EMBLOOMS: Repercussions of Angst

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  1. [22:57:24] <Shinobu_Nagare> Let's talk with Steyr first.
  2. [22:57:38] <Giantree> WAIT
  3. [22:57:40] <Giantree> ...
  4. [22:57:41] <Giantree> okay yeah
  5. [22:57:51] <Giantree> i just had to think of what's taking place when so i don't timefuck myself
  6. [22:57:58] <Giantree> yeah, that should be good
  7. [22:58:03] <Shinobu_Nagare> Aighto.
  8. [22:58:21] <Giantree> "This is Joson," the radio crackers.
  9. [22:58:27] <Giantree> "You must fight the demons!"
  10. [22:58:36] <Giantree> So Shinobu gotted his palsma shuriken and BLEW UP THE WALL
  11. [22:58:44] <Giantree> "he gonna kill us" said the demons
  12. [22:58:58] <Giantree> "I will shoot at him!" said the cyberdemon and he fired the ravager
  13. [22:59:19] <Giantree> Shinobu shurikened at him and tried to blew him up, but then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
  14. [22:59:34] <Giantree> "No, I must kill the demons!" he shouted
  15. [22:59:49] <Giantree> "No Shinobu," said the radio, "You are the demons."
  16. [23:00:00] <Giantree> And then Shinobu was Shinobu Jones, Ninja Zombie Extraordinaire.
  17. [23:00:12] <Giantree> publishing my novel now
  19. [23:00:36] <Shinobu_Nagare> "Don't worry, that's exactly what I did," Or so Shinobu says, glancing about to see if anyone was overhearing him. "Anyway, chief, got some good news and bad news for you about the noble."
  20. [23:01:15] <Giantree> "Oh, actually status reporting," the radio ACTUALLY crackers.  "Alright, I hear you loud and clear.  Spill it."
  21. [23:01:32] <Giantree> By which I mean you can literally hear the sound of Steyr eating a cracker on the other side.  Which is typical.
  22. [23:02:27] <Shinobu_Nagare> Not again. "Good news first, or the bad news? Actually, I'll start with the good news. The noble saw us coming a mile away, apparently. Knew about Noa."
  23. [23:03:32] <Giantree> "Mm.  You get that, Big N?" Steyr replies nonchalantly, unfazed.  You can hear Noa making a tone of agreement in the background.
  24. [23:04:55] <Shinobu_Nagare> "Also knew about the big N's power, which isn't that much of a surprise, if she really is our NS. As for the bad news... she turned me down." Typical.
  25. [23:05:00] <Giantree> "Okay," continues the chief.  "So we know what form it's solidifying as almost for sure.  It's not unthinkable that a few high nobles are part of my business, but Acaians definitely wouldn't be.  Not with now things have been lately.  So?  The bad news?"
  26. [23:05:18] <Giantree> "... Turned WHAT down?"  Steyr starts screaming.  "She's not letting you tail her?"
  27. [23:05:40] <Giantree> "WHAT the HELL?  Aren't you supposed to be a NINJA?  What the fuck are you doing asking permission for that sort of thing anyway?  Stalk the bitch in the goddamn shadows!"
  28. [23:06:16] <Shinobu_Nagare> "No, I mean she rejected me in the sense of a proposal. And she 'hired' me as a bodyguard."
  29. [23:06:35] <Giantree> The radio goes completely silent.
  30. [23:07:27] <Giantree> "Alright," after a good few moments it comes back on.  "I just had someone dump water over my head.  Now could you say that again?  Because I thought I just heard something absolutely fucking crazy."
  31. [23:09:37] <Shinobu_Nagare> A very light "tch", like Shinobu was getting some sort of laugh about this. "I was trying to be funny. She turned down my proposal." As usual.
  32. [23:11:48] <Giantree> "You're funny alright," the other side 'tch's as well.  "Okay.  Well, if you think you'll lose her, find some way to put a beacon on that 'noble' of yours.  Otherwise, continue the mission as planned, get her closer to us ASAP."
  33. [23:12:48] <Giantree> "The sooner we get the NS back, the sooner we can end the coverup operation and set things back on track.  Godspeed n' all that."
  34. [23:13:07] <Shinobu_Nagare> "Roger that. Any news on your end, Chief?" Joke was 0/10, what did you expect, Shinobu?
  35. [23:15:25] <Giantree> "We're deploying the Sentinels soon."  At least a ninja would be likely to know that Sirrolant has a bunch of manmade robots hanging out underground, and that they've never been actually used yet because they're reserved for emergency purposes.  Which implies something serious.  "Deploying Noa too," which is something else that never happens, "So you'll be getting comms straight from her instead of me for the rest of the operation.  She might compress too, so in that case, try to rendezvous with the group we're sending out."
  36. [23:16:00] <Giantree> "They're mostly infantry, but they're not in uniform and look like a ragtag group of weirdoes.  Can't miss 'em.  Try to kill as few as you can, 'kay?"
  37. [23:16:58] <Shinobu_Nagare> "So it's showtime for the Big N, too? Guess there's no reason not to pull out all the stops. Understood, Chief."
  38. [23:17:16] <Giantree> god damnit i shouldn't have laughed but i did
  39. [23:17:58] <Giantree> "Alright.  Keep up the good work," Steyr radios out in an uncharacteristically appreciative tone.  "Over and out."
  40. [23:18:56] <Shinobu_Nagare> So /B?
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