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  2. MysterianToday at 3:27 PM
  3. Well I will test it out
  4. And see what happens
  5. Since if it sends it to that address then we are going to have some issues man
  6. MoonlightToday at 3:27 PM
  7. I just told you
  8. that the scammers use the same site to sell or buy eth from
  9. then that isn't my fault
  10. MysterianToday at 3:28 PM
  11. Man your story doesn’t add up
  12. MoonlightToday at 3:28 PM
  13. How doesn't it?
  14. I literally don't know what to say
  15. MysterianToday at 3:28 PM
  16. I am going to go out of my way to fully investigate this
  17. And this conversation will be ended here
  18. I seriously don’t think you will do such a thing but everything I find just goes against you
  19. If you can send me one thing right now this will resolve everything
  20. How did you buy this eth ? Through what payment method
  21. MoonlightToday at 3:29 PM
  22. how does this resolve everything
  23. MysterianToday at 3:29 PM
  24. Just tell me it
  25. What payment method did you use
  26. MoonlightToday at 3:29 PM
  27. I like my anonymity man
  28. I need to know why you need this
  29. MysterianToday at 3:30 PM
  30. Lol
  31. Because if you can provide a screenshot of the transfer on your bank then this could be resolved
  32. MoonlightToday at 3:30 PM
  33. but like I just said
  34. I like my anonymity
  35. MysterianToday at 3:30 PM
  36. Ok
  37. Well going to forward this all to kxu and allo
  38. As I am pretty sure I have well enough evidence
  39. Especially once I buy this ETH
  40. Then I will rly have some nice solid evidence
  41. And the only reason I am being an ass here and claiming all this stuff is I heavily despise scammers
  42. MoonlightToday at 3:32 PM
  43. So do I man
  44. MysterianToday at 3:32 PM
  45. And especially on a site I am heavily invested into
  46. MoonlightToday at 3:32 PM
  47. but look at the activity of the wallet
  48. do you serisouly think I got time to do so many transactions
  49. I sleep too you know
  50. Latest 25 from a total of 39,695 transactions
  51. MysterianToday at 3:33 PM
  52. Again
  53. That could all easily be auto mated
  54. And on my wallet I have over like 25k or something
  55. Or something crazy like that
  56. And also if this wallet is linked to that scam site then those could just be people you are scamming sending money to you
  57. Since almost all of those transactions are going in to the wallet and not out
  58. MoonlightToday at 3:36 PM
  59. is not a scam site
  60. MysterianToday at 3:36 PM
  61. But the site commented on your page is
  62. MoonlightToday at 3:36 PM
  64. Trustpilot
  65. Anycoin Direct is rated "Great" with 8.4 / 10 on Trustpilot
  66. Do you agree with Anycoin Direct's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 9279 customers have already said.
  68. what page?
  69. Its not my page bro
  70. MysterianToday at 3:37 PM
  71. Man indeed it is
  72. MoonlightToday at 3:37 PM
  73. its not my page
  74. think about it
  75. MysterianToday at 3:37 PM
  76. I am done arguing here
  77. I have got enough evidence
  78. MoonlightToday at 3:37 PM
  79. what the fuck am I doing here if I hold all that eth
  80. MysterianToday at 3:37 PM
  81. And I am talking to allo rn
  82. MoonlightToday at 3:39 PM
  83. just buy eth of the site
  84. MysterianToday at 3:39 PM
  85. I am such a hard ducking position rn
  86. As I am pretty sure I have gathered some sufficient proof here, but if somehow I am wrong then I have ruined us
  87. MoonlightToday at 3:40 PM
  88. You are wrong 100%
  89. MysterianToday at 3:40 PM
  90. And I truly don’t think you would ever do such a thing but everything I have dove into is adding up
  91. MoonlightToday at 3:41 PM
  92. when you buy it
  93. you'll realize the fuck up you made
  94. MysterianToday at 3:41 PM
  95. I’ll buy it on the scam page first
  96. MoonlightToday at 3:41 PM
  97. no
  98. MysterianToday at 3:41 PM
  99. I just gotta get some more money in debit card
  100. MoonlightToday at 3:41 PM
  101. do it the other way around
  102. MysterianToday at 3:41 PM
  103. No
  104. I’ll buy it on the scam site
  105. Since u are claiming it’s from a exchange
  106. MoonlightToday at 3:41 PM
  107. no man , buy it on the real site
  108. MysterianToday at 3:41 PM
  109. So I would test that out
  110. MoonlightToday at 3:42 PM
  111. man
  112. MysterianToday at 3:42 PM
  113. No I will buy it on the scam site
  114. MoonlightToday at 3:42 PM
  115. is an exchange as it holds and stores crypto
  116. MysterianToday at 3:42 PM
  117. Why can’t I buy on the scam site
  118. MoonlightToday at 3:42 PM
  119. and has wallets
  120. MysterianToday at 3:42 PM
  121. I don’t understand
  122. MoonlightToday at 3:42 PM
  123. because to proof my point
  124. you need to buy on the legit site
  125. that way it shows the scammers use the legit site too
  126. and thus I'm not guilty
  127. while if you buy from the scam site
  128. it doesn't proof anything other then you thinking I'm a bigger scammer
  129. MysterianToday at 3:43 PM
  130. So how about I buy from both
  131. MoonlightToday at 3:43 PM
  132. well if you smart
  133. MysterianToday at 3:43 PM
  134. But you claim that scam site isnt affiliated with that address
  135. MoonlightToday at 3:43 PM
  136. you buy from the real site first
  137. that way you don't lose eth
  138. MysterianToday at 3:43 PM
  139. I don’t care about losing it
  140. MoonlightToday at 3:43 PM
  141. just please
  142. for the love of god
  143. MysterianToday at 3:43 PM
  144. You claim that the scam site isnt affiliated with that address
  145. MoonlightToday at 3:43 PM
  146. buy first from the real site and you'll see what I say is true
  147. I never said that
  148. I said that they could be using too
  149. for buying and selling
  150. MysterianToday at 3:44 PM
  151. Dude
  152. This is straight out pathetic
  153. MoonlightToday at 3:44 PM
  154. It isn't
  155. why don't you go on live support
  156. on right now
  157. share that address
  158. and ask if its theirs
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