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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. BigBubaa: why
  4. BigBubaa: ok
  5. BigBubaa: chill with the requests
  6. BigBubaa: eat shit
  7. BigBubaa: garbo
  8. BigBubaa: kha is literally the only reason ur still in the game
  9. BigBubaa: dog
  10. BigBubaa: dont talk
  11. BigBubaa: nice farming and trading top
  12. BigBubaa: say bye to your mom she has cancer
  13. BigBubaa: n ur mom is rape-orted
  14. BigBubaa: ;(
  15. BigBubaa: muslim dog ur mom sucks cocks in hell
  16. BigBubaa: youll cry when i rape her to death
  17. Post-Game
  18. BigBubaa: hardstuck gold animal
  19. BigBubaa: 53% winrate
  20. BigBubaa: ape dog
  21. BigBubaa: go back to saudi arabia
  22. Game 2
  23. Pre-Game
  24. BigBubaa: ill see you my shitwater
  25. BigBubaa: he wants all your flavor
  26. BigBubaa: yes get aidscancer and shit it in the water
  27. In-Game
  28. BigBubaa: genuinely kill yourself
  29. BigBubaa: ekko
  30. BigBubaa: kill urslefr
  31. BigBubaa: ekko
  32. BigBubaa: kill urself
  33. BigBubaa: ekko
  34. BigBubaa: kill urself
  35. BigBubaa: can u kill urself
  36. BigBubaa: ekko
  37. BigBubaa: kill urself
  38. BigBubaa: eat shit
  39. BigBubaa: ekko u need to kill urself
  40. BigBubaa: ive literallly
  41. BigBubaa: said nothing to him the whole game
  42. BigBubaa: ekko
  43. BigBubaa: kull urself
  44. BigBubaa: lux kill urself
  45. BigBubaa: why did you go back dumb whore
  46. BigBubaa: ekko
  47. BigBubaa: kill urlself
  48. Post-Game
  49. BigBubaa: wp ekko
  50. BigBubaa: unlucky game
  51. BigBubaa: ??
  52. BigBubaa: i never said anything to you
  53. BigBubaa: ur crazy dude
  54. BigBubaa: m8
  55. BigBubaa: kill urself
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