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  1. JohanusIgår 18:37
  2. hey there, as was agreed we can discuss this more on sunday but can you pls tell me  what were rules on loot council or what was it based arroud coz its wasnt really transparent, and none knows
  4. AnathimeIgår 18:37
  5. Thats actually what we will talk about on Sunday.
  7. JohanusIgår 18:38
  8. so you will be explain how are you making LC calls ?
  10. AnathimeIgår 18:39
  11. I had to log off after the raid last night, so I was not there for the post-raid talk. I have to catch up with the others what they said before I know whats up
  13. JohanusIgår 18:39
  14. yes i saw you were not in channel
  15. but i mean what rules you used to have untill now
  16. we have been raiding 2,5 months
  18. AnathimeIgår 18:41
  19. We have a plan for most of the "Big" items, such as mageblade etc. Our main "problem" right now, from what me personally thinks, is that we dont let you guys know about it. So when for example Doremi does not get a single item for like 3 weeks, ppl are wondering why, when all of us know hes next in line for a mageblade.
  21. JohanusIgår 18:42
  22. well transparency is always and issue
  24. AnathimeIgår 18:44
  25. The only problem I see personally, from my own experience by raiding in everything from social, normal, hardcore and world first guilds, is that there is NO way to make everyone in a guild happy.
  27. JohanusIgår 18:44
  28. if there is no transparency then your intetions can look shady, and ppl cannot share opinion about your plans. i mean you can have plans but if 30 ppl doesnt feel like they wanna follow plans or they feel like plans are not good
  29. i disagree on that, if you have right ppl and you explain and they understand, if there is real mutual understanding no way to make ppl unhappy
  31. AnathimeIgår 18:47
  32. Thats not the problem, the problem is that we are 40+ players. We wont agree on everything.
  34. JohanusIgår 18:47
  35. Just everyone has to be on same page, for example worwan received 4 weeks ago this volatile robe, then mage t2 legs dropped, everyone linked blue legs he didnt , i asked him in /w  why u didnt link legs, link
  36. and he said no i alrdy have item this raid
  37. contrast to that kinsfall has mageblade, he is 6/8 t1
  38. he s playing deep frost, which is support role for other mages so they can deal more dmg
  39. and yesterday t2 legs dropped and he was first to link his legs
  41. AnathimeIgår 18:49
  42. Yes, and that is something we are much more aware of now that Kaben is an officer.
  44. JohanusIgår 18:49
  45. so obviously ppl are not on same page
  46. kaben is doing poor job
  48. AnathimeIgår 18:50
  49. Kaben joined officer 2 raids ago, he is still trying to adapt. Dont throw shit  at someone who is trying. If that is your plan for this conversation I can either do the same in your direction, or we can end this and do it on Sunday.
  51. JohanusIgår 18:51
  52. there we go i thought you were open for criticism
  54. AnathimeIgår 18:51
  55. I am, but you cant say hes doing a poor job, when he has been an officer for 2 raids, and already made improvements.
  56. Calling someone out like that, without facts behind the claim is not critisism. Thats you not liking what he does.
  58. JohanusIgår 18:52
  59. kaben literally told me im in prio for mage blade, how can i be prio for mageblade when i have epic staff
  60. its good that hes proving and i hope he will improve even more, but its fair to say hes doing poor job
  61. its nothing personal or offensive
  63. AnathimeIgår 18:53
  64. Well, I think hes doing a great job, thats also because I see the work he puts down behind the scenes.
  66. JohanusIgår 18:56
  67. and i also dont agree its hard to make 40 ppl happy
  68. some items are Quality items and some are just epics
  69. we have members with Quantity of Quality items and we have members pretty much with nothing
  70. so ofc ppl are unhappy
  72. AnathimeIgår 18:58
  73. There is also no way of denying that some players deserve to have 1-3 quality items, before someone else gets their first.
  74. DQ is a good example of that. Without him we would not have done MC clears the first 3 times.
  76. JohanusIgår 18:58
  77. i completly agree on that
  78. but there is some limits to it
  79. i will quote you on this
  80. So when for example Doremi does not get a single item for like 3 weeks, ppl are wondering why, when all of us know hes next in line for a mageblade.
  81. you are wrong doremi got mageblade which is huge item yesterday, previous raid he got nothing , and raid before that we had 3 trinket drops, britney/daunchy/doremi
  83. AnathimeIgår 19:01
  84. Doremi and his mageblade is a perfect example of us doing the right thing, but being very bad at letting everyone know. We had a plan for Doremi all along, and thats why he didnt recieve other items, but there was no way for the rest of you to know that.
  86. JohanusIgår 19:01
  87. so doremi got 2 HUGE items
  88. over period of 3 raids
  90. AnathimeIgår 19:01
  91. Doremi got trinket because we never know when the next mageblade will drop.
  93. JohanusIgår 19:01
  94. allright so then when he gets trinket
  95. coz u never know when mageblade is gonna drop, dont give him mageblade
  96. simple
  98. AnathimeIgår 19:02
  99. I mean, all this is just MY personal opinion. We will discuss this open on Sunday, and everyone will get to say what they want to say.
  101. JohanusIgår 19:02
  102. exactly with this mindset  you will make ppl unhappy and  unfair
  103. and ppl will just leave coz none wants to raid with corrupted loot council
  104. i am here from very first kill of ragnaros
  105. got 2 items
  106. which are meh
  107. some other guyz get 2 heavy bis in 3 weeks
  109. AnathimeIgår 19:04
  110. lets discuss this on Sunday
  112. JohanusIgår 19:04
  113. i dont have high hopes for sunday coz how you defedned doremi
  114. says it all
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