Pony Plush Pt 2

Jul 1st, 2012
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  1. >Come to, sprawled out face-down on the beach
  2. >Look up at the sky
  3. >Sun doesn't seem to have moved
  4. >Maybe out fifteen minutes?
  5. >Sigh; let my face fall back down in the dirt
  6. >Push myself up to a sitting position
  7. >See my arms
  8. >Blue as fuck
  9. >Look at hands
  10. >Blue as fuck
  11. >Also hooves?
  12. "Fucking heat stroke."
  13. >Try to stand up
  14. >Legs won't bend that way
  15. >Fall over backward and land on butt, hitting back on nearby tree
  16. "Dammit!"
  17. >Not really hurt, but I think I hit something funny
  18. >Can't quite tell what
  19. >Turn around to check
  20. >Fucking wings
  21. >Blinking
  22. >Blinking
  23. "Shit."
  24. >Look down
  25. >EVERYTHING's blue
  26. >Also, hooves
  27. "Shit!"
  28. >Get on four... legs, and look behind me, past my wings
  29. >Yep.
  30. >There's a tail past my ass and a globe on my... flank
  31. "Shit!"
  32. >Flap my wings a few times, trying to make them feel "right" before looking ahead and beginning to pace
  33. "Shit. Mierda! Schei├če! Merde! Merda, cazzo... perkele!"
  34. >Run out of exotic ways to tell myself I'm fucked
  35. >At least my tongue still seems to be working
  36. >Try to think things over
  37. >Kind of ruled out heat stroke by this point, but still kind of hoping it's just in my head
  38. >This should not, and can not, be happening
  39. >No idea what to do, since it still seems like it is
  40. >Decide to just go home
  42. >Realize there's nearly a mile between me and my house
  43. >Realize there's at least a quarter mile between me and my stuff
  44. >Stuff relevant for pony?
  45. >Plushie relevant to pony.
  46. >Consider how to re-cross reservoir
  47. >Swim?
  48. >Not gonna doggie paddle all that way
  49. >Take a boat?
  50. >Never known shit about boats, and hooves wouldn't help me at all
  51. >Walk across the dam?
  52. >It's right there, but it's highly visible, and as far as I know, I'm a dirty blue pony.
  53. >With wings.
  54. "Hrm."
  55. >Remember those flappy things on my back
  56. >Decide to take wings for a test drive across the reservoir
  58. >Turn toward the water, get a running start, flap my wings, and jump up in the air
  59. >Splash down in the shallows
  60. "Well, that didn't work."
  61. >Flap wings dry and try again
  62. >Run toward the water, flap my wings, and jump into the air
  63. >Splash down in the shallows again
  64. >Try to dry off before one last try
  65. >Gallop toward the water
  66. >Pump wings up, down; up, down
  67. >Leap into air
  68. >Flying
  69. >Shit, this is fun
  70. >Wait, I have no idea what I'm doing
  71. >How the fuck do I steer this thi... myself?
  72. >Heat rising off of reservoir
  73. >Pushing me up higher
  74. >Out of control
  75. >Panic
  77. >Crash into water
  78. >Paddle to dock
  79. >Wet, dripping pony
  80. >Wings soaked, mane clumped over eyes
  81. >Use a hoof to move my hair away
  82. >Pick up my pack with my mouth
  83. >Flying is hard
  84. >Just gonna try walking home
  86. >Make it back to my house uneventfully
  87. >Realize I've left my front door open all this fucking time
  88. "Whll, thht whs br'llynt."
  89. >Beats trying to fumble with the garage keypad
  90. >Drop my backpack for a minute to open the door with my mouth
  91. >Think I just stuck a cobweb and a couple dozen dead gnats in there
  92. "Fhkkhkng hyyt dhrrs."
  93. >Kick the door shut, drop my bag, and look around
  94. >Parents aren't home yet, and my sister's still gone
  95. >Home alone
  96. >With the cats
  97. >Cat hiding under bench by my front door sees my swaying tail and pounces
  98. "Ow! Stop that!"
  99. >He may just be playing, but, damn, it hurts
  100. >Try to keep my tail up out of his reach
  101. >He jumps up on the bench, and then onto my back, from where he continues to attack his new "plaything"
  102. >In no mood to play rodeo horse or chew toy for a cat
  103. >Lean to one side, put down one wing and thwap the cat with the other
  104. >Cat rolls off, and manages not to land on his feet
  105. >Never has been too good at that
  106. >Grab my pack, gallop up the front steps and down the hallway to my bedroom
  107. >Get to my bedroom, close the door, sigh in relief
  108. >The sound of pawing from the other side, accompanied by a "Mrow?"
  109. "God damn it."
  111. >Back to the door, take in my surroundings and try to figure out what to do next
  112. >Unmade bed, idling computer, unsorted laundry
  113. >A cat on the windowsill, basking in the sun
  114. >Freeze
  115. >Cat notices me, yawns, and goes back to napping
  116. >Glad both cats aren't kittens
  117. >Pick up my backpack and head over to my bed
  118. >Shit, when did it get so big
  119. >Climb onto my bed and lay down
  120. >Time to work things out
  121. "So, Victor. You're a pony. A filthy pegasus pony. You've turned into a pony, and you can fly."
  122. >Struggle to open my backpack
  123. "Everything you learned in physics and biology is now useless, or you're made of dark matter and probably... no, nothing makes sense!"
  124. >What was I going to say, I caught a virus from outer space than came in on a meteor?
  125. >There is no way I can convince myself I'm not living a B-movie or a nightmare
  127. >Succeed in parting the zippers on my bag
  128. >Pull out the brown-hared cotton stallion stashed inside
  129. "You are a blue marshmallow pony. Fuck. Where does a pony even go?"
  130. >A pawing sound continues from the other side of the bedroom door
  131. "Cat's all over me here. And I can't exactly let the neighbors realize they're living next door to a horse. Think it's a zoning violation, anyway."
  132. >Still hear the damn cat that wants to chase my tail
  133. "Of course, they might make an exception if they realized I was potty tra... shit!"
  134. >How the fuck am I going to go to the bathroom if I can't sit down right?
  135. >Shit in the woods?
  136. >I can't handle this
  137. >Bury face in hooves
  138. >Hug soft pony plush
  139. >Cry
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