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  1. Tracker Name:
  2. Tracker's URL: or
  3. Signup URL: Invite Only
  4. Tracker Type: General
  5. Tracker Birthday: 4th September (2007)
  7. Description:
  8. is the most popular Romanian tracker. With over 70k active torrents and 500k registered users.
  9. The speeds are great and you can find torrents old for more than 4 years. Most of our torrents are unrared and all torrents over 4Gb are freeleech (except requests and porn!) so keeping a good ratio is very easy for anybody. If you have problems with ratio at you really have a BAD internet provider.
  10. Our design looks very common although there are a lot of skins you can't really see a big change in the overall look.
  11. The rules are simple and clear like in the all rest of the trackers: about avatar, forum language, low ratio, profile.
  13. IRC Details:
  14. server:
  15. Chat:
  16. Support
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