starts running rght, follow her. Get as close as possible
  71. Equip Wild Slash (which will make you attack) and hit her in the back. Jump over her to dodge her sex animation and then repeat until she can be collected.
  73. Now we will head back to Forest Zone to get the Dash ability, which will be the last new ability for a long time.
  76. Forest Zone
  77. --------------------
  78. [Zone A]
  79. Continue right, skipping all creatures.
  80. [Zone B: Ant Girl, Blue Slime, Forest Dweller]
  81. Continue right, skipping/killing the Ants and Slimes until you make it to the Save Point. Enter the portal left of the Save Point.
  82. [Zone C: Monkey Girl]
  83. Use whichever movement skills you prefer to evade the Monkey girl's attacks. She does a spinning charge that deals heavy damage.
  84. Jump over her head and smack her. You can either wait until she attacks and jump and then hit her, or you can jump behind her and smack her before she can attack again.
  85. Continue to hit her until she can be collected. Move to the right and do not enter the portal. Jump up to gather the Masterbate skill and equip it, then leave.
  86. [Zone B]
  87. Go left and save. Go left a little and then go down and enter the portal below the Save Point.
  88. [Zone D: Kappa girl]
  89. Bait the Kappa into attacking you by going within range. Jump and then hit her in the ass to collect her. Continue right through this hallway.
  90. [Zone E: Bunny girls]
  91. Jump upwards and save, and then find two bunny girls near eachother. You can shout at them to bunch them up.
  92. Walk into one and let her finish the animation, and then get up and walk into her again. The second observing bunny will become collectable.
  94. Go back and save, and then DO NOT USE ANY PORTALS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ZONE. Climb directly upwards until you get to the top of the level. In the middle of the level is a black door. Enter that.
  97. Tree zone:
  98. --------------------
  99. [Zone A: Mushroom Girl, Ant Girl, Forest Dweller]
  100. Make your way to the first mushroom girl and cum on her 3 times by using masterbate. You can speed this up by power pumping (tapping a fast).
  101. Use the Dash ability to make your way past the mushrooms and then drop down. Head right and use double jump to get up to the savepoint above the right most Forwst Dweller.
  102. Drop down and kill the right most Forest Dweller and kill her. Continue walking right in the same area to reveal a hidden wall with an Animation Panel.
  103. Drop down once more on the right side to enter the next area.
  104. [Zone B: Tree Dweller]
  105. Go right and use the portal. Save at your house and come back to the tree zone.
  106. Equip Wild Slash and then masterbate near the Tree Dweller until she vanishes to ambush you. Jump and then smack her. Repeat until collectable.
  107. Equip Dash and dash through the Mushrooms. When you go to drop down there will be a black pillar with a shaded area on top. Press up on the black pillar to enter the next zone.
  108. [Zone C: Slug girl]
  109. Run right and bait the Slug into attacking you by getting in range. Dash into her and then escape using the left/right movement buttons. She will be collectable.
  110. Continue right and jump up and then Dash below the low wall to get the Black Panel. This will be used in Your Room to access the Haunted House.
  111. Exit this area back to Zone B.
  112. [Zone B]
  113. Continue right drop down and then go left. If you have enough health, walk against an Ant from behind to begin her animation. The 2nd ant will be aroused. When the animation finishes, get up and hit the aroused Ant and collect her.
  114. Exit to Zone A on the left.
  115. [Zone A]
  116. Go back to the Entrance for Zone B and enter it then use the portal to enter the Warp Zone. Make your way back to the Desert Zone where you got the Voice Bazooka.
  118. Desert Zone
  119. --------------------
  120. [Zone A]
  121. Climb up to the first Save Point and save. Enter the portal to its right (where you got the Voice Bazooka/Shout!)
  122. [Zone C]
  123. Continue all the way to the right and double jump over the wall. Jump again to reveal a false wall. Dash under the small opening and enter the Temple Zone
  125. Temple Zone
  126. --------------------
  127. [Zone A]
  128. Continue right and exit right.
  129. [Zone B]
  130. Savr and go down the stairs and exit right.
  131. [Zone C]
  132. The Crystal pattern on the wall here will show how many switches you've activated in the temple to unlock a new area. Take note of this and enter the room on ground level.
  133. [Zone D: Rocket Golem Girls]
  134. Continue right and use the alcoves to avoid the Rocket Punch attacks. Equip Wild Slash and then hit the Rocket Golem until she can be collected.
  135. Continue until you see a Save Point. Jump up and save and then head back to the left one alcove. There should be a hidden door on the platform. Enter the door.
  136. [Zone E: Stone Golems]
  137. Go right and equip the Voice Bazooka. Power Pump until you cum on the Golem and then shout at it twice to colelct it.
  138. Jump onto the portal platform but do not enter. Equip double jump and jump up. To the left is a small platform. Continue left on these platforms until you see a gray object. Smack it and it will light up. Then enter the portal on the right.
  139. [Zone F: Kobold]
  140. Power Pump and ready your pleasure. Cum on her until the "..." speech bubble goes away, then run close and masterbate without pumping. Allow the animation to finish and then collect her. Leave the room on the right.
  141. [Zone E]
  142. Continue through into Zone D
  143. [Zone D]
  144. Continue through, save, and then head to Zone G
  145. [Zone G: Catgirl Rogue]
  146. Dodge the Catgirl's attacks without taking any damage. Hit her and then immediately jump. Repeat until she falls over. Begin masturbating until hearts show, and then walk into her. She will drain all your life but 1.
  147. Go back to the save point to heal and come back.
  148. Continue right past the first cat and on the first platform is a slightly off shaded wall that is a hidden door. Enter it.
  149. [Zone H: Kitsune]
  150. Equip the Hammer ability and walk into the room and hit the large rock in the middle, or be prepared to escape a grapple.
  151. When the Kitsune is standing still, swing at her and then begin walking. She will drop from the ceiling as a boulder. Continue doing this until she stays in boulder form. Hit her 10 times and then when she gets dizzy, hit her with the Hammer to collect her.
  152. Go to the right most part of the room and hit the switch. Leave the room after collecting the last ability for this patch. Congrats :)
  153. [Zone G]
  154. I would recommend saving in Zone D
  155. Continue past all of the Catgirl Rogues to the top left of this zone and enter the portal.
  156. [Zone I]
  157. Power Pump to maximum pleasure and equip Slime Wall. Walk left and spam Slime Walls onto the Demon Girls. They will shoot balls at you that get blocked by the wall.
  158. Continue doing this until they fall over, and then cum on them before they vanish to collect them.
  159. Continue left through this room.
  160. [Zone C]
  161. Continue through Zone C to the left.
  162. [Zone B]
  163. Save and enter the room on the top right.
  164. [Zone J]
  165. Smash only the blocks on the GROUND LEVEL. Smack the crystal in the borrom left and then jump up. There is a fake ceiling above the blocks you didn't destroy. Jump into the fake ceiling.
  166. [Zone K]
  167. Collect the Panel and leave.
  168. [Zone J]
  169. Leave
  170. [Zone B]
  171. Save and take the stairs down to Zone C
  172. [Zone C]
  173. All 3 glyphs will be lit and you can save.
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