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Edward Snowden Correspondence and Key to Assange Freedom

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Feb 28th, 2014
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  1. Edward Snowden and Julian Assange Betrayed - Correspondence with Edward Snowden, and the key to freedom for Julian Assange
  3. A member of our Belgian Jewish community is in touch with Edward Snowden in Russia, both sharing the role of being significant global dissidents who used to live in the USA.
  5. We are publishing here a copy of some of that correspondence between those two figures, as it discusses the likelihood of how both Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are being betrayed and actively harmed by the American lawyers and US-UK media companies claiming to 'represent' them, including America's ACLU (America's Civil Liberties Union), the UK Guardian and New York Times newspapers, and Glenn Greenwald.
  7. All these groups and journalists, are apparently hiding thousands of pages of legal files, about the corruption and bribery of US federal (national) judges who are the same judges who would put Julian Assange or Edward Snowden on trial ... even though these lawyers and journalists all know that exposing the crimes of the bribed US judges, is the quick key to releasing Julian Assange from threats that confine him to his refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, and key to more safety and freedom for Snowden as well.
  9. US Attorney General Eric Holder is accused of sponsoring criminal acts of deception against the UK, Sweden, Russia and other countries, hiding 'smoking gun' evidence of US judge bribery, in order to harm and destroy both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Google Inc has agreed to censor and hoax the internet and hide dozens of web pages about this.
  11. This bribery is said to be funded by Britain's Pearson plc, with the Guardian and New York Times accused of accepting Pearson-funded bribes to print fake 'news' to obstruct and pervert justice so that the UK will not prosecute Pearson's bribery of US high judges and government.
  13. Mr Snowden is also facing the terrifying possibility that his name is being abused by these parties, New York TImes, Guardian and Greenwald, for the sake of entrapping other dissidents and whistleblowers into 'trusting' these journalists, who might then convey dissident names to the US regime in order to silence and murder them. It seems possible the Guardian and New York Times have already given Snowden files back to the US regime.
  15. The correspondence with Edward Snowden makes reference to the police file with several EU countries, who are beginning investigations and prosecutions, starting in Finland, of the CIA-tied Wikipedia website, for fundraising fraud ... that police file significantly discusses the evidence of bribery of US federal judges who are the same judges who would put Edward Snowden and Julian Assange on trial in America, and how Wikipedia, actually an American CIA-controlled 'Trojan horse' for inserting lies on targeted topics, has been used to plant lies about that judicial bribery - the police dossier text is here:
  17. Finland Police CIA Wikipedia Fraud Report
  20. Also referenced below is this article by Hong Kong journalist Yoichi Shimatsu:
  21. 'Saving Agent Snowden From His Handlers Greenwald & Omidyar'
  24. Here is a screenshot of a Google Inc 'search results' page, with tiny text at the bottom admitting that Google is censoring a large number of search results, about Edward Snowden's correspondent, a major witness to the crimes involving the same US judges who would put Edward Snowden or Julian Assange on trial:
  26. 'Live Photo: Google Inc. Caught Censoring EU Search Results on US corruption'
  29. - Jewish Community of Flanders
  31. ---
  33. Dear Mr Edward Snowden,
  35. Welcome to Europe. I hope you are enjoying your new home among the great, passionate Russian people, a truly great nation.
  37. As I have been dodging American threats to murder and destroy me for much longer than you - and I have key information about your own safety - what follows will help keep you alive in this world, and help restore your global rights
  39. The key elements to share with you, are:
  40. - Enormous dangers to your life if you leave Russia for any reason, despite any 'deal'; and
  41. - How in fact you are being betrayed by your 'friends' in the US-UK media and lawyers, who are not only damaging efforts to stabilise your life, they are very likely hijacking and mis-using your name to identify and murder other US dissidents, a terrifying likelihood you must confront;
  42. - How the corruption of some of your boasting 'Snowden journalists', who have helped murder innocent people, is creating questions as to whether you yourself are a US intel asset just as they are.
  44. As you see, I am a Harvard classmate of top US leaders, knowing quite well some close personal advisors of the US current and previous US Presidents. - But I barely escaped alive out of the USA, and have been under major attacks in my refuge in Europe, as - before the CIA's Google Inc began to block all my websites - I was a leading global journalist, on topics even more forbidden than NSA surveillance, namely, the CIA's Google and Wikipedia hoaxing of internet content, and above all, the bribery of US judges for America's top political families.
  46. Attached is a file I have provided to EU police agencies, as they begin prosecutions in several countries of the criminal fraud of the CIA's Wikipedia site, which I am sure you know is a 'Trojan horse' site for US intel operatives, so they can plant lies to support US war-mongers, murderers, extortionists and child-violators, who are connected to top US political families. Elements in the file strongly pertain to you and the US judges who wish to put you on trial.
  48. ---
  50. But to get to the main points regarding yourself and your own safety.
  52. (1) You need to consider how refugee from the US Bobby Fischer, turned up mysteriously dead shortly after receiving safe haven in Iceland. Similarly, I may be dead soon as well. You should be aware of the medical 'hit' technique, developed by CIA and Mossad over the years, various slow- or fast-acting diseases that can be sprayed and lead to death.
  54. (2) It is quite unwise for you to depart a safe country like Russia or China or a few other places, that have good security for you, in favour of places such as in Central or South America, where, despite how friendly to you a government might be, there are plenty of US intel agents who can murder you on the street as a 'random act of unsolved violence'. - The CIA has stated Western Europe is the one place they hesitate to kill people - and I have had some protection here via a courageous figure associated with the House of the King of the Belgians - but I still may be dead here before very long.
  56. (3) It is absurd to consider returning to the USA, even under an 'amnesty', 'deal' or similar. One thing clear from my correspondence with thousands of victims of the US legal system, and the survivors of those murdered by the US regime, is that there is no law or justice inside the USA from its police or courts. Back in the USA, despite full 'amnesty' for all your NSA actions, you can be instantly destroyed via corrupt police planting cocaine on your body or kid porn on your computer, and then you quickly become a fake 'suicide' in jail as they threatened to render me, or as your fellow computer expert Aaron Swartz recently died.
  58. ---
  60. Now, for another major issue - difficult for you, I know - how the people you imagine have been 'supporting' you - the New York Times, the Guardian, Glenn Greenwald, and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), your supposed 'lawyers' -
  62. They are all betraying you, all of them, and what they are hiding from you and the world, can lead to you being seized and jailed for life inside America and likely 'suicided'.
  64. The truth they did not tell you, is that all of them are associated with the CIA and US ruling families, and they have thousands of pages of files on the bribery and corruption of the Virginia - Washington DC area federal judges, who would put you (and Julian Assange too) on trial inside America - but they refuse to use those files to increase your safety and freedom.
  66. Your alleged 'supporters', they have complete 'smoking gun' criminal evidence of corruption crimes involving these judges and high courts of the USA, proving judges involved in court fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice, unlawful deprivation of Constitutional and civil liberties, racketeering crimes associated with bribery, misbehaviour of judges acting like perverted lunatics and sending harassing e-mails to Europe -
  68. Yes, the ACLU lawyers and all your 'Snowden journalists', have in their hands right now, sufficient material to instantly expose to the entire world, that the US national federal judges are corrupt beyond redemption, and that there is in fact no 'independent judiciary' in America, that in fact the judges of America are more corrupt than those of any other developed nation in the world.
  70. They have all this proof, and yet all of them have agreed to help the CIA, to hide this truth, to harm you and millions of other victims, even though all of them, the Guardian, New York Times, Glenn Greenwald, and the ACLU, they know that the best thing they could do for your personal safety and freedom, is use their proof files to expose to the world that it is impossible for there to be a 'fair trial' for Edward Snowden.
  72. They all know that using this material can lead to instant freedom for Julian Assange, from his plight of being unable to leave the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, as their proof files with 'smoking gun evidence' would show that US Attorney General Eric Holder was a lying fraud, when he attempted to deceive the governments of Russia, Sweden and Great Britain, with his lies about 'protections of law' in the American legal system.
  74. And the truth is even hidden from the internet, because the two CIA websites having monopoly control censoring and hoaxing the Western internet, the CIA's Google and the CIA's Wikipedia, are blocking and 'erasing' websites showing proof of the crimes of the US judges who would put Edward Snowden and Julian Assange on trial.
  76. As you will eventually see, just about everything in America's institutions are fake. Not only the fake 'respect for the Constitution' of the NSA and America's executive branch ... the USA is a country of fake 'independent courts', fake 'trials' worthy of the worst of Adolf Hitler's Nazis, fake 'leading civil liberties' groups like ACLU that suppress cases that could help millions, and fake 'brave media reporters', like the CIA-tied bribe-taking liars of the New York Times and Guardian, and it seems your Glenn Greenwald is also part of this game to deceive you and destroy you.
  78. ---
  80. The reason I know so much about the thousands of 'smoking gun evidence' proof files held by the ACLU, Guardian, New York Times, and Greenwald, is not only my contacts with thousands of victims of the US legal system, and refugees from the USA around the world ... but also because I have given all of these people thousands of pages of those files myself.
  82. You see, the same judges who would put Edward Snowden and Julian Assange on trial, are the same corrupt judges of Virginia - Washington DC area USA, who conducted the criminal scheme of extortion against me, and whom I surprised by escaping from their enslavement and escaping out of America. They quite regret not killing me while I was there, I was allowed to live in order to keep paying extortion money to friends of the federal judges they bribed ...
  84. With a Canadian's help, one day I got over the border in a car one Saturday gambling night at Niagara - they didn't check me in the computer - and I got a flight out to Europe for Toronto, in those days long ago when outbound flights from Canada were not being checked.
  86. Never expecting me to be able to escape from the USA, and from the banning of my freedom of speech, that was instantly imposed one day by policemen at my door and a bribed US federal judge calling me on the phone, the American criminals were very sloppy, and left quite a damning trail of their crimes against me.
  88. And when I got to Europe, the US and CIA had the additional problem of my high academic credentials, my ability to communicate with and comfort thousands of victims of the US legal system ... so they have worked very hard to destroy me, with all their CIA assets.
  90. Lies on the CIA's Wikipedia. Lies all over the CIA's Google, pushed to top by CIA-Google's lawyers. A fake 'in absentia' trial against me in Europe, held by US judges sending harassing e-mails to Europe, taking more bribes as they signed crazy, impossible perjured lies I was sneaking back into the USA to 'stalk' a friend of George Bush (a mentally disturbed psychopath author involved in crimes against bodies of children, whose books for Pearson plc in Great Britain supply millions to Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and US senators).
  92. The CIA's Google illegally blocked my websites from Google search all over the world, not just in the USA, so I could not respond to tens of thousands of words of lies, that CIA-Google, the CIA's Wikipedia, and Pearson attackers were pumping about me on the web.
  94. ---
  96. And not only the above - both the UK Guardian and the New York Times, accepted bribery cash from Pearson, to spread lies about me on the internet, both spreading the fake 'stalking' stories they knew were false, and trying to distract from the true story of extortion, court fraud and bribery of US federal judges.
  98. New York Times management allowed staffer David Mehegan to be bribed by Joan Lukey (now at Ropes Gray law firm), and NYT multiplied these libellous lies in many syndicated venues. At the CIA-tied UK Guardian, editor Alan Rusbridger is bribed by Pearson company book contracts, his lawyer sent me neo-Nazi hate mail, deceptive Guardian stories were run by Guardian staffers Dan Glaister and Jean Hannah Edelstein, to obstruct and pervert UK justice over the crimes of Pearson, violating UK laws by their bribery of a foreign government, that of the USA.
  100. Isn't it remarkable that these same two newspapers, New York Times and UK Guardian, which are the same papers taking CIA-tied bribery money to defame and try and murder me, both supporting global banning of free press and censorship against me ... these are the same newspapers in the fake 'Press Freedom' alliance with 'Edward Snowden revelations' ?
  102. Glenn Greenwald was given access to all files on the crimes of the US bribed judges, but was always too frightened to do journalism on US judicial corruption. Now, he is embarrassed and worried that the global media will expose him as a fraud betraying Edward Snowden, because Greenwald is no 'brave journalist', refusing to expose the crimes of corruption of US judges who would put you and Julian Assange on trial.
  104. Greenwald has worked in turn for three billionaire families - Bill Gates (Salon), the Rothschilds (Guardian), and now Pierre Omidyar in his new venture, the same Omidyar who is involved in cutting off funding to Julian Assange. Greenwald has won fast-track CIA-US-gov approval for his million-dollar book and movie contracts on 'Edward Snowden'. - Interesting that Greenwald, like Jimmy Wales of the CIA's Wikipedia, started out early in the pornography business ... and now they are both CIA-sponsored global media figures. Apparently Greenwald as a lawyer, was also at one point charged with unlawful invasion of privacy.
  106. Recently there has been a farce in Britain, transparent to any schoolboy, of the CIA-tied Greenwald and the CIA-tied Guardian, being 'harassed' by CIA-tied British intelligence, most hilariously with the 'smashing the Guardian computers with Snowden info' video, trying to make the CIA-tied Guardian look more legitimate.
  108. ---
  110. Edward, have you read the important article by Hong Kong journalist Yoichi Shimatsu, 'Saving Agent Snowden From His Handlers Greenwald & Omidyar' ? Shimatsu describes how Greenwald and the Guardian totally deceived you in Hong Kong, where you were actually safe. The Beijing government did not chase you away - Shimatsu says it was a CIA poseur working alongside CIA-Greenwald and the CIA-Guardian, tricking you into turning over your files to them, and forcing your flight to Russia, where they expected Vladimir Putin to be weak and give you back to Obama. But the great President Putin surprised them, as he often does.
  112. From Shimatsu's view, Greenwald and the Guardian have already given most of your documents back to the CIA and NSA. That is why 'Snowden revelations' have been so meagre, and largely limited to revelations already covered by the previous 5+ NSA whistleblowers, who, however, did not have the media attention you have received.
  114. And the ACLU - hahaha! - they have been corrupt since the 1950s, when they refused to fight Joe McCarthy. The ACLU is not interested in Edward Snowden's safety, in your civil liberties, or in civil liberties in general. They are frauds and poseurs, only pretending to 'represent' you because Edward Snowden was, for a time, heavily promoted in corporate media, and they wanted to pretend to be doing something.
  116. The ACLU has actually supported banning me and murdering me, they gave 'ACLU lawyer' honours to a neo-Nazi from Germany with a fraudulent non-existent 'freedom foundation', Tim Schulte, who was one of the extortionists hired by Pearson plc to threaten to torture me to death, Schulte told me how I would have a fake 'suicide' in a jail cell (like the late hacker Aaron Swartz), if I did not stay quiet and pay extortion money to the friends of the judge who had instantly banned my freedom to speak and write to set up the extortion against me.
  118. The ACLU has a consistent policy to never interfere with US federal judge bribery for top American political families. ACLU avoids using their many thousands of files about US judicial corruption, about extortion and disbarment and even jailing of honest lawyers who question judge bribery, about how US judges who don't submit are shot dead like US Federal Judge John Roll in 2011 after ruling against Obama, about how US Congressman who supervise judges are killed, like Sonny Bono, or threatened with death.
  120. The corrupt ACLU does have a 'media-chaser' policy, hence, they pretend to represent Edward Snowden, but otherwise they look for cases like the 'Man Boy Love Association' so as to pretend to be 'extreme defence of civil liberties'. Meanwhile, the ACLU has a deal with the New York Times - they stay quiet while the NYT takes bribes and runs lying stories about bribed US judges, and in reward the NYT runs stories about the ACLU as 'America's leading civil liberties organisation'. - That's 'how the game is played' in America.
  122. ---
  124. But the really frightening aspect of all the above - and requiring some urgent decision on your part, Edward - is that these CIA-tied 'Snowden journalists', are very likely using your name to entrap, betray and murder other whistleblowers in the US regime ... this may have been the main point of the last year of highly media-pumped 'Snowden revelations', to try to give more lustre to these corrupt CIA-tied news outlets known for spreading CIA lies.
  126. With their new, undeserved and obviously fraudulent reputation as being 'brave Snowden journalists', the CIA's Guardian, the CIA's New York Times, and likely the CIA-tied Greenwald as well, are almost certainly trying to hoover in whistleblower and dissident contacts, which are then immediately transmitted to US government murderers.
  128. New York Times and Guardian not only have been spreading lies to try and destroy and kill me, and help continue the illegal blocking of my websites by the CIA's Google ... the fact is they already have blood on their hands, having helped murder other dissidents, like Asian-American Sunny Sheu, killed trying to fight US judicial corruption, and being unaware of threats and dangers because Guardian and NYT join with Google to erase the truth from the internet.
  130. It is possible there are already a string of dead bodies, of victims whose names the world will never know, who have died because they trusted contacting these so-called 'brave Snowden journalists'.
  132. So, Mr Edward Snowden, it is time for you yourself, to confront the abuse of your name by these criminals at the New York Times and UK Guardian ... and for you to confront the betrayal by Glenn Greenwald and the ACLU, hiding the thousands of files already in their hands, proving with 'smoking gun' clarity, the absolute corruption of the US judges who would put Julian Assange and Edward Snowden on trial.
  134. ---
  136. Or is it that, as some genuine US dissidents increasingly think, Edward Snowden himself is a CIA agent, as much a criminal operative of the US regime as the CIA's New York Times and the CIA-tied UK Guardian, and that you yourself are play-acting a 'limited hang-out', a partial, deceptive release of data done for other purposes ... like helping the Guardian, Greenwald and NYT murder genuine dissidents and whistleblowers?
  138. Edward, it is clear the Anglo media is already reducing coverage of you, hiding Snowden stories that appear in Europe ... it was a 'pump' but now it is a 'dump', as if they have achieved their goals, or the CIA decided that the fallout from their CIA-supported media has 'gone too far'.
  140. Hope you have a chance to read dissidents like Sibel Edmonds and others who argue 'Edward Snowden is perhaps not genuine ...' for reasons such as the following:
  142. - Snowden 'revelations' are highly limited, it is clear now that most documents will never be revealed, and what was revealed, tho 'new' to most people because of corporate media coverage, was in fact 'old news' from previous NSA whistleblowers like Russell Tice
  144. - Edward Snowden is linked to the family of America's most senior CIA advisor of four decades, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Snowden was a colleague of Ian Brzezinski at Booz Allen and journalist Mika Brzezinski has promoted Snowden's story
  146. - Edward Snowden was rocketed to instant international fame by corporate and CIA-tied media like the corrupt New York Times and Guardian, which normally ignore or outright slander most genuine whistleblowers and dissidents like myself, and 'Snowden' journalist Greenwald won instant multi-million-dollar deals fast-track approved by the CIA-US-gov, and total US gov indulgence despite holding 'stolen' US espionage goods
  148. - Aspects of the published Snowden CV and biography seem contrived, unlikely, fake
  150. - Snowden seemed quickly eager to 'negotiate' to go back to the USA, or to countries which have large numbers of CIA agents on the ground ... and to leave a place like Russia where he is safer than anywhere
  152. As to why the CIA would approve 'Snowden revelations' at all which seemed to so expose US government criminality, suggested reasons, aside from luring, entrapping, and killing other dissidents, include: Increasing global terror of the USA distracting from more serious revelations which are buried (like Tice's on how all US leaders are blackmailed by the NSA); advancing the CIA side of the old CIA-NSA turf war, given that NSA had perhaps used its data to conduct major financial criminality threatening to US ruling families; or for Edward Snowden to penetrate Russia or China as a double agent.
  154. Well, Edward, you now really can appreciate the greatness of the Russian nation - President Putin and the FSB could see you are a major potential security threat to Russia ... but they let you stay, because they are strong and can handle it, and because they know that letting you stay helps the world right now, even if ultimately you are a CIA spy yourself.
  156. Edward, if you are in fact a deep-cover CIA operative, and not a dissident whistleblower as most people hope ... you should reflect on the fact that you are still safer staying in Russia, and slowly making yourself into a European. Remember, the first rule of assassination is 'kill the assassins', and if you are a CIA spy and you go back to the West, the CIA are likely to kill you just because you know too much ... you can protest your loyalty as you die.
  158. Recall how many of the soldiers who allegedly 'killed bin Laden' in Pakistan the other year, wound up being quickly killed themselves shortly afterwards. Not surprising after all those fake CIA 'bin Laden videos' they put out over time.
  160. ---
  162. The main point here, needing your decision really, relates to this fact, that the federal judges proven to be involved in perjury and terrorism crimes in attacking me, and others as well, are the same judges whom YOU or Julian Assange would face in going on trial in the USA, there in the Virginia-Washington DC area.
  164. Given they are hiding this fact, for purposes of using your name to identify, destroy and murder other dissidents and whistleblowers - and keeping in mind they have innocent blood on their hands already - it behooves you to directly confront the CIA-submissive zero-courage Glenn Greenwald, and the corrupt ACLU, and the media criminals at the Guardian and NYT, about their hiding the proof files of US judge corruption, which would be the key to restoring your own right to international travel without extradition, and the ability of your colleague Julian Assange to get out of his coerced confinement in his refuge in a London embassy.
  166. Sadly I am too weak and ill to travel to Russia, though from knowing my Russian and Russian-speaking friends here in the Low Countries, I am sure I would enjoy being there or living there. I am not sure how much longer I shall be in this world. As I continue to be somewhat effective in raising awareness of US government crimes, despite the Google criminals blocking all my websites (they are not updated, as almost nobody can find them) ... it could be the Americans finish off the job of murdering me soon, and you will likely be in this world long after that.
  168. Enjoy Russia, with its great people, and great culture. If you have some odd moments there, remember that they need to be wary of you, given the CIA-tied criminals in the West who are closely linked to you even now.
  170. The Russian language is perhaps more natural to me with my childhood Polish ... to help you master it, sing along with some Russian vocal music. As well as pop stuff, Rachmaninoff's youthful opera Aleko is wonderful, as is Moussorgsky's masterpiece Boris Godunov.
  172. Before 2020, the US empire may well be collapsed and gone, primarily for economic reasons, tied to the collapse of the petro-dollar (i.e., the propping up of the US dollar because of tying it to oil sales and international trade, allowing the US to import half a trillion each year without really paying for it). As that ends, and given the corrupt US regime, the US can easily implode into pieces ... and it would need to do so before I would ever go back there to that land of terrorism and bribed judges helping murder people.
  174. So in the 2020s you may be travelling the world again in ease and freedom, the US empire long gone, with a little extra push from brave actions of a certain NSA contractor ...
  176. Goog luck, Edward ... perhaps you will even take a lovely Russian wife during your time there. Russian ladies are terrific company, I know : - ;
  178. Your fellow refugee from the USA
  180. Les
  182. Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs
  184. - Scholar of the history of law and religion, with 7 earned academic degrees from 3 universities, the first two from Harvard University, alongside many US leaders;
  186. - Former leading global journalist on US judicial bribery and CIA media control, author of articles now 'erased', with websites illegally blocked by CIA-Google, and continuously defamed and slandered by CIA-Wikipedia and associated extortionists, racists, and murderers of America's top political families;
  188. - Author, 'America's Corrupt Legal System - A Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents'; Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation'; 'Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the US Crisis of Judicial Corruption';
  190. - Former USA resident who risked being tortured to death, attempting defence of human and Constitutional rights inside the United States, facing down terrorist gangster lawyers in a US courtroom, alone because US lawyers cowered in fear;
  192. - Target of US threats of terrorist political murder, perhaps soon dead;
  194. - Polish and EU citizen with the heritage of Jews of Warsaw uprising resistance; of Asian spirituality seeing the divine in animals, nature and ancient Arjuna's warrior spirit;
  196. - Winner of US Department of Justice Superior Performance Award, in a long-ago, less-fascist USA, back when even America did not have the death penalty;
  198. - Former nationally-known US anti-corruption book author, media publisher;
  200. - Brussels, Belgium, photo chronicler of 'Historic Brussels' and martyrs of anti-Nazi resistance interred at the Ereperk der Gefusilleerden - Enclos des Fusillés.
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