Demon Hunter

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  1. You stoop down and pluck a bushel of silverleaf on your way to town, stashing it away in a satchel for later. Your stock is abundant but it should be around now that some of the oldest begins to expire. You straighten up again and look around. The roads were busy as usual, laden with carts and pedestrians coming in and out of town, some headed to the agricultural lands to the west, some heading east to trade weapons and supplies, but most heading to the capital north.
  3. There’s no limit to the shapes and sizes and races passing to and fro, but one figure catches your eye as it passes against the flow of traffic, weaving between the streams of bodies easily. It wears a cloak about itself with the hood drawn low and as if sensing your gaze, your eyes meet. Your breath catches and for a brief moment you’re struck with the sensation of two smouldering, emerald flames boring into you. But then you blink and the moment passes. The hood was too low to see anything anyway, and the figure moves down the road, heedless of you.
  5. Shaking your head slightly, you make your way to one of the many merchants in town. He was a man that made his trade selling general goods, but had a secondary business in procurement. And the range of what he could attain was truly astounding, which was precisely why your feet always carried you to his store.
  7. “Ah, young master. Uncanny timing as usual.”
  9. You nod your head with a friendly smile, “Time is always of the essence is it not? Good day Brog.”
  11. He begins talking to you even as he turns his back and ducks below the counter, “As promised here is the product in the exact quantity and quality you described.” He stops you as you’re about to reach for your coin purse, “Ah, did you forget you’d already paid?”
  13. You smile lightly, “No, but I can imagine how much of a pain it would have been to get this approved. It’s a little extra as thanks.”
  15. “Oh, well,” He takes the gold coin with a grin, “Can’t argue with that. I used my last grease on a few guards so I could use some more.”
  17. Just as your business concludes and you go to take the crate a slender, feminine hand presses down on the box, making both you and Brog jump out of your collective skins, neither having noticed her presence until now. Her hand is bandaged but only loosely, showing her light purple skin and the hints of green tattoos glowing beneath. The nails are black, glossy and long, almost looking more like short talons.
  19. “I sense fel energy. What’s in this?” She turns to you and you can clearly see twin fel green wisps lurking in the dark. Her voice is quiet and raspy from lack of use, though there’s the hint of a sweet melody in there, the kind elves speak with. Not as dead a give-away as the iconic long and protruding eyebrows though, complementing her hidden ears like feathery wings. She is blindfolded and possesses no eyes but her gaze drills into you all the same, so thoroughly you feel pinned to the spot and can’t rub enough brain cells together to form a response. The intimidation you feel isn’t helped at all by the handful of heads she has over you.
  21. Not that you have the time to, as she sky darkens and a loud crack of thunder roars. The firmament is torn asunder. The figure stiffens and swears, moving before anyone else has a chance to react, bolting out into the street.
  23. Like a pack of wolves howling, somewhere there is a lone scream that multiplies as terrified towns people take it up. You rush to the window of the store and look outside in time to see a meteorite hurtle down from the heavens and slam into the ground outside hard enough to break the windows and push you back. And lucky it did, as a fel flame licks where your face just was.
  25. These earthshaking impacts repeat again and again and it’s all your stunned mind can do to just listen and count. Six. You flinch as the store’s roof collapses and something rumbles about upstairs. Make that seven. You quickly turn to look outside to the smouldering, green-glowing craters littering the streets and the single cloaked figure on the otherwise desolate paths. A figure rises high in the sky. A larger than life, holographic image of a succubus from the prodigious, nude bust up.
  27. Even now your gaze locks onto the prominent, pale pink nipple of the projected demon. You tell yourself, in this life and death situation, that her skull ornamented nipple piercing simply distracted you, that’s all. Her skin is a darker shade of red and her long black hair twists into twin drills either side of her tits. The projection looks down her nose, as if all those beneath her weren’t worthy of the time of day. “Umm… geeze…” Her voice rumbles over the town, light, feminine and unbearably haughty, “Why are they making me do this?” Her gaze focuses and she clears her voice affecting a light almost jubilant tone, “We’ll be taking this town, okay? So if you scum could all just hurry up and die quickly, that would be great. Thanks ~ <3” She turns her head, having lost all interest, putting on a genuine smile toward someone out of view, “I’m done babe!” A giant cock comes from out of frame and smacks down on her face, making her gasp and giggle, “Ooh! Hehe, Impatient bo-”
  29. Just like that the projection wavers and vanishes, cutting her off mid-way, and returning the town to the anxious mood it had before. A part of you feels this invasion might have had more impact had the succubus not interfered.
  31. The craters rumbles and before your widening eyes, a humongous woman rises out of it. Her wispy, flaming fel green hair blows long and thick behind her. Unlike the succubus from before, her face is set and stern in expression and her eyes glare with the same fire as the cloaked woman out on the street. Your blood runs cold as you lay your eyes upon the Infernal.
  33. Her huge body is huge in most senses you’d think to use the word for. Her muscles are carved as if out of stone, yet there’s a definite softness to her, seen most easily in her large and full breasts. It can even be seen in the lines of ripped, sculpted abs, though not so obviously. Her entire body is lined in cracks flowing with fel energy like molten green lava and she takes a stance, clenching her fists and facing the comparatively small cloaked figure.
  35. She takes a thunderous step forward and pulls her fist back, wreathing it in flame before swinging it down like a hammer upon the anvil. Someone screams a warning and though it eventually reaches your ears as your own voice, it never reaches the cloaked figure.
  37. Or so it would appear, but at the last moment, reacting with a speed far beyond human, the figure vanishes, jumping high into the air and shedding the cloak.
  39. An odd sense of beauty overcomes you as you witness the sight of the previously cloaked figure conjuring war-glaives mid-air, backed by the sun and forming a prominent silhouette of wings, hooves, tail, horns and woman. A monstrous attraction steals you as you gaze at the smoking outstretched wings, torn at places but carrying her firmly in the air despite it, sunlight shining in streams through the tears. Her long and whipping tail trails behind her in the air, tipped with something that would look more at home on a dagger’s hilt. Light purple skin shines brilliantly in the mid-day light, complemented by tattoos that weave all over her bandaged body and glow the same green in resonance with the infernal woman balancing herself after her over-extended strike.
  41. She’s dressed in a simple pair of pants and a strip of cloth covering her firm and sizeable breasts, completely unarmoured. It would strike you as madness if you hadn’t witnessed her supreme agility. Twin horns reach up from just behind her lush silver hairline and curve back, leaving you to wonder just how she managed to hid them inside her cloak. Or her wings for that matter.
  43. Her silvery-blueish hair floats behind her like a long and streaming banner and two long elven ears jot out proudly. The spluttering flames of emerald that she was conjuring solidify into solid blades and she flaps her wings powerfully, rocketing forward and slicing at the other woman with both, cutting deep and swinging her body around as she does so to slice with the other glaive.
  45. Green blood spurts out of the deep wounds left, but that doesn’t stop the hulking woman from delivering a powerful backhand at the winged demon hunter. The latter ducks under it deftly and brings a glaive up to sever the flesh and send the large arm flying, making the infernal roar out in agony. But your eyes are taken from the fight, drawn first to the packs of corrupted demon-women filling the streets, then behind you to the stairs inside that lead to the upper floor. A flaming, stone-carved foot stomps down the step as a hulking figure makes itself known and you recall the seventh meteor.
  47. Panicking, you scramble to your feet and run outside where a demonic figure lunges at you, only to be bisected by a green blade. The tall demon-hunting elf points you to a spot, “Wait there until this is over.” You nod obediently and scuttle over to the corner of the building she pointed you to, tucking up and watching her weather the tide, demons falling to her blades one after the other.
  49. Soon she’s drenched in blood and her bandages are soaked in it, most of it her own as old wounds open again. She holds out for what feels like hours, though it’s only a few minutes until a regiment of guards storm the streets and begin clearing them with sword and spell.
  51. Seeing this, the demon hunter brings her two glaives together and raises them up above her head before wrenching them apart. As if an invisible container was broken, black mist spews out from above her and quickly coats the entire street in darkness. Taking this as your cue, you duck into the shop to grab the crate you came here for and dart back home, turning back only once to see a cloaked figure leap out from the mist and land deftly on a rooftop before dashing out of sight.
  53. You wipe the figure and the day’s events from your mind and head to the safety of your home as quickly as possible.
  56. *   *   *   *
  58. You sigh happily as the sun begins to set, sitting lazily on the windowsill of your small home with a mug of tea in hand. The day was restless, but you’ve replenished your stock, attained some new ingredients, ground some herbs into potions, sold them to injured guardsmen and filled your belly with a hearty meal. So all’s well at the end of it.
  60. “Ah.” You make a little noise as you recall the traps in your nearby lake, curios as to if they’d managed to catch anything. Putting the mug down on the ledge, you hop off the window sill and slip into a pair of comfortable shoes, closing and locking the door behind you before heading down a semi-secluded path to the lake.
  62. The path leads to a cute little pier. And “cute little” could be described for many things, like the lake itself and the fish therein. On habit, you take an immediate left and wade into the waters to check your traps. As you pluck one off the lake-bed and turn around you stiffen and accidentally drop it again. It splashes onto the surface of the lake and sinks to the bottom, but your eyes aren’t on the water. They’re on the athletic, scarred and lithely toned back of the demon hunter you’d seen earlier in the day. At least, as much of her back as you could see, where it wasn’t covered by her soaked, long, pale silver-blue hair.
  64. A lengthy, slender tail sinks into the water, emerging from the base of her spine and just above her large appled bottom. It coils around her leg limply and her large wings are equally listless, hanging from her shoulders and drooping into the water.
  66. She turns as you stare at her, obviously exhausted. Her body is littered with scars, enough to even distract from the tattoos. There are numerous open and fresh wounds on her body, but the most egregious is a deep bleeding gouge in her side, clearly sustained from the last battle.
  68. Though, your eyes only briefly flick over the cuts and scars, over the faint hint of abs on her tight and toned body. They linger primarily on her firm and perky breasts, nowhere near as proportionately large as the Infernal’s from earlier but large enough that you’d need two hands to have the soft flesh not spill out around your fingers.  You blush. There’s no way to tell, unless you look down to your own reflection, but the rising heat tells you all you need to know.
  70. “Uh, s-sorry I didn’t… I w-was just checking on the traps, I didn’t mean to disturb you…” It comes out as a mumbled jumble and you wave your hands frantically as if wiping away the coming accusations of ‘pervert’ and ‘harasser’. The tall corrupted elf doesn’t have the energy to even make an expression, however. Her ears droop low and everything about her seems tired. Though she’s still present enough to keep her expression stoic. Or maybe that’s her default. It strikes a powerful image combined with the preternaturally beautiful and feminine structure of her face alongside the long scars on her cheeks and the nick on the corner of her lips. She stares at him with dim, fluttering flame-eyes and tilts her head before looking down at herself.
  72. “Oh.” You have to strain to hear her quiet voice, “Apologies for brazenly showing off thi…” She wavers, unsteady and swooning, “This ugly…” She doesn’t finish the sentence, but rather drops limply into the water, the fire of her ‘eyes’ snuffing out.
  74. With a start you move, almost thrusting the water aside as you hurry to collect the sinking body, catching her tail roughly and hauling the tall woman toward you, moving to clutch at her hips and then hooking her legs with an arm, lifting her weight out of the water and sliding your other hand up her back.
  76. You slip and nearly fall, managing at the last moment to find purchase before grunting and hauling her heavy weight out of the water. Your face turns even redder, though it’s not through embarrassment but sheer exertion. She must weigh as much as two grown men. Straining, you trudge out of the lake and up the path, panting all the way.
  79. *   *   *   *
  81. You sit before the fire, sinking deep into your chair as you flick through a book lazily, lost in the passages of words and utterly unaware of your new patient. She stirs behind you, though she does so silently, checking her body as the fel flames under her blindfold flare and ignite into a small smoulder. The first thing she checks is her deepest wound, but rather than slick and sickly blood, there’s crisp bandaging wrapped securely about her body.
  83. The last few fights have been rough on her and her body has been slow to heal, resulting in infected wounds and a build-up of fel toxins in her blood. Gingerly, she probes her deepest wound. Under the bandaging it’s been sewn shut. There’s an old poultice atop and she collects a little of it on her finger, tasting it. There’s a blend of herbs that tastes rather typical. Probably mixed in for general anti-inflammation and infection purposes. There’s a very distinct aroma though, the same she’d scented before the attack. Felweed has been ground into the mix, likely a consideration to her own biology. It definitely will aid in healing.
  85. You turn around at the slight sound of rustling and put your book down, devoting your attention to the big woman currently dwarfing your single-person bed, be it with her height or wingspan. She was a pain to manoeuvre that’s for sure.
  87. “You’re up then. Uh, sorry for walking in on you bathing. It wasn’t my intent.” You’re less flustered now that you’ve had a moment to get used to her.
  89. She lifts her head to look at you. “How long was I asleep?”
  91. You walk over to a chair by the bed and sit down next to her, “It’s been a day.”
  93. “My wounds?”
  95. “I’ve done as best I can. Your wound was infected, so I cleaned it out with a mild healing potion before sewing it shut and bandaging you. In fact, it’s about time I change them.”
  97. “Felweed?”
  99. You smile, “It’s what was in the crate.”
  101. She lets her head fall back tiredly, “Thanks”.
  103. You begin to unravel the bandaging and collect the poultice before putting it aside to be disposed of later. “Could you sit up for me?”
  105. She takes a moment, but then works her way into a sitting position, grunting slightly in pain and tiredness. Her breasts jiggle with the motion and you look away quickly, unwrapping her by feel – though depriving yourself of sight and relying on the feeling of her soft and smooth skin may be worse for your current predicament. Your eyes roam down her belly to where – thankfully – the bed sheets pool in her lap.
  107. With the last of the bandaging undone, you sprinkle her sown wound with a little more healing potion and dab it try with a clean cloth before applying a fresh bandage. Again, you seek to avert your eyes from problem areas. This was much easier to do when she wasn’t awake. She watches you, frowning a little at your apparent disgust and unwillingness to gaze upon her fel-twisted form.
  109. So it comes to her as a small surprise when she goes to guide your hand to begin bandaging herself that you jump a little and blush a deeper shade of red. Only now do her keen sensed pick up on the notes of lust your body language is secretly giving off. Her own heart beats a little faster as she guides your hands about her body, wrapping it up snugly in bandages.
  111. Once you’re done, you clear your throat awkwardly and re-arrange the pillow she’d been resting on, pulling another up from the side of the bed and giving her something to lean against.
  113. “There’s a light soup cooking and something I’d like you to drink. Sit back for now and I’ll let you go back to resting.”
  115. “Mh.” She leans against the pillow and gets comfy, wings wrapping about her slightly. You get up and head over to the pot of soup cooking in the fire and spoon some into a small bowl, heading over to a table by the bed and leaving it there while you fish for some vials.
  117. You return after a few minutes of ferreting with a single potion. You hold it up showing off the distinct green tint. “Drink this first.”
  119. “What is it is?”
  121. “Poison.” She looks at you. It’s hard to read emotion when what has replaced a person’s eyes are a pair of flames, “To the common man, that is. It’s a mixture of fel lotus, swiftthistle and lichbloom. You’ll heal as is but it will go better with a bit of a vitality boost.”
  123. You hold it to her lips and she drinks it obediently. “Thanks.”
  125. “It won’t work right away. So, uh…” you look to the soup.
  127. “Please.” Gulping, you nod and sit next to her, taking the soup in hand and spooning a mouthful of it towards her lips. She opens up, revealing a soft, cute looking tongue and relatively normal teeth, only slightly sharpened with larger than normal fangs. She takes the mouthful and chews the soft vegetables slightly before swallowing. Her long tail wiggles lazily off the edge of the bed before edging toward you and looping around your leg.
  129. You both make eye contact – as well as you can, making eye contact with two flames – and turn away awkwardly. She mumbles a quiet apology, but doesn’t remove her tail. You feed her the next mouthful and pass the time in relative silence, slowly feeding her spoon at a time until she drifts off into a deep sleep. You finish the bowl yourself and lift her gently, taking away the second pillow so she can lie a little flatter.
  131. You drag the sheets over her and move back to one of the chairs by the fire, picking up the book and reading until you fall asleep.
  134. *   *   *   *
  136. She gets up silently and stretches timidly, careful not to rip or tear anything, reaching up with her arms, spreading her wings out and arching her tail out and up strait. With a stifled yawn where she pokes her longer than usual tongue out, she begins to walk around your home, looking at the odds and ends on the walls and shelves.
  138. She walks around your home quietly for a while longer, picking things up and playing with alchemical equipment in a genuine curiosity. The treatment, food, potions and rest in a safe bed must have worked wonders as there’s already spirit in her step. She finds her way towards the fire place and spots a sooty metal plate just below the brick mantle.
  140. Due to her height, she bends over as she rubs at it with her thumb, cleaning away at the soot-caked etchings. It’s a long task driven by curiosity that has her tail flicking up and waving softly through the air. It’s this sight that you’re met with as you wake, her big firm pale purple rear bent over and wiggling from side to side, her pussy on full display, vulva puffy and delectable looking, her faintly darker inner lips peeking out.
  142. As if sensing your waking, she turns to look over her shoulder, “Good m-Oh!” She gasps slightly at the erection tenting your pants. You tell yourself and her it’s just morning wood, but with the earlier inadvertent display, neither of you believe it.
  144. A cat-like mischief takes her. “I think it’s time we discuss payment.” She opens the discussion in a businesslike manner, but can’t hide the playful tone from her voice.
  146. You take your eyes off her ass hurriedly though reluctantly at the same time. “It’s fine. You saved my life more than once back then.”
  148. “You’re avoiding looking at me again, like yesterday. As I thought, am I disgusting? I was quite pretty before the rituals you know.” She teases you and on some level you know it, though that doesn’t stop you from growing flustered.
  150. “N-No! You’re beautiful, very beautiful! It’s just… You’re also very naked.”
  152. She laughs softly and turns, moving toward you. Step by step she looms over you with her naked, domineering stature, making your heart thrum frantically and your cock harder than steel. Slowly she kneels down and you move to rise, instinct urging you to flee before this situation, but her long tail coils about your hips and puts you back down.
  154. “I don’t really have any money, but I have something you’re interested in.”
  156. You groan even as your cock wrests for control of your body, “You don’t have to.”
  158. She slips her fingers into your pants and unfastens them, simultaneously pulling you forward to the edge of your seat. “Ah, but you’re already so hard.” You gasp as she buries her cute elven face into your crotch and kisses and licks at the base of your shaft as your pants lower and more of your length is freed. Finally, with a wet smack your pre-cum leaking, throbbing cock springs up, smack her cheek along the way and eliciting a sweet sounding cry of surprise and no little amount of arousal.  
  160. You’re about to say something along the lines of an apology when her smooth hand wraps about your length in a solid grip. She strokes up and down twice before rubbing the head of your prick with her soft thumb and making you quiver. She slides her grip down so just her thumb and forefinger are encircling the base of your shaft and with a thinly veiled hunger she descends.
  162. Her lightly scarred lips are soft on your sensitive tip and she gives it a few kisses before moving lower and nuzzling against your thick girth with her face, planting her lips on your sack and drawing one ball into her mouth to suck on and roll around, vibrating as she moans blissfully. Your hands clench at the arms of your chair as she pulls back and releases your nut with a pop before licking up the underside from base to the head again.
  164. She grabs your wrists and frees your clenching hands from the arms of the chair, lifting them up to grab a hold of her horns instead as she begins to take the head of your cock into her mouth. A moan slips your lips as you grip her horns tightly and ease her down your length. You trace small circles on her horns with your thumbs before taking one hand and slipping it down the side of her face, stroking her cheek before thumb and forefinger settle to rub at the base of her long ear. As you gently tease and rub at the base of her horn and ear, you note quickly that these spots are very sensitive for her, enough that’s she’s letting out a near constant string of happy moans as she blows you.
  166. With dextrous motions her hot, wet tongue swirls around the ridge of your glans before pressing into and flicking at your cumslit. Your balls clench and your dick throbs at her ministrations, making you squeeze your eyes shut in bliss and tip your head back, focusing only on the lewdly wet sounds of her sucking and licking at you and the sensations it brings.
  168. Still gripping her by the horn and long elven ear, you begin to dictate something of a pace, pulling her head down on your cock and bringing it back up again, developing a bobbing motion that has her perky tits jiggling and her womanhood puddling on the floor below and wreathing the two of you in the scent of a woman in heat. You set the pace, but she takes it from you, quickly descending down your cock deeper and faster than before, twisting her tongue around and slurping as she pulls her head back, cheeks hollowing out, wrapping the tip of your dick in their slick suppleness.
  170. It doesn’t last too long though, as she goes from blowing you to deepthroating, the tip of your cock sliding into her throat and being squeezed tightly on all sides by the faux-pussy. Though, it milks you just like a real one. She takes your manhood down to the hilt where you use her horn to thrust into her plush lips a handful of times, squishing her cute nose up against your abdomen and holding it there as you lose yourself in the feeling of her throat-cunt convulsing around your cock, tighter yet as she takes in your scent.
  172. Soon though, she pushes away and there’s nothing you can do against her strength but watch her free your spit-slicked slab from between her full lips with a wet pop. She gives off a happy half giggle, half gasp and wiggles closer in between your legs, groping her breasts and lifting them up to rub against your dick, wings spreading out as she does so and her tail uncoiling from around your hips to come up from between her legs and loop around your balls once.
  174. She bounces her chest in place, hands on her large tits and sandwiching your slick prick between the soft, tattooed titflesh. You release her horn and bring both hands to cup her cheeks, gazing into her wispy ‘eyes’. She alternates, moaning for your pleasure as she switches from bouncing in place to sitting still and moving her soft tits up and down with her hands, at the same time and then alternatively.
  176. Your loins smoulder with a need to cum and as if reading it in your heated gaze, she stops moving her tits and simply traps your cock between them, throbbing head jutting out proudly, demanding the lips that descend upon it once again. She obliges wilfully, sucking at the crown of your cock like a candy, licking around in circles and burying her face in her tits with a final nuzzle before you blow, crying aloud.
  178. She takes the first few loads down her throat then fills her mouth, relishing in your taste and swallowing greedily before thrusting her head back and letting you spurt cum like a fountain to fall over her. She gasps and moans as thick ropes splatter over her face, hair and long ears, though most of it sprays onto her neck and tits, making a huge mess of the big elf that would require a bath to clean.
  180. She rocks back on her heels and lets your hard, wet cock to cool for a bit as she scoops up the cum on her face with her fingers and licks it clean before collecting the cum hanging off her ear. She moans loudly, drawing semen-stained circles on her perky tits as she begins to smoke, her tattoos glow and her green flames flare. You watch in rapt attention as your cum seems to soak into her hair and skin, sizzling as it does so and spitting off light green sparks.
  182. She quivers as if the act alone brought her to a small orgasm before leaning forward and lining kisses along your still hard cock, panting. “What was that?”
  184. “I don’t know, that’s… new. But I can tell, I want… need more.” She kisses and laps at your dick and is halfway through taking your cock into her mouth again before you grab her horn and stop her. Her ‘eye’s smoulder almost reproachfully. “What?”
  186. “Get on the bed.”
  188. She opens her mouth in a silent ‘ah’. She clears her throat and stands. “I lost myself for a moment there.”
  190. You grin and stifle a small chuckle. “I noticed.”
  192. She makes her way over to the bed and lies down, lifting her knees up and spreading her legs, reaching out for you and arching her wings up, just waiting to wrap about the both of you, the very picture of enticement. “I think you slipped me something in your ‘potions’.”
  194. You kick your pants away and strip off your shirt as you approach her, grinning, “I’d never.”
  196. “Mm~, perhaps you should.”
  198. You crawl into bed with her, slipping between her legs and letting her arms and wings wrap around you, leaning in for a kiss. You can taste yourself on her, but that’s a minor thing. You break the kiss and grab a hold of her horn, rubbing the base with your thumb and stroking her hair before kissing her forehead. Her breath hitches.
  200. “Why,” You plant another kiss on her cheek before moving towards her ear, “Are your,” You give her earlobe a light nibble and she squirms under you, “Horns so sensitive, anyway?” You move down, to lay a kiss upon her jaw.
  202. “I don’t knooow,” You molest her chest with your hands, catching her cute nipples with your thumbs and pressing down, “But I’m glad they are.” You continue downward, kissing along her neck and shoulders, stopping briefly before a long and wide scar.
  204. She notices and hesitates. “I’m sorry this body of mine is so tattered.”
  206. You smile before planting your lips in the middle of it, “Guys dig scars. What’s it from?”
  208. “Pit lady.” Your eyes widen before you shake your head slowly.
  210. “I’m not worth a damn in a fight, but if I’d been there I could have healed you up easy.”
  212. Her lips curl, “You going to be there from now on?”
  214. You grin back playfully. “Depends if I can convince you to keep me, guess it’s time to prove myself.” You slip a finger into her folds, sinking into her tightness easily thanks to how soaked she already is, “I’ll repay the favour later, foreplay seems unnecessary right now.”
  216. She thrusts her hips against your finger, eliciting wet noises unfit for polite company. “An astute observation.”
  218. You gasp as her tail slithers between your legs, looping around your balls once and then your cock, squeezing both tightly and making your erection painfully hard. And that’s while you’re still intoxicated by her musky, faintly smoky smell. You push forward as you wrap your arms around her and lean down for a kiss, letting her tail angle the head of your cock towards her sopping elven entrance.
  220. Hovering on the brink of penetration, you prod into her tight delta and grind at her lewd lips teasingly as you kiss. Her tongue licks at your mouth and then presses forcefully between your teeth as your lips meet, opening your mouth and plunging inside, seeking your own tongue out. You don’t roll over for the one sided assault though and reach for a sensitive spot most women don’t have that is easily within reach when you’re embracing one. And then a few ideas formulate at once.
  222. She relishes in molesting your mouth and one of her hands stroke through your hair, nails scratching through your scalp as she takes a handful and gives it a light tug. You abide her oral occupation , roaming both hands over her back lazily before launching your offensive and simultaneously reaching down with one hand to grope a handful of her tight round ass and reaching across with another to grasp the base of her wing.
  224. She falters, moaning into your kiss and you thrust your tongue into her own mouth, taking back lost ground and then some. You don’t stop there though, even as you explore her mouth, lick at her fangs and sink your fingers into her kneadable ass. You press the advantage and thrust forward.
  226. She screams out in bliss and you grunt as her tail tightens around your cock and balls, but you hold a steady course. Gently but inexorably, measuredly but firmly, you conquer her depths one thick inch at a time while paying heed to her worn and tattered body. She pulls at your hair harder and her other hand previously resting lazily on your back digs painful furrows with its nails as she cums, orgasming from a mixture of blowing you, molestation and penetration.
  228. Finally your balls slap against her large ass and even as she’s given over to the throes of orgasm and the soft folds of her inner wall quaking ecstatically, her body has the presence of mind to lock its legs behind you and seal your retreat, leaving you to the cock crushing whims of her cum-hungry cunt’s milking machinations.
  230. You bite down in your effort to stem the tide and catch her lower lip between your teeth. The hand clawing at your back relaxes. Taking up her cue, you squeeze her ass again, let go and give it a sharp spank. Immediately she lets out a pleased, almost submissive moan and tightens around your cock, making it incredibly hard to pull back out a few inches before thrusting home again.
  232. Yet you persevere and set up a rhythm, riding with her on a set of balanced scales, constantly tipping between setting the pace and having it dictated to you, nipping and scratching, kissing and licking. Your world darkens as her wings overlap up above, shutting out every unnecessary thing until it’s just you, her and your writhing hot, sweaty bodies.
  234. You thrust in with a weak and shaky push, already falling past the precipice. The pressure grows and grows until you fear the demon hunter to be as merciless as the tales depict. But a profound sense of worship over takes you as her tail loosens around your manhood and you pump the pent up loads of sticky, sloshing seed into her fel womb.
  236. And you lavish all that worship upon her, affectionately groping and squeezing her, licking at her lips and offering your pliant mouth, riding the tipping scales back down. Her grip on your hair tightens and her nails dig in frightfully. She breaks the kiss only to growl “More,” before diving back in.
  238. You continue thrusting past your orgasm, so unbelievably turned on your cock doesn’t even think to flag. You thrust into her again and again rocking her through a second orgasm and sending yourself well along the way to your own.
  240. You all but go limp atop her, breaking the kiss to rest your head upon her bosom as you pack her womb with your final orgasm, well beyond capacity, so much so that it spurts out past her tight cock-hugging passage and onto the sheets below. She goes rigid and screams out in pleasure as her body smoulders once more, wings growing a smoky black and her tattoos and eyes blazing. Your cock tingles as her body absorbs the seed you’d splashed her walls with and the skin above her splits, glowing.
  242. A new tattoo forms above her womb, glowing brighter than all the rest and in the stylized shape of a heart. The two of you spend a few moments breathing in tandem and recovering amidst the odd involuntary thrust. “So…” You begin tiredly, “Have I convinced you?” Her quiet voice comes to you from above, though you focus more on the comforting vibration of her chest.
  244. “Oh I’m taking you with me whether you like it or not.”
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