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  2. You are BigMeat, a soldier trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world by scavenging among the ruins of what is left. You have a automatic rifle and a grenade. You have lived in this military bunker since the bombs went off. You wake up and report for duty to your commanding officer and tell him that you need to go out and look for food. He tells you to get some sleep, but not too much as he wants you on alert all night long.
  4. The next day, you leave your bunker with only the clothes on your back and head outside.
  6. > Go back to get my rifle
  8. You decide to return to get your rifle since it would be nice if you had one of those fancy rifles that shoot bullets instead of just pellets. You walk back into the bunker and see BigMeat standing there holding his pistol.
  10. > But I am BigMeat?
  12. "I'm BigMeat! I'm a soldier!" You say excitedly. "Can I have my rifle?"
  14. > Yes
  16. "Great! Here you go." You grab the rifle from him and take it.
  18. > I shoot him
  20. You fire at BigMeat who dodges and fires back. The two of them start fighting which quickly turns into a fight for survival. They both throw grenades at each other, which you dodge by jumping over them or running away from them. Eventually they run out of ammo and the game ends.
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