Aug 27th, 2011
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  1. [21:18:58] <@Paradox> Okay!
  2. [21:19:20] <@Paradox> Clarity has just woken up from a lovely nap~
  3. [21:19:36] <Maka> (I was gonna have Maka bug her awake, is that okay?)
  4. [21:20:22] <@Paradox> ( Okay FINE )
  5. [21:20:30] <Maka> (I'm sorry ;-;)
  6. [21:20:34] <@Paradox> ( *rips up his intricately written plot* )
  7. [21:20:40] <@Paradox> ( JUST DO WHATEVER YOU WANT SEE IF I CARE )
  8. [21:22:13] * Maka approaches the beach wearing a comically large straw hat to keep off the sun, carrying an old rotten looking fish rod and some bait. She finds Clarity and starts poking her with the rod. "...d-did you forget you promised to teach me to fish today?"
  9. [21:22:19] <Clarity> With a lovely yawn~ And a not so lovely fit of blinking at that Shinx standing there with a 'What the hell are you doing?' look on his small animal face. Little did Sky know that this was contested, nor did either of them notice the shadow looming over them. "Aww ma~aaan, what is it this time? I tooooooooold you not to-"
  10. [21:22:37] <Clarity> "... Huhhh, Sky, your voice sounds weird today." Squint.
  11. [21:22:52] * Maka pokes harder. "Clarityyyy...."
  12. [21:23:24] <Clarity> "WHOA!" Even more comically than the hat, the teenager leaps into the sky- no, not the Sky, that would be silly and hurt a lot. It's silly enough how high in the air she jumps.
  13. [21:24:05] <Clarity> "Oh, whoa, uh, i-i-it's not what you think, I was totally over here winning the contest and everything! Yep! No dozing off at all!" Standing to attention, some drool gets wiped off her face. Not very well.
  14. [21:25:22] * Maka frowns. "...I...couldn't find you all day, and now I'm hot and tired promised." she thrusts the rod and bucket of bait at Clarity.
  15. [21:26:34] * Clarity scratches her hear with a goofy expression. "Hahaha... y'mean I wasn't just dreaming that? I remember jumping out of bed thinking it was just another nightmare and..." A sudden lightbulb of "oh, right, I remembered it." When you're somebody who admits you never remember dreams there's a problem.
  16. [21:27:07] <Clarity> "Well... Okay, Sky, you think we can show off how to do it?" He shakes his head. A lot.
  17. [21:27:18] <Maka> "I-I don't even know where to start..." Maka looks around the beach. " here a good place? Or the river? Or..." she kinda trails off and mumbles...
  18. [21:28:44] <Clarity> "Naaaaw! It's not the kinda thing where you have to actually think about it! C'mere." Some not-nearly-as-timid hands guide Maka into place, sitting in a probably not-so-comfortable position. Of course, Clarity's own ridiculously high-quality pole by comparison finds itself lying over yonder, guarded by the Shinx. "Okay, so you cast it out like this..."
  19. [21:29:50] <Maka> ( the fishing roll 1d100-10?)
  20. [21:30:25] <Clarity> (For old rod it should be, though I'm pretty sure the mechanics are way different from on the page-- might not hurt to have it up anyway)
  21. [21:30:44] <Maka> 1d100-10 hooking somethin
  22. [21:30:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, hooking somethin: 51 [1d100=61]
  23. [21:30:49] <Maka> 1d20+12 LMHYWT+ powered calling chord
  24. [21:30:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, LMHYWT+ powered calling chord: 13 [1d20=1]
  25. [21:31:04] <Clarity> (I don't have enough reaction images for this)
  26. [21:31:10] <Maka> (see? see? I knew DM would pull that shit. that's why LMHYWT is a fucking godsend )
  27. [21:32:30] <@Paradox> Maka has something on the line!
  28. [21:32:42] <Maka> 1d100 reelin' it in
  29. [21:32:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, reelin' it in: 84 [1d100=84]
  30. [21:32:47] <Clarity> "Okay okay okay! Now reel it in!"
  31. [21:32:52] <Maka> (..that is the roll, right?)
  32. [21:33:08] <@Paradox> PSWOSH!
  33. [21:33:08] <Maka> "...ohno what if it gets away ohnono..."
  34. [21:33:25] <Clarity> "Ahahahaha! That's not gonna happen with me h- .... oh, nevermind."
  35. [21:34:57] <@Paradox> 1d100
  36. [21:34:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 96 [1d100=96]
  37. [21:35:31] <@Paradox> Maka pulls out an Oshawott!
  38. [21:35:44] <@Paradox> It seems to have something stuck around its neck though.
  39. [21:35:49] * Terri looks around for some bait by the river.
  40. [21:35:57] <Maka> "oh geez I got something whatdoidowhatdoidonow?
  41. [21:35:59] <Maka> "
  42. [21:36:50] <Clarity> "Well, that was a weird noise. You... well." A pat on the back or twelve. "There ya go! What, did you think it was gonna be something tough that only MASTERS like me could do or something?"
  43. [21:37:07] <Clarity> 1d20-3 I WONDER WHAT'S ON IT
  44. [21:37:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, I WONDER WHAT'S ON IT: 10 [1d20=13]
  45. [21:37:22] <Maka> 1d20+7 percepting
  46. [21:37:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, percepting: 11 [1d20=4]
  47. [21:37:45] <@Paradox> The black thing about the oshawott's neck blinks up at Maka.
  48. [21:37:57] <@Paradox> The oshawott just sits there and :o<
  49. [21:38:10] <Clarity> "Well, lessee, rules say you gotta catch it or something, right? I mean, it doesn't look like it'd taste very good." Sky walks up and stares at it as Clarity does, just to fit in. Just to fit in.
  50. [21:38:12] * Maka blinks, rubs her eyes, blinks again, then STARES in silence.
  51. [21:38:43] <@Paradox> <halp>
  52. [21:39:29] <Maka> < W-wha...w-why are you always following me?! I...I don't w-wanna go save the world right now... >
  53. [21:39:42] <Clarity> "That's one funky fashion sense." Clarity turns to Sky, who's wearing a gigantic scarf. They both shrug at each other. Physics go home.
  54. [21:40:05] <@Paradox> < what no halp I don't know anything about that halp get it off >
  55. [21:40:29] * Maka gets a confused look on her face.
  56. [21:40:33] <Maka> 1d100-24 channel unown
  57. [21:40:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, channel unown: 11 [1d100=35]
  58. [21:41:01] * Clarity follows suit. "Somethin' wrong? Gonna throw it back?"
  59. [21:41:03] <@Paradox> < halp getitoff >
  60. [21:41:31] <Maka> "I...I don't even know...No! I actually caught something and you want to throw it back?!"
  61. [21:42:07] * Maka reaches out to the otter and tugs lightly to see if the black thing with the eye comes off or not.
  62. [21:42:21] <Clarity> Cough. "Well, I mean... would you wanna eat that? The contest is for, y'know, the big things."
  63. [21:42:52] <Clarity> A stare at it. "... Could be kinda tasty though."
  64. [21:43:06] <Maka> "...s-stop m-making me feel bad. I...I tried, okay?" Clarity is lucky Maka is too busy being CONFUSED to get mad at her.
  65. [21:43:47] <Clarity> And that happens a lot, with that level of denseness. So dense that it takes a few seconds before she even STARTS joining in with the tugging to get that thing off. Sky tries too!
  66. [21:44:43] * Terri scours the area for anything that looks remotely like the bait he used.
  67. [21:45:03] <@Paradox> ( hang on, Terri )
  68. [21:45:13] <Terri> (k)
  69. [21:46:33] <@Paradox> Try as you might, you can't get the V unown off from around the Oshawott's neck. :o<
  70. [21:47:00] <Clarity> Tug tug tug. "Hahaha, this is great for a first try! Buuuut... he looks kinda lonely. Mad? Uh... like he feels a way, I think. Dunno what way that is."
  71. [21:48:02] * Maka stops tugging then hesitates a moment, before pulling a pokeball out of her pocket. She stares at it a few seconds before releasing O.
  72. [21:48:09] <Maka> 1d100-24 channel O unown
  73. [21:48:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, channel O unown: 15 [1d100=39]
  74. [21:48:24] <Maka> < e-e-explain this! >
  75. [21:48:38] <@Paradox> The O looks down at the V and Oshawott.
  76. [21:49:00] <@Paradox> < That poor fellow there seems to be stuck around that Oshawott's neck. >
  77. [21:49:45] <Maka> < I..I got that! B-but...w-why is it even there? >
  78. [21:51:38] <@Paradox> < By the Deceiver's knickers, just calm down! This isn't a big deal. Relax a little. Breaaathe. Breathe. Breathe. >
  79. [21:51:47] <@Paradox> < Are you breathing yet? >
  80. [21:52:24] <Clarity> "I dunno if he reads. Hey you, can you read?" Poke, right on its Oshawotty nose. Sky gives the usual 'what the hell are you doing' glance in response. "He might read."
  81. [21:52:35] * Maka takes a deep breath but doesn't look any less distressed.
  82. [21:53:47] <@Paradox> < There you go! Now breathe out slowly! Feeling better? >
  83. [21:54:11] <@Paradox> The Oshawott merely :o<s at Clarity
  84. [21:54:30] <Maka> < N-no! I...I thought you guys couldn't even leave without my help! W-why...I just wanted to go fishing...;-; >
  85. [21:55:02] * Clarity spends all her efforts trying to give a :o< back. It doesn't work very well.
  86. [21:55:39] <@Paradox> < That's not what I said exactly. Anyway, it's complicated! Maybe there's a shrine somewhere ... uh ... in the river? I don't know, just don't make a big deal out of this sheesh. >
  87. [21:55:49] <@Paradox> O crashes back into his ball and recalls himself. :I
  88. [21:56:35] * Maka stares at the V Unown and Oshawott. She has no idea what to do. She tries another little tug at the thing.
  89. [21:57:13] <Maka> "...Clarity? I...I think I'm bad at fishing..." Maka's voice comes out quiet and strained.
  90. [21:57:24] <@Paradox> The Oshawott paps you lightly on the hand, then points the pokeball.
  91. [21:57:47] <Clarity> "Haha! I thought that my first time too! And then I realized I wasn't." A triumphant thumbs-up. "Go on! Claim your victory~!"
  92. [21:58:22] * Maka gives up trying to figure this out and taps the otter with an apricorn ball.
  93. [21:59:02] <Maka> (O is an asshole ;-;)
  94. [21:59:18] <Clarity> (Is not; this is why you need to find B and R)
  95. [22:01:08] <@Paradox> ( Well, O rather does have a lot of motivation to get Maka to thoughen up )
  96. [22:01:17] <@Paradox> ( and stop being a BAWWing little girl )
  97. [22:01:28] <Maka> (true enough!)
  98. [22:01:45] <Clarity> (and then Maka was an old nutbag instead)
  99. [22:01:56] <Maka> (and then Maka was Astrid)
  100. [22:02:04] <Clarity> (Welp.)
  101. [22:04:36] <Maka> "...this doesn't feel like much of a victory..."
  102. [22:05:11] <@Paradox> Okay, Terri!
  103. [22:05:31] <Clarity> "Did I ever tell you about how many boots I've fished up?" Pat, pat. Goofy grin. Et cetera.
  104. [22:05:37] <@Paradox> While Maka bemoans catching two pokemon in one fell swoop, you find your bucket of bait!
  105. [22:05:59] <Terri> HUZZAH! More bait!
  106. [22:06:19] <Terri> does the bucket have bait in it?
  107. [22:06:48] <@Paradox> 4 bits of MYSTERY BAITSTUFF
  108. [22:07:00] * Terri fishes
  109. [22:07:05] <Terri> 1d100-10 I think
  110. [22:07:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, I think: 80 [1d100=90]
  111. [22:07:14] <Clarity> (too pro)
  112. [22:07:35] <@Paradox> 1d100
  113. [22:07:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 10 [1d100=10]
  114. [22:07:37] <@Paradox> rollreel
  115. [22:07:51] <Terri> thats 1d100 right? Any modifiers?
  116. [22:08:06] <@Paradox> no
  117. [22:08:12] <Terri> 1d100
  118. [22:08:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d100: 19 [1d100=19]
  119. [22:11:05] <@Paradox> Terri pulls out a...
  120. [22:11:13] <@Paradox> :oB
  121. [22:14:44] * Terri reels in as hard as he can.
  122. [22:15:29] <@Paradox> The Bidoof flops out of the water, landing at Terri's feet.
  123. [22:16:41] * Terri looks at it.
  124. [22:16:47] <Terri> "Now what do?"
  125. [22:17:22] <@Paradox> The Bidoof points at the fishing net.
  126. [22:18:13] * Terri looks at the fishing net.
  127. [22:19:21] * Terri grabs the fishing net with his other hand, while his right hand holds the fishing pole.
  128. [22:20:11] <@Paradox> The Bidoof rolls its eyes, and maneuvers the fishing net over himself. He then crawls back out after having shown Terri what to do.
  129. [22:21:34] <Terri> "Ok."
  130. [22:21:48] <Terri> Boris also just looks upon this with a sort of "wat" look on his face.
  131. [22:22:01] * Terri puts the net over the bidoof.
  132. [22:22:24] <@Paradox> The Bidoof claps politely for Terri.
  133. [22:22:39] <Terri> "YAY! I DID IT!"
  134. [22:24:03] <@Paradox> The bidoof rubs his chin.
  135. [22:25:42] <@Paradox> The crawls out from under the net, and runs off into a nearby bush. He returns a moment later, holding a small burlap sack which he slings over its shoulder, and crawls under Terri's net again. He then salutes Terri in a ready-to-go gesture.
  136. [22:27:00] * Terri just kind of holds the rod, letting the bidoof have the required slack it needs to do this.
  137. [22:27:06] <Terri> "Fish are weird."
  138. [22:28:52] <Terri> "I think take to mayor."
  139. [22:29:07] * Terri scratches his head, and heads back to the town square, dragging the bidoof in the net with him.
  140. [22:29:39] <Clarity> More meanwhile than meanwhile should ever really allow itself to be, Maka's congratulations end with a yawn. A polite bow from Sky, even, because he's seriously concerned for her health at this point. Clarity, on the other hand, thrives only for ADVENTURE, picking up that good rod of hers and casting it out after a few giggles. "Okay! We're not doooone here~! Why not sit down and try some more? I only have like, half a day left to catch me a Wailord now."
  141. [22:30:39] * Maka pushes the rod and bucket toward Clarity with shaking hands. "I think I'm done fishing."
  142. [22:31:41] <Clarity> "Aww, c'mon! You came all this way and you're gonna just quit? Why not relax more~" As if on cue, Clarity herself DOES lean back with the rod out. Sky tugs at Maka's feet, at least, in a sort of 'it's okay' gesture. Too bad he can't talk.
  143. [22:32:59] * Maka quickly shakes her head, holding onto her hat as it almost falls off. "N-no, I...I think I like reading more. can catch me fish to eat anyway..."
  144. [22:35:00] <Clarity> "Ohh~ heh, heh. Don't tell me you're nervous~?" Dropping the rod, the Shinx quickly runs over and catches onto it; Clarity's arm wraps around the timid girl's shoulder, with the other pointing out to the wide ocean ahead of them. "Just look at all that! Can you IMAGINE what kind of awesome things you can find out there?" Cough, mumble. "I think I reeled up a book once or twice too." Cough.
  145. [22:35:35] * Clarity dashes back to the rod, held in place by a small lion's valiant efforts. "Anyway good luck!"
  146. [22:35:49] <Clarity> 1d100+4 okay, NOW time for this, take your time~
  147. [22:35:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, okay, NOW time for this, take your time~: 5 [1d100=1]
  148. [22:36:00] <Clarity> (NO DICEMAID, I WANT THAT ON THE OTHER ONE)
  150. [22:36:25] <@Paradox> (where are you, Clarity?)
  151. [22:36:31] <Clarity> (Oh sorry, beach)
  152. [22:36:39] * Maka sees that Clarity is busy fishing and dashes back off to the library before she has opportunity to stop her.
  153. [22:37:11] * Clarity is already in eyes-closed-pseudo-awake mode. Sky isn't strong enough to stop this either, poor guy.
  154. [22:45:10] <@Paradox> ( OH THIS IS WHAT I WAS DOING DERP )
  155. [22:45:17] <@Paradox> ( thinking of something to happen to Clarity <:3c )
  156. [22:45:27] <Break> ( ALMOST KILL HER, GOGOGO )
  157. [22:45:30] <Clarity> (Kyaaa, please be gent- actually don't, bracing for wacky)
  158. [22:45:45] * Terri continues to drag the bidoof to the mayor.
  159. [22:45:46] <Break> ( Last time two people rolled 1s, they almost died. :o )
  160. [22:46:01] <Terri> it's STILL hooked to the pole, And under the net.
  161. [22:46:22] <Terri> unless it unhooked itself.
  162. [22:46:27] <Terri> which its probably smart enough to do.
  163. [22:47:04] <@Paradox> it was never hooked
  164. [22:47:17] <@Paradox> It just grabbed onto the line, carefully avoiding the hook. <:3c
  165. [22:47:32] <Terri> ah ok
  166. [22:51:00] <Clarity> ZzzzZzzzzz. After a very uneventful session of lying in place not even realizing Maka left yet, Sky gives a tug. Two tugs. Seventeen tugs.
  167. [22:51:41] <Nephene> Why, that's twenty tugs in total!
  168. [22:59:56] <Flynn_> And that's terrible!
  169. [23:00:02] <@Paradox> 1d100
  170. [23:00:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 28 [1d100=28]
  171. [23:00:16] <@Paradox> After a while, even Sky gives up, and falls asleep next to Clarity.
  172. [23:01:42] <@Paradox> Suddenly, Clarity feels something on her face.
  173. [23:03:00] <Clarity> 'Feeling' is something that one can't do very well when, you know, off in dreamland. Meaning that can only be responded to by jerking awake, which is promptly done.
  174. [23:03:15] <Flynn_> (berseeeerkeeeerrrr)
  175. [23:03:17] * Balthazar is now known as Plutonis
  176. [23:03:43] <@Paradox> Ohgodyou'vegoneblind
  177. [23:03:53] <@Paradox> Wait no there's just something on your face.
  178. [23:04:44] * Clarity plucks it off. "Whoa, I just had this crazy dream wher- ... oops, lost it." Apparently it's still going on.
  179. [23:07:43] <@Paradox> Clarity is holding onto a omanyte!
  180. [23:07:49] <@Paradox> Actually, she seems to be covered in omanytes!
  181. [23:08:00] <Iona> (oh god)
  182. [23:08:03] <Iona> (awesome)
  183. [23:08:29] <Clarity> "... You're not Sky." Blink. Blink blink. "Holy crap, none of you are Sky!"
  184. [23:08:39] <Paradox> There's at least a dozen little ones, about the size of your palm.
  185. [23:09:13] <Iona> (aww)
  186. [23:09:34] <Clarity> Squirm jump shake. Whatever position the rod was in, it's sure dropped now. "Wh-" Blink some more. "... Actually, you're kinda cool-looking. Where'd you all come from?"
  187. [23:10:24] <Paradox> You find the fishing rod not too far away. On the end of the line seems to be some sort of egg sac. ew.
  188. [23:12:28] <Clarity> Sky gets a thump on the head, first off-- just a little one! "What'd I tell you about that? Remember what happened LAST time we didn't sleep in shifts?" Assuming all the creatures are off her body and hopefully crawling on the ground by now, Sky is scooped up. Actually, a few of them are probably scooped up too, provided they don't immediately try to run away, before the two of them make their ADVENTURE to... well, 'cleaning the rod off' isn't really the right term.
  189. [23:13:50] <Clarity> "This thing... isn't a fish, is it?" Poking it, what a brilliant decision.
  190. [23:19:51] <Clarity> Staaaaaaaaaaaare. "Okay Sky, help me get this thing offa here. You think it'll taste good?" He gives a 'what' during their efforts to unhook the egg sac from the fishing pole, which probably takes a while. Because, of course, neither of them even began to try paying attention to what it was.
  191. [23:19:59] <Clarity> 1d20-3 but then they were like 'oh wait'
  192. [23:20:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, but then they were like 'oh wait': 17 [1d20=20]
  193. [23:20:07] <Clarity> (... Oh.)
  194. [23:20:23] <Clarity> ... Before realizing at the last second what it was, apparently.
  195. [23:21:35] <Clarity> "... Okay, maybe it wouldn't taste very good. But these little guys..." A wicked smirk.
  196. [23:22:06] <Paradox> two dozen little eyes suddenly look at Clarity.
  197. [23:22:59] <Iona> (run omanytes ;_;)
  198. [23:23:14] <Clarity> "Good mornin'! I HOPE you realize whose nap you interrupted~" The grin gets only more and more wicked... unless those eyes were from inside the sac, oh boy.
  199. [23:24:34] <Paradox> The Omanytes freeze for a second.
  200. [23:24:46] <Paradox> Then make a break for it, running towards the water!
  201. [23:25:46] <Clarity> "Ahahaha! That's what I THOUGHT~! You know these guys'll be some amazing lunch in a few weeks, months... whatever, right, Sky? Okay!" With a reach, one of those balls she picked up in a completely unnecessary scene is pulled out, and...
  202. [23:26:56] <Clarity> 1d100-20 oh there it is-- QUICK BALL if it works that way
  203. [23:26:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, oh there it is-- QUICK BALL if it works that way: 4 [1d100=24]
  204. [23:28:24] <Paradox> BAM
  205. [23:28:31] <Clarity> "Go go go! C'mon, c'mon..."
  206. [23:28:32] <Paradox> You manage to hit one of them with a quick ball.
  207. [23:28:47] <Paradox> Which rattles around a little bit before clicking.
  208. [23:29:21] <Clarity> "Alriiiiight~!" Happily, the two of them skip over to pick it up and-- okay, not really, Sky only timidly treads over with a sad expression on his face. Clarity, however, picks it up and dances around.
  209. [23:30:16] <Clarity> "Did you SEE how awesome that throw was? Holy Miltank, that was so awesome~ Hey 'Ka, look at what I-" Suddenly, a pause, as she looks around. The Shinx doesn't. "... Uh, where'd she go? Weirddd."
  210. [23:33:28] <Clarity> Lazily, that ball gets set back down on the ground. With a loud yawn, the two of them resume their day, just as boringly as it was when it left off. "Well, whatever I guess. More of a nap for me, huh?" A staring contest between the two of them ensues, ensuing with the Shinx getting a pat on the head. "Aww, you did good today, go ahead and curl up too."
  211. [23:35:28] <Clarity> Lying straight down in the worst fishing position ever, one more cast gets sent out with one more yawn. "G'night, Sky."
  212. [23:35:49] <Clarity> 1d100+4 ... BUT JUST FOR GOOD MEASURE
  213. [23:35:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, ... BUT JUST FOR GOOD MEASURE: 22 [1d100=18]
  214. [23:35:59] <Clarity> (yeah didn't think so)
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