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  1. Living in an age where smartphones, laptops and tablets are used in everyday life, Computer Science can be described as a field that explains how a big part of our world functions. It analyses how these complex systems, which most of us take for granted, can do what we need them to. This is what attracts me to the field. What intrigues me most, is the challenge of keeping up with advancements, as there is continuous, exponentially accelerating progress in Computing.
  2. At the age of 11, I created my first Windows Phone application, which won the first prize for creativity in a school contest hosted by Microsoft. Fueled by the enthusiasm from my app’s success, I decided to learn how to write code. The following year, after attending a C++ introductory course, I managed to place in the top 4 of my country and qualified to compete in an Informatics Olympiad (JBOI 2015), where I won a bronze medal. For the past years I have been a member of the national team for Informatics Competitions. My most notable results are qualifying for the International Olympiad in Informatics, winning a silver medal in the European Junior Olympiad in Informatics, and a bronze medal in the Balkan Olympiad in Informatics. Practicing Competitive Programming made me fluent in C++, led me to develop a deep understanding of algorithms and cultivated my creativity.
  3. My school courses cover different aspects of Computer Science, such as Programming, Information Systems and Networking. Trying to deepen my understanding in the field, I have attended a few seminars. One of them inspired me to experiment with the Raspberry Pi, which taught me how to utilize a computer to solve a modern-day problem. A project for which I am proud of completing is creating a multi-room audio setup.
  4. Apart from Computer Science, I am also interested in other fields. In the past years I placed among the top ranks of my country in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics contests. I represented my country in the European Union Science Olympiad, where my team got a bronze medal. I also represented my country in the Balkan as well as the International Mathematical Olympiads, where I earned honourable mentions. My interest and passion in mathematics can also be noticed from the results of my A levels. All these activities boosted my problem-solving skills and have trained me to grasp new concepts faster.
  5. The area that interests me most in a Computer Science course is Algorithms and Data Structures, as I find it enjoyable solving hard problems combining my algorithmic knowledge with my creativity. One technique that interests me is dynamic programming. The principle of solving sub-problems which can later help you solve the whole problem is extremely powerful, and I find that it sometimes can be applied in non-algorithmic problems. On the other side, I am interested in learning how to build a complete, working project from scratch. Mastering the skill of designing and creating a functioning project is something I am looking forward to doing in my studies.
  6. In my efforts to contribute in the community, I have been teaching young students in my region the fundamentals of Competitive Programming. This activity has made me realize that my actions can have a big impact on people, so I try to be an active member in society.
  7. As a consequence, I have been elected class president multiple times and was the secretary of my high school council for a year. I also find pleasure in playing the guitar and I am a member of my school’s band.
  8. I believe that a degree from a top-level UK university would equip me with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill my ambitions and excel in the Computer Science domain. I am applying for deferred entry, due to army obligations. Currently, my plan is to continue my studies at postgraduate level. The opportunity of working in the industry afterwards is also an option for me, because my work would have a bigger impact on the world. I believe I have what it takes to make significant contributions in the Computer Science field.
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