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  1. Song to go before helter stupid, just a giant disco/techno beat driven assblast of subculture fights
  3. -disco beat with clips of subculture tards talking shit on others
  4. -weird ominous part with "MY FAVORITE (subcultures) ARE BETTER THAN YOURS" bouncing back and forth building up distance/reverb with maybe something applicable from the dick show
  5. -loop of "papa's got a brand new thang" from the o medley while the names of past fads, memes and whatnot play hard left and right
  6. -military parade drums while a spliced track of CWC starts talking about taking over the world using fandoms
  7. -find youtube news clips of people talking about things like the madthad arrest with police sirens, clips from ADD medication ads and a pitchwarped clip of "why why why" from that unreleased devo song
  8. -swell to that orchestra choir voice sound from the SNES samples, then use one of the unfinished untitled songs from SMiLE but cut up and hit with distanxe reverb while a narrator reads a short story of how new york comic con is responsible for the second civil war (good jumpoff to next song?)
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