I Kain't Decide, So I'll Pick Route B

Sep 30th, 2012
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  1. [15:33:33] <Kain> Celina!
  2. [15:33:49] <Kain> The group has just finished making meeting arrangements for when you all arrive at Lindblum
  3. [15:34:12] <Kain> And now, some are preparing to depart Oeilvert
  4. [15:34:47] * @Celina goes to catch up with Riese! Better to keep an eye on the Returners than deal with eidolonsnakes.
  5. [15:34:57] <Kain> Prickles sticks with you, hanging lightly off of your waist like some sort of odd belt decoration. He doesn't weigh much at all and his spines are retracted.
  6. [15:35:35] <@Celina> "Oh, Sir Prickles, your company is surely appreciated, but I'm surprised you don't think as little of the Returners as everyone else does."
  7. [15:35:44] <Kain> Obtained Sir Prickles visual accessory dlc
  8. [15:35:58] <@Celina> (the second cutest dlc)
  9. [15:36:19] <Natalie> (cutest are the swimsuits)
  10. [15:36:33] <Kain> "I'm not entirely sure what to think, Lady Celina." squibble squibble squab. "I know only little about them."
  11. [15:36:51] <Kain> (You mean crabmono)
  12. [15:37:17] <@Celina> (I do mean crabmono)
  13. [15:37:22] <@Celina> "As do I."
  14. [15:37:25] <@Celina> "Let's learn more, then."
  15. [15:37:38] <Kain> Prickles has no objections!
  16. [15:37:56] * @Celina continues searching out Riese!
  17. [15:38:09] <Kain> If you're looking for Riese, she's hanging back at the entrance talking with the human -oddly enough the only other member of the Returners you've actually seen here.
  18. [15:39:17] <@Celina> "Excuse me, Lady Riese?"
  19. [15:39:28] <Kain> Human: "So it seems they don't really-Oh, you got company, boss lady."
  20. [15:39:41] <@Celina> "Ah, I didn't mean to interrupt anything."
  21. [15:39:52] <Kain> The nezumi turns around, a bit surprised. "Oh! No, it's okay. I can ask him later. What did you need?"
  22. [15:40:37] <@Celina> "You mentioned that you were to be leaving Oeilvert soon - if you don't mind, may I accompany you? There's a great deal I'd like to learn about the Returners."
  23. [15:40:54] <Kain> She glances at the cactuar occasionally, trying to figure out if it's real.
  24. [15:41:26] <Kain> Riese: "Oh? Yes, certainly. I'm expecting an airship back to Burmecia, taking me and a few others. You'd be welcome to join us."
  25. [15:42:12] <Kain> Riese: "And nothing more would please me than to tell you what I can about our organization."
  26. [15:42:40] <Kain> Riese: "The ship should be performing a landing in the fields north of here in an hour or so."
  27. [15:42:58] <@Celina> "I've never actually been to Burmecia - I suppose now would be as good a time as any to visit, hmmm?" She nods. "I appreciate it."
  28. [15:43:59] <Kain> Riese: "Excellent, then! I'll take you there whenever you're ready, then."
  29. [15:45:30] <Kain> Riese: "It's very beautiful, I should say... but there's enough time for looking when we arrive, no?" she smiles.
  30. [15:45:41] <Kain> Proceed to airship? Y/N
  31. [15:45:50] <@Celina> y
  32. [15:46:44] <Kain> Around an hour later, Riese accompanies you northward, where a lavish-looking private luxury airship awaits. Another group is waiting to get on as well, mostly Nezumi. A few are in hoods and cloaks.
  33. [15:47:02] <Kain> Just normal traveler's gear, no designs or what have you.
  34. [15:47:10] * @Celina looks for another who looks dragoonish.
  35. [15:48:42] <Kain> The only one you see is a lady coming off of the ship to greet Riese. White fur with bright blonde hair, she wears a uniform with Burmecia's emblem on it, and carries a trident over her shoulder. She salutes Riese as you all approach.
  36. [15:49:04] * @Celina is gonna follow her around then :3
  37. [15:49:33] <Kain> Riese: "Gretel! Good to see you again! How are things back home?"
  38. [15:51:13] <Kain> The dragon knight smiles brightly. "About as good as could be expected, ma'am. The council is agreeing to hear our petition to be officially recognized, but it still has to pass through. Did you have any luck?"
  39. [15:51:52] <Kain> Riese: "No, unfortunately, we had some run-ins with powerful monsters but didn't manage to find anything resembling the artifact we heard about. I can discuss it more on the way, if you like."
  40. [15:51:58] <Kain> Gretel nods. "And who is this?"
  41. [15:52:15] <@Celina> "A-ah, Celina Mirach, ma'am! Of Cleyra!"
  42. [15:53:05] <Kain> Riese: "Oh, this is..." she turns to you, and then suddenly realizes she never got your name. "Yes. She and a band she was traveling with helped me out when I was accosted by a group of ogres. She's coming with us to Burmecia."
  43. [15:53:53] <@Celina> "I'll do what I can to help!"
  44. [15:54:03] * @Celina is suddenly a great deal more talkative :3c
  45. [15:54:03] <Kain> Gretel nods and reaches out to shake your hand. "I'm Gretel, a dragon knight of Burmecia and a Returner. It's nice to meet you! Ogres aren't easy targets to take down, impressive."
  46. [15:55:06] <Kain> The three of you get on board, following the crowd of others.
  47. [15:55:17] * @Celina shakes. "O-of course, I had assistance - quite a few friends of mine and..." oh, she's babbling.
  48. [15:57:45] <Kain> Gretel: "Call me Gretel, or Greta, by the way. Don't be so modest! Haha, she's almost like you were, Riese. Listen, Celina, have a bit more confidence in yourself! You may have had help, but you should still be proud of helping to defend those who couldn't defend themselves. It's a very admirable thing."
  49. [15:58:07] <Kain> Riese: "N-now wait just a minute, it was only that I was severely outnumbered... :<"
  50. [15:59:02] <Kain> Gretel laughs. "Sure, sure."
  51. [15:59:44] <@Celina> "Th-thank you, Lady Gretel."
  52. [15:59:56] * @Celina would be sparkling if this was some sort of silly animu
  53. [16:01:58] <Kain> After a bit, the airship has taken off, and Gretel has led the two of you into a private cabin, where a hot pot of tea is waiting. The dragon knight pours the three... four, she notices Prickles, a cup of tea each, and she has a seat, taking her cup.
  54. [16:02:41] <@Celina> (btw does this count for my first goal :3c)
  55. [16:03:04] <Kain> Gretel: "I may be a dragon knight, but Lieutenant Riese is actually my superior in the Returners... It's fine though, we go way back so we're usually pretty casual with each other."
  56. [16:03:18] <Kain> I'd say Yes
  57. [16:04:02] <@Celina> :Dc
  58. [16:04:29] <@Celina> "Really? How long have you been working together like this?"
  59. [16:04:34] * @Celina siiiiips tea.
  60. [16:05:26] <Kain> Gretel: "I've been a member of the Returners for two years now, and Riese since we were formed four and a half years ago."
  61. [16:06:31] <Kain> Riese: "But we grew up together, practically. I'm glad we can work together like this now, I didn't have what it took to join the Dragon Knights."
  62. [16:06:46] <Kain> Gretel: "You say that, but I think you could have gotten in if you tried harder, Riesey."
  63. [16:07:15] * @Celina nodnodnod. "I'm sure you would have made an admirable dragon knight. Look at how well you're doing in the Returners!"
  64. [16:08:02] <Kain> Gretel: "The dragoons are a prestigious group with a thousand-year history of honor and devotion, and we don't take just anyone, but if you have the will, that usually counts more than your initial skill."
  65. [16:08:13] <Kain> Riese: "Well... haha, maybe."
  66. [16:08:48] <Kain> Riese: "I'd rather mix my elixirs instead of fight with a lance, I suppose. I really respect the dragon knights, I just don't think I was ever cut out for them."
  67. [16:09:21] <Kain> Gretel: "What about you, Celina? What are your aspirations?" Sssssiiiip.
  68. [16:10:01] <@Celina> "W-well. I-I well. Um. I really want to be a dragon knight myself - a real one. I've been learning from books and practicing..."
  69. [16:10:02] <Kain> Prickles takes his tea cup very gently, staring at the beverage consisting of plant corpses boiled and sweetened. ....
  70. [16:10:05] <Kain> Ssssiiiip.
  71. [16:10:13] <@Celina> (oh god poor prickles ;_;)
  72. [16:10:42] <Kain> Oh it's fine you silly I'm just making the dialogue colorful.
  73. [16:10:52] <Kain> They weren't SENTIENT plants
  74. [16:11:00] <@Celina> (right it's still adorable though)
  75. [16:11:41] <@Amaryllis> (that still must be unsettling. D:)
  76. [16:11:56] <Kain> Gretel: "Hah! I could see it in your eyes... Maybe you'd like to learn some techniques from an experienced dragon knight sometime?"
  77. [16:12:27] <@Celina> "I- really?"
  78. [16:12:44] <@Celina> "That would be lovely! Lady Gretel, I am in your debt."
  79. [16:12:48] <Kain> Riese: "Oh, now you're just flirting with her, Greta." she accuses.
  80. [16:13:00] <Kain> Gretel laughs. "Not at all, Celina. And hush, Riese."
  81. [16:13:14] <@Lenore> (It's like humans eating dead animals. No problem :3)
  82. [16:13:56] <@Celina> "But for now... would you mind telling me more about the Returners?"
  83. [16:14:17] <Kain> Gretel: "Riese can probably tell you more than I could." she glances at her friend.
  84. [16:14:22] <@Celina> "I think..." She hesitates, trying to figure out what to say next. "I think what you're doing is important."
  85. [16:14:26] <Kain> Riese: "Oh, yes! Certainly."
  86. [16:14:51] <Kain> Gretel nods. "I think so, too."
  87. [16:16:33] <Kain> Gretel: "The solemn mission of the Returners - safeguard our people from tragedies like those that befell us ten years ago. Alexandria's done nothing but help us since Queen Garnet started her reign, but we still have to remain vigilant."
  88. [16:16:34] <@Celina> "Mmm."
  89. [16:17:33] <Kain> Riese nods. "Queen Brahne, the previous ruler, was beloved for her people and known for her benevolence in the years leading up to the sudden massacre that took place at Cleyra and Burmecia. Time passes, people change, sometimes in an instant."
  90. [16:18:04] <Kain> Riese: "We can never be prepared enough. Which is why we must make every effort we can to strengthen our nation and to keep watch over anyone that becomes a prominent military superpower."
  91. [16:19:20] <@Celina> "Makes sense.
  92. [16:19:21] <@Celina> "
  93. [16:20:22] <Kain> Gretel: "Problem is, some would rather view us as troublemakers than as patriots. And it's true, a few of our more undisciplined members don't exactly have agreeable attitudes, but we do everything we can to keep our ranks in line. We're trying to get official recognition by the Burmecian council so we don't have to keep hiding in the shadows, and so we can improve the quality of our membership."
  94. [16:23:01] <Kain> Gretel: "I joined the Returners because I love Burmecia, and I love Cleyra, both how it is now and the stories I learned of how it once was. I love our people, and I my duty as a dragon knight compels me to protect them any way I can."
  95. [16:23:15] <Kain> *and my
  96. [16:23:34] * @Celina nods vigorously, nearly upsetting her teacup. "Right! Right. Exactly right. I'm the same way."
  97. [16:24:23] <Kain> Celina, give me an awareness check.
  98. [16:25:10] <Kain> Gretel: "Have you considered joining us, then?"
  99. [16:25:43] <@Celina> 2d6+2
  100. [16:25:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+2: 6 [2d6=1,3]
  101. [16:25:47] <@Celina> :D?
  102. [16:25:51] <@Lenore> (And then we learned of Kain's mind control fetish.)
  103. [16:26:02] <Kain> (What)
  104. [16:26:08] <@Celina> (man I hate failing awareness checks :3)
  105. [16:26:12] <@Lenore> (It was a terrible joke, pardon me.)
  106. [16:26:25] <Kain> You see a movement pass by one of the cabin windows that show a view of the deck, but nothing more.
  107. [16:27:40] * @Celina pays little attention. "I'd be lying if I said I hadn't. The fact that there are still those who care enough about Burmecia and Cleyra to ensure such a thing never happens again..."
  108. [16:28:45] <Kain> Gretel: "It's a big commitment, don't take the decision lightly."
  109. [16:29:10] <Kain> Gretel: "But... I do hope we see each other again, either in the Returners or serving Burmecia as dragon knights."
  110. [16:29:24] <@Celina> "I'd like that very much as well, Lady Gretel."
  111. [16:30:30] <Kain> Gretel grins. "You carry yourself like a dancer. That's good. Being light on your toes is a great trait for a dragon knight, Lady Freya used to practice Cleyran dance even before our people reunited, I heard."
  112. [16:31:26] <@Celina> "I saw her perform once. Pity that it wasn't under the best of circumstances..." Celina looks down.
  113. [16:31:48] <Kain> Gretel takes a moment to get what you're saying, but when she does, her grin fades. "Ah..."
  114. [16:32:17] <Kain> Riese: "Perhaps if you pursue your dreams you'll get that chance again someday."
  115. [16:32:25] <Kain> Riese: "Did you have any other questions about us?"
  116. [16:32:57] <@Celina> "Hmmm. Nothing pressing, I don't think."
  117. [16:33:31] <Kain> Riese nods. "Greta, there's enough rooms, right?"
  118. [16:33:59] <Kain> Gretel: "Oh, yeah. Rooms 2E through H should be empty, just pick one and make yourself at home, Celina."
  119. [16:34:43] <Kain> Gretel: "I'll be around, not too busy if you want to take me up on my offer. It's going to be a long flight unless you're tired."
  120. [16:35:14] * @Celina is tired, but ~*~training with a dragon knight~*~. "I'd be ready to learn whenever you'd be ready to teach me."
  121. [16:35:16] <Kain> Riese: "I think I'll retire to my room, myself. I have some paperwork I need to fill."
  122. [16:36:15] <Kain> Greta nods. "Alright! The sooner the better, then. Let's head out onto the deck."
  123. [16:37:07] <Kain> The dragon knight grabs her lance and a hat, securing it onto her head.
  124. [16:37:09] <@Celina> "Of course."
  125. [16:37:16] <@Celina> "Sir Prickles, would you care to accompany us?"
  126. [16:37:33] <Kain> Her steps onto the deck are bouncy and full of energy, her tail swishing back and forth. "This should be fun~"
  127. [16:37:53] <Kain> Prickles: "O-oh... yes, I believe I would." he sets the half-empty tea cup down and waddles out behind you.
  128. [16:38:15] <Kain> Riese squints a bit at you and Prickles, then takes out a small memo pad and writes something down before leaving.
  129. [16:38:51] * @Celina proceeds along with Sir Prickles then :3
  130. [16:39:19] <Kain> The deck of the ship is large and spacious. You see one part set out where the poles for a volleyball net are. Almost makes you wonder who owns this ship and why it's so lavish.
  131. [16:39:50] <Kain> Gretel spins her lance and drops into a combat stance. "You know how to do a dragon knight's jump?"
  132. [16:40:13] <@Celina> "Of course."
  133. [16:40:31] * @Celina twirls her ribbon~
  134. [16:40:42] <Kain> "Great! I wasn't trying to say you didn't know the basics, I just wanted to make sure you were ready- hey nice ribbon."
  135. [16:41:02] <Kain> Gretel: "Anyway, I think we'll cover an advanced technique today!"
  136. [16:41:28] <Kain> Gretel: "You've probably had a great time Jumping on your enemies from your vantage point in the sky..."
  137. [16:41:38] <Kain> Gretel: "But there comes a time when your enemies can do the same to you!"
  138. [16:41:49] <@Celina> "Oh?"
  139. [16:41:50] <Kain> Gretel: "So we're gonna cover mid-air jump battles-."
  140. [16:42:02] * @Celina looks around, almost expecting a moogle to pop up.
  141. [16:42:13] <Kain> ...
  142. [16:42:14] <Kain> ......
  143. [16:42:15] <Kain> ........
  144. [16:42:17] <Kain> No Moogle.
  145. [16:42:21] <@Celina> "Hm."
  146. [16:42:29] * @Celina goes back to paying attention to Gretel.
  147. [16:42:31] <Kain> You can't see Mogster trying to catch the airship from this distance.
  148. [16:42:39] <@Celina> (poor mogster)
  149. [16:43:07] <Kain> Gretel: "If both you and your enemy jump, suddenly you aren't so safe anymore, but neither are they."
  150. [16:43:28] <Kain> Gretel: "In that case, you can clash in midair! Want to try it?"
  151. [16:46:52] <Kain> (Test)
  152. [16:47:12] <@Celina> (sorry, called away for a sec)
  153. [16:47:15] <@Celina> "Sure!"
  154. [16:48:07] <Kain> Gretel leaps!
  155. [16:48:28] * @Celina leaps!
  156. [16:49:17] <Kain> The two of you soar far above the airship, and it zooms away, leaving no floor under you and you fall, break your legs and drown
  157. [16:49:18] <Kain> I mean
  158. [16:49:35] <Kain> FUCK PHYSICS what really happens is
  159. [16:49:57] <Kain> You and Gretel soar past the clouds, meeting each others as equals in the air.
  160. [16:50:27] <Kain> Gretel: "It's pretty similar to a normal fight for the most part! Just remember the most important thing about fighting in the air is maneuvering for an advantage!"
  161. [16:51:02] <@Celina> "Right!"
  162. [16:51:49] <Kain> Rule 1. Fighting midair removes your ability to attack ground-bound opponents or objects using Jump. You MUST land that turn unless you declare High Jump, in which case you can fight midair indefinitely.
  163. [16:52:14] <Kain> Rule 2. When maneuvering for an advantage, roll Athletics against the opponent's opposed Finesse.
  164. [16:52:34] <Kain> The difference is applied as a bonus to Accuracy and AVD to the winner for that turn.
  165. [16:53:36] <@Celina> oh boy
  166. [16:54:09] <Kain> Rule 3. If you outmaneuver the opponent by 5 or more, you may force them back to the ground, making them take 25% of their maximum HP in damage and negating their Jump advantage.
  167. [16:54:48] <Kain> Now!
  168. [16:55:00] <Kain> Gretel flies through the air at Celina!
  169. [16:55:09] <Kain> 2d6+5
  170. [16:55:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=2,3]
  171. [16:55:26] <Kain> Opposed athletics :3c
  172. [16:55:27] <@Celina> 2d6+5 opposed finesse then?
  173. [16:55:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, opposed finesse then?: 12 [2d6=4,3]
  174. [16:55:30] <@Celina> oh
  175. [16:55:31] <Kain> No no
  176. [16:55:33] <Kain> player rolls athletics
  177. [16:55:38] <Kain> npc rolls finesse
  178. [16:55:43] <@Celina> 2d6+6 :3c
  179. [16:55:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, :3c: 8 [2d6=1,1]
  180. [16:55:45] <@Celina> WELP
  181. [16:55:50] <Kain> I'll let you keep the first roll silly
  182. [16:55:53] <Kain> You got a 13
  183. [16:55:56] <@Celina> awww
  184. [16:55:59] <@Celina> but the second is funnier
  185. [16:56:01] <Kain> Or do you wanna fail
  186. [16:56:05] <@Celina> sure
  187. [16:56:25] <@Celina> even with the fail she doesn't force me to the ground
  188. [16:56:27] <@Celina> and it's funny
  189. [16:56:46] <Kain> You clash with Gretel, and she easily overpowers you, getting the height and position advantage! She maneuvers around easily, in a good position to strike you in a blind spot!
  190. [16:56:51] <Kain> Player turn!
  191. [16:57:44] <@Celina> so should I try to maneuver around her now or is that something that can only be done once a round
  192. [16:58:00] <Kain> It happens at the top of the round, before player actions
  193. [16:58:35] <@Celina> oh okay :3
  194. [16:58:48] <@Celina> 2d6+3 whap
  195. [16:58:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, whap: 5 [2d6=1,1]
  196. [16:58:52] <@Celina> this
  197. [16:58:53] <@Celina> is
  198. [16:58:55] <@Celina> glorious
  199. [16:59:22] <@Lenore> (CRITFAILCRITFAILCRITFAIL)
  200. [16:59:33] <@Lenore> (Sure is tutorial here.)
  201. [16:59:40] <@Celina> 2d6 shiny check
  202. [16:59:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, shiny check: 2 [2d6=1,1]
  203. [16:59:43] <@Celina> ...
  204. [16:59:51] <Kain> I'll keep that in mind
  205. [16:59:58] <Kain> btw you just rolled the equivalent of two jackpots
  206. [17:00:07] <@Celina> yeah I SHOULD HAVE BEEN A GAMBLER
  207. [17:00:10] <@Lenore> (holy shit)
  208. [17:00:22] <@Celina> anyway Gretel's turn
  209. [17:00:22] <@Lenore> (This shit is legit.)
  210. [17:00:44] <Kain> She brushes away your silly ribbon with her spear, countering with her whirling strikes! 15 damage to Celina, Whirling Spear!
  211. [17:00:52] <@Celina> ow ow
  212. [17:00:57] <Kain> 2d6+3 and then her attack
  213. [17:00:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, and then her attack: 10 [2d6=3,4]
  214. [17:01:59] <Kain> 29 arm damage
  215. [17:02:03] <@Celina> whirling speaaar
  216. [17:02:06] <@Celina> 15 damage
  217. [17:02:50] <Kain> 2d6+5 ADVANTAGE?
  218. [17:02:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, ADVANTAGE?: 12 [2d6=4,3]
  219. [17:02:59] <@Celina> 2d6+6 ADVANTAGE?
  220. [17:02:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, ADVANTAGE?: 10 [2d6=3,1]
  221. [17:03:08] <Kain> She keeps around the same amount of advantage on you!
  222. [17:03:22] <@Celina> 2d6+3 firebreath
  223. [17:03:22] <Kain> Also I forgot to include her advantage in her accuracy roll last turn oh well
  224. [17:03:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, firebreath: 13 [2d6=6,4]
  225. [17:03:27] <Kain> BLUUUH
  226. [17:03:30] <Kain> Hit
  227. [17:03:42] <@Lenore> (..izzat a crit?)
  228. [17:03:45] <@Celina> 16 fire marm and nope
  229. [17:03:56] <Kain> 2d6+4 opposed force for blind?
  230. [17:03:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, opposed force for blind?: 12 [2d6=6,2]
  231. [17:04:04] <@Celina> 2d6+2 opposed force
  232. [17:04:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, opposed force: 8 [2d6=2,4]
  233. [17:04:07] <@Celina> nope
  234. [17:04:09] <Kain> Not blinded
  235. [17:04:12] <@Celina> at least I didn't get speared in the face
  236. [17:04:13] <Kain> 2d6+5
  237. [17:04:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+5: 15 [2d6=5,5]
  238. [17:04:17] <@Celina> that'll hit
  239. [17:04:27] <Kain> 32 arm damage :V
  240. [17:04:32] <@Celina> whirling speaaaar
  241. [17:04:41] <Kain> Gretel: "Not bad!"
  242. [17:04:52] * @Celina is looking pretty beat up. But she presses on!
  243. [17:04:55] <Kain> 2d6+5 ADVANTAGE ROLLS
  244. [17:04:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, ADVANTAGE ROLLS: 13 [2d6=6,2]
  245. [17:05:02] <@Celina> 2d6+6 ADVANTAGE
  246. [17:05:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, ADVANTAGE: 8 [2d6=1,1]
  247. [17:05:08] <@Celina> welp
  248. [17:05:11] <@Lenore> (AGAIN)
  249. [17:05:12] <@Celina> there's that 5 difference
  250. [17:05:23] <Kain> Gretel: "But now it's time to show you how a dragon knight really fights!"
  251. [17:05:42] <Kain> She maneuvers above you and seems to brace her feet against a passing cloud!
  252. [17:06:10] <Kain> And then leaps at you, bearing down on you and using her lance's shaft as a club, sending you plummeting towards the ground!
  253. [17:06:25] <@Celina> Whomp.
  254. [17:06:32] <Kain> Gretel lands on her feet nearby seconds later, then stands.
  255. [17:06:52] <Kain> Gretel: "We sparred like that all the time back at the academy... haha, that felt good."
  256. [17:07:00] <Kain> Gretel: "You okay, Celina?"
  257. [17:07:33] <@Celina> "Urk."
  258. [17:07:36] <@Celina> "Fiiiiiine."
  259. [17:08:41] <Kain> Gretel: "Here, have a Riese special."
  260. [17:08:51] <Kain> She fishes out an elixir of green liquid and passes it over to you.
  261. [17:09:00] <@Celina> "Thank you."
  262. [17:09:02] * @Celina downs it.
  263. [17:09:28] <Kain> You feel your bumps and bruises wash away almost instantly due to the heavenly tasting brew.
  264. [17:09:43] <Kain> Gretel: "You want to keep going? You look pretty tired... might want to call it a day."
  265. [17:09:56] <Kain> She spins her lance and hoists it over her shoulder.
  266. [17:10:03] <Kain> Prickles dashes over to check on you.
  267. [17:10:53] <@Celina> "If you don't mind, perhaps...perhaps I will take my leave."
  268. [17:11:02] <@Celina> "You've certainly given me a great deal to think about, though."
  269. [17:11:36] <Kain> Gretel: "Haha... no shame in that, Celina. Rest well, k? And yeah! I'm glad to see people like you."
  270. [17:12:06] <Kain> Gretel: "You're going to make a great dragon knight some day, with skill like that and a love for your home."
  271. [17:12:20] <@Celina> "...Thank you, Lady Gretel. That means a lot to me."
  272. [17:12:37] * @Celina picks up Sir Prickles and heads off to get some sleep.
  273. [17:12:55] <Kain> Gretel waves you off and heads to her own cabin.
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