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  1. Alteration
  3. Spell Name: Physical Alter
  4. Spell School: Alteration
  5. Spell Description: One of the most basic spells within the alteration spell tree. When casted Physical Alter can change the physical property of a singular (or multiple, depending on casting skill) inanimate object to a reasonable property within the caster’s skill level.
  6. Spell Success Desc: The spell acts as intended, changing the physical property in question to whatever attribute the caster intended.
  7. Spell Fail Desc: The spell fails horribly, doing exactly the opposite of what the caster intended. If an object was intended to be made softer, it is instead made harder, and vice versa.
  9. Spell Name: Chemical Alter
  10. Spell School: Alteration
  11. Spell Description: The advanced evolution of the alteration spell tree. When casted, Chemical Alteration adjusts the chemical properties of an inanimate object (or several, pending casting ability). This can include the flammability of an object, how toxic liquids are, etc. Note: This is not a replacement of alchemy, rather, an augmentation of some of the basic chemical properties in this world.
  12. Spell Success Desc: The spell works as intended, with the chemical property of the object altered in a manner that was intended by the caster.
  13. Spell Fail Desc: The spell backfires, letting loose a chain reaction that breaks the object/disintegrates it to ash.
  15. Spell Name: Magical Alter
  16. Spell School: Alteration
  17. Spell Description: The most expert/advanced branch of the alteration tree. This ability allows a caster to apply magical runes and properties to inanimate objects such as swords, shields, or armors depending on their individual abilities.  Note: Runes and magical properties can still be applied through alchemic and enchantment means, and will generally be more powerful than ones simply casted.
  18. Spell Success Desc: The spell works as intended, the magical property surrounding the inanimate object is applied without issue.
  19. Spell Fail Desc: The object in question explodes in arcane energy damaging items and individuals around it comparable to how much energy was put into the alteration spell in question.
  23. Conjuration:
  25. Spell Name: Conjure Item
  26. Spell School: Conjuration
  27. Spell Description: A hand held item of arcane energy is summoned in the casters hand. This can be a sword, a shield, or some sort of temporary item. Experienced casters can even utilize this spell to spawn keys for locks or otherwise more intricate objects!
  28. Spell Success Desc:
  29. Spell Fail Desc: The item would materialize for a moment before exploding in a bright flash! It would be quite loud, sounding as though glass was violently thrown. It would lightly burn the caster and those within the immediate range.
  32. Spell Name: Conjure Familiar
  33. Spell School: Conjuration
  34. Spell Description: A human sized or lower familiar is summoned from the aether. How powerful it happens to be comparable to how powerful the caster is. This also effects the amount of time the familiar can remain in the materiel world.
  35. Spell Success Desc: The familiar is summoned without fail and in the form the caster intended, with the task/purpose the familiar was summoned to undertake.
  36. Spell Fail Desc: The air would sparkle for a moment before flashing. Nothing would come of the spell.
  38. Spell Name: Conjure Golem
  39. Spell School: Conjuration
  40. Spell Description: The most advanced accessible spell within the conjuration tree. The caster can summon a golem (taking
  41. Spell Success Desc: The golem is summoned and the casters to command.
  42. Spell Fail Desc: The golem is still summoned, however, due to the caster not having the ability to both control, or stabilize the wholly magical beast, it turns completely hostile towards the caster, only stopping whenever its energy runs out, or the caster lies dead.
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