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  1. Server rules:
  3. 1: Have Fun!
  4. 2: Don't be a dick. We will give out one warning and then it'll be a punishment in this order: Kick, 3 min ban, 1hr ban, then a perma ban if problems still exist.
  5. 3: Listen to Admins+. We want to have fun too.
  6. 4: Remember to join our discord:
  7. 5: No TKing unless they are holding up the round. If they are holding up a round, and an Mod+ is on, let us know. We will end it.
  8. 6: No spawn killing.
  9. 7: In the lobby, while waiting for a game, do not mic spam. We have a com room with 140 seconds of talk. Use it there but don't ear rape the server. (Also no blatant racism).
  11. Special Rounds
  12. Sometimes we will host "Special Rounds." Special Rounds will be dictated by Admins+ and they will need a majority voice vote by all players in the server. Sometimes we will do a "Peanut Challenge." A Peanut Challenge is where one random person will start out as SCP-173. Everyone else will be D-Boys. If you escape, you can choose to help out 173 or kill him. But as 173, if he kills you, one of our Admins will be in Overwatch mode and they will make the person who dies 173 until everyone is 173 or until all 173's are dead.
  14. Another one of our Special rounds are where there will be multiple 106's and they will try to kill everyone. You cannot team up with 106 in this round.
  16. We also have a Zombie round. This is the same with 173 but instead of 173, it is 049-2.
  18. If you want to request a Special round let the Server Owner (TehTimo908 on steam) know and he will relay it to the Admins. Thanks. Remember to have fun!
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