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  1. What is your in game name?
  2. MST2 (Like on Discord)
  4. Why do you Deserve Staff?
  5. Well Deserve is a good Question. I would rather say ,,Why should we choose you over others Applying” Well thats my Opinion.. Since lots of Players could ,,Deserve” it. Oh well. So why do I deserve it? Well... I think I should Deserve it because I over Probaly other Members have been Moderator at an big Minecraft Server Network with over 10,000 Members. Next I should also Deserve it because I am REALLY frequently Online. Which means I can Help Players and keep the Server clean a lot of the Time. Well this is Deserve and want... I want to and Deserve to Help the Staffto make DLC a better place. I also do since I am good in Helping, Teamwork and Managing.
  7. Why are you applying for DLC?
  8. I am applying because I used to be Moderator at Mineplex. I stoped there because it just
  9. became to much Work. The is a difference between over 10,000 Users than 500 Users.
  10. I want something NOT that huge. That was not normal, I was happy when the People stoped chating.... Since some people DONT understand how you should chat on a Family Friendly Server. Also I want to Apply for DLC because their Community is Friendly and you know who the Members are. Its not that much Work, but also not nothing. I also want to Apply because I want to help make DLC a place where everyone has fun. Keeping the Server and Discord safe for People who want to have fun and keep the People out that want to ruin it. Im also Applying for DLC because the Owners and Staff are friendly.
  11. I want help the Staff, to make DLC a great place for everyone.
  13. What is you main Language/Nationality
  14. Im German but Speak Fluent English since I have lived in an English Speaking Country for 10 Years. Of course I also speak Fluent German.
  16. How much Time can you dedicate us? Be realistic!
  17. On Weekdays at least 3-4 Hours. On Weekends about 5-6 Hours
  19. What do you enjoy about DLC Planets, and what can we improve?
  20. I enjoy the cool SkyBlock System. Their is so much good Work in the Server. I also love the Shop GUI with the Money System. It works easier than with Gold, Iron etc. The PVP Zone is made with lots of Work... The Sell system Works great and most of all the Hub/Spawn is awesome! Well their are a couple Bugs and so on... What I would like is a more things in the Hub.. its big and cool but kind of empty. Also maybe a more better Sell System since it doesn’t well it does but not the good... its not that easy to understand... Maybe explain it with Signs how you make money.
  22. What do you think you could bring to the DLC community?
  23. I want/can make DLC a fun place for everyone. How? Keeping the Chats and Game clean from people: Spamming, Exploiting and inappropriate content. But also being Active and helping Members if they need help. In addition I want to help the Staff, to make it easier for them. I also want to bring Fun to or Community, ,,Just being right and correct but not Fun is not good” -CEO, Discord (I like that Citation)
  25. Do you have any past experiences as staff on other servers? if so please explain.
  26. Yes, I do. I have been Moderator at Mineplex for 1 and Half Years. I not Moderator there anymore because it was just to much. It was to many players to worry about. At that time when I was Moderator they didn’t have enough Moderator so it was much Work for me.
  27. It was nice, but I have been looking for something little, where you know who all the Members are and not 10,000 Members.
  30. I found this Screenshot from when I sent it to my Parents. Yay I didnt have to Search for the Email! (I think I would have probaly never found it).
  32. I hope you Enjoy/ed reading my Application!
  33. -MST2
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